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BACKGROUND INFO: I did change the fact that the Unholy Trinity were forced to chose between Glee and the Cheerios for this story. That never happened, Quinn is still Captain of the Cheerios. This story isn't about the struggle to accept their relationship. This story is about dealing with the outside world's effect on our couple. There is a lot of Relationship fluff, with drama thrown in.
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Done Pretending
By Jennifer Lee


Chapter 1

To say that I'm in a state of shock is an understatement right now. I'm standing here in the middle of a parking lot at the funeral home watching my now ex-boyfriend drive away after he has broken up with me. After a funeral, of all things. I can feel the tears sliding down my cheeks as I watch him leave, but I can't say that I'm unhappy that I am now single again. It was getting harder and harder being with him anyway, but I am pissed that Finn is going to make a play for Rachel. I wipe the tears somewhat carefully from my cheeks. I don't want to smear my make-up across my face when I can't fix it or just take it completely off easily. I stand there thinking as I lightly wipe the tears away trying to get them to stop, my mind on the fact that Finn is going to try and get back together with Rachel Berry and I have to blink my eyes rapidly to keep the tears from spilling from my eyes even more at the very thought of it happening.

Why is it that Finn can believe he can be what Rachel needs? How can he think that he, of all people, is good enough to help Reach Freaking Berry – Future Broadway star – make the most of her talent and be everything she needs to be. Everything she can be, when he doesn't even know what he wants out of life!? Yes I'm pissed that Finn is going to make another go for Rachel, but again it's not for the reason everyone will probably think. I'm crying not because Finn left me – though I have to admit no matter if you really like the person or not it royally sucks to be the one that was dumped – the real reason I'm crying is out of frustration. Why is it that Finn can think he is good enough to be with some one as special as Rachel Berry but I can't... Why can't I get past all the things my father made me believe about myself and my future... Why can Finn feel that he deserves her when I can't?

He only wants her now because she has moved on and no longer pays any fucking attention to him now. She's happy and doing well with her own friends now and doesn't 'need' him anymore! I know how he is... He wants what he can't have. I mean that is why he got with me in the first place. I've heard him talking with the other guys on the football team. I knew why he really perused me back at the end of our freshmen year. I was suppose to be the Ice Princess, no one could touch me, the new and youngest ever Cheerio Captain. I didn't give any of the guys, that would hit on me, the time of day and that drove Hudson crazy. He wanted the status that would come with dating me. Now he can't stand that a supposed loser like Rachel is just fine without him. Why can't he see that he will only bring her down and keep her here, away from everything she can become? I clinch my jaw at the thought of Rachel being force to be stuck here because of him. I can not, will not, let that happen to her.

I start the long walk home, it will give me a chance to think about how I can finally get over what I've been taught my whole life and take the chance at what I really want. As I start down the parking lot to get to the sidewalk I see the one and only Rachel Berry walk out of the funeral home. This surprises me, I thought she had already left. I mean there aren't very many cars left in the lot, you would think I would have picked up on the fact that hers is still here. I guess not. As I look at her all the jumbled feelings I've been having for years, when it comes to Rachel Berry comes flooding back at once. Though one emotion and thought floats to the surface fast and hard enough that I literally clenched my fists at my sides in the effort to contain the power of it. It is telling me to fight. It is possessive and powerful and completely all consuming. At that very moment I finally realized that I am good enough to go for what I wanted... Who I wanted... And with that sudden clarity I knew what I needed to do to get it... To get Her...

Here I was wanting her but never once had I thought I could have her... That I could be the one that could help and support her as she becomes the star she was always destined to be. That I could be so much more than I have ever really thought I could be. I can be what Rachel needs... What she wants. I just have to believe in my own abilities, like Rachel has been doing for so long now. Rachel has openly believed in me even when I was having slushies thrown in her face. When I was pregnant, and even now, even after I had slapped her at prom she believed I was more than just a pretty face. And you know what? I can be. I can be what I would only let myself dream of being in the dark lonely times alone in the middle of the night. I mean, I can get into any school I want with my GPA and SAT scores. I can even get a full ride if I find the right scholarships. If I can believe in myself as much as Rachel believes in me, then why can't I be good enough for Rachel Berry?

The thought of Rachel not being able to return my feelings flickers through my mind, but then I think about all the times we have interacted in the past. Rachel always sot me out and tried to be my friend, even in the very beginning of our freshmen year. All she has ever wanted was friends. And I wanted to be her friend but I couldn't back then. HE would have killed me for being her friend. I can't help but shiver at the memories of him... I quickly replace those thoughts with what I knew about Rachel. She wants to be wanted and she wants to be the one that is chosen. She said that when she got that award after Regionals I know that it extends to romances as well.

She just wants someone that will love her for her, but I fear that with her image issues, she will settle for just being chosen by anyone. She wants to be loved so badly she will fall back for Finn's charms until he tiers of her and wants a new challenge. Then what? By then she will have tried to change herself to what he wants of her so that she can keep him. But maybe if she can see that she has another option then she won't go back to him. I can be her other choice. She has often said that, for her, sexuality is fluid. I tried not to pay attention to that at the times she has said it but now... Now, I just know that I have a chance. I can be more than what my father deemed my life would be and I can become good enough to be with Rachel Berry. And as Rachel's eyes find mine from across the parking lot, I also know that I'm done pretending to be something I'm not. I'm done hiding from who and what I am. I deserve to be happy and loved and respected just like Rachel has been telling me, and so does Rachel.

"Quinn? Do you need a ride?" Rachel calls over to me from her car. I can see her fidgeting with her keys nervously, her eyes flicking around the parking lot then back at me showing her confusion as to why I'm still here. I smile, a genuine smile, and nod back at her. My smile widens a bit when I see her gasp softly and the shift of her eyes away from my face, along with the light blush that is flushing up her neck and cheeks. Yes, I do believe I just might have a chance to woo Rachel Berry.

It doesn't take long for us to make our way out of the parking lot once we got into the car. I can tell that Rachel wants to ask me why I was still at the funeral home. I'm sure she noticed that Finn had obviously left already so I decide to just tell her. I need to let her know that I want to talk to her. To share things with her, that I do like and trust her. "Finn broke up with me just after the funeral." I say with as little emotion as I can. It still stings don't get me wrong, getting dumped no matter if you really are in love with the person or not doesn't feel good, but I am glad he did it. If he didn't then I wouldn't have figured out that I can be good enough for who I really wanted.

