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Everything's Not Lost
By Wicked


Chapter Eight

"I can't believe you flirted with judge Henderson!" Spencer laughed while she opened the door to her apartment. She let Ashley walk in first before following the brunette in. "The woman's pushing 60! And to think you actually got away with it."

Ashley smirked and casually sat down on the couch. "What can I say? This body has mad skills!"

"Yeah." The blonde walked over to her stereo and put in a CD. A few moments later relaxing music was softly filling the room.

"Nice place you got here." Ashley said after a minute of silence. "Bet you pay big bucks for it every month."

"Nah, not really. I bought it two years ago." Spencer grinned. She went into the kitchen to get some drinks. "The usual, Ash?"

"Sure." Spotting a bunch of pictures on a bookshelf, the brunette's curious side got the better of her so she got up to check them out. The first one was a shot of the Carlin family plus what Ashley assumed were grandchildren and daughters in law. The second picture was one of Spencer and her mother. Wow, she had aged over the years. No surprise there, but still. The third was a picture that made Ashley's brow almost join her hairline. It was an intimate picture of Spencer and a girl kissing passionately.

"Her name was Sam." Spencer said when she saw Ashley eyeing the picture with great interest. She gave the brunette her Martini and sat down on the couch. "She was a law student, a year older than me. We met the first day I moved into my dorm room."

Ashley put the picture back on the shelf and turned towards Spencer. "How long were you together?"

"Almost three years."


"Yeah." Spencer sighed and took a sip of her white wine. "It took her nearly a year to convince me she wasn't a second you."

"Spencer…" Ashley trailed off, not really knowing how to reply to that.

"And it took me nearly three years to realize she wasn't you." The blonde whispered so quietly, Ashley wasn't even sure she heard it right.

"I'm sorry."

"Me too." Spencer sat up straight and put down her glass of wine. "I wonder you know, about the what ifs. What if you hadn't slept with that redhead. What if I had forgiven you in high school. What if I told you I loved you that night you decided to get wasted and sleep around instead of saying I just liked you."

Ashley ran her hands through her hair. "What ifs are dangerous, you know. Makes you relive past events you don't want to relive."

"What if you didn't sleep with that girl, Ash? Where would we be right now?"

"I don't know, Spencer." Ashley sighed.

"Would we be here, right now, this moment?"

"Who knows? I sure as hell don't." The brunette plopped down on the other couch in the living room. "Does it matter anyway? I mean, wondering about what ifs isn't going to make it suddenly disappear. It happened. Deal with it."

"Easy for you to say."

"You weren't the only one that got hurt that night, Spencer." Ashley said forcefully. She put her head in her hands and groaned. "Why are we doing this? It's ancient history."

"Maybe it's ancient history for you but I still remember the moment I felt my heart break when I walked in on you two having morning foreplay. I still remember how a bird was chirping in the background, making the moment so surreal. I still remember how that bitch kept her hands on you even though I was in the room, like she was almost challenging me." Spencer put her head back and gazed at the ceiling. She needed a moment to compose herself. The blonde had no idea the incident that happened almost 13 years ago could still have this effect on her. Feeling it was time to just let it all go, she continued. "What compelled you that night to fuck everything we had?"

"Don't you mean what we didn't have?" Ashley muttered, but loud enough for Spencer to hear.

"What are you saying? Just cause we weren't a couple you had the right to sleep with someone else?" Spencer asked in disbelief.

"No! I didn't say that! Look, whatever I'm gonna say here tonight, it isn't going to take away the pain or the hurt nor is it gonna justify what I did. So why do you need to put yourself and me through all this?"

"Because I have the need to be a martyr. Because I want to know what I did wrong. Because I need to know what I did that pushed you into someone else's arms!" Spencer exclaimed. She looked Ashley in the eye and with a small voice said. "Because I need to know why you didn't love me."

Ashley's heart broke all over again. It reminded her of the same moment Spencer walked in on her while having sex with that other girl. She quickly moved over to where Spencer was sitting and sat down on the coffee table directly in front of the other woman. "Oh babe, I did love you and I always have. I never stopped."

"Then why?" Spencer asked, with tears in her eyes. "Why did you cheat? Why, why, why?!" She yelled frustrated.

"I don't know Spencer. I was young and stupid. I wasn't thinking clearly. And you were going around in donuts, confusing the shit out of me."

"So it was my fault?"

Ashley groaned and threw her head back. "I didn't say that!"

"That's not what I heard."

"Damnit Spencer, stop letting that temper get the best of you."

"My temper's fine."

The brunette snorted. "Sure."

Spencer stood up, took her glass of wine and walked over to her shelf with pictures. Momentarily she realized she probably did bury her entire relationship – or however you want to describe it – with Ashley in a big pit if she didn't even put up one picture of her and the brunette. She had been avoiding it all these years.

"Look, I can't do this right now, alright. So I'm just gonna go." Ashley said and picked up her purse.

"Running away again?" Spencer spat out. She didn't know what forced her to act this way but suspected she maybe hadn't forgiven Ashley as much as she thought she did.

"Running away? I wasn't the one that moved to the fucking east coast after graduation!" Ashley retorted. She sighed for the umpteenth time that night and hugged herself.

A sign telling Spencer the brunette was feeling very uncomfortable. She wanted to cut her some slack. Tell her she had indeed forgiven her, like she said in the diner a few days ago. But she couldn't push herself to do so. She wasn't sure if she'd be telling the truth. With all these old feelings of anger and frustration resurfacing, Spencer wasn't sure of a lot of things anymore. She was confused, to say the least.

Trying to cut through the obvious and deafening silence, Ashley tried again. "I'm just…" But what was she supposed to say? Sorry sounded to hollow. Her angry side told her to just blow off the blonde but she had learned a long time ago that her angry side didn't know shit.

"You just know what?" Spencer pushed when Ashley didn't continue.

Ashley rolled her eyes and turned around. "I really can't do this right now." And before Spencer actually realized it, Ashley had left her apartment.

"Ashley!" Spencer tried but knew it was too late. She briefly contemplated going after the brunette but thought it was maybe better for both to calm down first. There was no sense in yelling at each other without actually saying something.

She walked into her kitchen and opened her fridge. She picked out a bottle of beer and flicked off the cap. Absentmindedly she threw the cap in the general direction of her sink and took a good swig of the bottle.

How could it be that one night, one event could evoke so many feelings and thoughts that they would just weaken the memory of good times. Of the many afternoons she spent at the beach with her best friend at the time. Or the times she and the brunette went for ice-cream. The days they spent in each other's room talking about whatever that was on their minds.

Maybe she had tried fooling herself into believing she had indeed forgiven the brunette without dealing with it. Maybe she was scared of losing her again and took the high road to solve the problem. It was foolish of her to think that she could trust Ashley again by just simply telling her she forgave her. Trust was like a house, it's supposed to be built – one brick at a time. So why had she tried putting up the wall in one move? Was she really that scared of losing Ashley again?

"Argh!" She yelled out into her empty apartment and put her head on her folded arms. She closed her eyes and asked herself why life had to be so difficult. "And I thought my teens were a bitch." She grumbled.


Chapter Nine

"Goddamnit!" Spencer yelled as she threw her glasses off. "Beverly!"

Beverly's head shot up wearing a look of pure fear. Nothing was more frightening than having to face a very pissed off Spencer Carlin. She slowly got up, hoping to prolong the time to get from her desk to her boss's office.

"Today, please!"

Or maybe not.

She hurried into the office and tried smiling but it ended being more of a cringing grin. "Yes, Miss Carlin?"

"What the fuck happened to my computer? I was opening the Jefferson case and the damned thing died on me." The blonde's experiences with technology weren't all that pleasant. After a few crashes in Windows COS, she had decided to buy an Apple. But unfortunately it seemed not even MacOS XIV was crash free.

Beverly eyed the laptop and quickly found the problem. Now how to explain this to her boss without pissing her off even more. "Well it uh seems…" She trailed of, figuring there probably wasn't a nice way of saying it and she would end up aggravating the blonde more.

