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Fair Game
By D M Harper


Chapter 10

Connie woke to find Kristen starting at her, "Hi."

"Good morning honey. You are so beautiful and peaceful when you sleep."

Reaching out, Connie rubbed her left thumb over the faint two inch scar running along Kristen's jaw, "How did you get this?"

"I was on patrol in Somalia in 1995 when the troop got ambushed by insurgents. I was shot during the attack and I was lucky it only grazed me."

"I'm lucky too," replied Connie reflectively. "How long have you been awake?"

"About ten minutes."

"No bad dreams?"

"No only a very erotic one involving you."


"Would you like to take a shower with me then have something to eat?"

"Yes please and by shower you mean sex right?"

Giggling, Kristen replied, "Of course I do."

"Then you can definitely count me in."

The couple sat at the kitchen counter sipping the reheated coffee Kristen had bought and eating the danish.

Connie laughed then said, "Do you realise it has taken eight weeks for us to get together?"

"I do."

"I was ready to kiss you the first time I met you."

"I'm sorry it took so long for me to figure out that what I was feeling for you was real."

"Hey, you had a lot going on. Would you like me to stay at your place tonight?"

"I'd like that very much."

"Good, I've been itching to make love to you in that big bed of yours."

Kristen's brows arched, "Have you now?"

"Yes I have and I'm very happy you decided to ride back this morning."

"It was either that or masturbate."

Connie coughed on her coffee, "Oh I did that when you hung up."

Tittering softly, Kristen kissed Connie on the cheek, "That would have been exciting to watch."

With a devilish grin, Connie goaded, "Play your cards right and maybe you will one day."

"I look forward to it. So what would you like to do for the rest of the day?"

"Go over to your house and make love."

"That sounds good to me. You can follow me over in your car."

"Okay, just give me a moment to pack a few things for the morning."

"I'll tidy up."

Connie swore again when her car failed to start for the third time.

Kristen slid off her bike and removed her helmet. Sauntering over to the BMW, she asked Connie to pop the hood.

Connie did then joined Kristen at the front of the car.

"Have you been having trouble with it?" enquired Kristen as she lifted the hood.

"On and off, Jeff at the garage said the engine was about to give in any day."

"How long ago was that?"

"Three weeks."

Kristen took off her jacket and handed it to Connie, "By the sounds of it, that day has arrived."

"Shit, I guess I'm up for a huge mechanical bill."

"No honey, I can rebuild the engine for you."

Connie's eyes widen, "You can do that?"

"Yes Connie. All you'll need to pay for is parts and I can get a cut off those."

"Oh my very own grease monkey," teased Connie with a tap to Kristen's butt. "I was thinking about buying a new car this year anyway. It's time I got an upgrade."

"Well to be honest honey, she's seen better days and once the motor goes, everything else usually follows."

"I had a feeling you were going to say that and I can't complain."

"Leave it with me Connie and I'll make some inquires tomorrow."

"Thank you sweetie." Connie hugged Kristen then kissed her passionately.

Moments later, Kristen asked, "If I take it slow, will you be okay to carry your gear on the back of the bike?"

"I can juggle, but be prepared to be ravished once we get indoors."

Kristen chuckled as she closed the hood, "Are you always this aroused in the mornings?"

"No, just with you, you seem to affect me more than anyone else ever has." She goosed the blonde before retrieving her pants suit and bag from the car.

Connie was in the shower when Kristen joined her. Stepping in behind the brunette, she softly kissed her on the left shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" asked Connie.

Reaching for the soap, Kristen answered, "I'm good honey and no, I'm not nervous about court."

"Good, are you seeing Elizabeth this morning?"

"Yes, so I'll drop you off beforehand."

"Okay." Turning around, Connie kissed Kristen swiftly, "I'm finished and I thoroughly enjoyed the start to the day."

Laughing, Kristen replied, "Get used to it, I'm a morning person."

Stepping out of the stall, Connie grabbed a towel, "I'll cook dinner tonight Kris."

"It's a date. Do you want me to pick you up from work?"

"No, I'll cab it home. I should be done by five."

"All right, I'll be waiting for you."

"In that case you may as well hold onto my keys."

"I'll need your car keys anyway."

"While you are at it, have a key cut for the house."

"Are you sure?"

Turning, Connie fronted Kristen, "Honey I'm in love with you. I certainly don't want to rush or push you, but I don't plan on ending this any time soon."

Kristen opened the screen door, "You do realise you are the one for me and I've never loved anyone the way I love you."

"I was hoping that was the case. Now close the door before you get me all wet again."

