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The Dylan Morgan Show
Season 1

By Jenny Frame


Episode Four

On the way back in the limo, the couple couldn't keep their hands, or their lips, off each other.

"Oh god baby, I want you so much," Dylan told Emily between kisses, her voice deep and husky with lust.

Emily pulled back and looked seriously into her girlfriend's eyes.

"I want you, too." Emily's hand had managed to make it under Dylan's shirt where her fingers were caressing the big woman's hard stomach, making Dylan's lust rise to dangerous levels.

"Dyl, I know I've made you wait but I just wanted everything to be right."

"It's okay baby, I understand. I told you, I can wait for as long as you need."

"No, I don't want to wait any longer. I love you with all my heart and I want to make love with you."

Dylan turned and knocked on the privacy screen. "Step on it, buddy!"

Emily dissolved in laughter. "You are such a goof!"

"Yeah, but I'm your goof. Come here!"

They finally made it through the door, as Dylan had to try and unlock the door while an amorous Emily kissed her.

Now that they were home, reality set in and they both felt a little shy.

To break the tension, Dylan suggested that Emily change into something more comfortable while she got some champagne.

Dylan put her jacket over the back of a chair, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Rose champagne. As she opened it she thought, This is it, Morgan. This is what you've been waiting for. The love of your life, the woman of your dreams is sitting on your bed waiting for you to make love to her. Shit! No pressure, huh? What if I do something she doesn't like?"

The few times Dylan had made love during her life had been awkward and uneventful. Always being shy around women and never feeling a connection with them made it hard to fully enjoy the experience.

But this is Emmie! It will be different. Just relax and go with it.

She lifted the tray with glasses and champagne, then had an idea and grabbed a bowl of strawberries from the fridge.

In the bedroom, Emily was just as nervous. She had slipped out of her dress and put on a black negligee. She was trying to figure out where to place herself on the bed before Dylan walked in. I bet those actresses I saw salivating over Dylan earlier wouldn't be this nervous! Emily, that's enough. Buck up! If she wanted them in her bed she would have them. She wants you. She loves you. Just do what comes naturally.

Dylan walked through the bedroom door and stopped dead when she saw Emily sitting there in black silk.

"Wow! You look … Just wow!"

"Thank you. Is that champagne I see?" she asked shyly.

When Dylan didn't reply and stood like a statue holding on to the tray with a vicelike grip, Emily said, "Dylan?"

Uh? What did she say? Um ... .pull it together, Morgan! Champagne! That's it.

"Yeah, it's rosé, I hope you like it, and I brought strawberries," she said putting the tray on the side table. She poured out the champagne and popped a strawberry in each glass.

"I feel quite decadent," said Emily.

"It's special. I've never shared champagne with anyone like this, or my room."

Dylan was struggling to keep her eyes away from Emily's breasts; they were ample, round and perfectly matched Emily's curvaceous body. Dylan was a breast woman and when they were making out she had always paid particular attention to them. Now only a piece of lace separated her from touching them and her mouth watered at the thought.

Emily smiled noting where her girlfriend's eyes were glued. "Your bedroom is nice."

"Uh thanks. I just had a decorator do the whole place. As long as it has a big bed and a TV on the wall, I'm happy."

"Maybe a little sparse," Emily added, trying not to sound nervous.

"Well maybe you could give me some pointers." Dylan lifted the strawberry from her glass and put it to Emily's lips. When the blonde went to bite it, Dylan pulled it out of her reach and popped it in her own mouth. She then picked up another, dipped it in champagne and held it out, teasing Emily with it.

The blonde's heart began to thud in her chest as she realized the game had started. She locked eyes with Dylan's steely blue ones.

"You're not going to give me what I want?"

"You need to ask yourself what it's going to take to get what you want."

Ah! That's how it's going to be, is it? Well two can play at that game! thought Emily.

Dylan watched as her girlfriend seductively began to raise the negligee up her body, finally releasing the breasts that had been taunting Dylan. She then lay on the big bed and patted the side to beckon Dylan over. The pounding that had been in her chest was now migrating south.

Oh shit! She called my bluff! Well, you did ask what it would take. Dylan, still dressed, kicked off her shoes and lay down beside Emily, leaning above the blonde. She took the champagne covered strawberry and painted Emily's lips with the liquid. The young woman moaned and her tongue snaked out, licking the cool drink from her lips.

Dylan trailed the fruit from Emily's neck down to her chest and began circling Emily's hard nipples with the dripping fruit.

Dylan's mouth watered at the sight of the liquid dripping down her girlfriend's breasts. It took everything in her not to pounce on them herself. Instead, Dylan dipped the fruit in more champagne and continued her journey down Emily's stomach until the liquid pooled in her belly button. As the blonde's moans increased, Dylan couldn't hold back any longer and traced her tongue around Emily's navel, finally indulging in the liquid. "Ugh! Dylan, please come up here. I need you."

The big woman did as she was asked and held the strawberry over Emily's lips. "Bite," Dylan ordered.

Emily did, savoring the taste of the plump fruit. She was then offered the champagne. "Drink." Dylan let a little spill over, then put the glass down and attacked the glistening lips.

Dylan's hands were everywhere, stroking, touching and squeezing. The moans were increasing from both women.

"Honey, take these off. I need to feel you."

The big woman jumped up and started to strip off her clothes, never once taking her eyes off the blonde.

Emily watched every movement as Dylan slowly unbuttoned her crisp white shirt and pulled it off. To Emily, Dylan's body was perfect. Where Dylan loved the soft curves and ample breasts of a feminine woman, Emily adored Dylan's hard and muscular body with broad shoulders, small breasts and long powerful legs.

The look in her dark haired partner's eyes was hungry and feral, and made Emily's sex clench in anticipation. The thought of being taken by this big woman was almost too much to bear.

Opening her belt buckle slowly, Dylan said, "I want you so much, but I want you to know how much this means to me. I love you more than anything in the world, Emily Taylor."

Emily lifted her hand and beckoned the now naked Dylan towards her.

"I know. I have never loved anyone like I love you, Dylan. Make love to me."