"WHAT?! Wha – He – What an asshole! I can't believe he would be so insensitive as to brake up with you AT a funeral for God sakes!" Rachel's outburst surprises me into silence. I couldn't do anything but just watch her rant and rave, about how insensitive Finn can be, in shock. I finally snap out of my shock when she starts into the part of the rant that explained exactly what she was going to tell him the next time she sees his 'insensitive ass'. I know I'm blushing a bit as I move my hand to lightly grip Rachel's hand, that is tightly gripping onto the steering wheel. Actually both hands are gripping the steering wheel tightly enough to turn her knuckles white. Her eyes glaring out at the road with murderous intent.

I've never seen Rachel this way before, let alone on my behalf. I mean she is cussing... Rachel Berry doesn't use profanity. I confess her adamant defense of me makes my heart flutter with affection and even more attraction towards the small diva. As my fingers come in contact with Rachel's she gasps again and flicks her eyes over to me before turning them back to the road, her lower lip slipping between her teeth as she chews on it nervously. "Rachel. It's alright-" I try to say to calm her down, but that just seems to have set her off all over again.

"It is NOT alright, Quinn Fabray! You are an intelligent, amazingly talented, well spoken, beautiful, compassionate woman that doesn't deserve to be treated as though you are someone that he can just throw away because he suddenly d-" I cut Rachel off her rant again once my shock clears a bit.

"He did it to be with you." I say over her raised indignant voice. I wasn't sure I was going to admit the reason why Finn broke up with me, until I just blurted it out. For some reason I didn't want her thinking that Finn did it for no reason. Why I wanted to put Finn in a better light, I don't know, but it's done now and I have to admit I'm a bit scared as to how this will change Rachel's reaction.

Her eyes cut over to me for a moment before once again moving back to the road, but in that moment I saw pure rage in them and her hands are now once again squeezing the steering wheel for all she is worth. "That doesn't change anything that I've just said, Quinn. You are worth so much more than how he treated you. He had NO right to treat you like a thing he can just use and toss away when it suits him." She takes a shuttering breath as I once again wrap my fingers around hers on the steering wheel and ease them off so that I'm now holding her hand between both of mine in my lap. She finishes her thought in a near whisper. "You deserve someone better than him."

I keep my eyes down on Rachel's hand in my lap. Her fingers are tiny and lovely to look at. I love how soft and supple they are in my grip. Her fingers twitch a little when I run my index finger slowly along hers. When she finishes I raise my head up to look at her again with a wistful smile. "Thank you, Rachel. I think you are the only one that believes I'm anything more than a pretty face." I say honestly. I feel her tightening her grip on my hand in my lap.

"You are so much more than your beauty, Quinn. You can do anything you want in this world. All you have to do is go for it, and you can have it. I have always believed that about you, Quinn." I lace my fingers with Rachel's and bring it up to my lips. Planting a soft kiss on the back of her hand as my thanks for confirming everything I had thought, about how Rachel felt, less then ten minutes ago. I can feel the little shiver go through Rachel's arm and most likely her body as my lips brush over her hand. I smile softly to myself, feeling even more confident that I most likely have a chance to win Rachel Berry's heart. "Just so you know Quinn... I don't want Finn. He might want me back but I don't want him. It took me a while to figure that out, but he and I want completely different things in life and... I need someone that has more ambition than to one day take over Burt's shop here in Lima, Ohio." Rachel tells me softly though her voice is filled with conviction in what she is saying.

Rachel flicks her eyes over at me as she speaks to, I'm assuming, gauge my reaction to what she is saying about her not wanting Finn back. I keep my eyes on her even when she looks back to the road to let her know that she has my full attention. I believe her, and I can tell she knows I believe her too. I can see the tension in her shoulder ease up as I give her a smile and another squeeze to her hand when she finishes. I thank her once again for what she has said and that I believe her when she tells me that she has no interest in getting back with Finn.

We are silent for a few minutes with me just holding on to Rachel's hand gently rubbing my thumb over her knuckle absently as I think. I'm wondering if it's too soon to try and ask Rachel to dinner. I needed to make a decision soon, because if she accepts there is the perfect restaurant I would love to take her to just up the road a little bit. I chew on my lip for a moment before I remember my conviction to make Rachel mine. I won't know if I don't try. "Um, Rachel?" I start, having to clear my throat for a moment before I can continue at her acknowledgement. "Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight? There is this restaurant not far from here that I would really like to take you too if you would like to go with me." I can hear the nervousness in my voice but it's not bad enough to make my voice shake so I'm thankful for small favors.

I can see the shock and confusion on her face as her eyes once again flick towards me. I try to keep my face open and honest as I continue to look at her. Though, I know my constant fidgeting with her fingers betrays my nervousness. Will she understand that I'm asking her out on a date? Should I have specified that fact or just let her think it's just a friend wanting to have dinner with another friend? Rachel's unsure voice brings me out of my internal debate. "Are you asking me to join you for dinner or are you... um.. asking me out to dinner with you?" I can tell by the way she asks that this is important to her and it's going to force me to make a decision as to how I want to proceed from here.

Her eyes flick back over to mine for a second once she asks for clarification and I see the subtle light of hope in those beautiful chocolate orbs. That flicker of hope that I see makes my decision for me, but it doesn't make it any easier on my nervousness in order to get it out. "I-I" I have to clear my throat again, "I'm asking if you would be willing to go out... on a date... with me, Rachel." I finally get it all out and I don't think I would have been able to if it wasn't for Rachel's hand squeezing mine encouragingly. I can feel the raging blush heat up my face as I speak but I don't take my eyes off of Rachel the whole time. I want Rachel to know that I'm completely serious in my offer of a date.

I get a jolt of shock jump through me when I feel Rachel's thumb slowly caress my knuckle before she turns to me after she stops at a red light to look at me fully. Her eyes are clear and excited and I just know she is going to accept. I can already feel the slow burn of a very happy smile spread over my face. "I would love to go out on a date with you Quinn. Where is this place? I hope we haven't past it?" I shake my head rapidly at the question though my head was spinning happily that she had said yes. Rachel wanted to go out with me as in on a date!

