Warmth 15 Zoe/Inara Zoe needs to feel warmth. Complete

Standing Outside the Fire 15 Inara/Kaylee Mal visits Inara in her shuttle. Complete

Falling PG-13 Inara/Kaylee Inara kisses someone else during 'Our Mrs Reynolds' Complete

Where your road leads (I will follow) PG-13 Inara/Kaylee Inara's leaving, Kaylee just found out. Complete

If You Don't Ask PG-13 Inara/Kaylee Jayne asks Kaylee some questions. Complete

Nothing more than Feelings 15 Inara/River   Inara/Kaylee River asks Inara to brush her hair. Complete


Rond de Jambe 15 River/Kaylee River teaches Kaylee some ballet steps. Complete

In Sleepy Dreams PG-13 Kaylee/Inara Kaylee has a dream of a Earth-That-Was in which she and Inara are lovers. Complete

Tangled PG River/Kaylee Kaylee finds River in the engine room, a mess of wires tangled in her pale fingers. Complete


Gingerbread PG-13 Zoe/Inara   Zoe/Wash When the crew takes on yet another job for Badger, Zoe's role turns out to be a little...different. Complete


The Kindness of Strangers PG Kaylee/River Kaylee has always inspired kindness from strangers. Until Jubal Early that is. Complete

Don't Let the Sun Go Out PG Inara/Nandi   Inara/River For two years Inara had tried to live by her rules: never with a crewmate. Complete

This Woman's Army PG Zoe/Inara   Zoe/Wash Serenity... all of you - you're my army now" Complete

Not Like Other Girls PG River Tam & ??? River has never been like the other girls. She's always understood this. Now she comprehends. Complete

Takes All Sorts PG Kaylee/Inara I think about her a lot. We're so different you see. She's. perfect. Beautiful. Desirable. I'm just me. Complete

Like the Sea PG River/Inara She has become my shelter from the storm. Complete

Like the Shore PG River/Inara If this is all I do with my life then it is enough. Companion piece to `Like the Sea'. Complete

Guiding Light PG Inara/Zoe Sometimes we all need a guiding light. Complete

The Things I Will Miss PG River/Inara Some things were going to be hard to leave behind. Complete

A Hole in the World PG-13 Willow/Fred   River/Kaylee   Inara/River   Fred/River Buffy/Angel crossover. Complete

A Feather on the Breath of God PG River/Kaylee I am beyond the possible. But its not who or what I want to be. Complete

Diplomatic Relations 18 Inarra/Aeryn Sun Farscape crossover - Equal and opposite attractions. Complete


Love Wounds PG Kaylee/Inara With Kaylee injured Inara is forced to evaluate her emotions. Complete

Absolution PG Kaylee/Inara Sometimes all you can do is absolve yourself to the person in question. Complete

Confrontations G Kaylee/Inara Mal knows something's wrong on his ship... Complete


Eternally, Wash 18 Zoe/River   Zoe/Wash After loosing Wash, Zoe is broken but there is one who knew Wash better than she did. Complete


Doors Lock PG-13 Kaylee/Inara Kaylee relaxes back in her hammock and thinks about Inara. Complete

Shepherds, Guns & Money 15 Kaylee/River A collector of weapons makes a bid for the Lassiter, but when the crew arrives they discover that he has his eye on something else as well. Complete

Inspector Boxer

No Rest for the Wicked 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 15 River/Sarah The Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover - The crew of the firefly Serenity is about to get a new pilot... On-Going

Jessica Knight

Opal Shire series

No Power In The 'Verse... PG River/Kaylee Kaylee's in a shuttle, with River in the pilot seat, and it looks like they're gone'a crash soon... Complete

River's Way PG River/Kaylee Trapped alone together on a rim world named Opal Shire, River takes care of Kaylee while Kaylee heals from the broken ribs she got in the crash. The important question Kaylee has to ask herself though is: Is it really such a good idea to let River try to build a bathtub for them? Complete

Quiet Moments PG River/Kaylee Kaylee's injuries have all but healed, and there's nothing really around to do except live and try to make the best of things; have some fun when the weather's good, and wait out the rain when it's not. Complete

Fighting The Hollows PG-13 River/Kaylee Having found an unexpected love interest in River, Kaylee is happy about the development, but unsure of herself. Things are going well though; that is, until River tells her that Reavers are coming. The sensible thing would be to run. The trouble is, River doesn't want to. Complete

A Voice Calling From The Dark PG-13 River/Kaylee So, Kaylee and River's crewmate from Serenity, Inara Serra, is alive after all, but, as it turns out, she's in trouble and needs their help... Complete

Company For The Journey New PG-13 River/Kaylee Traveling across country to the colony city to rescue their friend, Inara, who's trapped in an underground bunker there, a lightning storm sets Kaylee and River running through the woods and up a rocky hill for shelter and safety. Complete


The Rose Garden G Kaylee/Inara Inara and Kaylee in a rose garden. Complete


All I Need G Inara/Kaylee Inara thinks about the crew of Serenity. Complete

All That I Have Met PG-13 Inara/River Something philosophical. Complete


Set the Scene PG-13 Inara/Kaylee Reunion. Complete


Shiny 'n Good PG River/Kaylee Kaylee's thoughts on the resident psychic. Complete

Bald Is Beautiful PG Zoe/Inara Mal causes trouble, Zoe and Inara have to run for it. An accident happens and forces Zoe to go bald. But, hair isn't everything, right? Complete

The Beginning of Forever PG-13 Zoe/Inara Zoe is depressed. Inara wants to open her eyes to possibilities. Complete


Something Different PG-13 Kaylee/Inara Inara realizes something. Complete

Of Dreams and Reality PG-13 Kaylee/Inara Kaylee's been dreaming about this for ages. Complete


Unique Forms of Continuity in Space PG Kaylee/River River doesn't talk and Kaylee listens. Complete

This, The Limit of Our Sky 15 Kaylee/River River smiled because Kaylee was being honest in a way only Kaylee could. Tell you you were terrifying and make that sound like the shiniest thing in the world. Complete

The City Rises G Kaylee/River A moment planetside. Complete

What She Knows PG Kaylee/Inara Pretense is all Inara has, and Kaylee is just Kaylee. Complete

Stars in Her Pockets PG Kaylee/River Even in space, where darkness leaks into everything, Kaylee's eyes are still like stars. Complete


Happy Development 1 2 3 4 PG-13 Buffy/Willow   Faith/River BtVS crossover - The Scoobs and The Crew meet up in Cleveland a few years after Sunnydale became a landfill. Hijinx ensue. Complete


Star-crossed 15 River/Sarah Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover - Zoe knows what really happened that night between Connor and Mal. Set sometime during a quiet moment in the present. Based on the universe created in inspectorboxer's story No Rest for the Wicked. This may or may not have happened in her story. Complete