Passion & Perfection

Drabbles: Law & Order

By Cj
(Tracey/Kelly   Law & Order: TBJ)

Tracey likes the way Kelly smells of baby powder after a long day in court. She couldn't explain it if she tried because it is such a foolish reaction to something that can be explained away with Kelly's lotion. Yet, it gives Kelly an air of innocence even when Kelly is taking Tracey to task for something. It makes Tracey want to slowly undress Kelly, to trace the lines of Kelly's body with her tongue, in order to drink in more of the soft scent. It reminds Tracey, at times, how much older she is than Kelly, but more often than not, it only tells Tracey to be gentle because she is holding something tender in her hands.



By Cj
(Alex/Olivia   Law & Order: SVU)

Alex figures she died for a reason. It wasn't because she had been brave and had stood up for her principles. It wasn't because she was stubborn or refused to lose. She knows she died for this moment, for when she would see Olivia for the first time after so long of being in hiding. It's a second chance. Although Alex recognized Olivia as a beautiful woman the first time they met, Alex did not appreciate the other woman for the entirety of who Olivia is. How could she? But now, with a history between them featuring an array of emotions, Alex knows to enjoy every moment of Olivia's attention, to bask in the look in Olivia's eyes and savor the feel of Olivia's hand on her arm. Yes, Alex figures, she died for a reason. It was so she could live her life for what truly matters to her. She has been given a gift, and as her gaze rakes over Olivia's body, she can't wait to unwrap it.



At Play
By sHaYcH
(Tracey/Kelly - Law & Order: Trial By Jury)

Musical laughter burbled liltingly. Tracey turned her head and smiled at her partner. Sky-touched eyes twinkled and a button nose wrinkled as Kelly returned the sweet sentiment.

Rapidly moving arms and legs in tandem, Tracey felt a momentary surge of silliness, but it was lost when Kelly stood and held out a hand to her.

"Let's go get warmed up. I think my ass is frozen."

"I can fix that," she said, her tone a throaty promise as she was tugged into a lingering kiss.

"I'm counting on it."

Arm in arm, the attorneys returned to their cabin while behind them, two angels greeted the winter sun.



By sHaYcH
(Casey - Law & Order:SVU)

Snow, cold and grey filtered across the landscape, blurring the scene that spread before her. Flares of crimson danced with cerulean as the lights from assorted emergency vehicles strobed through the twilight.

Charcoal tarpaulins obscured the gore, but could not hide the horror. Five little forms splayed like the fingers of an unholy hand, reaching for the doors of a gothic cathedral. Agonized weeping played a weird counterpoint to the show tunes blaring from the radio.

Looking on from the backseat of the taxi, Casey trembled with the need to leap into the fray. The desire to act, to do something that might alleviate the frozen expressions of nausea that masked the faces of both emergency personnel and onlooker alike, rose thickly in her. Every instinct screamed that this was sure to be one Hell of a case.

Forcing herself to turn away, Casey sighed with near regret. This was not her job. This was not her life. Someone else would have to deal with it. She was going home. Glancing down at the message displayed on her phone - Something came up; don't lose sleep on my account. - Casey pressed "reply" and typed, Good luck.



By Debbie
(Tracey/Kelly - Law & Order: Trial By Jury)

Tracey Kibre had worked some shitty cases before, but this one truly ate the cupcake. The courtroom was hushed as second chair ADA Kelly Gaffney worked a little magic to pull a heart wrenching tale from the little boy sitting on the stand.

Hell of a thing to see, the ADA thought, even as she scribbled a few notes on the pad she and her co-chair shared. Kelly was better with kids. For some reason, Tracey always felt like she was the proverbial deer in the headlights of an onrushing train when faced with the round-eyed innocence of a child.

Or in this case, not so innocent. After witnessing his father first beat and then murder his mother, the boy had then somehow remained silent while the father raged through the house, destroying everything in his path. Hours later, after the man had drank himself into a stupor, the boy had crept out and ran to a neighbor, seeking help.

As Kelly wrapped up her questions, Tracey scrawled a final note - Dinner. 8pm. Pick someplace private. They both deserved some serious down time, especially since the next part was her job.

The crime scene photos. It's a good thing we've already had the lunch break.

The defense council tried his best, but could in no way shake the boy's story. As the child traded places with the medical examiner, Tracey stood and nodded at the jury. Gathering her thoughts, she was brought up short by Kelly's hastily scrawled response to her last note.

How does candles, a bathtub filled with bubbles, and pizza at my place sound?

Thought train thoroughly derailed, Tracey coughed softly and deliberately turned away from Kelly and fixed her gaze on the first of the photos.

In the back of her mind, she was already planning her revenge.



By Debbie
(Olivia/Alex - Law & Order:SVU)

She stared at her liquor cabinet, but she'd made a promise; just because Alex wasn't here, didn't mean she should drink.

It seemed like yesterday that Alex was a part of her, bullying her not to succumb. Then, she'd had Alex's arms giving her the solace she desired. Everything was right, as if nothing could go wrong. Now, she couldn't breathe, couldn't sleep, was barely hanging on.

She sighed as her telephone rang. She knew who it was, could probably quote his words; that wasn't what she needed.

What she needed...

"We've got a call, meet me at Brevet Investments."



By Kristina K
(Olivia/Alex - Law & Order:SVU)

"You wouldn't happen to have a cigarette, would you?"