"Spit it out, Beverly!" Spencer exclaimed and glared. She wasn't being all that nice to her assistant but when in a mood like this she really couldn't deal with the young woman's timid attitude.

"The power cable's not plugged in!" Beverly quickly rambled off and braced herself for tornado Spencer.

"Oh." But tornado Spencer wasn't coming. It wasn't even close to a summer breeze. The blonde sat up straighter and grabbed her glasses. "I see. Alright. That'll be all." Spencer dismissed her without giving her a glance.

Beverly nodded but realized her efforts were futile as Spencer wasn't even looking up. Valuing her life she almost ran out of the office.

This had to stop. The situation had gone from hectic to completely crazy, border lining unbearable. Stress could drive Spencer to a boiling point but once boiled, she also quickly cooled down. But this was a situation Beverly had never seen. Spencer never reached her boiling point. Every time she was close, she completely calmed down and went into an almost catatonic state. And dollars to donuts it had something to do with Ashley. After only the short time she had known Ashley, it was safe to say the lack of said brunette around the office was noticeable. Even Tim at the front desk looked a bit depressed.

Either way, it was time to intervene before Beverly lost it – she wasn't good with the freaking and the screeching.

She picked up her phone and grabbed a case file. Quickly finding the number she wanted, she pushed the buttons on her phone and waited.

"What?" She suddenly heard from the other side. Apparently the brunette wasn't in a good mood either.

"Miss Ashley?"

"Beverly?" Ashley asked stunned. "Are you whispering?"

"Yes. I don't want Miss Spencer to hear me." Beverly hissed. "Look Miss Ashley, could we meet somewhere, say in 30 minutes?"

"What? Hey, Beverly, I'm flattered really bu-"

"No! I don't mean that." The assistant rolled her eyes and cursed Ashley's ego. "Just be at the diner across the street in 30 minutes. You know which one I mean. Do me a favour." And with that she slammed the hook back on the phone. Some people just asked too many questions when there's not much time. God, it had begun – the first steps of the freaking and the screeching!

"Who needs to do you a favour?" Spencer asked. When she had walked in, she heard her assistant rather forcibly demand this.

Beverly's head shot up for the second time in less than ten minutes and she briefly was concerned about the condition of her neck. She couldn't deal with a permanently damaged neck, right now. "Uh… My mother! Yes, my mother. She doesn't take her pills like the doctor told her to. Frustrates me, you know." She stood up and grabbed her purse. "I'm gonna take a break." And with that the younger woman had left, leaving a very stunned Spencer behind.

The girl often made Spencer wonder if mental institutions checked their patients properly before releasing them. Because no way in hell a sane doctor would've released Beverly had she been checked decently.


Chapter Ten

Beverly nervously walked into the diner. She quickly checked if her sunglasses were still in place and mustered up as much courage as she could. The mantra 'I can do this' was going through her head over and over.


The young woman froze and slowly turned around. She relaxed when she saw it was only Ashley. She quickly shot into the booth and suspiciously looked around to see if someone else had recognized her. Deal, not a lot of people knew her but you could never be too cautious!

"Why the hell are you dressed like you came out of a bad spy movie?" Ashley asked bewildered. She never expected to be met with this when she walked in but five minutes ago. Beverly wore a beige French coat, a blonde wig and a pair of huge sunglasses, looking very much out of place. And like she was part of some crazy French mafia.

"Because I don't want anyone to recognize me! I came," Beverly leaned in closer, probably for the drama effect Ashley guessed. "undercover."

"Under… cover?" The brunette shook her head and wondered when she jumped realities. Or if she suddenly got stuck in a Twilight Zone episode. Cue the theme song! "You mean, you came overmedicated, right?"

Beverly frowned. Medication? She didn't take any medication. "No, no, not at all." She spotted a waiter coming over and after panicking for a second, she grabbed a menu and held it in front of her face.

"Can I take your orders, please?" The waiter asked.

"Do you happen to have scotch in this place? Absinth? Gin? No?" The brunette almost begged. She didn't believe she came all across the city for this. It better become real interesting quick before her migraine came back full force.

"Hey lady, this is a diner. Not booze-o-rama." The waiter, whose name was Kenny as his nametag indicated, replied. "So either get something we have or go to the nearest liquor store."

"Oh. Feisty today, aren't we?"

"I'm having a bad week. Sue me."

"I can relate, trust me." Ashley sighed and glanced at Beverly, who was still hiding behind the menu. She rolled her eyes and snatched the menu away.

Eyeing the disguised woman, Kenny nodded. "I can see that. So what'll it be?"

"I'll take a coffee, thanks. Do you want something, Mata Hari?"

"Tea. Thanks." Beverly wringed her hands together. She was feeling uneasy and she didn't like it. And to top that, the wig really started to itch. Damn fake hair!

After Kenny left with their orders, Ashley leaned in real close. "So why the fuck did you make me come here anyway, Beverly? Besides showing me your latest obsession with dressing up, that is." She said in a low voice. The brunette was going for the whole menacing deal so Beverly would cave in real easy and fess up.

The other woman swallowed. If looks could kill… "We need to talk about Miss Spencer."

"Nothing to say."

"Yes there is!" Beverly yelled and so caught the attention of the other people in the diner. She cringed and looked around smiling. When the customers continued minding their own business, she took of her sunglasses and set them aside. "I'm serious, something needs to be done! And I have a gut feeling you can fix it."


"Because she began channelling a lot of Cujo when you disappeared."

"That doesn't prove a thing." Ashley countered and sat back. This was absurd. So it was her fault that Spencer became the queen of snappiness? She had nothing to do with it. Much.

"Come on! You have to help me! I can't go on like this. I've never seen her like this. Today she was so distracted she forgot to plug in her power supply for her laptop and cursed the computer for dying on her. This isn't the Spencer that I used to know. Now I don't know what you did to her, but fix her!" Fix her? This was a human being she was talking about – not a car.

"I can't fix her, Beverly. She needs to fix it herself."

"Excuse me ladies. Coffee for you." Kenny placed the coffee in front of Ashley and put the other in front of Beverly. "And tea for you."

"Thanks Kenny." Ashley said and gave him some money. "Keep the change."

"Oh big tipper. I like those. So what is it, girlfriend dumped you or told you she's pregnant, her best friend being the father of course?" The man asked without any shame.

"Excuse me?" Ashley brought out after a moment of sputtering.

Beverly raised her eyebrow. So it was possible to reduce Ashley to a gasping fish on dry land. She found this little bit of information quite shocking, really. But filed it away for future use, anyway.

"Well you look like your dog died but you don't look like a dog kind of person. So it only could be one other thing and that's love. Now tell me, dumped or pregnant?"

Ashley rapidly regained her wits and put on a brash smile. "You're rather full of yourself, aren't you?"

"Hey, be who you are or don't be anyone at all, is what I always say." Kenny answered with a half shrug.

"Hey! Mister, I don't want to be rude but you're cutting in my Ashley time here! I-I booked her in for an hour so let us be! We have important business to attend to!" Beverly snapped at the poor waiter and threw in a glare for good measure.

"Alright already. No need to bite my nose off, lady." Kenny turned around and left the table. He snickered to himself when he spotted the satisfied look on the freaking girl. Women were so weird, sometimes.

"Good. Back to business!"

"Beverly, look, I don't know what you want me to do but I'm sure I can't help you out. Spencer is a big girl, she'll get over whatever's bugging her."

"No she isn't!" The assistant was getting frustrated with Ashley's lack of understanding. Why couldn't the woman get it through her thick head she was the reason for Spencer's bitchy behaviour? "She's not a big girl! She's like… like a kitten without any food and you need to go over there and feed her!"

Ashley raised both eyebrows. Kitten analogies. Could it get any weirder? "You have no idea what you just said, right?"


"Never mind."

"Right. Now please, I'm begging you, fix her. I'm this far from getting on my knees, you know. I'm desperate!" Beverly begged, her eyes conveying the need for Ashley's help.