The big woman obliged by taking her place on top of Emily. When their skin came together, they both moaned and quickly found each other's mouths. Dylan had waited so long to be granted the privilege of touching Emily, so she was determined to show the young woman how much she was desired and adored. Emily moaned as Dylan kissed and bit and nipped down her throat. From the noises Emily was making and the grip pulling her head down harder, Dylan realized her girlfriend liked her lovemaking a little rougher. So she bit down harder, leaving the marks that would claim the blonde as her own.

The kisses drifted lower until Dylan's lips were finally where they wanted to be, locked around Emily's nipple.

"Oh Dyl! Ugh! Harder."

Dylan bit down harder. "Yes! Like that. Oh God!"

Moving to the neglected breast, Dylan swirled her tongue and sucked as much of her girlfriend's breast as she could, moaning and feeling the constant throb deep in her own sex.

"Honey please, come up here. I need to look at you."

Dylan made her way up. "Anything, but let me love you." Emily nodded and as their mouths and tongues came together again, the young woman felt Dylan's long fingers part her folds and stroke along the length of her.

"Oh baby! You're so wet." Dylan looked deep into her girlfriend's eyes. "I need to be inside of you. Please let me," she begged.

"I need you deep inside me. Take me, I'm yours."

Dylan whimpered as Emily opened her legs wider in invitation. As Dylan slid two fingers inside her girlfriend, they both moaned. "Oh God, baby. You feel so good."

Emily felt Dylan begin a gentle thrust. It felt good, not only to have Dylan inside her, but to feel the reassuring weight of being pinned down by her girlfriend.

"Dyl, at the same time. I want us to come together." Dylan nodded and Emily felt her partner's slick heat as she repositioned herself.

Dylan began to thrust against her girlfriend and Emily marvelled at the look of utter lust in Dylan's eyes. "Oh shit! I won't be able to hold on that long, baby."

"Me ... neither, just love me. I need you ... oh god Dyl, fuck me Dyl!!"

The big woman growled and began to thrust faster, letting her thumb graze Emily's hard nub. The young woman gripped Dylan's back tightly, sinking deeper into Dylan's skin.

Feeling the beginnings of Emily's orgasm around her fingers only served to bring Dylan closer to the brink.

"Shit. I'm gonna come, baby," Dylan cried.

"Yes! Come with me now, honey!" Emily felt the scream rise in her throat and her body shook with the force of her orgasm.

Dylan thrust wildly against her and came with a shout, "Agh! Fuck!" She collapsed against Emily trembling. The emotion they both felt left them drained. Dylan lay there, still trembling and softy repeating, "Shit! I love you. I love you. I need you so much."

Emily wrapped her arms around the big woman's neck and pulled her as tight as she could. "Sh! It's okay, honey. I'm here, and I love you. I've got you."

It didn't surprise Emily that Dylan responded with such feeling. To the public, she was a big tough TV star, but where emotions were concerned she was vulnerable and needed reassurance; the reassurance that only Emily could give her.

Dylan looked into her eyes, still trembling. "I'm sorry baby. I've never felt anything like that in my life. It was like I wasn't just inside your body, but your soul. I've never had this sort of connection before."

Emily cupped Dylan's face in her hands. "Don't ever be sorry for showing me what's in here." She rested her hand over Dylan's heart.

"I feel privileged that you can be yourself with me."

Dylan kissed her deeply, pouring as much love into it as she could before pulling away and saying, "I love you, Emmie. You and Molly are my life. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you never leave me."

"I won't, honey. Ever." She pulled Dylan to her chest and gently stroked her back until her partner's breathing evened out and they both fell into a peaceful slumber.

Dylan had been awake for a while, content with gazing at Emily as she slept cuddled up to her side, and gently stroking her blonde hair.

She'd never woken up happier in her life. This young woman had turned her life upside down in such a short space of time. Emily had given her love, a taste of family life. And she wanted more. She needed to find a way to make her girlfriend realize that this going slow business was no good.

I want my two girls with me all the time. I need to find a way to make it happen, Dylan thought.

Emily's eyes fluttered open. "Hmm! Morning, TV star."

"Morning, baby girl," said Dylan, kissing her gently on the forehead.

Emily stretched and rolled on top of her partner. "How long have you been awake?"

"Half hour or so."

"You should have woken me," Emily yawned.

"Nah. I just wanted to lie here and look at you." Dylan stroked her girlfriend's face.

"You're not going for a run?"

"You think after last night I would leave you in this warm bed? I might be goofy, Mama Smurf, but I'm not stupid!"

Emily laughed and kissed her partner's lips teasingly.

"Emmie, last night was ... was the best night of my life and I've never been happier."

"Mine too. I didn't ever think I could be this close to someone again. Be loved the way you love me, and the way you are with Molly ... well she just adores you."

Dylan grinned and rolled Emily onto her back. "I want this all the time, I want us to be a family. I know you keep saying that we need to take things slowly but I know what I want. I want you and Molly here with me. Live with me, I can look after you both. Surely you know I won't let you down. I know you've been hurt and even though we haven't known each other a long time, you know me. We share the same hopes and dreams, the same values. Trust in me, I'm not going to walk away from you," Dylan implored.

"I know and I do trust you. I want to be with you always and I want us to be a family and make a home together, but this is your first relationship and it's a lot to ask of you to go from being single with no responsibilities to, in a few short months, having a family depend on you. Give me a little more time, okay? I love you. We will have everything you want, I promise."

Dylan sighed, "I can be patient. You and Molls are worth it."

Emily, stroking Dylan's face said, "You are the sweetest, cutest TV star in the world!"

"Thank you. Now kiss me!"

"Don't you want me to make breakfast?" Emily asked as her partner attacked her neck.

"Later. First I want to taste every single part of your body until you scream! Grrr!" Dylan began to kiss her way down her girlfriend's body until her tongue reached its goal.

"Oh god, Dyl! Ugh! You are never leaving this bedroom!" Emily felt Dylan chuckle against her sex.