I know it's dumb and I sound like an idiot, but the first thing that pops out of my mouth when I try to tell her the restaurant is just five lights down the road ends up being "Really? You want to go out with me? As in an actual date?" I quiet literally smack my free hand to my mouth to force myself to shut the fuck up. I can feel my face heating up rapidly with embarrassment, but I can't stop the wide smile that seems to be a permanent fixture on my face even as I hear Rachel's soft laughter. We get moving again and I look out the windshield to see where we are. I finally pull my fingers from my mouth to speak "Three lights down on the left, it's called European Street Cafe." I manage to get out around my embarrassment.

Rachel nods and squeezes my hand gently as a small giggle escapes her lips, her eyes still on the road. "To answer your question Quinn, yes I really want to go out on a date with you. Though, I will confess, I never thought I actually would be able to. So this all has come as a monumental surprise to me." She tells me softly. I can tell she isn't sure what to make of this new development by the tone of her voice, but she is willing to go along for the ride to see where it takes her. I don't really have the chance to say anything more as we are turning into the restaurant and I would rather have this conversation relaxing over dinner than here in the car.

I smile at Rachel as she turns off the car and looks over at me a shy smile beaming back at me. "It's a great place, I know you will love it." I tug on her hand once before I move to get out of the car, having no choice but to let go of her hand. I don't like the feeling of not having it in mine now that I've gotten a taste for it. I've never been one to be clingy with the boys I've dated, but with Rachel I just want to touch her. It's starting to be an obsession really. Once we no longer have a car between us I once again reach down and gently take her hand asking, "Is this ok?" I don't want to push her too far too soon. After all I kind of did spring this on her all at once. And technically my boyfriend did just break up with me just over a half hour ago.

Rachel looks up at me and smiles shyly giving me a gentle nod as she says, "Yes, Quinn I have no problem with holding your hand." I feel her thumb caress over my knuckle again as she says this and I feel like I'm on cloud nine. When we get up to the door I step forward a bit and open it up for her to walk in before me. She continues to smile at me as she moves past me once again having to let go of my hand. I move through the door after her and slip my hand back into hers. Though this time I'm looking for my favorite seat to see if it was occupied or not.

"Quinn!" I snap my head over at the sound of my name and my already happy smile blooms into a happy laugh as I see Jack make his way over to me from the back counter. I squeeze Rachel's hand lightly as she moves to step closer to me as the tall blond man moves rapidly towards us.

"Uncle Jack!" I call back but not as loudly as he did, he is after all now right in front of me. He grabs me and lifts me up in his arms as though I weigh nothing at all, before he spins us around for a complete 360 then puts me back down on my feet next to Rachel again. The whole time we both laugh and enjoy the connection at seeing each other again. Once down on my feet my hand automatically slips back into Rachel's which she easily accepts and once more steps up to lean a little against my side as Jack starts to speak.

"Now young lady it has been way too long since you were last here or even called! Don't let that happen again." He lectures me with mock sternness. I know he's not really mad at me, but I also know he means what he's saying. And it's true I have kind of ignored everyone for the last few weeks. "And remind your mother that we have a date this weekend and she better not be late." He continues excitedly. I remember my mother mentioning that they would be going out for lunch this weekend. Apparently, Jack had some kind of news to share with her or something. I just nod to let him know that I understood and that I would make sure to tell my mother the message, though I highly doubt she has forgotten.

"Now. Who is this lovely little morsel?" Jack says teasingly as his kind hazel eyes turn to a shockingly shy Rachel. I smile down at Rachel's adorable shyness at Jack's attention and bring our linked hands up to loop her arm under mine, which get's a raised eyebrow from Jack.

I know Jack will be thrilled that I've finally figured everything out so I have no problem letting him know that I'm on a date with Rachel. "This is Rachel Berry, she has so graciously accepted to go out on a date with me tonight and I thought I would introduce her to your amazing food." I say proudly. I got it all out and I didn't trip up or get embarrassed once. I can do this. I know I can. I just have to put aside all the crap that my father has fed me for years about people who were gay. I know I will have to battle how I was raised but Rachel's worth it... My happiness is worth it.

I find the soft blush that has suffused Rachel's cheeks to be adorably cute and very sexy if I'm honest with myself. Jack holds out his had for Rachel to take luckily I'm holding on to her left hand so Rachel doesn't have to let go to shake Jack's hand politely. "Well Rachel Berry, it's a absolute pleasure to meet you. My name is Jackson Shepard. I own the European Street Cafe, and I'm Quinn's uncle. I hope you enjoy my fine establishment and Quinn's company as well, of course." He tells the small brunette with a charmingly open smile which seems to get Rachel to lose some of her shyness and smile more genuinely back at Jack.

"The pleasure is mine Mr. Shepard. It's wonderful to meet you and to be introduced to your restaurant. I'm sure the food will be just as wonderful as Quinn has alluded to, and I'm very much looking forward to Quinn's company." I beam at Rachel's desire to spend time with me and bring her hand up to my lips to give a little kiss to the back of it. I can see the happiness in Jack's eyes as he sees me do this and I just smile at him. For once I'm happy and I will fight tooth and nail to keep the gift that is Rachel Berry for as long as she is willing to have me in her life.

"Well aren't you a delightful girl?" Jack asks Rachel rhetorically before turning to me still clutching Rachel's hand in his. "I like this girl, Quinn. So much better than that Flint boy." He tells me as though it's some big secret and Rachel couldn't hear what Jack was saying. Which garners a bit of a giggle from Rachel that she muffles by pressing her lips to my bicep. I smirk at Jack knowing he purposefully said Finn's name wrong jut to emphasize his disapproval of him. I'm actually kind of surprised that Rachel didn't correct him as to Finn's name, but I'm not about to question it. "Anyway have a seat and I will be right over to take your order soon." He continues before either Rachel or I could do more than take a breath.

Rachel looks up at me as Jack walks away from us with amusement clearly visible in her eyes. I just roll my eyes playfully and walk off to find us a table leaving Rachel no choice but to follow behind me as I still had a hold of her hand. It doesn't take long to find 'my' table and settle down into the corner booth. I pluck the menus off the center stand and hand one to Rachel. "You really will love their food. They have a number of vegan options." I say softly as Rachel takes the menu from my hand.

I watch as Rachel looks at me with shock before looking back at the menu saying "I didn't realize you remembered that I'm vegan." I shrug and lean back in the booth. I kind of wish I wasn't so dressed up so I can just relax a bit more and bring my legs up under me as I would normally do when I come here.