The brunette took a deep breath and slowly released it. "I don't know Beverly. Right now, I don't think I'll do any good. I have the tendency to make everything worse, you know."

"You're wrong. I know you'll fix her. I can feel it!" Sensing she couldn't get through to Ashley, she stood up and tried finding Kenny. When she found him at another table, she marched over and forcefully dragged him back to her table.

"Hey!" Kenny protested and rubbed his arm with a pout on his face. "I'm fragile, you woman, you!"

"Shut it. I need you to explain to Ashley here that she can fix Spencer."

"Fine." Kenny looked at Ashley and simply said. "You can fix Spencer." He looked at Beverly again, who nodded happily.

Ashley rolled her eyes and grabbed her things. "Not that I don't appreciate the 'concern', gay boy, I don't need to fix Spencer, alright?" She got up and started left the diner.

"That went well." Beverly quipped and dropped herself in the booth again. She immediately when into full sulk mood. Struggling a bit with the buttons on her French coat, she took it off and pulled off the wig as well.

"Wow. So beneath the clown gone creepy there is a woman." Kenny said while sitting down as well.

"Yep. A woman on the verge of freaking and screeching. And let me tell you," She waver her finger at the man. "I'm not good with the freaking and the screeching!"

"No kidding." The waiter said sarcastically. "What's making you freak and screech anyway?"

Beverly eyed Kenny, trying to figure out if he was trustworthy. She mentally shrugged and thought it couldn't do any harm to tell him. Who knows, maybe he had a solution. After all, gay men usually had the best advice, strangely enough.


Chapter Eleven

Ashley came running into the office, severely out of breath and stopped in front of Beverly's desk. She put both hands on the desk to keep herself standing. Damn, she wasn't fit at all anymore. "Where is she? Is she alright?"

Beverly frantically shook her head and pointed a finger at Spencer's office. "In there. And uh no, she looked a bit pale really. But she showed me the door and threatened to fire me if I came in once again." The assistant shrugged. "I'm getting uh, a bit worried cause I haven't heard a sound coming out of the office."

Ashley absently nodded. She feared something might have happened to the blonde and in a panicking state of mind rushed over. She also understood Beverly's reluctance's to go in there. If it was indeed only a false alarm, her job would be on the line. But Ashley couldn't risk walking away – she'd never forgive herself if something indeed had happened to Spencer.

"You should go in there now! She might need, you know, mouth to mouth or something."

"Right." And with that she ran into the office.

Beverly sighed and rolled her chair back so Kenny was able to leave his hiding place under the desk. "You think this is going to work?" Beverly asked with a concerned tone. She eyed the bottle of sleeping pills in Kenny's hands and hoped she wouldn't get sacked for this little stunt. She had bills to pay!

"Of course, honey! Never doubt a gay man's plans." To reassure her, he gave her a dazzling smile and lightly patted her thigh.

Oh she was screwed alright.

A minute or so later her suspicions were confirmed when she heard two very angry voices yell out her name. The assistant groaned and dropped her head in her hands.

"Well. That didn't go according to plan, did it?" Kenny said dryly.

"Ya think?" Beverly retorted and slapped the waiter upside the head. "Get your gay genes straighten out because they're worth squat!"

"Shush! Nothing needs a straightening out here. Time for plan B."


Chapter Twelve

"Kenny this is the fourth plan you came up with. Suffice to say, you kind of suck with the plan making." Beverly exclaimed and threw her hands up in the air. This was going to end up in a big painful mess. And she was bound to end up in the middle of it.

"No, no, this one is going to work." Kenny said confidently.

"What makes this plan so much better than the others? The blind date didn't work out, sending them love letters supposedly from each other ended up with Spencer getting a restraining order against Ashley and the sick Spencer trick – well let's say she doesn't ask me for coffee anymore. I'm border lining being unemployment here!"

Kenny finished drawing up his plan and gave her the napkin. "Foolproof babe.

She eyed the scribbling on the napkin and wondered if he ever learned how to write. And if he did, where?!

"What has been the one thing that always managed to fuck up our plans?"

"Besides the fact that they were yours?" The young woman retorted sarcastically.

Kenny gave her a mean look. "No Miss sarcasm. A factor that has always influenced our plans-"

"Your plans."

"-was the escape route."


"Sigh. They were always able to leave, you know, run away from each other."

As if a light bulb appeared above her head, Beverly's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Oh."

Kenny nodded and gave his trademark smile. "Yep, oh."

"So if you put them in the same room, without any exits, they can't avoid each other."

"And the price for the slowest grasping of something goes to Beverly." Kenny muttered. For which he got a slap upside the head. "Hey! Watch it! I just got a haircut. Max spent half a day on this head to get it all nice."

"I bet." The assistant took the napkin in her hands and inspected it again. She wondered if Kenny had any Russian blood in him because this really looked like Russian to her. "So where do you propose we do this?"

"Right here, basement. It's not too big so they won't be able to avoid each other. There's only one exit but easily closed by turning the little key. I'm telling you, foolproof."

Beverly nodded at first but then a frown appeared on her face. "How are we going to get them inside the basement? And don't you dare say we should drug them!"

Kenny grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. "Sweetcheeks, drugging is so passé. Please. Haven't you heard, lies are the new greys this summer!"

"More lies…" Beverly groaned.

"Yes, more lies. Look, you go saunter your little cute self into Spencer's office and ask her if she wants some breakfast. Spin her a tale how you want to buy her some to apologize to her. You know, for all the trouble you've put her in. In the meanwhile, I'll make sure Ashley is in that basement before you can say, gay men rock your socks."

"I don't think I wanna say that. Ever."

"You will when this thing succeeds. Now shoo, be gone and look pretty."

Beverly sighed but got up. She had a feeling she would regret ever getting up this morning by the time this day was over.

"Come in." Spencer yelled out and looked over her glasses to see who knocked on her door. "Beverly."

Beverly anxiously smiled. She walked in but remained at the door, her back pressed up against the door handle. It was painfully reminding Beverly of her 'job' before she chickened out completely. "Uhm, hi Miss Spencer."

"Hi". Spencer smelled something fishy going on but gave her assistant the benefit of the doubt. "What's up?"

"Well uh, you see…" Beverly took a deep breath and bunched up the seem of her sweater in her hands. "I was wondering if… uh… youwouldgetsomebreakfastwithme."

The lawyer raised both eyebrows and stared at the assistant for a moment. Was Beverly asking her out on a date?! "Uh… did you just ask me to get some breakfast with you?"

Beverly nodded but remained quiet, scared it would come out like a jumbled mess again. God, she could be a real spaz sometimes.

"Well, I'm very flattered but-"

"No!" Beverly yelled and took a step forward. When she noticed what she had done, she quickly took one back. "I mean, no. Not as a date. But I-I just want to do something nice, for uhm, all the stuff I did. You know."

"Like giving me sleeping pills."


Spencer sighed and rolled back her chair. She wasn't really mad at Beverly for the entire ordeal; she was in fact glad she got to see Ashley again. Ever since that last night they had been together, she had cursed herself multiple times for driving the brunette away. But at that time, she had unresolved issues. And though they weren't all gone now, she needed Ashley's help for dealing with the rest. Only problem was making Ashley understand. Hell, she hardly understood so how was she to explain this to Ashley?

She had hurt the brunette that night and knew Ashley couldn't and wouldn't drop it like that. It was also the reason why Ashley went into complete bitchmode when she was around Spencer. This of course resulted in Spencer doing the same. Two stubborn women put together doesn't make for a pretty picture.

She stood up and put off her glasses. "Lead the way then."

Beverly smiled and enthusiastically nodded. "Right. Right." She quickly spun around and left the office with a little spring in her step.

If Spencer didn't know any better, she would've thought Beverly just won a million dollars. Or had a very exciting trip to the candy store.


Chapter Thirteen

Spencer sat down in the booth and grabbed a menu. "So are you buying me a small breakfast or are we talking pancakes, eggs and coffee here?"

"All the way." Beverly responded and glanced around. Where was that idiot formerly known as Kenny?! She swore if he wouldn't show his face right this minute she'd hurt him where he would feel it for days. Stress really brought up her violent side.