Olivia's head shot up, "You smoke?"

"No," Alex made a face at the woman sitting on the other side of the bed, tangled up in her sheets, "but I could so use one right now," she confessed.

Olivia regarded her for a brief moment and then confusion turned into amusement as her mouth stretched out in a cheeky grin. "It was that good, huh?"

"Don't you dare gloat, detective." Alex gave her a playful glare.

"I wouldn't dream of it," was Olivia's response as she shifted from her corner and then moved towards the other woman on her hands and knees.



Saved by the bell
By Kristina K
(Olivia/Alex - Law & Order:SVU)

The elevator took forever to reach the lobby. Olivia flexed her fingers, and then balled them into tight fists. The blonde's perfume and her proximity were driving her stark crazy.

"I love your jacket," Alex said, making Olivia look down her body and at the leather coat she was wearing.

"Thank you."

"It shows off your figure nicely."

Olivia swallowed.

"But tell me," Alex turned to look straight into detective's eyes, "would it be too presumptuous of me to say I'd much rather see you naked, sweaty and panting?"

Olivia's jaw dropped.

Alex smirked, "Yes, I thought so."

The elevator doors opened with a ding.



Under the influence
By Kristina K
(Olivia/Alex - Law & Order:SVU)

It wasn't the first time Olivia had to be Alex's designated driver, but this time it was 3AM and it wasn't fun to drive across town with five inches of snow on the streets.

The bartender greeted the detective with a knowing smile, taking careful notice of Olivia's bed head and clothes that were put on in a hurry.

"Alexandra, your hot piece of lady detective is here," the bartender shouted over the room to the only person left in the bar.

All Alex could do was lift her head from the table and offer her lover a drunken grin.



By Kristina K
(Olivia/Casey - Law & Order:SVU)

Casey groaned when her back got pressed against the hard wooden door of her apartment building. The detective's lips sealed against her own and she felt lightheaded. Olivia's hands were everywhere, completely uncaring that they were still very much in public. Just like she imagined it would be in many daydreams she had, Olivia's kiss was all passion and glory.

"Would you like to come in?" The young ADA was breathless and turned on beyond belief.

One of Olivia's perfect eyebrows arched at Casey's offer as she bit her bottom lip. "I thought you'd never ask," the detective breathed out.



Plea bargain
By Kristina K
(Alex/Olivia - Law & Order:SVU)

"Just so you'd know, detective," Alex barked from her seat on her thousand dollar plush chair, "you are being held in contempt!"

Olivia gave her a weird look from the doorway. "Because I'm late?"


"You are so sexy when you're mad, Alex." Olivia quipped then shrugged off her jacket.

ADA crossed her arms over her chest. "Nothing you say can make me less angry at this moment."

Moving across the room in her almost trademarked leisure swagger, Olivia walked over to Alex. Hovering over the pouty assistant district attorney, Olivia cooed, "So, how 'bout I just kiss you instead?"



Secret Lovers
By Erin
(Law & Order:SVU)

Dr. Melinda Warner stood up as the doors to the morgue swished open, she knew who it was, so she didn't have to look up. To her seeing Detective Olivia Benson coming through the door wasn't unusual, but what was, was her coming there just to see her. Now she knew that was different, the only time that Olivia ever came there was for cases. But over the last weeks it had been more than cases between them, although no one knew that except them and they were hoping to keep it that way forever. Olivia walked over to Melinda, she smiled and sat down at a chair that was beside her. It was then that Melinda looked up at her. She came over to her and gently started to caress her arm, their lips moved to meet the others, they were now feeling sexual tension between them. Melinda pulled Olivia close to her, they continued to explore each other's mouths with their tongues, for a second they contemplated stopping, but realized they couldn't. Olivia reached for Melinda this time wanting her more and more, she knew that Melinda felt the same. She took her hand and led her out of the office.



Just Can't By
By Shadower
(Law & Order:SVU)

It's never as easy as people claim it is. In the line of work we do the control we have over ourselves is the key to our survival. You keep a close watch over yourself, or you die. It's been like that for me for years now. You can't fire a gun if you're shaking, you can't hesitate in front of a perp. After so many days, weeks, months, years, of doing this you want me to give in to you? 'Just for a moment' you say. But even now, here, with you, I can't surrender. I can't come.



By Sing1118
(Law & Order:SVU)

She is playing Debussy, clusters of notes, chords that overlap each other continuously, tones and colors that Bach and Handel never dreamt existed... Alex is beautiful when she plays, melting into the music, her personality blending with that of the instrument itself, begging for Olivia to touch her, to coax a melody from her as she brings the music out of the piano.

Olivia is drawn to her, slides up behind her, a light touch on one shoulder, a hand slipping around her waist, and the music never stops.



By Sing1118
(Law & Order:SVU)

Olivia heard music drifting from Alex's office. What the hell? She pushed the door open an inch and peered inside. The ADA was dancing around the office in her stocking feet. Olivia stood transfixed, unable to alert Alex to her presence.

Alex pirouetted, spotting Olivia, and grabbed the detective's hand, singing along the last few words of the line. "Bend with me, sway with ease..." she pulled Olivia hard against her and continued to sway. "Alex... what's going on?"

"We won! Let's celebrate... don't tell me you don't know how to dance."

"Not really," Olivia mumbled.

"Well, there's always a first time."