Smirking, Kristen tugged Connie back into the shower, "Too late Connie."

Kristen was sitting calmly on the bench seat outside Courtroom 2 when Connie walked down the hall. Smiling, she stood and hugged her, "Hello honey."

"Hi sweetie, I'm glad I got here in time."

"I am too. How did your hearing go?"

"We're set for trial in two months time."

Kristen looked at the ADA with a glint in her eyes, "I really do like you in pinstripes."

"I know and I'm sure I don't need to remind you of how you affect me while you are in uniform."

Kristen guffawed, "Remind me to put on my Marine uniform some time. It drives the girls wild."

"Oh god don't, I've still got a full day ahead of me."

The Courtroom doors opened and the Court Officer announced, "Sergeant Stanton, they are ready for you."

"Yes Sir," responded Kristen.

"Be strong darling, I'll be with you all the way."

"Thanks and I love you."

"I love you too."

Connie waited a moment before entering the Courtroom. She was touched to see the public gallery packed with Police Officers. As she walked down the aisle, she was relieved to see a spare seat next to Ed and Cyrus in the front row behind the Prosecutor's table.

The two detectives greeted her and Ed leaned in, "How's Kris doing?"

"She's doing much better and has found her inner strength Ed, Yates won't break her."

Tears formed in both their eyes and Ed nodded in silent understanding.

Cyrus smiled, "Mike and Jack are hammering him and some of the Jury are leering at him with open contempt."

After being sworn-in, Kristen sat down, straightened her tie and rested her peak cap on her lap. She looked directly at Connie and waited for the EADA to begin.

Mike stood and moved to the front of the table than smiled at her, "Could you please state your name, profession and rank for the court?"

In a calm voice, Kristen replied, "Kristen Lee Stanton, New York City Police Sergeant."

"Sergeant Stanton, how long have you served with the New York Police Department?"

"Eleven years Sir, I joined in March 1996."

"So you are coming up to your twelfth year?"

"Yes Sir, that is correct."

"Sergeant Stanton, during your near twelve years have you ever been the subject of an internal review or investigation?"

"Yes I have Sir. In 2002 I was reviewed by the Shooting Committee after discharging my weapon in the line of duty."

"What occurred during that time?"

"My partner and I had been called to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, Officer Danko and I discovered a husband had taken his estranged wife hostage and was holding her at gunpoint. The dispute was over a custody issue concerning their three young children. Officer Danko called for backup while I opened a line of communication with the husband. When it became obvious he was highly agitated and unwilling to listen, we needed to act quickly to resolve the situation."

"And how did you achieve that Sergeant Stanton?"

"Officer Danko distracted the husband as he was about to fire on the wife and I took out the target."

"So you shot the husband?"

"Yes Sir. I hit his right shoulder and he dropped the weapon without discharging it."

"As a result of your actions you were awarded a citation, is that correct?"

"Yes Sir, as was my partner."

"How many citations and awards have you received from the New York Police Department?"

"Nine Sir."

"Is it fair to say you are a dedicated Officer?"

"Yes Sir."

"Sergeant Stanton, would it also be correct to say you are a disciplined Officer?"

"Yes Sir."

"And why is that?"

"My background and previous training have instilled discipline into my professional life."

"You are not referring to the Police Department, are you?"

"No Sir, I am not."

"You were seventeen years of age when you joined the United States Marine Corps, is that correct?"

"Yes Sir, I enlisted in 1990."

"What rank did you achieve and what was your Military Occupational Speciality?"

"I was a Sergeant with the Military Police."

"Did you undertake tours of duty to war torn areas?"

"Yes Sir. I completed a total of nine tours to the Persian Gulf and Somalia."

"Were you decorated during your time as a Marine?"

"Yes Sir."

Mike returned to the table and Jack handed him a sheet of paper, "Correct me if I am wrong Sergeant. You received two Purple Hearts, three Unit Citations and two Bronze Stars?"

"That is correct Sir."

Connie scanned the Jury and noted the looks of admiration on their faces.

Mike continued, "Sergeant, did you have an amicable work relationship with the defendant Edward Yates?"

"No Sir, I did not."

"Can you tell us about that?"

"I was introduced to Yates three years ago when he was assigned to the 27th Precinct. He was rude, ill mannered and kept hounding me with unwanted advances."

"In what form did those advances take?"

"Yates constantly asked me out for dinner or drinks and made snide remarks in regard to my physique."

"What were some of those comments?"

"He told me I had great tits on numerous occasions and that I was beautiful." Kristen stopped and looked towards the Jury, "Excuse the language, but he told me on several occasions he wouldn't mind fucking my sweet pussy."