After a minute or so, Spencer waved over a waiter and began giving him her order. When he was done with taking Spencer's order he turned towards Beverly. "You want something?"

"Uh… coffee thanks. Say, you don't happen to know where Kenny is, do you?" The young woman asked as nonchalantly as she could. Which wasn't even close to nonchalant, but still.

"He went into the back a few minutes ago. He'll be back soon."

" 'kay." Beverly put her arms on the table and blew out a breath.

"Kenny?" Spencer asked suspiciously. "Why would you need him?"

"No reason!" Beverly responded with a highpitched voice. She chided herself, what a way to not draw suspicion to yourself. Behind Spencer's shoulder she saw Kenny come out of the back, looking a little dishevelled. What on earth did he do back there? Then again, she probably didn't wanna know. She stood up. "Nature's calling. Be back in a few." Without even waiting for Spencer's response, she quickly shot to the bathroom and dragged Kenny along in the process.

"Hey I'm all for quickies in the bathroom, but you've got certain parts I don't want dear!" Kenny said when Beverly shoved him in the bathroom.

"What's the next step in your genius plan?" Beverly asked, getting straight the point. She was a nervous wreck and she couldn't deal with the funnies right now.

"Well, you need to go back and stop acting like you just robbed a bank. Act normal! The last step is getting Spencer into the basement but leave that up to me. I've got it covered."

"Where is Ashley?"

"Down under, baby." Kenny laughed and swung his arm around Beverly, leading her out of the bathroom. "Don't worry. Just go back, socialize a bit with your boss and let me handle getting Spencer in that basement."

The young woman regarded the grinning man with a doubtful eye but left the bathroom anyway. When she arrived at her table again, she avoided Spencer's piercing look and sat down. Swiftly taking the menu, she held it up and hid behind it. After a moment she realized this probably wasn't what Kenny had in mind when he told her to socialize with Spencer. Carefully she put the menu down, folded her hands and slowly looked up.

"What did you plan this time?" Spencer asked straightforward. She knew now for sure her assistant had another scheme cooked up and she also knew she wasn't going to like it one bit.

Shaking her head, Beverly's eyes widened and she held up her hands. "No plan! Honestly!" Inwardly she cringed for lying to the blonde, once again but after all the failures she had endured, she was willing to go all the way in order to make Spencer happy again. Happy Spencer meant happy vibe around the office. That was after all the main goal of this operation.

The older woman sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "You better not be fooling me again Beverly, or I swear…"

Beverly just shook her head this time but was grateful Spencer didn't finish that sentence. She wasn't sure she'd go through with it if she'd know what Spencer would've said. Then again, her imagination was taking her for quite a colourful spin…


The young assistant shrieked and shot her head to the left. There she saw a grinning Kenny, holding what appeared to be a… rolling pin? Why the fuck was he holding a rolling pin?

"Miss Spencer." Kenny said with a smile.

"Kenny. Long time no see."

"Yes, I've been… busy." He replied with a hint of playfulness.

"To say the least." Beverly muttered, fortunately not loud enough for Spencer to hear but going on the glare Kenny was sending her, he had heard it.

"Anyway, I was wondering if I could ask you two ladies a bit of a favour."

"Sure." Spender said and smiled.

"Well you see, if I have this bigass order coming up, something about a bus full of 60 year olds visiting New York. Or whatever that impotent son of a bitch of a manager said on the phone. Anyway, I've got all the supplies stocked down in the basement but as you can see I'm all alone." He glanced behind him to make sure the two waiters were safely tucked away behind the counter. Well tucked… "So I was wondering if you could give me a hand?"

Spencer raised her eyebrow. "Weren't there two waiters waddling around about two minutes ago?"

"Gone. All gone. Good staff is so hard to find these days!" He grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "Thank you so much for doing this for me." He also took hold of Beverly's hand while passing her and began walking towards the basement door. "People are so not helpful anymore this day 'n' age. It's sad, really. So it's refreshing to see someone help out a friend once and a while!"

Spencer rolled her eyes and pulled her arm out of Kenny's grip. "Really." With a quick look at Beverly, she straightened out her clothes. "Fine. We'll help. What supplies do you need?"

He quickly stuffed a piece of paper in her hand and started pushing her towards the door. He indicated with his eyes Beverly should open the door, which she did. "It's all on there. And again, thanks!"

Spencer was sure her eyebrow had by now joined her hairline but shrugged it off. Kenny was known for his weird quirks. She passed Beverly and stepped inside the basement. Descending the stairs, she started reading the piece of paper Kenny gave her. "He has pretty nice handwriting." She murmured to herself.

"Who does?"


Chapter Fourteen

Spencer slowly lifted her head up, not believing her own ears and she was sure she wasn't going to believe her eyes either. "What the fuck are you doing here?" She asked bewildered. There sat Ashley on a crate playing some card game with herself. Briefly Spencer wondered who was winning.

"I could ask the same thing to you." Ashley retorted with a bored tone, that easily matched her expression.

Spencer frowned. What was Ashley doing down here? Having a gut feeling she knew what was going, she sprinted back up the stairs and grabbed the handle of the door. Locked. "Shit!"

Ashley nodded, even though she knew Spencer couldn't see her. "You can say that again." She grabbed another card and smiled. "I win. Take that, me."

"Alright. No problem. The door probably slammed shut on accident and when they'll notice I'm gone for a long time they'll come looking." Spencer knew this wasn't the case but she had to try to calm herself. She wasn't good with the confined spaces.

"I don't think so. I got dragged in here rather forcibly by that damned gay waiter. I have a feeling Beverly had a partner in crime all along."

Spencer slowly descended the stairs and stopped at the bottom with a pout on her face. "She was teaming up with Kenny?"

Ashley nodded without looking up at Spencer. She was busy contemplating if she should ask herself for any ones or any twos. Peeping at the cards in her another hand, she decided to ask for any ones.

"And this is another scheme."

Ashley nodded again. "Yeah, we've been punked big time."

Spencer's pout disappeared and an angry look took its place. "I'm going to wring her damn neck! Maim her! Feed her to my Uncle Bob's dogs!"

"You have an Uncle Bob?"


The brunette held up her hands, indicating she was backing off already. She wanted to kill Mickey and Minnie as much as Spencer but getting worked up in here wasn't going to magically open that door. "Look I'm sure they'll open the door once they realize they can't fix this. Until then, take a seat and relax."

"Relax? You can't be fucking serious." The blonde asked annoyed. She checked her pockets for her mobile but when she didn't find it, she figured she must've left it at the office. "Do you have your mobile on you?"

"No. Kenny threatened me with a rolling pin, so I handed it over. I wasn't looking forward to unconsciousness." Ashley scrunched up her nose. Like she was going to attend her costumers tomorrow with a huge headache.

"You got scared of a gay waiter who was wielding a rolling pin around?"

"Hey, he looked fucking vicious!" Ashley replied defensively and threw in a pout to add to the drama effect.

Spencer sighed and sat down on a crate she found. She was sure she felt a headache coming up and wished she had slipped some aspirins in her pockets this morning. Taking a look around, her eyes almost popped out when she saw one of the corners. It was decorated with hearts and flowers and on the floor lay at least two dozen fluffy pillows. The bastard made them a lovers nest?

Ashley noticed at what the blonde was starring and smirked. "You've got to give him points for his decorating skills. I should ask him to do my room."

"When I'm done with him he won't have any hands left to paint with." Spencer growled. She turned her head towards Ashley. "And why are you so calm with all of this?"

"I have calm genes."

The blonde snorted and rolled her eyes. "I don't think so."

"Fine I don't. Whatever, alright? I'm just not in the mood to drive my blood pressure sky-high with cursing them two idiots up there. And I'm not in the mood to hear you moan and groan about it!" Ashley snapped and threw the cards on the crate she was using as a table. She stood up and walked behind a storage rack, looking for something to eat and drink. They better had put some supplies down here. What good was the plan if they both died of starvation? Then again, Spencer's cause of death was more leaning towards strangulation at the moment.