Whatever Olivia might have been about to say was smothered by Alex's mouth, and she forgot all about any protests.



Casey Gets Bashed


Such a cliché...
By ncruuk
(Law & Order: SVU)

"I didn't lead her on, I swear!" Olivia was pacing in front of Alex's desk, her frustration evident

"But she thinks you're going on a date with her?"

"Yes!" Olivia's face revealed her true feelings on the subject.....genuine pain and anguish

"Ever heard of 'Just Say No' Detective?" asked Alex, icily

"Alex, believe me, I've tried everything..." began Olivia

"Everything?" Alex raised her eyebrow

"Well, not everything...." amended Olivia, thinking how she hadn't yet made passionate love to Alex in open court....but desperate times could shortly call for desperate measures.

Lost in her ponderings, Olivia didn't notice Alex come round her desk and grab Olivia's shirt. Startled by her lover's behaviour, Olivia was rather confused when the passionate onslaught never came. Letting go of her Olivia, Alex declared triumphantly

"It's cliché, but maybe it will work"

"What will?" Olivia was confused

"Leaving my office with lipstick on your collar...."

"You think it will work?"

"I hope so..."

"She's very persistent" muttered Olivia dejectedly

"Trust me...." suggested Alex quietly, before kissing Olivia passionately, ruffling the Detective's hair and generally trying to make her look thoroughly dishevelled in the process...

"Ok" agreed Olivia finally, albeit a little dazed. Giving Alex a half wave, she set off for her appointment. As the door closed, Alex picked up the phone....

"Novak? Olivia's running a bit late....we've just had a rather intense debate about something...."

Lipstick on the collar, such a cliché.....


Justifiable Homicide
By ncruuk
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Captain Cragen, is there a good reason why your Detective felt it necessary to discharge her weapon on the afternoon of Thursday last?"

"She felt her personal safety was under immediate and serious threat" explained Don wearily, waiting for this green Internal Affairs Officer to get to the point

"A highly decorated Detective of many years service felt threatened by an unarmed, innocent civilian?"

"The victim was hardly a civilian" protested Don, only to be supported by Alex who muttered

"Or innocent"

"Excuse me?" The Internal Affairs Officer was shocked. As far as she was concerned, it appeared that Detective Benson had begun randomly firing at an ADA, without any provocation whatsoever...

"Perhaps I should explain the uniqueness of the situation..." tried Don, wondering what had happened to his squad all of a sudden

"You do that Captain"

"Detective Benson has, for a long time now, been in a relationship with ADA Cabot, who recently came back from the dead...."

"That, I am aware of Captain....and the relevance is?"

"Casey Novak was throwing herself at my girlfriend!"

"Despite knowing that the detective was already in a relationship?" asked the IAB officer, intrigued


"With you?"


"I still find it hard to believe that Novak would throw herself at Benson, as her fellow detectives have claimed, without receiving some provocation from Benson herself...." began the Officer, skeptical as to the facts here...

Exasperated, Alex stormed over to the door of Cragen's office and flinging it open, yelled


"Yes?" asked Olivia, sauntering over, throwing her pen down on her partner's desk as she passed and stuffing her fists into her tight jean pockets…

"Oh my...." Before anyone could say anything, the IAB officer was swooning in front of Olivia

"Officer Sanson?" questioned Cragen sharply, trying to get a grip on the situation....only for Alex to achieve it by slapping the Officer...hard.

"Oh, excuse me....." blushing, Sanson took a moment to collect herself.

Shuffling her papers back into her pocket, she straightened and, trying to look as professional as possible, announced...

"I find that Olivia Benson's shooting of Casey Novak was justifiable, and in self defense. I accept that the evidence given by Detective Benson's colleagues was accurate, and that Detective Benson is not guilty of provoking the attention she long as breathing is not a crime in the State of New York. Excuse me" Sanson left the squad room in a rush.

"What did that mean Alex?" asked Don, bemused

"Justifiable Homicide. Olivia's innocent"

"Good. Back to work people!"

And, as if nothing had happened, the SVU settled down to try and finish off their day without undue incident....



By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

Their first date; a trip to Jones Beach.

They staked out a spot on the far end of the shore. Olivia spread a double-wide towel across the sand next to an occupied beach chair and their cooler. She stripped off her tank and kicked her shorts into a pile on top of her sandals. Grabbing a tube of sunscreen from her bag, she tossed it to Alex and crouched in front of her.

"Slather me?"

"With pleasure." A squirt of lotion across Olivia's shoulders. Long strokes covering her back. Alex pulled the bikini bottoms away from her girlfriend's skin to assure complete coverage, spying a small Tasmanian Devil tattoo just above the swell of her left cheek.

"Well, Detective, since I've now seen yours, I guess I need to show you mine."



The Art of Sunbathing
By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

Olivia lay on the gurney on her stomach, infinitely annoyed at loosing another article of clothing to her work. The ER nurse had expertly cut the denim, removing the jeans to get to the wound. She was draped in a sterile cloth before scissors made short work of her underwear. Her hip was a bloody mess of flesh and glass. She hissed as gore was cleaned from the wound and surrounding skin. The damn antiseptic hurt worse than the actual glass removal.

A commotion outside announced the arrival of her partner. "That's my partner in there, dammit! I've seen her ass before!"