"I remember a lot of things about you, Rachel." I say shyly as I kind of flick the menu slowly in my hands nervously. I was admitting a lot with this statement and I hope I'm not playing this all too fast. Her eyes come up from the menu to meet mine again and I have to catch my breath at the soft genuine smile that flits over her lips. It's not the overly bright show smile she normally gives people. This one is real and I'd like to think just for me.

Before Rachel can say anything else Jack plops down in the chair next to where Rachel is sitting. I love this table. It's a four chaired table but it only has two chairs and uses the corner of the booth seating that wraps around the dining area as it's other two seating options. Which both me and Rachel have decided to use. "Alright ladies, what can I get you? And Quinn don't you dare get what you normally get. You know what? I'm ordering your dinner for you." I glare at Jack as I toss my menu on the table and cross my arm mumbling about not 'always' getting the same thing. He just looks at me with a raised eyebrow in challenge and I have no choice but to look away, because of course he is right. I always get the same BLT with extra bacon every time I come here.

My scowl doesn't last long as I can't hold onto it with Rachel's muffled giggles filtering through my ears. It's truly a lovely sound. "So my dear Rachel what can I get for you?" Jack lays on the charm as he asks my date what she wants. The thrill of even silently calling Rachel my date is a bit overwhelming to be honest. I've fought this attraction so long that it's a heady feeling to just finally be able to let go.

"Well Jack, I think since you are choosing for Quinn I will let you surprise me as well. The only stipulations being that it be vegan friendly." Rachel says with amusement. She seems to have realized very quickly that my uncle LOVES to be challenged when it comes to figuring out what foods people will like. Which is why my uncle get's annoyed that I don't try anything new when I come in. I laugh again as Jack stands, clapping joyfully at the issued challenge.

"Oh I really like this girl Quinn, you better hold on to this one." Jack says to me with all seriousness.

"I plan on it, if she will let me." I say back to him and his delighted laughter at the sudden vivid blush that covers Rachel's face, neck and even the tip of her ears, is the only thing he leaves us with as he walks away. Just after he walks away one of his waiters, Carlos, comes up and puts down two glasses of water and a bowl of lemons for us before he heads back to the kitchen.

"Your uncle is an interesting man, Quinn." Rachel says quietly as she takes the paper slip off her straw and takes a sip of her water. I can see that the blush is still tinting her face but she is pushing through it. I'm glad that she seems to not have a problem with my attraction.

"He is... It's just a shame that I've only had the chance to really get to know him within the last year or so." I say sadly as I stir my own straw around my water trying to mix the lemon flavor throughout it. I smile over at her when I feel her settle her hand on my forearm her eyes conveying the question she isn't sure she should ask. Her reluctance to ask me questions is a bit upsetting, but I have to remember that this is all a very big change for her... And me.

I decide to answer her unasked questions so she can know that I'm open to personal questions. "My father had forbidden him from interacting with our family when I was about eight or so. He's my mother's youngest brother, and he had come out as gay to his family at a Christmas gathering for the Shepard side – that's my mother's side of the family – that we had attended that year. My father had packed us up and made us leave right there in the middle of dinner after Jack had come out receiving only support and acceptance from the rest of the family." I stop and swallow thickly at not only the memory of the event, but at how much I had missed him for years after that. Rachel ran her hand soothingly up and down my arm in comfort and I had to smile over at her.

"I didn't understand it all at the time, all I knew was that I couldn't see my favorite uncle anymore and that he was suddenly a 'bad man.' My father's words." I pause to clarify that all this was my father's prejudice. "I didn't find out until my mother brought me back home after... um.. the baby." I still have a problem with what I had to do with her... I didn't want to give her up.. but I didn't think I could keep her either. I set that issue aside when I feel Rachel's hand squeeze my arm and I continue on with what I was saying. "That she had always known that Jack was gay and that she never had a problem with it or gay people in general. But my father loathes anyone that is. He had forced her to not ever contact Jack again." I pause to take a sip of my water, my mouth is really dry. Thinking about what my father did to force her to keep away from Jack still haunts me to this day. "Anyway after I was kicked out last year, she went to him, Jack I mean. He helped her to get into AA and get sober all behind my father's back. He's been her support and helped her find out that my father was having an affair. That allowed her divorce him and milk him for everything he had." I beam at the telling of that. I can't help the vindictiveness in my heart when it comes to my father.

"So you were able to reconnect with him over this last year?" Rachel asks me. I'm grateful she isn't commenting on how it's wrong to be happy about my father losing everything in the divorce. I kind of thought she would once it came out of my mouth.

"Yes. It was hard at first because of what my father had taught me, but with time I started to remember why I adored him so much when I was little. We talk a lot." I stop again not sure if I should say the next part, but I figure I kind of owe her an explanation even if she hasn't asked for it yet. "He was the first person I told about my attraction... to you." I whisper the last part out not sure, once again, if this was a good idea or not. This is a lot all at once when just hours ago we barely even looked at each other.

She clears her throat lightly and shifts in her seat but she doesn't remove her hand from my arm so I take that as a good sign that she's not upset with me. "If you, um had this attraction with me, then why... why did you date Finn?" Rachel finally asks me. Her voice is soft and unsure and I just want to wrap my arms around her so I can hold her close.

I sigh and look over at her as I rest my hand on top of hers that is still on my arm. "To be honest, I dated Finn because I didn't think I deserved to be with you. I thought he was the best I was going to be able to get. I knew you are destined for New York and stardom. There is no question in my mind about that when it comes to you Rachel. But me? I didn't think I was good enough... and I KNEW Finn wasn't good enough. So I felt I was doing a good deed as well as giving myself the best option I could possibly get in this situation. I was keeping him from you so you could get out of here without him tying you down here in Lima at the same time I was claiming my future, or what I thought was to be my future." I finally look away as I feel the blush of shame heat up my neck and cheeks. I am ashamed of what I did, but at the time I really felt I was doing what was right.