"Argh!" Spencer mumbled and smacked her own forehead. This was definitely not the way to go if she wanted to path things up with Ashley. Maybe this situation that they found themselves in wouldn't be so bad after all. She could use this time to have a talk with the brunette, without both of them having the change of running away from each other again. This was probably the intention of the plan, she reckoned. She got up and followed Ashley behind the rack.

The brunette was standing on her tiptoes trying to reach something on the top of the shelf.

"What are you doing?"

"Fuck!" Ashley swore and lost her footing. She fell backwards on her butt and scowled at Spencer.

Spencer held her hand in front of her mouth to hide the fact she was about to burst into a fit of giggles. "Sorry." She said sheepishly.

"I'm sure you are." She got up and felt her butt complaining. Oh yeah, that was definitely going to leave a bruise. Not wanting to be the centre of Spencer's snickers anymore, she swiftly walked away, checking out another storage rack.

Spencer rolled her eyes and chided herself. This wasn't going to be an easy task at all. She was in for quite a tough ride.


Chapter Fifteen

Spencer grabbed a few pillows and placed them against the wall, near where Ashley was sitting on a crate drinking some water she had found. After kicking off her shoes and shrugging off her jacket, she sat down on the pillows and sighed happily. Much better than those hard crates. She closed her eyes and took a moment to clear her head. When she heard a grunt coming from where Ashley was sitting, she opened one eye to see why Ashley felt the need to channel her inner-cavewoman.

Ashley was trying to open a pot peanut butter she had found but wasn't very successful. "Rotten peanut butter. Let me in already!"

"I don't think talking to it will do the trick." Spencer quipped after she closed her eye again.

"Whatever." Ashley muttered and went back to fighting against the pot of peanut butter. She slammed it on the crate when she really could get it open and sighed. Maybe she could find something else on these racks. Checking the same rack where she had found the first pot, she found spam, spam and more spam. Another pot of peanut butter. Spam again. What was this? Her e-mail inbox?! Spotting some jam, she grabbed that pot and went back to her crate.

Looking at Spencer still lounging against the wall and considered asking her if she was in the mood for a sandwich. But the little devil on her shoulder told her Spencer was a big girl and could take care of her own food. She sat down and looked amazed at the peanut butter. Since when do pots open themselves? "Did you open this?"

Spencer shrugged.

"Last time I checked, you weren't that strong." Ashley said and grabbed the pot. She didn't find any scratches or tool marks so Spencer had to have opened it with her bare hands. She had spent a full ten minutes trying to pry it open and Spencer did the trick in two seconds flat? What was wrong with that picture?

"Last time you checked was a decade ago. Pushing paper around gives you some unexpected muscles."

Ashley was too late to stop her mind from taking a spin with what Spencer just said. She quickly swallowed the first reply she had in mind and cursed her mind for even thinking it.

Spencer smirked. She knew very well what was going through Ashley's mind when she failed to reply and gave herself some mental brownie points. Great way to get the brunette off her game. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Ashley asked, still trying to erase certain mental visuals she was having. Curse Spencer for knowing what buttons to push!

"For acting like a class a bitch."

Ashley sighed. "I don't want to talk about this now." She was relieved her mind had dropped the Spencer images but wasn't too glad with the evil thoughts that had replaced them. She was better off with getting horny by certain visuals than getting pissed off by whatever Spencer had to say.

"And why not?" Why was it that when one of them was willing to put some effort in working things out, the other one just had to resist. And why was Ashley resisting anyway? Wasn't she the one that came to Spencer's office, seeking for her assistance? And thus starting this entire ordeal?

"Because I'm sick and tired of your hot cold treatment. One moment you're cool as ice, then you wanna be friends with a hint of something more and all of the sudden you're bitching at me like world hunger is my fault. I'm only human, Spencer. I can only take so much."

The blonde sighed. She knew Ashley was right. She had been playing a game with the brunette, even if she didn't want to. "I know. And I'm sorry I… I don't know."

"Me neither. Maybe that's a sign this wasn't meant be." Ashley replied and turned around, effectively ending the conversation. If it took pushing Spencer away to protect her heart then so be it. She wasn't looking for a broken heart when she walked into Spencer's office. Her main reason was wanting Spencer's counselling but if she could rebuild her once strong friendship with the blonde, then it would be an added bonus. But after Spencer's hot cold behaviour she quickly realized she was in for a heartbreak, whether she wanted it or not.

Spencer sat there shocked. Ashley's words cut deeper than she wanted them to. She really thought they weren't meant to be? What about the fact that after Ashley, she only had one serious relationship and it didn't even work out cause her head was still stuck on Ashley? Or when Ashley said her previous flings and whatnot didn't come close to what she had with Spencer, was that a lie? She had an inkling that this was another Ashley Davies trick to protect herself. Don't let them come too close and they can't hurt you. Well screw that. She wasn't going to give up on her change of a happy life just because Ashley had insecurities. She stood up and walked in front of the brunette. "Alright. You're gonna listen to me and while doing some you're also gonna shut up."


"Shush!" The blonde cut her off and poked Ashley in the shoulder. "Shut up. Look, I'm sorry for the entire come here, go away routine. I'm sorry for pushing you away. I'm sorry for breaking you heart this time around and I'm sorry for breaking your heart back then but damnit Ashley, you really fucking crushed mine. You're not the victim in all this and neither am I. We both made mistakes. Mistakes I'm sure we both wish we could take back but we can't. And you know what? I'm sure we're gonna keep making mistakes. So we can either run away from them or deal with them." Spencer sighed and forced herself to calm down. She took another crate and sat down on it in front of Ashley. "I get confused around you. Every time. Though usually for different reasons. You can make me feel so many emotions, it scares me sometimes. Unfortunately that covers the good but also the bad feelings. You got a batch of bad ones when I lashed out at you when I couldn't deal with your mistake and the mistakes I made following that one. I'm still angry with you."

"What?" Ashley asked stunned.

"Shut up!" Spencer said and the brunette quickly shut her mouth. "I think I when I saw you sitting in my chair, acting like you owned the place, I was so overjoyed to see you again, my mind forgave you immediately. But I couldn't let the cat out of the bag until I knew what the hell you wanted. And then we hung out again and it was good. Great, even. But it also unlocked a string of feelings I thought I had lost a long time ago. I was wrong. I never dealt with it. I just locked it in a big vault and left for college, leaving it all behind. Seeing you again opened that vault and I got swamped with old feelings, I swore I would never feel again. But what I'm trying to say is I want to make us work because I know we can work. I can feel it. It'll take some time and some healing but I'm absolutely sure we are meant to be."

Ashley looked at Spencer as if she had grown a second head. She had no clue she was able to bring forth such strong emotions in the blonde. The bigger part of her wanted to believe her, wanted to take the leap of faith. But a small part was still warning her that this could just be another episode in Spencer's mindfuck. Who's to say the blonde won't be back to bitching at her in a week? So it came down to completely pushing her away and thus losing her forever or giving her the benefit of the doubt and go with the flow. Well she never was on to avoid challenges, right?

"How about getting the hell outa here?" Ashley said, lounging against her own set of pillows she had placed next to the pillows Spencer used. She hoped not too many people showed up at her store. Not that it mattered much for her income, she wasn't poor, but she wasn't looking forward to disappointing her good clients.

"Yeah, they're probably somewhere near by." Spencer said half asleep. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times to focus her sight.

Ashley got up and stretched, giving Spencer a nice view. With a smug look she walked up the stairs. What can she say, her back was killing her. A stretch was sorely needed. Showing off assets in the process was purely accidentally, of course. Grabbing the handle she tried opening it but as expected it was still locked. "Beverly! You little wench!" After hearing some shuffling, a piece of paper was slid under the door. "How nice." Ashley muttered. She picked it up and read it to herself. "Give us ten minutes. Or so. We lost the key." Ashley huffed. "I can't believe it. Mickey and Minnie lost the fucking key!" She yelled out.

After a moment Spencer appeared at the bottom. "No."