Elliot Stabler moved to his partner's side. "One day back from vacation, harsh." He shook his head and looked at the wound. "Liv? Where's your tan line?"



By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

Olivia possessed two hotdogs; hers with onions, sauerkraut and catsup, his with spicy mustard. She handed over his lunch then bit through the end of her dog.

Elliot made a face at the content of his partner's roll. "I don't know what's more amazing - that your stomach accepts that mess or that Alex will get anywhere near you once you've ingested that stuff." He took his own bite.

Olivia swallowed and wiped her mouth. "My stomach loves this stuff. And between Altoids and my tooth brush, Alex has yet to complain about my breath." Or anything else… heh

"Is that a fact?" Elliot laughed. "Cocky thing, ain't ya?"

"Not me." Olivia joined in. "I'll leave that attribute to you."



By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

For the third year, the Stablers hosted the July 4th B-B-Q for the squad. Elliot stood over the grill, his eyes scanned the yard: Fin and the Captain seemingly deep in conversation, John indulging Dickie's latest theory on something or another – the kid was a Munch-ling in training.

The women, including his daughters, were gathered around the picnic table. Maureen was relating something that happened on campus. Kathy's eyes went round, Alex shot Olivia a look across the table. Watching the exchange between his partner and their ADA was enlightening. A whole conversation took place without them saying a word. He could do that with Kathy. There was only one reason those women could do it too. How had he missed it?



By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

Candles flickered across the small room, throwing dancing shadows off the tiles. The scent of sandlewood and jasmine curled up from the heated water. Ensconced in the tub, Olivia reclined in the soothing water, letting her mind float like the little yellow duck bumping into her toes.

Alex wandered into the steamy room, a snifter of cognac in one hand. "I see you found Huey." She handed over the glass then hung up her robe before seating herself between her lover's legs. She leaned back luxuriating in Olivia's arms around her middle and the foot gently stroking her calf.

"Power failures are so much more fun with company."



Name That Tune
By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

It was a bizarre take-off of Name That Tune. Instead of "I can name that tune in 6 notes" it was "I can make you blackout in 5 orgasms".

So far she was reigning champ.

The first time they played it was an unexpected yet pleasant accident. After the seventh orgasm, she realized Olivia wasn't voluntarily responding; she was out cold. Since then it became their little game.

Actually, they were very evenly matched. Their typically mutual magic number being six. And Olivia with a challenge benefited her greatly. The detective hated coming in second to anyone, even her lover.

There truly weren't any losers.



By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

Alex slipped into the passenger seat of the idling squad car. "There's no way in hell this is official business. You can't be staking out the Manhattan courthouse."

Olivia pushed her sun glasses on top of her head and looked over at the ADA. "It's official all right. I'm on a mental health break." She repositioned her glasses.

"Elliot getting on your last nerve?"


"And this is new and different, how?"

"Two, solid weeks of 100 plus? It's a conspiracy."


"The moneyed elite and the feds are in bed together, don'tcha know. Global warming due to the administration's environmental policies is actual lining the pockets of the deodorant stockholders' portfolios."

"You're kidding me."

"He has graphs."



Surviving the Game
By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

I never thought it would last.

Not after the first time she asked me to dinner and I refused her, fearing my reputation. Not after the fight where such hurtful accusations were slung, as if we had no baggage from our jobs. And certainly not when that dark SUV drove out of that vacant parking lot.

I was wrong.

We lasted. We thrived. Despite it all.

I sit on our favorite overstuffed chair with her cradled in my arms, asleep. Her hair has taken on touches of gray that she refuses to color. She says Captains should be gray.

She'll retire in three more years. I'll take a six month sabbatical. We'll cruise around the world and toast the milestones of our lives in each port we visit.



Mix and Match
By kimly
(Law & Order:SVU)

Her hung-over, sleep deprived mind identified the body next to hers as… Cassidy. I'm such an idiot.

"Get up, stud." A flat sarcasm laced voice. "Come on, marathon man, we got work."

She leaned over and shook his shoulder. "Outa bed… now. Last night's performance couldn't have possibly tired you out that badly."

In a move quicker than she would ever give him credit for, he had her on her back in the center of the bed, arm across her throat. "Found my performance lacking?"

A knee to the nads and she was sitting up rubbing her throat. "A woman can say anything she wants to about your performance in the bedroom and you aren't actually allowed to kill her."



Locum Tenens
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order: TBJ)

Tracey's tongue slipped out, just the tip of it tasting slowly, almost reverently. A low moan left her, one that Kelly, lying in her bed in the grayish silver light of coming dawn, had dreamt of hearing.

Kelly watched, entranced, as Tracey leaned forward, capturing the creamy liquid, drawing it into her mouth. Another moan slipped out, this one more hedonistic than the last. Kelly could feel it down to her toes.

"Sure you don't want some?" Tracey asked, gesturing to the waffle-cone full of coffee ice cream in her hands. "It'll cool you off."

"No, thanks," Kelly said politely, well aware that, after watching Tracey, it would take more than ice cream to cool her off.



Knock Wood
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order)

"There's no way that this day could get any worse," Jack muttered, tossing the file onto the table disgustedly.

"Knock on wood. You really shouldn't say that," Serena replied, knocking lightly on the worn wooden surface with the knuckles of her left hand. "Nothing more dangerous than tempting fate."