I look back down at her hand that is now working it's way to interwinding with mine, to which I easily submit to and hold onto her hand not taking my eyes off the sight. "What changed Quinn? Why... It's like everything changed in a matter of a few hours and as much as I'm thrilled to be able to have something I've dreamed about for a very long time actually happening, it's all very sudden... I mean Finn had just broken up with you just over an hour ago or so, and here we are out on a date, together. It's all rather bizarre, amazing and thrilling to be sure, but still bizarre." Rachel's voice is quiet but clear as she speaks. Though I heard everything she said my brain keeps turning one statement over and over again in my head. 'I'm thrilled to be able to have something I've dreamed about for a very long time actually happening.' I had thought that her acceptance of a date was a kind of strange, but I kind of just put it up to her being open-minded when it came to her sexuality. That she just didn't have an issue with accepting a date from another woman. Now? I'm a bit confused, if I'm understanding her statement right shes wanted to go out with me for a while now.

"Y-you, dreamed about this?" I ask finally just needing some clarification. Had Rachel really been within my reach this whole time and I never knew it. Had I really been that blind to not see that Rachel shared my attraction? I needed to know before I answered her her question.

Rachel looks me in the eyes again and nods a slight blush coming up into her cheeks. "Yes... I've been attracted to you for a while now. I just believed I was so out of my league with you that I just wished and dreamed from afar. I guess in a way I also settled for Finn. I care for him. Though right now I'm very pissed at him for what he did to you today, I still consider him a friend. I have no interest in dating him again though. Even more so now that you have revealed that you have an attraction to me." I listen with rapped attention at her explanation. Finally starting to understand a lot of our interactions from the past, though she never said how long this attraction had been going on. I would like to think the various interactions we have had over nearly the last three years that it's been a long while.

"Here you go, ladies." Jack's voice breaks us both out of our thoughts and back to the here an now. I smile up at Jack and pat Rachel's hand before I am forced to move my arm out of her reach in order for my uncle to place the food on the table. I can't help but bug my eyes out at how much he is laying out before us. "And don't even think about protesting that it's too much Quinn Fabray. You are getting too thin." He chastises me in a low voice, and I can hear the worry and a bit of anger residing there too. He blames my father for my obsession with my weight and every time he sees me lose more he gets upset that I'm still letting my father's unrealistic views on women cloud my judgment and impact my health.

I look away from him and Rachel who is now looking at me with a worried but critical eye. "I didn't make my weigh in for a flyer for the second week... Another week and I will have to step down as a flyer all together." I say weakly as though that justifies not eating and only consuming Coach Sylvester's mystery shakes.

"Quinn..." Rachel exhales my name and I clench my fists on my lap knowing that I've disappointed her.

"Quinn, you are now over five feet six inches and more than likely will grow a little more before you are done. You can't force yourself to remain at a flyer's weight limit with your height. I know that's a hard thing to face but you have to think about your health." Jack says as he sits down, this time next to me. "Your coach will not take away your captaincy just because you will have to stop being a flyer, Quinn. And if she does I will do everything in my power to ruin her for endangering your health by forcing you to maintain a wholly unhealthy weight meant for much shorter girls." I can feel Rachel scoot over on the bench, so that she is more in the crook of the corner than on her side, and reach for my hand that is still clenched in my lap. At the feel of her soft hands pulling my fingers from bring curled into my palm I start to relax more and look up to meet my uncle's concerned face.

I loosely link my fingers with Rachel and give them a little squeeze showing her that I am thankful for her support before I speak finally. "I know... It's just... I don't want to be her again..." I know I just lost Rachel with that last statement, but she will catch on shortly.

Jack sighs softly and wraps his arm around my shoulders scooting close to me on the booth. "Quinn, you are Lucy. Lucy is Quinn. Just because you gain a little weight that is natural and normal for you to be healthy at your height, doesn't mean that you will become a target again. I'll have you know that I love Lucy as much as I love Quinn, because you are one and the same. Just because you were picked on when you went by the name Lucy doesn't mean you have to cut that part of yourself out." I can't help but lower my eyes at his little lecture. I know he's right. It's one of the things I've been dealing with in my therapy sessions. They have done wonders over this past year. I have a long way to go, I know, but I do feel that it has allowed me to embrace my attraction to Rachel now.

I can feel Rachel's thumb slowly moving over my knuckles soothingly. I can feel by the way she is sitting that she wants to say something but she is holding it in, waiting for Jack to finish. "I'm sure Rachel would agree with me when I say that you are too thin and that you would look even more beautiful if you were to gain more weight." He continues looking over at Rachel as he does. I turn my head to look at Rachel then and see her nodding in agreement. Which make me sigh softly. I don't like disappointing the people I love and I can see the worry in both of their eyes now. Maybe they are right. Maybe I'm taking this too far.

I nod in understanding and give them each a small smile to let them know that I get that they are concerned. I don't want to bring more attention to this so I change the subject hoping that we can table this discussion for another time. "What did you bring us, Uncle Jack?"

I can see that Rachel is not particularly happy at my blatant subject change but when Jack laughs softly and starts to inform us as to what our dinner is for the night she lets it go. I'm grateful for her restraint as I really just want to have an enjoyable evening with Rachel, not talk about my body image issues. Though, I know I really need to address them, now is not that time. Rachel seems really happy with what Jack is telling her about her meal, though I'm not really sure what some of the things he is mentioning are, Rachel knows and is very happy to try the combination out for him. I have what my uncle is calling 'The Princess' apparently. It has bacon, chicken, provolone cheese with lettuce and tomatoes on a croissant. It really looks good. He also gave me a cup of Beer Cheese soup. I've never had it but it's one of E. Street's signature soups and is well loved. Rachel has been given a Minestrone soup with her meal.

"Now enjoy and let me know how it is afterwards." Jack says before he leans in and kisses me on the side of my head and heads back towards the kitchen.

"He's a good man, and it's easy to tell that he loves you a great deal." Rachel says softly as she slowly stirs her soup to help it cool off.

I nod as I take my first sip of the soup I've been given. I have to admit it's really good. Once I put my spoon back down I look at Rachel and smile "Yes he is and he does. I hate that my father kept us away from him for so long." I say as I rip into the soft bread stick that came with my soup. I wasn't sure if she was going to bring up my lack of eating again or not, which is making me a bit nervous.

I didn't have to be in the end. Rachel steered clear of that topic but I was far from the illusion that she would not address it at a later time. We talked about glee and about the fact we were three weeks from Nationals and still had no idea what we were going to sing. We also talked about where Rachel had planed on trying to get accepted into for college, which brought us back to me when she asked me the same question. I had just finished my meal and was playing a bit with the left over chips still on my plate when I decided right then and their where I was going to apply to.