"Those idiots." She rolled her eyes. At moments like these she really regretted her decision for hiring Beverly. The woman lost everything! One day she was probably gonna lose herself.

"Kenny! You idiot!" Beverly exclaimed. She was pacing in the kitchen, trying to come up with reasons so she could chalk this up to insanity and hope her boss would pity her. Fat chance in that happening but she had to at least try. Everything was fair when it came to saving her butt!

"Hey. I'm sorry but chunk of a hunk out there needed his order. How was I to know I would lose the key in the process of fixing him some lunch?"

"You mean you lost the damned thing while you were flirting with him, right? You can't cook to save your life." The young woman sighed and decided it was time to take action. Arguing about how the incompetent bastard lost the key wasn't going to open the door. "Where's your toolbox?"

"What?" The waiter said shocked. She wasn't on planning to… No, she was too innocent for that. Right? "Why?" He asked in a squeaky voice.

"Because I'm going to bash your brains in with a hammer, that's why." She replied dryly.

"Eep!" Kenny's eyes widened and he started moving behind the stove. His mother warned him he should always be wary of the silent ones. They were the kind who would sneak into your room in the middle of the night and kill you, without mercy. Like his cousin Jeffrey did. Troubled little guy.

"I was kidding." The young woman sighed and spotted a frying pan on the counter. She picked it up and waved it at Kenny. "Toolbox before I lose it and really bash in your brains!"

"Right." He swallowed and disappeared quickly into the back. After a minute he came back holding a pink box. Catching Beverly's stunned look he frowned. "What? It was a gag gift given a few years ago by friends. Straight friends!"

Beverly shook her head and opened it. She took out a few screwdrivers and eyed them. "Let's hope we can jiggle open the door with these."

Kenny raised an eyebrow and wondered if she knew what she was doing. Oh well, he wasn't going to get involved in such activities. He just had a manicure done. And he a certain chunk of a hunk had a bill to pay.

Spencer banged her head against the door. She had been waiting until Beverly came back and unlocked the door already. But she suspected her assistant and her recently added Siamese twin were still looking for a way to open the door. The previous attempts to open it with a screwdriver were no success. "Beverly Michaels, if you don't open that door right this minute, I swear…"

"Empty threats, Spencer. It won't make them work any faster, I'm afraid." Ashley laughed.

The blonde threw her a mock glare. "You might know I'm just bluffing but she doesn't. A damn fly gives her a mean look and she's off whimpering."

"Miss Spencer?" They suddenly heard. A second later the door opened, revealing a sheepish looking Beverly.

"Nice of you to join us, Miss Michaels." Spencer said in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, sorry for the delay. We called a locksmith but he had a rather hard time getting to the door..." The assistant trailed off and briefly glanced at Kenny.

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Let me guess, a sudden queer eye was keeping him hostage?"


"I resent such an accusation!" Kenny said but cowered back when Ashley threw a mean look his way. He hid behind the locksmith and got distracted by checking out the muscles in his shoulders. Very fine, indeed.

"So Bev. Dear assistant of mine." Spencer began and slowly moved towards Beverly. "What compelled you to pull a stunt like this?" She got into the young woman's personal space and leaned real close. "Do tell because I'd love to know before…" She paused for dramatic effect and smiled sweetly. "I skin you alive."

Beverly squeaked and quickly hid behind the locksmith as well. She knew this was so gonna blow up in her face. Damn that waiter for filling her innocent head with evil plots and plans!

Ashley laughed at the entire scene and grabbed Kenny's shoulder, pulling him closer. "Let me tell you, the next time you wanna lock us up you better think twice because I can be very violent if I want to. Very." She narrowed her eyes and released the waiter. "Now if you excuse me, I have things to do." She turned around and left, while muttering. "Like planning someone's death."

"Me too." Spencer said and pointed at Beverly. "And you, you better be in that office before me or you're fired."

Beverly nodded and came close to giving her boss a salute. When the two women had left, she turned the locksmith around and stuffed some money in his hands. "Thanks for your help. See ya." She pushed him out and sighed.

"Hey! Lars doesn't deserve being cast aside like that." Kenny said and pouted. He didn't like it when people kicked out his eye candy.

"Lars did his job and Lars got paid so Lars can fucking leave. Now you on the other hand, are gonna help me earn many brownie points, buddy."

Kenny frowned and put his hands on his hips. "First you're shooting my skills down and now you need them to earn yourself brownie points? I don't think so." He huffed and folded his arms, looking away.

"Petulant child." Beverly murmured. "Do I have to remind you of that frying pan? I'm capable of handling such a weapon, you know. I grew up in a small town."

"Heh, farmer's daughter huh? Yeah, those are the scary ones." He pictured Beverly with pigtails, wearing a summer dress and glasses, running around on the farm, greeting the animals and looking downright adorable. He giggled but quickly stopped when he noticed Beverly's glare got even worse. If looks could kill he'd be obliterated.


Chapter Sixteen

It had been three days since their lockup incident and Spencer still hadn't called. Deal, neither had she but that's not the point.

Ashley picked up her mobile and pushed in the number she knew by heart now, after dialling it a hundred times but never pushing the little green button. This time wasn't any different. She closed the mobile and placed it next to the cash register with a sigh.

The chime of the bell above the door shook her out of her thoughts and she absently welcomed the customer . "Welcom to- Kenny." She growled out when she raised her head.

"Hello darling." The waiter grabbed a book he found on a table and eyed its cover. He scrunched up his nose and carelessly threw it to the side. "I'll wait for the movie." Kenny strutted over the counter. "Ashley, you smokin' cupcake, how are you?"

"What do you want?" Ashley rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest. She trusted the little weasel as far as she could throw him. Which, obviously, wasn't all that far.

"Nothing, nothing! I'm just passing by and-"

"What!" She cut him off and glared. "Do you want?"

"You seriously need to call that little lollipop of yours." He said nonchalantly and put his elbows on the counter so he could rest his head in his hands. "I think we liked her a lot better when she was bitchy. Sulky Spencer is just downright pathetic." He picked up a magazine and started flipping through it.

Ashley snorted but secretly awwed at the image of a moping Spencer. That just had to be adorable. The little frowny face and the pouting lip. Oh yeah, Ashley would definitely melt when presented to that sight.

"Don't snort honey, it's not very attractive." The waiter gave her a sweet smile and fluttered his eyebrows.

She grabbed the magazine Kenny was reading and smacked him upside the head. "Shut up, gay dude." She put the mag back on the counter and shook her head. Either Mickey here or Minnie would be the death of her one day.

"So what do you say?"

Should she swallow her pride and damn it all to hell? She kind of knew she wouldn't get shot down by the blonde so what was she scared of? Nothing. Just the little devil on her shoulder telling her she was bound to fuck this up, too. It was time to make the little angel on her other shoulder kick that bitch's ass. And it was time to pay a certain hot blonde a visit.

"How about doing better than making a lousy phone call?" After grabbing her mobile and keys, she walked behind the counter and threw the keys at Kenny. "You're driving. Let's go."

Kenny grinned and threw both hands in the air. "I win!"

"Yeah, yeah. What's in it for you anyway?" The brunette queried. No way the puts did it out of the kindness of his heart. Did he even have a heart? On his underwear, probably. He looked corny like that.

"The number of our favourite locksmith Lars." Kenny replied cheekily and quickly damned Beverly again for not giving him the number in the first place.

"Hey Money Penny." Ashley said when she walked out of the elevator.

"Miss Ashley."

"The one and only." She stopped in front of Beverly's desk and pointed at the door. "She in?"

Beverly just stared. Kenny got her to come over?! The bet had only been about a phone call – no one mentioned anything about surprise visits! This was against the rules. Surely.

"Fine. Keep staring then. How about I give your eyes a treat and give them a private show of my ass when I go check on Spencer." She threw a last smile Beverly's way and swiftly entered the blonde's office. The moment she got in she wished she had brought a flashlight. The blinds were shut, turning the office in the chamber of death. But she figured in Spencer's case it was the chamber of sulk.