The couple did manage to tear themselves away from the bedroom long enough for Emily to make them breakfast, and they now sat at the kitchen table having eaten the French toast Emily made them. Dylan sat grinning, head resting on her hand, watching Emily drink her coffee.


"Nothing. I'm just happy and I love looking at you."

"Dylan Morgan, you're a charmer. I don't know how you didn't have a string of women before me." Dylan reached across the table and took the young woman's hand.

"None of them were you. You're the difference. You're what I've been waiting for my whole life."

"I have to tell you, last night was amazing. It's never been like that for me before," Emily said sadly.

"Toni was my first. At the beginning it was nice, but just nice. Then, as time went on she became a little selfish, taking what she wanted from me. It became a chore. She said I bored her, that's why she cheated on me." Emily felt Dylan's anger rise as her grip tightened on Emily's hand.

"But she never touched me like you do, you make me feel treasured and worshipped."

"That's because you are, baby girl." Dylan lifted Emily's hand to her lips. "It is an honor kiss to touch kiss to taste you." Kiss.

Emily smiled. "I think we were made for each other and I'm never going to stop wanting to touch you, but I want this to never change. I want us to be open and talk. If there is anything you'd ever like to try? Fantasies? Just tell me."

"Oh, I have lots of fantasies, but there is one thing I would like to try with you. I've always wanted to, but I've never been with anyone I've felt comfortable with. If you don't like it, it's okay. I know some women don't and I won't ..."

Exasperated Emily said, "Dyl! Just tell me."

Dylan moved her chair closer and began to whisper in Emily's ear. Slowly a smile began to form on Emily's face. "I really like that and I can't wait to try it with you, in as many ways as possible."

Dylan beamed, suddenly very excited. "Really? You do? You would?"

"Yes! In fact," Emily started kissing down the big woman's neck "the very thought is making me want you all over again. Tell you what, why don't we discuss it in the shower?"

She stood and walked towards the bathroom slowly, swaying her hips teasingly.

"Come on, TV star! Do you want me to start without you?"

"Shit! You've got some internet shopping to do, Morgan. But later. Much later," she said to herself as she jumped up and chased after her girlfriend.

Dylan was sitting at the kitchen table on her MacBook while Emily was cooking dinner, waiting for Molly to return home.

"Hey baby! Come look at this." Emily put down the chopping knife and walked behind Dylan's chair, draping her arms over the big woman's shoulders and kissing her cheek before looking at the screen. The first pictures of us last night are on the net, look."

Emily smiled. "What a good looking couple we make. Will you keep that up to show Molls?"

"Sure, look." She opened a second window and afterellen.com popped up. The main headline read, 'Millions of lesbian's hearts broken as Dylan Morgan steps out with new girl.' Below was a picture of them on the red carpet.

Emily nuzzled into Dylan's neck. "Hmm. They can stay broken as well. You're taken and I've got the marks on my neck to prove it."

Dylan growled and pulled Emily onto her lap. "I'm all yours baby girl and you're mine, don't you worry about that." The big woman kissed her thoroughly, her tongue probing deeply into her mouth.

Needing air, they pulled away. "Mmm, I can't get enough of you. If we weren't expecting the Smurf back, I'd be dragging you back to bed. There are so many things I want to do to you, and with you. You inspire me."

Emily laughed. "I'm willing to give you my body for research proposes."

"Thank you. I ... uh, did a little shopping on the web while you were busy in the kitchen," Dylan said with a sly look on her face.

"Oh? Would this shopping have anything to do with what we discussed earlier?" Emily began a teasing caress on her girlfriend's stomach.

Dylan shivered as love bumps appeared on her arms. "Maybe. The packages should be delivered in a few days."

"I can't wait, honey. I better go and finish dinner before you get me any more excited. Molly should be back soon." As she stood, Dylan smacked Emily on the butt.

Emily's head whipped around and she said, "Down boy!"

"I can't help it! Your ass just sways and tempts me all the time. What do you expect?"

Emily put an extra sway in her step as she walked away.

"So what are we having?" Dylan shouted towards the kitchen.

"Mac and cheese, fresh garlic bread and caesar salad."

"Yum. All from scratch? Doesn't garlic bread come in packets?"

"Honey! You really need looking after. Fresh crusty bread, butter and garlic. I don't know how you manage the training you do when you eat so much junk!"

"Vitamins and protein shakes. Have you always enjoyed cooking?"

"Yeah. When I spent my summers and holidays with my grandma, we'd spend every day cooking, baking and making cookies. There was always a smell of baking and warmth and love in that kitchen. Something my mother didn't understand." Emily stared off into the distance.

"It's all I've ever wanted, a big loving family. My dream is a big kitchen full of family coming and going."

I'm going to give you your dreams, baby. Everything and more, determined Dylan.

The buzzer rang. "That'll be Lynn and Molly." Dylan got up to buzz them in.

Molly bounced through the door. "Dien! Mama! I miffed ou!" She jumped into Dylan's arms for a hug, as Emily made her way over.

"We missed you too, Smurf!"

"Did you have a good time?" Her mother asked as she gave her a kiss.

"Yeah! Ouzy and Damie take me to see the sharks! They scary, Mama. I got a cuddly one, look!" Molly showed her stuffed toy to them.

Turning to Lynn, Emily asked, "How was she?"

"She was great, such a polite little girl. She fell in love with Suzy and Jamie," said the older woman.

"I'm glad, she hasn't been around other kids much."

"Well, we'll need to take them with us the next time we do something," said Dylan.

"They were a joy to look after. Did you two have fun?"

Dylan beamed and Emily smiled warmly. "We had a lovely time. It was bit scary at first but I relaxed eventually."

Lynn noted the new closeness between Dylan and Emily.

"Good, I'm so glad you finally had fun at one of these things," Lynn said to Dylan.

"It smells great in here, what are you cooking?"

"Oh mac and cheese, caesar salad and garlic bread. I thought I should feed her before we leave."

"I'm glad she has someone else to make sure she eats now!"

"Hey, don't gang up on me you two!" Dylan pouted.

They all laughed. You look the happiest I've ever seen you, Dylan. You deserve it, thought Lynn.