"That's a ridiculous, childish superstition. The gun thrown out, the confession suppressed, witnesses recanting right and left. What exactly do you think could make my day any worse, Serena?"

"Have I mentioned that I am lesbian?" she answered matter-of-factly, watching with smug satisfaction as Jack slumped back in his chair, defeated.



Look Homeward, Angel
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order: SVU)

Thomas Wolfe had been right all along. You really can't go home again. All those paths that we traverse, all those roads we walk, one leading on to another, the next one taking us even further on than the last. None lead us back to where we began, not really. Too much time passes, too much changes. The old signposts fade and we are left wandering down unfamiliar roads, with nary a recognizable tree, or remembered house.

Alex Cabot felt the weight of this mournful epiphany settle onto her chest as she stood outside of the window of McNally's Bar, in New York City, the golden light spilling out to pool around her feet, like waves lapping the shore. She had been here so many times, another lifetime ago, embraced by the warmth of good Scotch and good friends.

She had sat in a scarred booth and felt the thrilling press of Olivia's knee against her own. She had glanced over to meet the laughing brown of eyes that held the secrets of the universe in their depths, if only she had the will and the courage to discover them. There had been no hurry then. She had been content to wait for the what-if that never came to pass.

The snow of a late November night fell in a silent, swirling hush, covering the sidewalk, the roofs of cars, a layer of confectioner's sugar, coating the surface of the city. Inside the bar, in the yellow glow of all that remained possible, in this present moment, where no past, no future intruded, Olivia sat, a beer at her elbow. Her gaze now met green eyes that bore no resemblance to Alex's own blue orbs. Her knee pressed gently against a knee that would never again be Alex's.

Even if she walked in there right now, battled the usurper, reclaimed her place at Olivia's side, it would never be as it once was. She might finally be Alex Cabot again, but she would never be that Alex Cabot, the one who had sat, content, complacent, laughing at one of Munch's jokes, happily contemplating the none too gentle pressure of Olivia's thigh against her own.

As the door of the bar opened into the chill November evening, Alex heard the sounds of laughter, of clanking glasses, of loud voices. She heard the sounds of her past, carrying for miles it seemed, on the frigid night air. She had heard them in every little town she had lived in over the last six years. She had thought that they were calling to her, calling her home.

Now she knew, they had only been memories of a life she had once claimed as her own. The snow was coming down faster, heavy, wet flakes that clung to her hair and coat. Turning slowly, a half-smile of regret just gracing her lips, Alex walked along the snow laden sidewalk, her footsteps quickly disappearing under a new layer of white, so that by the time she reached the corner and hailed a cab, there was no trace of Alex Cabot left outside McNally's Bar.



Green-eyed Monster
By Fewthistle

Sitting at the bar, she had a clear view of them as they dined. Laughing, elegant blonde heads bent together in the soft glow of the table lamp. Rich girl's hair, that was what they had called it growing up, a curtain of flaxen silk around already silk-clad shoulders.

Their beautiful faces turned towards each other with desire, as graceful fingers just brushed on the white tablecloth.

Casey had watched Serena for months, waiting for her chance, and now it was gone, gone to Kelly. Hair like that was only for rich girls. Maybe one day, she would learn that lesson.



Gift of the Magi
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order: TBJ)

Everywhere the lights sparkled. Red, green, white, yellow, blue. The city had donned its coat of many colors, hiding under the Technicolor fabric the squalor of urine-filled alleys, of tawdry strip clubs, of abandoned dreams.

Kelly loved this time of year. It wasn't just the holiday lights, the garlands hanging from lampposts, the menorahs glowing in windows, the tinkling bells from Salvation Army Santas. Walking the streets of this gilded Jerusalem, she caught a glimpse of what it was meant to mean, in a child's laugh, in a parent's smile, in a lover's hand, nestled warm and safe, as Tracey's was in hers. It was Love, peering out hopefully from behind the garish cloth.



Existential Bathing
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order)

The muted click of the latch closed out the world. Serena let her robe slide to the floor. Naked, she stepped into the deep porcelain cocoon, feeling the slip of silken water flow over and around her, until she was enveloped in pillowy bubbles that covered her like an undulating blanket of water and air.

Thick steam formed misty, ethereal companions that swayed silently in the candlelight. Green tea and citrus caressed her senses. Closing her eyes, she leaned back, a stray tendril of blonde hair clinging damply to her forehead. The fight with Jack, the dire repercussions of her actions ceased to be. There was just now. No job. No tomorrow. Nothing.

Just this. And this was good.



Elvis and Peanut Butter
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order: TBJ)

"You aren't seriously considering putting that on there, are you?" Tracey asked incredulously, her voice dripping with disdain, like wet wool on a laundry line.

"What? I like it this way," Kelly answered.

"Kelly, certain things are meant to go to together. Fred and Ginger. Espresso and biscotti. Elvis and peanut butter. Not bagels and peanut butter. Bagels get cream cheese, even lox," Tracey explained to her lover.

Blithely ignoring her, Kelly spread a thick layer of pea-nutty cream on her bagel.

"You forgot one pair that goes together," she said patiently.

"Yeah, what's that?" Tracey asked, a smile just ghosting across her dark eyes.

"You and me."



By Fewthistle
(Law & Order/Law & Order: TBJ)

"Tracey, have you ever had your palm read?" Kelly asked as they walked back from the pretzel vendor on the corner.