"Beverly, I told you, I'm not accepting anymore coffee from you. Last time I woke up with a headache the size of Canada." Spencer dully said. She slumped further into her chair and ran her finger along the smiling face encased in a picture frame she was holding.

"I don't think I'm completely comfortable being called that little wench's name." Ashley answered and sauntered further into the office.

Spencer spun her chair around and almost fell out of it. "Ashley."

"And again, the one and only. I hope." She winked at the blonde and was glad when she received a small smile for her efforts.

"What… What are you doing here?" Spencer stammered and quickly smoothed down her bunched up skirt. The brunette could be here for professional advice, after all.

"Giving you something better than coffee." She walked over to where Spencer was sitting and made sure she put a little swing in the sway of her hips. Just to see the blonde's eyes widen.

"Excuse me?" Spencer wasn't sure what the other woman was up to but going on the glint in her eyes, it couldn't be anything innocent. She visibly squirmed under Ashley's stare.

"Oh you know. Coffee gets you all hyper; I'm more of a 'wear you out' kinda girl." She swung one leg over Spencer's lap and sat down, straddling the blonde. Putting her hands on the backrest, she leaned close and whispered "If you catch my drift."

Spencer wasn't sure if she whimpered or moaned but it sure wasn't words she uttered. Looking in the other woman's eyes, saw the hunger in them and suddenly felt like a seven-course meal. Something snap inside her and she crushed her lips against Ashley's. Play time was over. Or was it?

The blonde brought her hands to Ashley's head to keep it in place but had forgotten about the picture frame she was holding and smacked the woman sitting in her lap with it.

Ashley slowly leaned back and brought a hand up to her head. "Shit Spence, a simple no would've done the trick." She mumbled while rubbing the sore spot on her head. It better not end up being a bump later on.

"I'm so sorry! I completely forgot I was holding it what with the kissing and the straddling." She threw the frame on her desk and took Ashley's head in her hand. She turned it sideways so she could inspect the injured area. "Are you okay? Does it hurt much?" She fussed.

Ashley smiled and took hold of Spencer's hands. "I'm fine. I'm tougher than I look."

"Oh I wouldn't say that. You're pretty soft in certain places." The blonde said huskily. Ashley always managed to bring up the naughty in her.

"Spencer!" The brunette laughed. She twisted her head around and picked up the discarded weapon. Turning it around she couldn't help the sudden rush of guilt flooding her. It was a picture of Spencer and Ashley smiling into the camera, looking like nothing could destroy them. Except tornado Ashley, that is.

She ran her finger over a smiling Spencer, much like the blonde had done a few moments ago and smiled ruefully. She wished she could go back in time and fix her fuckup with a click of a finger.

"What are you thinking?" Spencer asked when she saw the pensive look on the brunette's face.

Ashley pushed down her remorse and put on a genuine smile. "How beautiful you look in this picture. How beautiful you still are." She tucked some stray hairs behind the blonde's ears, enjoying the soft feel of Spencer's skin. She truly had missed that softness.

Spencer turned light shade of pink and ducked her head. "Flattery will get you nowhere, Miss Davies."

"I beg to differ, Miss Carlin. I'm sure it'll get me dinner with a certain hot blonde. Tonight. I know just the place." Ashley said with a light tone.

"Well in that case, this might turn out to be your lucky then." Spencer replied and gave Ashley a sweet peck on the cheek.

"Goody!" The brunette got off of Spencer's lap, much to Spencer's chagrin and tapped her nose. "I'll come pick you up at 7 and we'll plan ways how to get back at Mickey and Minnie over a nice lobster. I'm thinking exploring Beverly's gay side is a good start." Ashley laughed and started leaving the office. "7 Spence, don't keep me waiting."

"Don't be late, Ash!" Spencer called out as Ashley was departing the office. She grinned and picked up the frame again. Maybe if fate was kind to them they would go back to this kind of happiness. Spencer placed the frame on her desk, instead of stuffing it in the back of a dark drawer, and got up. It was time to open he blinds.


Chapter Seventeen

A knock on the door shook Spencer out of her thoughts on which outfit she should wear. She threw the green shirt in the general direction of her bed and wearing only a towel, she ran from her bedroom to the door. "I'm coming!" She yelled out and briefly wondered what Ashley ate today – she was early for once!

Taking a quick peek through the peephole she was met with… nothing. "The hell?" She opened the door and jumped back when Kenny appeared in her view, like a Jack in a box.

"Well dear, if you're planning on greeting Ashley like this, I'm sure she'll be pleased. I know my 1% straight is really enjoying the show." Kenny laughed and leaned against the doorframe. Grabbing his mobile, he grinned at her and before she knew what had happened, he had taken a picture of her.

"Kenny! You rotten bastard!" She tried grabbing the mobile but in her current state she was more concerned in not losing her towel so the fight over the mobile wasn't a fair one.

"Hey! Give a 1% straight man a break, will ya?" He dodged her swinging fist and snickered.

"Give me that before I'll break you in two." Ashley said and took the phone out of Kenny's hands. She had no idea why the blonde wanted it but if Kenny was involved, she probably had a valid reason.

"Thank you." Spencer said when Ashley handed over the mobile. She made quick work of deleting the picture and threw the offending object to Kenny.

He pouted but put it away after Ashley gave him a menacing look. "Fine. I'll leave you to it then. Have fun but not too much fun, ey." He winked and left.

"What the fuck did he want?" Ashley asked when she walked in.

Spencer closed the door and shrugged. "Besides taking pictures of me, who knows. The guy's an enigma." The blonde tucked one side of the towel further in. She wasn't ready to give Ashley that show, just yet. Slowly regarding the brunette up and down, she had to admit she looked absolutely stunning. Ashley was wearing a pair of black slacks with a dark blue low-cut top. "You look great." She uttered and mentally took her jaw off the floor.

Ashley twirled around and grinned. "I do, don't I?" She ran her index finger along the top of Spencer's towel and snickered. "But I'm awfully sure I don't look as good as you do right now." Hooking her finger in the towel, she gently tugged Spencer into her and gave her a slow, passionate kiss. "Now, that's what I call a proper hello."

Spencer silently moaned and was still savouring Ashley's kiss. How she had missed that kiss. The feel of the brunette's lips on her own. The way Ashley would nibble on her lower lip. Her own hands in Ashley's hair, bringing her as close as humanly possible.

She rested her head on Ashley's shoulder for a moment, before looking up and kissing the other woman again.

Ashley smiled into the kiss but also realized if Spencer wouldn't make a move on, they were going to be late. Very late. She bunched up her hands in the fluffy towel an started pulling it away, knowing this would get a reaction out of the other woman.

Spencer yelped and jumped back, quickly trying to keep the towel in place. "Ashley!"

"Sorry babe, but you really need to get dressed. As much as I love you with only a towel on, and even more without one," She purred and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "We're gonna be late if you don't put on some clothes."

Spencer pouted but reluctantly left the warmth of Ashley's body. "Make yourself at home." She gestured around with her hand and started walking to her bedroom. "Drinks are in the cabinet."

Ashley placed her purse on the coffee table and walked to the cabinet. She opened it and took out a bottle. "Can I get you something?" She yelled out, while grabbing a glass.

"Whatever you're having." Spencer replied.

The brunette grinned. Spencer really shouldn't have said that. She grabbed a few more bottles and hoped the blonde had the other ingredients in her kitchen. Too bad they didn't have more time. The concept of body shots was floating through her mind.

A few moments later she appeared in Spencer's bedroom holding two glasses. Leaning against the doorframe, she openly admired the blonde as she was putting on a classy shirt. Which of course killed Ashley's rather wonderful view.

She sulked and walked further in. After handing Spencer her drink, she sat down on the bed took a sip of her drink, trying to hide her smirk. Her money was on a coughing fit.

"Thanks." Spencer said and took a gulp out of her drink. She wished she hadn't. "Shit Ash, what did you put in here?!" She asked after coughing. Holding up the glass, she eyed it as if by looking at it she would know what on earth the brunette put in it.