"Columbia and Tisch. I want to go into theater and acting." I beam at her surprised reaction. I know I surprised her. I don't really have much interest in stage acting per se but I do have a passion for being on stage and acting in general. I've had enough damn practice at acting in my life and I think I can make something of that skill. "I am also thinking about duel majoring in English Lit as well. Making Columbia my first choice, but NYU's Tisch is a great second, don't you think?" Her silence is kind of making me a bit nervous again so I'm hoping asking the question will get her back to talking. It's a bit unnerving when Rachel isn't speaking.

"Oh Quinn! That-That's just a wonderful plan! I'm just.. Well I had no idea that you had an interest in the theater at all, not that I don't think you can pull it off, because really I've seen you on stage and you could really command it if you are given the chance and you are an extremely talented actress. I'm just... wow..." She is just looking at me her eyes bright with her barely contained passion and excitement. I don't know what is going on in her head right now but what ever it is she is very passionate about it.

I blush a bit at her intensity and shrug at her ramble. I watch my hand twirl a chip around on my plate as I decide to tell her something I had never really told anyone but my older sister Fran before. "I use to watch these old movies with my mom, you know? The ones with Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn and the like?" I look back up at her to find her nodding, her chin resting in her hand as her elbow is now resting on the table. I know I blush a little more at the soft encouraging smile she gives me. So I clear my throat and continue, bound and determined to open up to Rachel and let her see me, all of me. "Well I had this dream of becoming like them. I learned how to walk and talk and emulate their grace and poise at a young age, because I wanted to be like them. I wanted to make movies and be stars like they were. My sister had encouraged me for a while, but then reality came crashing down when I got a bit older and my father's demands for what a woman was to do and learn began to be engrained in me. I kind of lost sight of that dream for a while. But now... I finally believe I can make it happen... Thanks to you, Rachel." I finish with sincerity. I wanted Rachel to know that she gave me back my dreams and that because of her I am going to strive for them. Not just to be good enough for Rachel but because it's what I've always wanted.

Rachel drops her hand down to mine and squeezes it lightly her beautifully genuine smile making my heart race against my rib cage at the sight of it. "Quinn, you can do anything you put your mind too. I believe you will become the star you always wanted to be. You sure have the talent to pull it off." She tells me softly. I smile back at her and link my fingers with hers on top of the table. I've been falling for Rachel Berry for years without knowing it, and now it's such a wonderful feeling to let it happen. To rejoice in the feel of falling in love with this amazing girl. I never want it to end.

"What are you doing tomorrow and Sunday, Quinn?" Rachel's question kind of startles me as we were just sitting there looking at each other. I sit up a bit and think for a moment. What am I doing tomorrow? Oh, it took me a moment to get my brain working again and remember.

"I agreed to help my mom bake, for a fundraiser they are having at her work, in the morning, but we should be done around one or two at the latest. Umm and on Sunday I have nothing planed beyond church. Why?" I explain curiously as my thumb lightly strokes the back of Rachel's hand.

I watch as Rachel chews on her lower lip with nervousness, her eyes looking back over the rest of the restaurant obviously thinking about something. I give her hand a light squeeze to bring her attention back to me. When her eyes land on me again I smile at her trying to convey that it's ok for her to say what ever it is she wants to say. She smiles back at me then straightens up in her seat and leans forward having drawn up the courage to say what it is she wanted to say.

"I know this is very sudden, Quinn.. Well all of this is really sudden and, I know you just broke up with Finn and this is definitely not standard decorum when it comes to following the rules of proper relationship etiquette. Especially in regards to the allotted time between relationships, but Quinn, I don't want to wait. I've always wanted thing too much and it gets me into a great deal of trouble majority of the time, but I can't not try... Not when everything tonight has been so perfect and I've wanted this to happen for so long... I-I just have to try..." I squeeze Rachel's hand again thinking I understand what is giving Rachel so much anxiety right now. This has all happening really fast and it's really not something that most people would look at as the normal thing to do after one person had just gotten dumped by another person.

"Rachel, It's fine. Remember I asked you out tonight? As painful as it was to be dumped by Finn... again... I'm thankful he did. Now I'm free. I can be who I've been struggling to be for a long while. Not to mention ask you out." I say with conviction even the part about being able to ask her out, which brings a bright smile to her face.

"In that case, Quinn. Wicked is showing this weekend in Columbus and I have three tickets to the Matinee on Sunday morning. I would love for you to join me this weekend as m-my girl-umm girlfriend, or-or if that is entirely too soon then just as a-a date, or-or even just as a friend type outing, or-" I place my finger tips over Rachel's lips when I see her going into panic mode. A soft loving smile on my face as I find her completely adorable. He eyes land on mine and I can see them wide with panic and uncertainty.

I scoot on the bench a bit so I'm closer to her and brush my fingers over her soft lush lips to cup her cheek. I lightly let my thumb caresses her bottom lip causing her to gasp a bit which makes me smile wider. God her lips are so amazing, the pull to kiss them is nearly overwhelming, but I want out first kiss to not be in a crowded restaurant, no matter how gay friendly said restaurant is. "Yes Rachel, I would love to go with you, and I would love to go with you as your girlfriend." I finally answer her softly. I am thrilled that this is all working out so well. Things are finally working out for me. I never before in my life had anything work out so well when I was just being myself. Maybe, just maybe I can be who I am meant to be and not have to continue to act like someone else, unless I'm being paid to do so.

I can feel the explosion of air that comes from Rachel's slightly parted lips as she closes her eyes in relief. She reaches up and cups my hand over her cheek and leans into it before turning into my hand and gently deposits a soft lingering kiss to the palm of my hand. I gasp now at the feeling of electricity that shoots up my arm and into my heart sending it pounding hard against my sternum once again. When she draws my hand from her lips she scoots the rest of the way over so she is now on my side of the booth and snuggles into my side. I move my arm to wrap around her shoulders and hold her close to me as I press my lips against the side of her head just taking in the scent of her shampoo. It's a lovely camomile and vanilla which I think I will never get enough of smelling. It's wonderful, to just be happy for once. No pretending, no lies, just me and Rachel being content and happy, together.

