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I'm Outta Love
By Demeter


It might not be the true love, hearts-and-doves, together-forever kind that Emma had once envisioned, but for all that it is not, it feels damn good.

They both may be frustrated about the men in their lives or the lack thereof, but who cares anymore. Emma is so ready to get messy, and she begins to understand that when someone comes along who is more special than the rest, someone to make your knees weak with as little as one look or touch, you have to take a chance. And maybe the only way she was ever crazy was when she'd thought it was okay to settle for less.

Emma had come to see Vocal Adrenaline with the motivation of doing Will a favor, being a spy in the house of music and dreams. Of course Shelby knew who she was; that's the beauty between them, no expectations, no lies.

Their eyes met, and there was a magnetism that made Emma forget about her need for a safe space that in truth was a prison.

The next thing she knows is the two of them making out on the couch in Shelby's living room; they never even made it to the bedroom. She's sleeping with the enemy and it doesn't make her feel guilty, but kind of giddy. How could Emma have known that she'd share this kind of intimacy not with the man who'd become the father of her children, but a tall gorgeous brunette who presents more danger to Glee than Sue Sylvester?

Shelby's lips brush her neck, her hands warm and confident on Emma's body as all thoughts of obligation flee, leaving nothing but this realization:

For what seems the first time in her life, Emma feels free.

The End

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