"Just a little something, something." She took another sip and smiled sweetly. Too bad you can't have valid bets with yourself. "What? Can't handle it?"

Spencer laughed and pushed the glass back in Ashley's hand. "You're a booze hound." She grabbed a bracelet and put it on her right wrist. After checking her hair once more in the mirror, she nodded satisfied.

"Yeah. Maybe." Ashley threw back the rest of her drink and returned the glasses to the kitchen.

"Ready?" Spencer asked walking into the kitchen, putting various things in her purse. She placed it on the counter and walked to where the brunette was rinsing out the glasses. Placing her hands around Ashley's waist, she slightly kissed her neck and grinned when she heard Ashley moan. Her neck always was a bit of a sensitive area.

"Of course I'm ready." She turned around in Spencer's arms and looked Spencer over with a smug look.

"What?" The blonde asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You look stunning." Ashley replied.

Spencer was wearing a grey knee length skirt with a classy white blouse. "Thank you."

Ashley took hold of her hand and started leading the blonde out.

Spencer held up their clasped hands and raised an eyebrow. "What are we, teenagers?" She secretly loved holding hands with Ashley.

Ashley chuckled and shook her head. "No. Just love the feel of you in my hand." She said cheekily and bumped her hip against Spencer's.

The blonde grinned and placed a kiss on the back of Ashley's hand.


Chapter Eighteen

Spencer whistled and threw the case file in her drawer. With a kick of her foot, it slid shut. "Score for Spencer." She mumbled and sat down. Her date with Ashley last night went rather smoothly and it had greatly improved her mood. She left like nothing could get her down. And to top that, she had no clients or any cases today. Gotta love Friday.

"Miss Spencer?" Her assistant called out from the other side of the door. What the hell? Since when was Beverly scared of coming in? Or using her phone for that matter? She had used it before.

"What Beverly?" Spencer replied and put on her glasses to skim over some papers. If Beverly was too scared to come it couldn't be good. And based on recent events, Kenny probably was involved as well and he meant trouble. With a capital T.

"Uhm, could you come out please?"

"Uhm, no? Are you crazy. It's probably another Kenny-scheme and I'm having a good day so no gay waiter is going to screw up my good mood." She rolled her eyes and hoped the young woman would go back to work already. She was paying to do so after all.

Beverly glanced behind her at the visitor and shrugged. After receiving a glare she sighed and tried again. "You really should come out, Miss Spencer. There's someone here to see you." Glancing behind her again, she saw the visitor nod satisfied. "And it's not Kenny." She added as an afterthought.

The blonde mumbled a few colourful words and got up. If it was Kenny, she was going to skin that assistant of hers alive. Multiple times. Over and over. She opened the door and first she saw Beverly wearing a sheepish smile. Next thing she saw was probably the biggest teddy bear she had ever seen. Barely visible behind it was grinning Ashley holding a sign in front of the teddy that said, 'Be mine?'.

"I'll go uh back to work now." Beverly said and left for the basement. She needed some old case files and it might just take about two hours to get them. Or so. She had her iPod with her so she could keep herself occupied for a while. Like she wanted to hear them doing the Kasbah. She had feelings too!

"Heya babe." Ashley said huskily and shuffled closer, holding the teddy bear in front of her. She was kind of hoping she could drop it in Spencer's arms cause the damned thing was heavy.

"Hi." Spencer replied on automatic. She was still somewhat in a daze from this surprise visit. And perhaps the huge bear being stuffed in her face. She took the oversized Pooh bear from Ashley and oofed under it's weight. "It's fucking heavier than you, Ash!"

The brunette rolled her eyes but smiled. "Thanks Spence." She turned the blonde around and manoeuvred her and the Pooh bear into the office. Once there, she took the bear again and placed it in Spencer's office chair. "Look at that, it looks right at home."

Spencer laughed and playfully hit Ashley's shoulder. "Why on earth did you buy me that?"

"Well it's a Pooh, you can never go wrong with a Pooh. And on nights when I can't be there, you at least have him now to keep you company." She suddenly frowned and scratched her chin. "Or her. Is Pooh male or female?"

Spencer shrugged. "Beats me." She gave Ashley a hug and pulled back to give her a kiss. "Thank you for the present, honey."

"You're very welcome. But I think I should get some more kisses." The brunette growled out and brought her lips to Spencer's again. Slightly nibbling on the blonde's lower lip, she brought her hands up in Spencer's hair to hold her close.

Spencer felt herself being pushed backwards until her knees hit the couch she had in her office. She fell backwards and yelped at the sudden movement. "Ashley damnit, a little warning next time!" She kicked her girlfriend's shin and stuck out her tongue.

"Oh you better put that weapon of mass comings away or you're gonna have to use it." Ashley replied and straddled the blonde. She grinned at her and pushed her so she was completely lying down, with Ashley on top.

"Who says I don't want to use it huh?" Spencer whispered and tugged Ashley down for some more kissing. She felt the other woman smile into the kiss and couldn't keep herself from inwardly rolling her eyes. Ashley's ego probably was the size of Canada by now.

Ashley cupped Spencer's face and ran her thumbs over her cheek. Feeling bold for a moment, she ran her hand downwards and fleetingly over Spencer's breast. The sudden intake of breath, momentarily worried her and she pulled back. "Are you okay? Was that too fast? Am I going too fast? I can stop if I'm going to fast!" Ashley babbled. She was worried she had pushed too far. They had agreed to go slow and here she was straddling the blonde and copping a feel. She mentally slapped herself upside the head.

Spencer shook her head and grinned. "No honey. You're not going to fast. I was just a bit stunned, is all." She brought the brunette back down and whispered in her ear, "In fact, you're not going fast enough". She gently bit Ashley's earlobe and her grin got bigger when she heard a moan coming from Ashley. She gently placed kisses down Ashley's neck and brought the brunette's hand to her breast and squeezed, letting her know it was okay.

Ashley pulled back slightly. "Are you sure?" She whispered and ran her other thumb over Spencer's upper lip. When she saw Spencer nod, she leaned in and forcefully kissed the woman below her. Her other hand moved down to join the other and started opening Spencer's shirt. Cursing the buttons, she wished she could just rip it off but something told her Spencer probably wouldn't appreciate it.

Spencer ran her hands up and down Ashley's back and when she felt Ashley slowly opening her shirt, she decides to take the brunette by surprise. Quickly sitting up, she ripped Ashley's shirt off in record time, before Ashley could realize what had happened. Not waiting for a reaction, she ran both hands to Ashley's breasts and started massaging them. "Gotcha now." She whispered huskily and placed butterfly kisses on the exposed skin. The years hadn't changed the feel of her girlfriend's skin. She still was as soft as ever.

"I'm gonna get you for that." Ashley growled out but leaned her head back to give Spencer better access to her neck. The little wench still remembered her sensitive spots. Oh she was definitely going to receive payback for that.

"Holy shit. You really got me for the flipping and ripping." Spencer muttered and snuggled closer to Ashley. They didn't have a lot of place on the couch but it was better than the floor. She was sure she saw a red mark on her hip. Damn carpetburns.

Ashley laughed and continued running her finger over Spencer's arms, loving the goosebumps she got in return. "I told you I would." She kissed the top of Spencer's arm and closed her eyes. It was time for a nap. So they could go at it again in like, two hours. Spencer better realized she had unleashed a beast!

"Hey! Wake up, you sex addict."

Ashley mumbled something incoherent and cuddled up on Spencer's naked torso. Probably her most favourite place on the planet. Placing a sloppy kiss on her pillow she drifted off.

"You little bitch." Spencer muttered and rolled her eyes. She should've known Ashley would fall asleep on her. Maybe she should get some shuteye as well then. It's not like she was going to get up now, what with the heap of naked flesh pinning her down.

Grinning she looked down and almost laughed out loud at the sight of a slightly drooling Ashley. She suddenly was relieved she wasn't wearing her Gucci blouse anymore. Like she was going to explain to the dry cleaning why there was this mysterious white stain on her shirt. Right.

Part 28

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