"Well, I better scoot. I'll see you at work tomorrow, Dylan."

"Sure. Thanks so much for looking after Molly for us."

"She's no bother."

"Molls come and say thank you to Lynn."

Molly ran over and cuddled Lynn's legs. "Thank ou, Lynn! I had fun!"

"You're very welcome, sweetie. Bye then."

Dylan saw Lynn out and Emily scooped up her little girl. "So you had fun, Molls?"

"Yeah, but I miffed ou and Dien."

"I know, but we're going to have dinner with Dylan before we go home later, okay?"

"Why can't we stay ere, Mama? I want to be wiv Dien."

Emily turned and looked at Dylan. Her big partner stood, arms folded, waiting for Emily's answer. She obviously agreed with Molly.

"Mama has to work tomorrow, so we can't."

"But ..."

"No Molly! We have to go home," Emily said with a sharp edge to her voice.

Trying to keep the little girl happy, Dylan said. "Hey Molls. Want to see a picture of your Mama at the big film premiere last night?"


"Come on then." Dylan grabbed the little girl and turned her upside down. Molly giggled as Dylan carried her over to the kitchen table by the ankles.

"Dien! Let me up!"

"Okay. Sit on my knee." She opened the web page on the laptop. "Look how beautiful your Mama is?"

"Mama! Ou look really pwetty!"

"Thank you, sweetie. Why don't you and Dylan set the table for me?"

"Sure thing, Mama Smurf." Dylan winked at her.

Oh Dylan. I'm so in love with you, it scares me, thought Emily.

In another part of the city, someone else sat looking at the same pictures.

The headline read, 'Dylan Morgan and Emily Taylor. Can they have a happily ever after?'

The figure laughed and clicked to print out the picture.

Dylan, Emily and Molly sat enjoying their meal a little later. "Mmm, this is so good, Emmie."

"Good, Mama," Molly agreed.

"I'm glad you both like it." It warmed Emily's heart to sit around the table sharing a meal with the two people she loved most in the world.

"So, is it all days for you again this week?"

"Yes. I promised I'd stick to days, didn't I?" Emily said defensively.

They'd had many discussions about Emily's job; it was becoming more and more difficult with her new notoriety.

"I know. I'm just thinking of your safety, you can't even work out front anymore without being hassled. I'm sorry my life makes things difficult for you," Dylan said sadly.

What I'm I doing! I shouldn't be making her feel bad, thought Emily.

"I'm sorry. I know things are getting more and more difficult and you're only thinking of my safety, but I need to work until it becomes impossible."

Dylan decided to shut up and not ruin the rest of their time together, so she simply nodded.

"What are you doing tomorrow?"

"It's a lighter week so I don't really have to practice anything; just write some sketches and my monologue. Because it's Halloween, we're having a special dare. It's spooky! You sure you want to know, Molls?"

"Tell me! Tell me!" Molly clapped her hands.

"Well, Thursday night I have to do an overnight in one of the most haunted places in New York. It's a large estate on Long Island. I'm doing the challenge with Steve Jones, you know, the country singer?"

Emily nodded.

"Well the house and grounds are reputedly haunted, so we're going to have a walk around the house, talking about some of the ghost stories, then ..."

Dylan stopped and looked worriedly at Molly's little face.

"I don't know if I should say … you know, in front of the kid."

"It can't be that bad. Go on."

"Well ... it's called Dark Terror. The crew is going to place two coffins underground and we'll both get placed in the coffins with the lids shut. It'll be pitch black inside and the side panels will be opened for rats to swarm in. We have to try and stay as long as possible. Our charities get money for every hour we spend underground."

"Oh my God! Is that safe? How will you breathe?"

"It'll be okay, baby. Air is piped into the coffin from outside."

"I'm glad I won't have to watch you do that. It sounds terrifying! I'll be so worried for you."

"Don't let the ghosties get ou, Dien!" Molly cuddled into her side.

"Hey guys. I'll be fine! I am Dylan Morgan, you know. It's what I do," she said with a smile.

"There's the TV star I know and love!" They giggled.

"Honestly, it'll be fine. It gives me an easy working week and Saturday night I'll just have one challenge since the dare will be pre-taped."

"Ou be like Scooby Doo!"

"Yeah. Just like Scooby Doo, Smurf." Turning to Emily she said, "That was delicious, baby."

"Thank you, honey. I better get cleaned up and get Molly home."

"I'll help. Molly, I'll put on the TV for you while Mama and I clear up, okay?"

Molly nodded and trotted off to sit on the couch.

Dylan had dropped Emily and Molly off earlier; it was getting harder and harder for the couple to leave each other, especially when Emily knew how lonely Dylan was without them.

Molly had gone down easily after an exciting few days, and Emily was reading in bed when she heard her phone beep. Although it had been difficult accepting the expensive gift, she loved being in such close contact with her partner. Dylan would send her texts and picture messages during the day and it really made her feel loved. She picked up the phone and read, Hey baby girl. I'm just lying here thinking about you and really missing you. The two days we just spent together were magical. I love you more than anything in the world. I want to make your dreams come true, if you'll let me. Sleep well. Your goofy TV star.xx

Emily typed out her reply.

You make me want to cry when you say things like that. I miss you too, honey. Sleep well. I love you. Goodnight. Your baby girl.xx

After sending, she turned out the light and settled down to sleep.

An hour later, a noise woke her. Sounds like the front door rattling.

Emily's heart pounded as she grabbed her phone from the bedside table and opened her bedroom door. She could see the doorknob moving and rattling as if someone were trying to force their way in.

Without thinking, she ran into Molly's room. She locked the door behind her and lifted Molly into her arms.

"Wh … what's wrong, Mama," Molly asked sleepily.

In a hushed voice she said, "Sh! I need you to be as quite as a mouse, okay."

The rattling got louder. "What's dat noise, Mama!" panic entered the little girl's tone.

"I think someone might be trying to get in the house. Don't worry, sweetie. Be brave for Mama." Emily was terrified. She heard the front door burst open and someone going through her things. Her hand shaking, she pressed Dylan's number in her contacts.