"Once, in college." Tracey answered, biting into the hot, crusty confection. "Why? Have you?"

"Not really. I was buying coffee this morning. I was reaching for my latte when the woman behind the counter took my hand, turned it over, and stared at my palm. She said that she could see that I'd already found love," Kelly replied, glancing shyly sideways.

"That's not clairvoyance, it's that huge hickie on your neck. You should remind Serena she's not a Hoover," Tracey replied dryly, a smirk on her face as Kelly stopped dead in her tracks. Tracey just kept walking.



All I Have to Show
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Damn, where the hell did I put that letter?" Olivia muttered.

Rummaging through discarded bills, take-out menus, and an impotent army of out-of-ink pens, Liv pulled a stack of papers out of the drawer.

It plummeted to the floor, a small, white flutter, tumbling to the tile. Seeing it, her heart did it's own swan-dive, fluttering to a stop at her feet.

A ticket stub. "Holiday" with Hepburn and Grant at the old art-house theater. She and Alex had gone to see it a few months before the world did it's Humpty-Dumpty impression, and all the King's men had whisked Alex away.

She held it now, lost dreams and new-found grief stamped on a three inch piece of cardboard.



A Little to the Left
By Fewthistle
(Law & Order)

"Is this straight?" Serena asked, her back to the room as she stood on the couch in Jack's office and attempted to re-hang the faded print that had been hanging there since the Nixon Administration.

"If it is, it's the only thing in this room that is," came an unexpected female voice.

Turning quickly, Serena found herself gazing into the amused face of Jessica Sheets. The dark haired defense attorney leaned against the door jamb and smirked at Serena.

"If you're done redecorating for Jack, I'll buy you a drink."

"Penance, Jessica?"

"Depends on what it will get me, Counselor," Sheets answered suggestively, "By the way, your picture's leaning to the left."

"Good," Serena replied, flipping off the lights. "So am I."



No Contest
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Walking into the squadroom a perplexed ADA asks, "What's going on?"

"It seems Munch here insists that he has such control of his emotions that you'd never be able to get him to show any reaction." A disgruntled Elliot claimed.

"Yeah, I been gettin' up in his face … Nothin' man! It ain't natural." Griped a pissed off Fin.

"And how about you Detective Benson?"

Olivia stood and walked over to Alex. "I've been waiting for you to get here." She then planted one on the unsuspecting ADA.

Alex moaned.

Elliot groaned.

Fin gulped.

Munch… he definitely had a reaction.



Error in Judgement
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"I had no idea she would react like that!"

"What did you think she was gonna do, call a sidebar and ask you for your number?"

"How can she hold me in contempt for having a hair in my eye?"

"Alex, she thought you were winking at her."

"Olivia, Judge Petrovsky is not my biggest fan – she probably thinks I did that on purpose."

"Miss Cabot, I am withdrawing the contempt charge based on what we'll consider an error in judgment. Detective Benson, I assure you there is nothing untoward going on between Miss Cabot and myself. Good day ladies."



Munch's Law
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"It's Murphy's Law John!" Olivia shouted. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

"Nichols' Fourth Law says, Avoid any action with an unacceptable outcome. While Stapp's Ironical Paradox states, The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle. Munch's Law would be State the obvious enough and people will think it was your idea. I mean think about it, would such obvious pieces of logic have only come about in the second half of the 20th century?"

Olivia fumed. "Perhaps Munch's Law should be If John Munch didn't say it how can it possibly be right."



I Think I'll Stand
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Hey, Liv, where are you? We've got the perp in lock-up and we're waiting on you and Cabot."

"I'm just outside El. Can't answer for Alex though."

"Man, you're all flushed. What'd you do run back? Hey, what's wrong with your hand?"

"What… huh, I don't know."

"Jeez, Liv, its bright red. Looks like it hurts, too."

"Nah, doesn't hurt at all. I'm sure it'll clear up."

"Cabot's here. Let's get the perp in observation room 2."

"Bad news, Alex. Perps lawyered up so we're gonna have to wait. Grab a seat."

"Thank you Detective," giving Olivia a grin she continued "but I think I'll stand."



How Does That Feel?
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it Counselor."

"I have tried it Detective! I've even practiced like you showed me, see." Alex began to demonstrate as Liv watched with crossed arms.

"Well, there's your problem…" Olivia smirked.

"Keep your back straight, stick your behind out and tilt forward from the hips." Olivia walked up behind her and wrapped her arm around her waist, placing her hand on her stomach. "Bend your knees slightly." She said as she pressed against Alex from behind. "Let your arms hang relaxed, now, how does that feel?"

Fin: "Damn!"

Munch: "Stimulating!"

Stabler: "Woah!"

Cabot: "Verrrrry nice!



Goldilocks And The Four Detectives
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Once upon a time in a large city, stood the precinct building where the Detectives worked. Elliot was the strongest, Munch the tallest, Fin the coolest, and Olivia the most beautiful.

One day, all the Detectives were out on a case when the golden-haired ADA came by. "I'll just wait here" she thought and sat in Elliot's chair. "This chair is too low!" she said and sat in Munch's chair. "This chair is too hard!" she complained and moved to Fin's chair. "This one's too loose!" Finally, settling into Olivia's chair she moaned, "Ooh, yes, this one is just right!"



In Her Dreams
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Mmm, I love the smell of leather."

