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Doors Lock
By Geonn


Kaylee fastened the connector, stepping back and smearing the grease onto the rag hanging from her lapel. "That oughta do it," she said, watching as the engine section began to chug and grind in concert with the rest of the machine's massive heart. She patted the coupling, feeling the warmth beneath her hand and smiled. "That's a good girl."

Her repairs done, she squirted a bit of the fancy soap Inara had given her into her palm and rubbed up a thin lather. When she wiped her hands on the rag again, she smelled the fingers and couldn't find a hint of grease. She was a little dismayed; who wouldn't want to smell grease all day? She sighed and flung herself into the hammock, letting her right leg dangle as she swung idly back and forth.

They'd had dinner a few hours ago, the crew breaking off to do their own things. For Kaylee, that involved taking a section of the engine off-line, taking it apart and putting it together so that it ran more smoothly. With that done, she had nothing else to do but nap and read.

She sighed and looked up at the ceiling of the engine room, trying to picture what everyone else was doing. Shepherd Book was most likely in the den reading his Bible, Simon was probably patching up that cut Jayne got in the bar fight earlier. And Inara...

She pictured Inara, closed off in her shuttle, bathing with scented oils. She remembered the first time she'd seen Inara on the ship, coming down the catwalk like a princess. "Inara Serra," the goddess had said, extending her hand. Kaylee, in her infinite prairie-knowledge, had bent a knee and kissed her knuckles. Inara had laughed and touched the top of her head.

Kaylee smiled and slipped her hand over her t-shirt. She could feel her nipple through the material, stroking until it was hard. She bit her lip and curled her toes inside of her boot, tugging down the zipper on her jumpsuit. She began swinging the hammock as she trailed her hand down her stomach, tickling her skin through the thin t-shirt.

She remembered the first time she'd seen Inara naked. So gorgeous, like a painting, like one of those oil pictures in the books her Daddy had always looked through. She remembered standing like a dumb child, face pressed against the doorframe, eyes wide as she realized she should've knocked.

The serene smile on Inara's face, her hand as she invited Kaylee in. "I'm not embarrassed by my naked self," Inara had said. "There's no reason you should be." Kaylee had gushed, called her beautiful, spent an hour lying across Inara's nude thighs as the other woman ran her fingers through her hair.

She pushed aside the waistband of her underwear, fingertips idly tangling in her pubic hair. She closed her eyes and swayed back and forth, back and forth, remembering...

The first time Inara had convinced her to undress. Sitting naked, surrounded by candles, just talking. Naked, but not sexual. Just themselves, two women, at ease, free.

She spread three fingers, the middle sliding over her slick lips. She made a quiet sound and lifted her shoulder, pressing it against her cheek.

She remembered the first time she'd made love to Inara. She had actually recorded a missive, asking Inara's acceptance like any client would have. Inara had come to her, smiling sweetly, and taken her hand. As they walked to her shuttle, Inara said Companions were allowed to take only so many partners as their "beloved." When Kaylee came against her fingers, Inara whispered, "My Beloved, my Kaylee," into her hair and made it official.

Kaylee's finger stroked her clit, remembering her first night in the Companion's shuttle. Perfect and lovely and oh, so right. She'd made Inara come, gasping at the look on Inara's face as she let it all go, thinking, "I did that to her, I got to do that to her..."

She added a finger and reached one arm over her head, feeling her t-shirt rub against her sensitive breasts. She worked her hand slowly, bending her wrist, twisting her fingers, getting it just right... not too hard, but just right, just fast enough, making her body quake.

"Kaylee!" Mal called. "Kaylee, I need..." He stepped in and looked at the hammock, covering his eyes and turning away as quick as possible. Cursing in Mandarin, he hurried back the way he'd entered. "Would ya hang a gorram sign on the door or, hey, here's an idea... shut the door!" He slammed the door behind himself.

Kaylee giggled, flushed, hand working furiously now. Oh, she'd been caught. She loved getting caught... loved the rush of someone seeing her, knowing what she was doing. Oh, God, she was going to come... She hunched her shoulders and thrust against her hand, biting her lip as she tightened around her fingers.

When she came, she sagged against the hammock, swinging back and forth for a few minutes until she withdrew her hand. She rubbed her fingers on the leg of her jumpsuit and zipped it back up, sliding from the bed and straightening her clothes. She opened the engine room door and searched until she found Mal in the dining room. "You wanted me, Cap'n?"

He refused to look her in the eye. "Yeah, uh... Wash said there was, uh, a something in the... cockpit he wanted you to look at..."

She smirked and kissed the top of his head. As she walked off, he called after her, "Doors lock for a reason, you know!"

The End

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