Dylan had drifted off looking at her iPad. She jumped when her phone rang and everything fell off the bed. "Fuck!"

When she saw Emily and Molly's picture come up on the screen, she scrambled to answer.

"Hello! Emmie?"

All was quiet on the line, then she heard Emily whisper, "Dyl, there's someone in the apartment! I've locked myself in Molly's room. They're smashing up the living room! I don't know what to do!" Dylan could hear how terrified her girlfriend was.

"Oh shit! I'm coming over, Emmie. Just hold onto Molly. Fuck!"

Dylan tripped over her jeans trying to put them on.

"Sit tight. I'm on my way. I'm going to hang up and call the police. I love you, baby."

"I love you, Dyl, please hurry!"

"Just hold Molly tight!"

Dylan grabbed her leather jacket and ran out the door, dialling 911 as she went.

Fuck! If anybody touches them I'll rip their head off! Dylan felt physically sick as she rushed down to the parking garage while phoning the police.

The police were on their way as she jumped into the jeep and sped off.

"Mama! I'm scared!" Emily held Molly tight and stroked her hair as tears ran down the little girl's face.

"Shh, be nice and quiet for Mama, okay? Dylan's on her way with the police."

The bangs and smashes from the living area got louder and louder. It sounded as if someone was taking a hammer to everything.

"Me want Dien, Mama!"

"I know, Molls. Be a brave girl." She rocked her daughter trying to calm her.

Emily had propped a chair up against the door knob to make it even harder for the intruder. There wasn't much she could use as a weapon in Molly's room but she had grabbed a stool and she knew if it came to it, she would die trying to protect her little girl.

The bangs stopped and she heard footsteps going towards her bedroom, and then the noise started up again as the intruder smashed up her room.

Please, Dylan! Please get here in time.

The noise stopped again and the footsteps got closer and closer. Emily's heart sank as the doorknob to Molly's room began to twist and she could hear the lock being broken into.

She put Molly on the bed behind her, picked up the stool and said, "Molly, whatever happens, stay behind Mama, okay?"

"I scared, Mama!"

"I love you, Molly. I love you, Dylan, with all my heart."

Dylan's jeep came screeching to a halt outside of Emily's building. She could see from the other cars that the police had arrived.

She ran up the stairs two at a time, sheer panic seizing her gut. She was stopped on the landing by cops guarding the door.

"You can't come in here, Miss, it's a crime scene."

"Emily called me. I'm her girlfriend! Let me through!"

"Are you Dylan Morgan?" he asked excitedly.

"Yeah, now let me in!" She tried to push her way through the two policemen.

"Sorry, can't do that Ma'am."

Dylan ran her hand through her dark hair. "Look, contact Sergeant Patrick Kenny and Detective Mark Lawson, they'll vouch for me. Emmie! Molly!" she shouted over their shoulders.

Patrick Kenny came to the door. "What's going on, officers?"

"This woman insists on getting in. Says she's the victim's girlfriend."

"Victim? Shit! Patrick let me in. Please."

"Let her through officers." Dylan entered the living area and was shocked at how smashed up the place was. Everything was either broken or ripped.

"Oh my God. Emmie?"

"Don't worry, Dylan. Everything's fine. They're just in the bedroom talking to one of the officers."

Emily burst out of the bedroom with Molly and ran into the big woman's arms.

"Oh Dylan. Thank God."

"I'm here. It's okay now." She pulled back to check them over, their faces were stained with tears.

Molly stretched her arms out, wanting Dylan to cuddle her. "Dien, I scared. Bad man scare Mama and me. Stay wiv us, Dien." Dylan squeezed her tight in one arm while keeping Emily pulled in tight to her chest with the other.

"What happened, baby?"

"I heard the door being rattled so I locked us both in Molly's room. We heard them smash up the place and then just when they were picking Molly's bedroom lock, we heard the police sirens and whoever it was ran. I was so scared, Dyl. I thought ..." Emily dissolved into tears.

"Shh, it's okay. I'm here now and I'll look after you."

"Patrick, what are you thinking? Press?"

"I don't know. If it was the press trying to find pictures and information on Emily, the place would be ransacked, but smashed up like it is? I'm not so sure. We'll know more tomorrow when we've dusted for prints and made a thorough search. Miss Taylor, do you have somewhere you could stay ..."

"They'll stay with me. You can contact Emily there, you have my numbers, Patrick."

Emily never even lifted her head to disagree; she was just enjoying the calm reassurance of her partner's strong arms.

"Okay. I'll work personally on this Dylan. Don't worry, we'll sort it out."

"Thanks buddy. Emily, let's pack an overnight bag for you both. I'll come back tomorrow to get more things for you because you'll be staying with me for a while. Okay?"

"Okay." She said meekly.

Through her sniffles, Molly said, "Ou won't let the bad man get us?"

"No Molls. You're safe now. Your gonna come and stay with me. No one can get you there."

Dylan walked them into Emily's bedroom to pack her stuff. The room was as smashed up as the living area.

Emily walked over to her bedside table and lifted two broken photo frames. One had a picture of Dylan, Molly and herself taken on their first date at the zoo. The other one was of Emily as a young girl of about 5 years old, standing up on a stool beside her grandmother baking in her kitchen.

Emily clasped her hand to her mouth and the tears flowed again. Dylan walked over and put her arm around her.

"We'll get them reframed, baby. They'll be as good as new."

"Who would do something like this, Dylan?"

The big woman's face became like stone.

"I don't know, Emmie, but you can be sure I'll find out."

They arrived back at Dylan's and were all enjoying a hot chocolate on the sofa. Molly was stuck to her mother and Dylan like glue, refusing to let them out of her sight. Tiredness had overcome her though, and she fell asleep cuddling into Dylan while holding her mother's hand. Emily had calmed down a bit and was ready to talk.

"It's funny isn't it?" she said looking at Molly.

"What's funny?"

"Molly automatically knows you'll protect her. As soon as we knew we were in trouble, she wanted you. She just knows you'll protect us."

"She's right. When you called me tonight, I'd never felt fear the way I did at that moment. If anything happened to the two of you, I don't know how I could carry on." Dylan pulled the two in tighter.