"I have something I want to show you... I wou-would like your help with it, really." I finally say as I pull back from her head. She looks up at me with acceptance in her eyes but for once doesn't speak. I'm starting to learn when Rachel is content and happy she doesn't feel the need to speak all the time. It's an interesting thing to learn really. I push the plates away from us and reach down to my bag. I'm glad I decided to bring it today. I pull my arm back from around Rachel and reach into the bag to pull out my worn notebook. I don't keep a journal but I do write story ideas, or poetry, draw, or in this case – I flip the notebook open to the – song I've been working on since I had agreed to write one with Rachel for Regionals. I had never gotten to show it to her then and have kept it to myself since. Working on it here and their until I felt I had the words perfectly down. My problem now was the music, and I would love to sing it with Rachel, once it's done. I know that we will not sing it together at Nationals ,but I do think it is good enough for it.

I hand it to her once I flip the notebook to the right page. I fidget with the pen that I had connected to the book when she takes it from me. I can't help the nervousness that seems to just ooze off of me right now. Rachel's hand on my thigh helps to distract and sooth me, though it does make me a bit warm as she begins to lightly run her hand up and down along the muscle. I'm very glad I have on a long enough dress that she isn't touching skin otherwise I don't think I could be held responsible for my actions then.

"Quinn, this-this is amazing. I love it. When did you write this?" Rachel's voice breaks me out of my Rachel-haze. I shift on the seat and tap the pen on the table nervously.

"I started it when we had agreed to write a song together. I never got to show you then." I say softly. This song meant a lot to me and I am really glad that Rachel likes it

"Di-did you feel this way all the way back then?" Rachel asks hesitantly.

I nod because really what more could I say, I was a chicken that was hiding behind the need to be popular and being prom Queen, thinking that would make up for not being myself. Though in the back of my mind I didn't want to pretend anymore, which led me to writing this song. Rachel's hand squeezing my thigh lightly brings my eyes back to hers and she smiles softly at me with understanding. "The lyrics are perfect Quinn, and I think it would work really well for Nationals, but the key is right at the top of your range." I listen to Rachel's praise of my song and her confusion at the key I chose to put the music I was able to work in and around the lyrics.

"It's not meant for me to sing Rachel. I wrote it for you, well it's a duet. I chose the key to be in your sweet spot and though it's at the top of my vocal range it's still enough within my range that I can make it work... Though I very much doubt Mr. Shue would let us sing it together as a duet anyway." I explain, though my voice becomes a bit strained at the end. I very much doubt that we would be able to do this together in New York. Even if Mr. Shue would let us it would not go over well with the judges. It is quiet clearly a love song. Even as that all comes to mind the thought of Rachel singing this with Finn makes me sad and angry at the same time.

"I can see that now, and I agree. I can't see Mr. Shue letting us sing this at Nationals together." Rachel's voice is sad and drawn as she says this and it makes me look over at her again. I can't hold in my jealousy and fear in any longer so I blurt out what is going through my head.

"I don't want you singing this with Finn..." I know it's wrong for me to say and it's not fair but it's how I feel. I just got Rachel and I didn't want Finn to come in and take her from me, even if it was only in song. I do trust Rachel when she says she doesn't want Finn, but I don't trust Finn to not do something to try and convince Rachel to go back with him... Even if he fails to do so, he will still have done something like kiss, or whatever, Rachel and that I can't stand the thought of.

"I don't want him Quinn... I just asked you to be my girlfriend, I meant that. I want to be with you and only you. I promise you that no matter how much Finn wants me back. I got what I want more than anything else, besides Broadway." I can't help but smile at her for the reassurance I had a good idea at what was going to come after my statement. I wasn't fishing for it, I really feel that Finn singing the song with Rachel would just be asking for trouble. I don't get the chance to explain my fear right away as she continues, "I get to finally have Quinn Fabray as my girlfriend, and I want no one else... ever." her softly spoken conviction in her last statement makes me gasp and my head spin. I wasn't expecting that. I had gotten that she has wanted to be my girlfriend for some time now, but I had no idea she was already so committed to us being a couple. Not that I mind in the slightest. I feel the same way. I've wanted Rachel for so long now that I'm not going to let her go if I can at all help it.

"I trust you Rachel and I believe you. I feel the exact same way, just so you know." I say finally taking the hand that was now just resting on my thigh idly, in mine and giving it a gentle squeeze. She smiles shyly back at me when I say the last part and I kiss the top of her head when she leans her head against my shoulder. I rest my cheek against her head and sigh lightly, linking our fingers together as I continue. "It's Finn I don't trust. You didn't hear him when he was dumping me today... He is convinced that you two are meant to be together, that there is some cosmic tether or something tying you two together, Rachel. He is going to do everything in his power to get you back... I just think that this song would not only lead him on, but give him a chance to do something neither of us is going to appreciate. More than likely leading to problems within the group and costing us Nationals." Through the whole explanation I could feel Rachel's thumb moving softly over the back of my hand and it kept me calm and settled so I could get everything I felt and thought out clearly.

Rachel brings my hand up to her lips and kisses my fingers lightly before she moves away from me again so that we can look at each other. Her eyes are clear and I can tell she has been thinking about what I was saying. "Explained that way I can understand and I can't help but agree with you. I was worried you were just saying that out of jealousy." Rachel says succinctly. I laugh softly and shrug when I admit that jealousy is a part of it but it's more than just that. She smiles charmingly at me and nods in understanding. "Yes, Quinn, but it's not just your jealousy that is driving your desire for him and I not to sing this song together. That is the important part. I agree with your concerns for his behavior are reasons for concern. So I will press to sing this song with either Sam or Noah, and if we work the key just right it will sound better with either of their ranges in the end and help convince Mr. Shue to not have Finn sing with me." Rachel explains cheerfully. I sigh with relief that Rachel agrees and isn't upset with me for being jealous.

Jack comes and cleans up our remains from dinner and we let him know our opinions for both the meals. We both rave about it and I tell him that I will make sure to try other things the next time I come. He refuses to take payment which frustrates me as I wanted this to be a date and how can it be a date if I don't pay for my girlfriend's meal... Rachel just laughs softly at my plight and kisses me on the cheek. I feel a bit better but I vow to myself to make sure I pay for Rachel the whole weekend. I may not be able to pay for the show but everything else I will be paying for.