Stretching out on her bed Alex realized she was a bit sore in certain areas. She also realized she wasn't alone. Lying next to her was a gorgeous, raven-haired woman.

"Whoa, where the hell am I?"

She stared at the woman's face trying to place her when suddenly her eyes shot open.

"Wow, what amazing blue eyes she has!"

Olivia sat up in bed watching as Alex moaned – getting more and more aroused – but seeing where it would go.

"Oh Gods, Xena!"

"That's the last time we'll be watching those DVD's before bed!"



By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Tell me again why I'm going to a forensic pathology seminar?" Olivia whined to the cute redhead walking beside her.

"Because it's fascinating! I mean think about it… they look at the gross and minute anatomical peculiarities of a recently discovered dead body to establishing cause and time of death, inferring the type of weapon used…"

"Whoa there red, I wasn't really looking for an answer. I was just trying to strike up a conversation."

"Oh, ah… sorry."

"No problem, let's try this again," Olivia extended her hand. "Olivia Benson, NYPD rookie."

Accepting the offered hand, "Dana Scully, FBI rookie."



Casey Strikes Out


Strike One
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Well… look at those! Nipples clearly visible beneath a skin-tight shirt. As well as a truly exquisite set of curves.

It was those curves that caught the ADA's gaze, unconsciously mapping them, faltering only when she reached Olivia's dark brown stare. Her throat constricted, as images from earlier fantasies exploded out of her subconscious. All coherent thought ceased.

"Casey, you alright? Earth to Casey."

Finally, collecting her scattered thoughts (and closing her mouth), she was able to respond.

Focus Casey!

"I was heading over to the batting cages, if you've finished your shift you're welcome to join me."

"Ah, no thanks, I don't swing that way."


Strike Two
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

What does she mean "I don't swing that way?" I could teach her how to swing a bat. And I bet she could teach me a thing or two – hubba hubb… oof!

"Shit Casey, watch where you're going!"

"Oh God, Olivia, I'm sorry! Here, let me help you with that."

Ooh, wet skin-tight shirt… :: pant :: pant ::

"Hey, what the hell… get your hands off me!"

"I'm really sorry Olivia! I've got an extra T-shirt in my gym bag if you're interested."

"Look, Casey, I don't know what… Listen I'm already spoken for, OK?"


Strike Three
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Huh "already spoken for?" I was only offering to lend her a T-shirt! How am I supposed to know she already has an extra one.

"Hey Liv. What happened? You got a hole in your mouth or somethin'?"

"Yuk it up Stabler. Casey happened!"

"Did she drool all over you? Poor baby."

"Shut it, she's headed this way."

"Hi Elliot, hey Olivia, Sorry about your shirt. Let me buy you lunch to make up for it?"

Jesus! "Come over here for a minute. Listen Casey, you know Elliot's been kinda down lately. How about you make it up to me by taking him out for lunch?"

"OK. Oh Elliot…"



By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Stay with me Alex. Stay with me sweetheart." "We're sorry, she lost too much blood, she didn't make it."

"A real pain this one." Oh my God, she's not dead! "Alex?"

"How long?" She might never come back.

"Alex…" "…who else is gonna get you out of trouble?"

"Ms. Cabot will be returning to Witness Protection as soon as this case is over."

"And when we're in bed at night he whispers my name. Emily." "It's hard to be someone that you're not."

"Where's Alex?" "Marshals are moving her and Antonio to new identities. She asked me to say goodbye."



By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

By Definition, an annual is a plant that grows, flowers, sets seed, and dies in the same season.

Why does that sentence resonate with me? For God's sake it's about plants! But somehow I found myself on the verge of tears after reading it. All I wanted was some advice on what type of plant to buy.

So here I am at your grave. I know you're not really there but where else can I go to acknowledge everything you meant to me? I hope you like the annuals I picked. I love you and miss you.

By Definition, our relationship was a love that grew, flowered, set seed, and died in the same season.



Memory Sustained
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Sleep was impossible. As soon as her eyes closed there Alex Cabot would be, clad in only a low-cut black satin bra, high-cut panties and equally high heels, gliding sexily to that music. Opening her eyes did little for her cause as the blonde would be sitting on her lap, her full breasts brushing against Olivia's, nimble hands undoing the brunette's clothes…

At one time this memory sustained her – brought her joy. Now it became a nightly ritual conjured up to dispel the lonliness that threatened to consume her.



Drabble Trilogy


1. My Own Private War
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

We're in the trenches every day, fighting for their lives, fighting for our lives… I'm tired of fighting–tired of holding back–tired of putting myself last. It's my own private war and I'm losing.

I need to fight for me, for what I want. That's how I found myself standing outside your door. Of course, I've yet to knock. That persistent, nagging doubt that has kept me from taking this chance before, keeping my hand at my side.

And suddenly the choice is taken from me. The door opens and you look questioningly at me.

"Olivia?" "Is everything alright?"


2. To the Victor…
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

She brought the battle to me and I find myself unable to form a coherent sentence. "Alex… I um…"

"Liv, come inside. Come sit down. Let me get you some water or something."

She returns with a glass of water and I sip it slowly, using these few seconds to try and salvage some strategy – some way to explain myself. Or better yet, find a way to let her know why I am really here.

I look up from my musing into concerned blue eyes. "Thanks. Alex, I hope I'm not intruding."