"You truly love us. You'll make a great parent, if that's what you want." Emily wasn't sure if she was going too far.

Dylan lifted her hand and threaded her fingers through Emily's. I love you both more than life. I would die for this girl, and as soon as I can convince you to take the next step we'll be a family."

"I know. So what do we do now? About the intruder?"

"You'll be safe as long as you're here. No one gets past the front desk without buzzing up. I'll go back to your apartment tomorrow and pack more of your things, Molly's toys and stuff."

"What about work?"

"You know you can't work. You can't fight me on that until we know what we're dealing with. I'm sure your boss will keep the job open for you; if not, well things were getting difficult with work anyway. We can figure something else out. In the meantime, just look at this as an opportunity to stay home and take care of Molly the way you never got a chance to when she was born. Molly will love it."

Emily sighed in resignation.

"I suppose. I know you're right, it's just hard to let go. I've worked so hard to keep our heads above water and Molly's suffered for it, getting left with sitters all day."

"Don't fight me then, stay home, paint and draw with her, do fun stuff."

"Okay. But we'll review it when we sort all this out?" Emily said seriously.

"Scout's honor!" Hopefully by then I'll have convinced you to never leave! thought Dylan.

"Deal, but we'll look after you too. I know you've been lonely living here alone. We're going to make it a warm loving place for you to come home to."

Dylan kissed her hand. "Sounds heavenly." Dylan's iPhone rang.

"Hello? Lynn, calm down. We're safe. Hang on a minute." She lifted Molly and placed her in her mother's lap.

"Okay, I'm back. I was going to phone you, I'm sorry you had to hear it from the press. Yes they're fine. Emily and Molly are going to be staying with me for the time being. Only thing is, I can't come in tomorrow. I know, but I'm not leaving them until I get security sorted. I want you to get the writers to go ahead and do the sketches themselves, push back my rehearsals with Steve Jones to Friday. Yes, I know that's right after the all-night shoot but I have no choice. If Steve isn't happy, we won't put him in the sketches. Okay, next can you send over a security guard from the studio tomorrow? I want someone here until I can arrange something more permanent or until the cops tell me it was simple robbery. Just tell the press it's being treated as a burglary until we know more. Okay, thanks Lynn. Bye."

"Honey, we don't need a permanent minder. We're safe here."

"When I go to work on Thursday you'll be alone and I'll be away all night at the ghost shoot. Do you really want that? For the foreseeable future or until the cops tell us otherwise, I want someone with you when you go to the park, the supermarket, anywhere. I was so scared tonight, please just go with it."

Emily sighed. "Okay! I give in."

"I'll call Patrick tomorrow and ask if he can suggest anyone. They'll be with you just when you go out, otherwise they'll stay at the door. You'll have your privacy with Molls."

"I guess so. We've still got time to sleep before morning, why don't we go to bed."

Dylan looked unsure all of a sudden. "Um, you can take the guest bed with Molly if you like."

"Oh. I thought ... it doesn't matter. Can you lift Molls for me?"

Dylan lifted the sleeping girl and held her in her arms. "What were you going to say?"

"It's just, I thought if we were living here for the time being, you'd want me to sleep with you."

The big woman let out a sigh of relief. "I do, I just didn't want to presume. Just think of my room as our room."

"I think to save any misunderstandings in the future, you should just presume." Emily smiled.

"Okay. I don't want to sleep apart if we can help it."

"Me neither. I don't want Molls to wake up scared though; can she come in beside us, just for tonight?"

"Of course. Let's go."

Once they were all settled, Emily snuggled into bed with Dylan on one side and Molly pressed up against the other. Dylan turned her head and kissed her girlfriend. "Sweet dreams, baby girl."

I've got my two girls now. I'm going to make them so happy they'll never want to leave. With that happy thought, Dylan closed her eyes.

Dylan woke at 7 the next morning, a lot later than usual. Emily was lying across her chest and Molly was spread across her mother's back.

This is a new way to wake up! She edged her way from under her two girls, desperate to relieve the call of nature. When she returned, Emily and Molly were still happily sleeping so she grabbed her shorts and sleeveless hooded sweatshirt, and went into the gym to do some running.

The gym was a large room full of professional equipment. In one corner she had a punching bag and other boxing and martial arts equipment. There was no way she was going to go out and leave the girls alone, so she flipped on the television on the wall facing the treadmill and started a run. The morning news was covering the intruder at Emily's last night. The reporter stood outside the apartment building giving a rundown of the facts as they had them.

Emily Taylor, partner of TV's Dylan Morgan, was the victim of a break in last night. According to our sources, Ms. Morgan made a frantic 911 call to report that someone had forced their way into Miss Taylor's apartment. Details are unclear at this time, but we do know that Miss Taylor and her daughter were unharmed. Police officials tell us that they can't rule out the possibility that this is the work of a disgruntled fan, upset at the popular Ms. Morgan's new relationship.

The anger from last night returned, burning in Dylan's gut. She jumped off the treadmill and grabbed her kickboxing gear. Picturing the faceless intruder making her two girls cower in fear, she attacked the punching bag with ferocity. She poured everything into that bag, trying to rid herself of the feelings clawing at her.

Emily eyes fluttered open and she reached for the empty space where her partner had been. Seeing that Dylan was already awake, she decided to get up and make breakfast. Dressed only in her nightshirt, she settled the still sleeping Molly into the large bed with a kiss, and made her way down the hall of the luxurious penthouse. Emily thought she heard a series of thuds coming from the home gym, so she looked into the room as she passed by; what she saw made her stomach flip. Dylan was aiming blow after blow, with hands and feet, at the punching bag. She'd never seen her girlfriend practice her martial art before and she was captivated.

Dylan's powerful muscles flexed and glistened as the sweat rolled down her arms. She was both powerful and graceful at the same time, and she exuded sex. Emily's body responded as she listened to the grunts and growls coming from her partner as she fought an imaginary opponent.

God! She looks so dangerous; she could seriously hurt someone. Hmm, sexy and dangerous. I would love her to lay me down and ...