After Jack leaves again, Rachel and I talk about the trip and I find out that her daddy, Leroy doesn't really want to go see the show, but her dad, Hiram is very excited about it. So by me taking the ticket and coming with them it would allow Leroy an acceptable out. I had to laugh at that. I also learn that I will need to be at their house by two tomorrow because it's to be a whole weekend trip. We will be staying in Columbus over night and be heading back after an early dinner on Sunday night. I'm a little nervous about staying the whole night in the same hotel room with Rachel but we are both adult enough to handle it. We also decide to work on the song on the trip as well. It seems Rachel has a portable roll up piano keyboard that she takes on trips with her from time to time.

By the time Rachel is driving up my driveway, I don't want the evening to be over. It's been the most perfect date I've ever been on. I sit there as she turns off the engine and turns to look at me, our hands still linked loosely together over the gear shift. I sigh and look back at her with a shy smile. As happy as I am right now, I also feel like a dork for having all these cheesy, sappy thoughts rolling around in my head too. I'm suppose to be smooth and cool, but right now I'm anything but.

"Come on, let me walk you up to your door." Rachel says softly, giving my hand a little tug as she speaks. I can't say I've ever heard this playful tone of voice before from Rachel. That's when I realize, she's happy. Not the perky over excited happy she lets people see at school, but genuinely content and happy. I love it and I look forward to bringing this out of her for a long time to come. I nod and open my door with a smile. She walks half way in front of her car to meet me as I come around and holds out her hand for me to take. She's so sweet. I take her hand and we walk in silence the rest of the way up the walk together. At my door she turns to look at me and I can't help but shiver as I watch her tongue flick out to lick her lips.

I step closer to her and cup my hand to her cheek as she looks up into my eyes. I mentally curse my heels for putting us at such a height difference, but it's not that bad. I lightly trail my thumb over her newly moisten lips to watch and feel as her eyes close and her body shivers slightly at the touch. I can tell she wants this as much as I do. I can't help the thrill that shoots through me at that fact. Rachel Berry wants me, Quinn Fabray. It's heady and powerful and I can't wait to taste those beautiful lips. Her eyes open once again and I can tell that her pupils are blown as they bore into mine. I'm sure my eyes are in no better shape than hers as I'm quivering with the desire flooding through my veins at finally being able to kiss the girl I've wanted for so long. I step just a little closer and lower my head slowly feeling the puffs of little breaths of air washing over my lips as Rachel breathes.

Her obvious excitement turns everything up just a little more and "Rachel..." soft and reverent slips from my lips as I graze my lips so close to hers. They are barely touching and the electric charge that is arching between us is unbelievable. She is whimpering softly her hands clutching at my hip and the back of my neck. I moan just as softly as she whimpers as I move the final bit to connect our lips. Unfortunately, the sound of the door being wrenched open and my mother nearly shouting, "Quinn Fabray! Why the Hell didn't you ca-" have both Rachel and I springing apart in shock at the sudden interruption. Once I see it's only my mother I groan and rub my forehead. I was this close to finally kissing the girl of my dreams, damn it! Couldn't she have waited one more minute?

"Oops... I-I didn't... Um... Yes, well." My mother stutters around a second before just shutting the door on both of us. I finally look at Rachel who looks completely terrified. This causes me to set aside my annoyance with my mother's timing and step back over to Rachel.

"Hey, hey it's ok." I say softly as I wrap my arms around her shoulders slowly.

"She-she... Oh God she's... I'm so sorry Quinn... please don't hate me... I didn't mean for you to be outed to your mom... I-"

"Rachel, stop" I say firmly as I pull back from our hug. I look down into her still terrified eyes. "My mom already knew, Rachel. I promise, my mom is nothing like my father. She's fine with me liking girls. We just shocked her I think. I doubt she expected she would be seeing me almost kissing a girl tonight when I had left this afternoon with Finn." I try to explain to her even throwing in a bit of a quip about our rapid rate our relationship has taken to get her to relax a little.

She gives me a bit of a huff at my poor joke but she does relax and lean back into me. She wraps her arms back around my waist and sighs into my shoulder. I gently run my fingers through her hair as I hold her close to me. "It's going to be alright Rachel I promise she's not upset with me about you... Okay?" I feel her relax a little more into me as she nods in understanding. We stand like that for another few moments before I pull back again. The moment for the epic kiss I had wanted has past but I still plan on getting at least a small one.

I look down into her still slightly worried eyes, leaning down I lightly press my lips to hers. It's soft and chaste, but it is even more amazing than I had ever imagined. I end the kiss and look back down at her again. "You are so beautiful and amazing Rachel. I can't believe that we are actually doing this. Thank you... So very much." I finally say letting my trembling fingers comb through Rachel's beautiful hair, just before I bring our lips together again. It's just as sweet as before and I feel her relax into me even more, her small hands holding on to me as she sighs softly against my lips. I pull back once again and lightly brush my thumb back over her slightly swollen lips. "I will see you tomorrow, okay?" I say softly before dropping a soft little kiss on the tip of her nose.

Rachel's soft giggle makes me smile with happiness as she finally completely relaxes. "We need to leave by two, Quinn. So call if you think you will be late and we will pick you up, alright?" She tells me quietly as she brushes her fingers over the my collarbone. I nod and back away from her towards the door. I open it and take a step just inside to lean against the frame as she continues to back away down the walkway. As corny and sappy as it is, we wave at each other. I sigh happily and I stay right there watching her until she has fully pulls out of my driveway and has driven away.

"I'm ecstatic that you are so happy Quinn, but if you ever not call to let me know you are going to be gone ALL day again I'm going to ground you until you're thirty... Do you even have your phone?" My mother's voice knocks me back into the here and now and I turn to look at her with confusion. I only hear a part of what she said. At least I think it's only part, my brain was decidedly thinking about my trip with Rachel. "Phone?" She asks me with exasperation. I reach into my bag and pull out my phone to show her not really understanding why she wants to see it. I look down at it and click it on to see that I have about fifteen missed calls and just as many text messages. I hadn't taken it off silent from the funeral and a soft 'oops' slips past my lips. "Uh huh, oops... Don't let it happen again, Quinn. There is a reason you have a phone and it's not only so you can contact your friends." She tells me sternly and I look back at her apologetically. I didn't mean to ignore her calls, and it seems texts as well, all evening I was just so into my date that I didn't even think about it.

"Sorry mom... I didn't mean to make you worry." I tell her softly. She pulls me from the still open doorway and shuts the door behind us

"It's ok Quinn, I take it you finally got the guts to go for what you've wanted all along, Huh?" God, I love my mom.

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