"Never, Olivia." Her hand reaches out to touch my cheek, "Please, tell me what's wrong?"


3. …Goes the Spoils
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

I lean into her touch, hoping my eyes convey what my mouth refuses to say.

She continues to caress my cheek, her look going from concern to understanding. Her hand slips behind my neck and she pulls me to her. "Olivia?"

Her voice is rough, her question a plea. I answer her the only way I can. "Please." Her lips touch mine and I am lost.

I'm under no order of silence, but here in this black and grey world it feels right to keep it muted, to muffle moans to sighs and hisses, cries to murmurs.

The war is over… my surrender is complete.



From A Clockwork Orange
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Go on, do me in, you bastard cowards. I don't want to live anyway...not in a stinking world like this."

"Oh...and what's so stinking about it?"

"It's a stinking world because there's no Law and Order any more. It's a stinking world because they've done away with Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – and they didn't bring Alex back – and they left Olivia's hair long – and she was wearing a dress! What sort of a world is it at all? Men on the moon, and men spinning around the earth, and there's not no attention paid to earthly Law and Order no more."



By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

She knows just how to play me – a musical composition in adagio tempo, delicato, pianissimo. She is a virtuoso at counterpoint and syncopation, drawing the music from me. She's poised above me, mere millimeters from where I need her most. I can feel her breath flowing over me – making me swell even more – making me so wet. This is torture of the sweetest kind, performed by a maestro. I am her instrument, soft curves strung taut, awaiting her masterful fingering. I arch, bow-like, in response to her stroking. Crescendo, oh please… finale!



End of Days
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

I can't breathe – can't move. There is no light, no life, no essence to sustain me. I lie here and wait for the inevitable. Why is this happening? It was so beautiful, my world, and now it lies in ruin at my feet. Was it all for nothing? All the shit I've been through – the disappointments and the fears – I was finally dealing with them. Finally there was something, someone, worth living for. How? How the hell did this all go so wrong? I conjure up your image one more time before the darkness consumes me.



Do You Like This?
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

"Do you like this, Alex?" Olivia asked as her finger circled Alex's breast.

"You're a Detective, look for the evidence." Alex gasped as those same fingers closed around her nipple.

And she proceeded to do just that. Questioning every inch of Alex's body… receiving answers… probing deeper until she got the confession she desired. The sight of Alex's body arching under her hands… the scent of their shared passion… the taste lingering on her tongue… She also bore witness to her own supplication, her throat raw from giving testimony… her body aching pleasantly from a thorough cross-examination.



By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Olivia's back arched off the bed as her orgasm approached. Her hands reaching down, stroking over the blonde head bobbing between her legs. Olivia closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations, and in her mind she saw blue eyes, felt a tongue flickering over her clit, delving into her depths, driving her toward climax. "Alex, oh God Alex!" Recovering form her orgasm Olivia rose and took her clothes into the bathroom. After freshening up she exited the bathroom, wallet in hand. Peeling off a couple of bills she laid them on the bureau just before she walked out the door.



As You Wish
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Alex strode into the squad room and stood with arms crossed as she looked around.

"Where's Detective Benson?"

Fin looked up from his paperwork "She's up in the crib. Pulled an all-nighter on a new case – Dad had to promise her some hot KK's before she'd go catch some shut-eye."

"How long has she been up there?"

"'Bout an hour and a half – should be down soon. Why don'cha go on up?"

As Alex made her way up the stairs she let go the anger she was feeling over being stood-up for lunch. And getting Olivia's voice-mail forced her to make this trip out of sheer worry. She needed to make sure her Liv was alright.

She slowly opened the door to the crib and shut it softly behind her. As she moved toward the figure on the cot she thought she detected jerky movements and moaning.

God she's having a nightmare, poor baby.

"Ngh, God Alex!"

Woah, this is so not a nightmare! Oh my Lord – she's… she's…

"So close, baby! Please make me cum!"

"As you wish."

And with that Alex slid her hand over Olivia's and thrust two fingers into her. Olivia gasped and arched her back as Alex pushed and pulled the climax from her. Blue eyes locked with brown for an instant – and then Olivia's world tilted – her scream of release muffled by Alex's mouth.



Sweet Blonde Piece of Ass
By Annette
(Law & Order: SVU)

Olivia burst into the observation room startling the perp.

"What the fuck…"

"What's the matter, did I wake you up?"

"Yeah, and I was having such a nice dream - about that sweet, blonde, piece of ass out there. Oh, the things I could do to her."

"You are one twisted Motherfucker," Olivia said as she moved behind him and pushed his face into the table.

"Watch it, cunt!"

A quick knock on the glass indicated that Olivia needed to get out of there.

"That sweet, blonde, piece of ass out there is going to be sending your camel humping ass straight to prison," she threw over her shoulder as she left.

Olivia entered the observation room and found herself face-to-face with a very pissed ADA.

"What do you think you're doing in there. A stunt like that could cost you your job!"

Taking a step closer to the ADA, Olivia spoke through clenched teeth, "Look I know I lost it in there, but he just pushed the wrong button."

"You can't... There was no one in there with you!"

"I didn't want that Motherfucker thinking about you like that – in some twisted perverted way."

"Well, I didn't like him calling you a c…"


"Yeah, and what's a camel humping ass?"

"Don't you worry your sweet, blonde ass about it," Olivia said as she captured Alex's lips.