"Emmie! Emmie?"

Through her fog of lust, Emily realized Dylan was trying to get her attention.

"W...what? Sorry honey. Were you speaking to me?"

Dylan walked towards her, breathing heavily. "You okay, baby?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Why?"

"You seemed to go somewhere else there. Where did you go?"

Emily smirked. "Uh, you don't want to know. What would you like for breakfast?"

Dylan grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. "Uh uh! Tell me." She said seriously.

"I just thought you looked so hot! All powerful and sweaty, punching and kicking."

A cocky grin grew across Dylan's face; Emily put her hand onto Dylan's hard bicep.

"I imagined you being all hot, sweaty and aggressive like this and pushing me up against the wall and using that special surprise you ordered from the internet for us." Suddenly shy, Emily buried her head in her partner's chest.

"What, like this?" Dylan lifted her easily off the ground and Emily's legs automatically wrapped around her partner's waist. Dylan walked them over to the wall while attacking Emily's lips and squeezing her ass.

The kisses became more and more passionate as they threatened to lose control. Dylan bit Emily's neck and thrust her pelvis into her girlfriend's sex. "Hm. Oh God Dylan! I want you so much."

"Ugh! I need to fuck you, Emmie!" Dylan growled.

"Oh yes!" But then the cold logical part of her brain poured cold water on her excitement.

"Honey, what if Molly gets up looking for us? She'll be confused after last night."

Dylan stopped dead and let out a long breath. "You're right. I'm sorry I went too far. Those things you said ..."

Emily smiled, her arms still draped over Dylan's shoulders. "I shouldn't have said anything, but you looked so good. Let's promise we'll resume this position when we have some alone time."

Dylan kissed her sweetly and rubbed noses. "You can count on it. I love you."

"I love you, goofy. I did come in to ask what you wanted for breakfast."

Dylan let Emily slide down from her waist. "I usually have a protein shake and microwave oatmeal."

"Oatmeal is really good for you but it should be fresh. I'll get some oats when we go shopping, in the meantime do you want eggs with your shake?"

"Um, could I be really bad, since I didn't get a taste of you, and have those pancakes you make with the bacon mixed in?"

Emily smiled happily. "Scrambled eggs on the side?"

"Oh yeah. You really are a temptress, baby girl. I'll go grab a shower," said Dylan, giving Emily's ass a smack on the way out. "Be good!"

"Molly, sit up straight. Would you like scrambled eggs? Toast?" Emily was trying to get Molly to sit still and eat breakfast, but waking up at Dylan's after the excitement had left her hyper.

"Yes! Yes! Eggs and toast, pease!" She smacked the table with her hands.

"Molly! Settle down."

"Morning, cute stuff. How are you today?" Dylan, freshly showered and changed, sat at the breakfast table.

"Dien!!" Molly jumped up to sit on her lap.

Emily brought the food to the table.

"Cute stuff? She's a holy terror this morning. I was thinking I might have to tie her to a chair."

Dylan, with a mock look of shock on her face, said. "The Smurf? Never! She's good! Aren't you?" The big woman tickled her.

Molly giggled and squirmed. "No Dien! No ickle monster! Ha! Ha!"

"You're no help at all, TV star! Molly, back in your own seat," Emily said sternly.

Molly went back to her seat, after exchanging smirks with Dylan.

"Well eat up, you two," said Emily, taking her own seat.

"Thanks baby, this looks amazing!"

"You're welcome. I'll make you a healthier breakfast as soon as I can get some groceries, then I can make you fresh oatmeal. I don't want to ruin your training regime."

"Hey don't worry about it. I need all the calories I can get. So why is Molls as high as a kite?"

"I think she's just happy to have woken up here. She loves spending time with you. So do I."

They shared a smile. "But, she's generally pretty energetic. You've only had to deal with her in small bits, you'll see what she's really like now that we're here. She's so hyper; she gets into everything. I honestly don't know how I've coped on my own these three years," she said wryly.

"Sounds like me when I was a kid. I bet you were an angel."

"Well, I don't like to boast." Emily remarked. "She is a lot like you though, isn't she? Weird."

"I like it." Dylan beamed as she ate her bacon pancakes.

"Your breakfast okay?"

"It's unbelievable. How do you get the eggs so fluffy?"

"Trade secret!"

Dylan's mobile began to ring. "Morgan."

"Hi Dylan, it's Patrick."

"Hey Patrick. How are things going? Any clues?"

"Yeah, I'm afraid to say I don't think we're dealing with press intrusion."

Emily mouthed, "What is it?"

Dylan raised her hand to signal Emily to wait, then stood up and walked towards her office so she could talk freely without Molly hearing anything. "Tell me."

"We found a message written on the bathroom mirror."

"What? Just say it!"

"Well ... it says, 'She's mine.' It was written in blood."


"Calm down, Dylan. We'll sort this out."

"Calm down? Someone was seconds away from getting the two most important people in my life and doing God knows what. I'm not feeling calm!"

"I know, buddy, but we're gonna make sure she's safe. Listen, there were no fingerprints or fibers, so they knew what they were doing. We're doing tests on the blood but it's likely to be animal, I don't think they would be that stupid. But it's at the lab."

Dylan let out a sigh. "So this message, 'She's mine.' Are they talking about Emily or me?"

"Not sure. Our tech guys are going to monitor your social media, Twitter, Facebook. We'll see if anyone sticks out for the disgruntled fan angle, but you've got a lot of fans, that's a lot of people to monitor."

"If something happens to them because of me … I ... it would kill me," she said sadly.

"I know. Listen, we're gonna fix this. Can you ask Emily to write a list of people who she dated, or people who wanted to date her?"

"She hasn't dated for over three years, but I'll ask if anyone was interested in her."

"What about Molly's father?"

"She used an anonymous donor."

"Oh, okay. Email me the list from Emily and I'll get back to you when I know more."

"Thanks Patrick, call anytime."

Emily had been waiting at the door and when Dylan hung up the phone she came in and melded herself to Dylan's back.

"What did he say, honey?"

The big woman rubbed her face. "Where's Molls?"

"I put the TV on for her, she's fine."

"Sit down." Dylan directed her to sit in the leather office chair while she sat on the corner of her desk and held Emily's hand.

"Patrick found a message written on the bathroom mirror."

"What did it say?"

"It said, 'She's mine.'"

"'She's Mine?' Who are they talking about? You or me?"

"Patrick doesn't know. It could be a stalker fan or someone who was interested in you. We've had a lot of publicity and everyone knows who you are now. There's something else. The message. It ... it was written in blood."

Emily gasped and clasped her hand over her mouth.

"Molly! That freak could have gotten Molly." Dylan stood and pulled Emily into her chest.

"Shh, it'll be okay, no one is going to hurt Molly or you. I promise."

Come on, Emily! Pull yourself together. You can't put all the pressure on Dylan.

"I know. What does Patrick want us to do?"

"Well, they're analyzing the blood, but there weren't any fingerprints or fibers at the scene. He wants you to make a list of anyone who has asked you out or shown any interest. We can email it to him."

"So they think it could be someone warning you away from me?"

"It's a possibility, but they're monitoring my Twitter and Facebook accounts for any unusual activity. Fuck." Dylan turned away and threw her iPhone across the desk. "Argh!"

"What did you do that for?"

"Because it's that stupid thing that could have put you and Molly in danger! I thought I was being nice, approachable, and all the time I was putting you at risk!"

Emily wrapped her arms around the big woman's hips. You can't let one crazy person dictate your life. You've got millions of fans, and you make them feel closer to you and appreciated. Things like this happened even before Twitter and Facebook."

Dylan rested her forehead onto her girlfriends. "I guess. Listen, I know we said we'd go to the supermarket but ..."

"No. We're not letting this change our lives anymore. We've already had to move in with you but we can't stop going out, Molly needs to get outside."

"Yes, but it would be safer ..."

"No. We'll have you, and you said the security guard from the studio is coming over."

"I suppose. I don't think I can ever say no to you."

Emily smiled and winked, "I'll keep that in mind."

"I haven't got a chance, baby girl."

"You know, it could be a one off thing, an opportunist."

"Maybe." I'm not convinced, and it's my job to keep you safe.

"Okay, I'll go and get Molls ready, then take a shower. Will you watch her while I'm getting ready?"

"You bet."

Jimmy Daniels sauntered confidently into the offices of People Magazine. He'd finally gotten the last piece of the puzzle on Emily Taylor and it was dynamite. For other stories he may have negotiated over the phone but this was too big, and he wanted a price to match it.

The editor of People Magazine, David Fox, had willingly agreed to a meeting when he knew it concerned America's most famous couple of the moment. 'The silver fox', as he was known, jumped up to greet Jimmy as his secretary ushered him into the office.

"Jimmy! Great to see you. Anything I can get you? Coffee, soda?"

He is being way too nice. This info must be worth a lot to him, thought Jimmy.

"I'll have a coke, with ice."

"Of course! Get that Amanda, would you?" he addressed his secretary.

"Right away, Mr. Fox," replied the elegant woman.

"So Jimmy. What have you got for me?"

"How much would you pay for the identity of the father of Emily Taylor's daughter?"

David smiled broadly and laughed. "Jimmy I don't know how you do it. I've had investigators looking into that since the news about them broke. Considering that Miss Taylor doesn't even know herself, then I'd say you've done very well." David Fox found it hard to disguise his interest.

"Let's just say there is a healthcare worker at a certain clinic waiting on a percentage of what you're going to give me. So how much are you willing to pay?"

David let out a long breath. "Well, let's see, they've been on the cover of our magazine, among many others, for two months now and circulation goes through the roof when they are. I don't know what it is, you would think straight women wouldn't be that interested but Morgan fascinates people. Throw in a poor little waitress and they can't get enough. So I think I can persuade finance to cut you a sizeable check."

"I want more than sizeable, Fox. I want mega or I'll go to someone who will pay me what I want, especially when I tell you who the daddy is," Jimmy said smugly.


"Uh uh. Not until I get my money. $1.5 million."

"What? I can't authorise that! Especially without the name first. The most we've ever paid for a story is half a million. Tell me who it is and we'll talk."

Jimmy reached into his pocket and pulled out a memory stick.

"This has the documents that prove who made the donation and who bought it. Emily Taylor picked this donor without knowing his identity, going only on physical description, medical history and education. When she picked him, she bought the whole donation. It's still on ice at the clinic for her use only. This story will sell you a lot of magazines, but without the donor's identity you've got nothing. Wire the money to my account and I hand it over or …" He stood up and made his way to the door. "I could take it to someone who's willing to meet my price."

David jumped up. "No! Wait! Let me make a few calls. Just don't leave yet."

"I'll wait out there. You've got 20 minutes, Fox, or you lose your exclusive."

David grabbed the phone and shouted, "Get me Finance!"

Dylan and Molly were watching TV, waiting as Emily got ready, when the buzzer rang.

"Be right back, Smurf." She answered the intercom. "Oh yeah. Sure, come on up."

Dylan opened the door to a large muscular guy with square shoulders, thick neck and a skinhead.

"Good morning, Dylan. The studio sent me over."

"Great. Thanks for coming, Pauley. Come in and take a seat." She indicated to the kitchen table so she could keep her eye on Molly.

"You've heard what happened?"

He nodded.

"We don't know yet if this thing is serious or a one off, but I'm taking no chances. I'll be back at work tomorrow and I'll be away overnight. I want them watched at all times.

I've asked my buddies at the police department to recommend someone more permanent. I know you have duties at the studio, but I don't know when they'll be in place."

"It's no problem. As long as you need me, I'll be here.

"Thanks Pauley. We're just going out to the grocery store, so you can drive the Jeep, okay?"


"I'll take you to meet them."

A lone figure sat in at a desk in a dimly lit basement. Newspaper cuttings of Dylan and Emily were spread out on the surface.

"We made the news, baby boo. We'll be together soon. When you see this, maybe it'll remind you of where you should be."

The figure sealed an envelope addressed to Morgan Productions.


Part 5

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