"How did you react to those comments?"

"I informed Yates his intentions were out of line and unwanted. I was forced to avoid any contact with him whenever possible."

"So it's safe to say Yates pursued you after you made it clear you were not interested?"

"That is correct Sir."

"Did you report this unwarranted behaviour to a superior?"

"Yes Sir, in September of last year. When attending a function to celebrate a fellow Officer's birthday and my promotion, Yates arrived uninvited. Along with my partner Officer Pate, we escorted Yates from the venue. Yates pushed me up against a parked vehicle and forcibly attempted to kiss me. The incident was reported to my Captain, Gordon Parsons."

"Before reporting the incident to Captain Parsons, what did you do?"

"I worked myself free from Yates' hold, told him to leave me alone then went inside to speak with Captain Parsons."

"What was the consequence of your complaint?"

"Yates was investigated by Internal Affairs, suspended for 28 days and fined. He was also approved for transfer to another Precinct."

"Did your fellow Officers at the Precinct display any animosity towards you over this incident?"

"No Sir, Yates was not well-liked at the station."

"During the past three years, how many times did you work directly with Edward Yates?"

"Three times Sir."

"How did he conduct himself during those times?"

"He was professional Sir."

"Is it true you were in possession of evidence linking Yates to illegal activities?"

"That is correct Sir."

"How and why did you collect this evidence?"

"Four months ago I was approached by a Confidential Informant and passed information regarding Yates' illegal dealings."

"Without going into detail, what did you do with this information?"

"I handed it onto Captain Parsons who in turn passed it over to the Internal Affairs Bureau."

"What occurred next?"

"I was called into a meeting with Captain Parsons and my Borough Commander. I was directed to investigate the allegations, which I did and collected additional proof."

"So you were essentially working undercover?"

"Yes Sir?"

"Who was aware of this investigation beside those already mentioned?"

"Only Officer Pate, my partner. I only informed him after I had enough evidence for Internal Affairs to conduct an investigation. Officer Pate had no knowledge of specific details, but I needed a backup plan in case something happened to me and investigating Officers knew where to look for the files."

"Is it true Internal Affairs were scheduled to interview Yates on January 7th?"

"Yes Sir."

"How did you know that?"

"I was requested by Internal Affairs Detectives to present copies of the evidence on that date."

"Did you retain the original evidence?"

"Yes I did Sir."

"Was it common knowledge at the Station that Yates was being investigated?"

"To my knowledge, Yates had mentioned it to several Officers and the subject had been discussed openly amongst the rank and file."

"As the matter is an on-going investigation, I ask you to turn your memory to the events of Tuesday January 1st this year and in your own time, explain what occurred after you arrived at the home of Freddy Timber to arrest him."

Kristen looked at Connie and proceeded to recount the incident in a calm and precise manner.

Mike then went ahead and listed her injuries and subsequent rehabilitation, "Since this horrific attempt on your life, are you under the care of a Psychiatrist?"

"Yes I am Sir."

"Have you been able to return to work?"

"No, I have not Sir."

"The Court has already heard from Detective Lupo that Yates escaped custody and was located at your home. What happened there?"

"Yates set fire to my garage and burnt it down before being arrested."

Mike returned to his seat, "Your Honour, I have no further questions for the witness at this time and reserve my right to redirect."

"So be it," said Judge Davis. "Your witness Mr Yates and my previous warning to you in regard to staying on point still applies."

Yates stood, "Yes Your Honour." The dark suited man approached the right side of the witness stand and to Kristen's horror, reached out and touched her shoulder.

Mike and Jack rose to their feet in unison and yelled, "OBJECTION YOUR HONOUR!"

Connie's hands formed into fists, but she was relieved when Kristen didn't react and remained emotionless.

Judge Davis scowled, "Sustained. Mr Yates, if you touch the witness again I will find you in contempt of Court. Now leave the theatrics out of it and get to a question."

Yates looked at the Jury and made the comment, "Sergeant Stanton, is it fair to say you are a prick teaser?"

Mike stood again, "OBJECTION YOUR HONOUR!"

Judge Davis shook his head, "Mr Yates, where are you going with this line of questioning?"

"Your Honour, it goes towards character. Mister Cutter has had the opportunity to paint a lovely picture of the witness' character."

"I'll allow it, but tread very carefully. Objection overruled. Sergeant Stanton, you will answer the question."

Looking straight at Yates, Kristen answered, "No, I am not."

"Sergeant, you are a very attractive woman, are you telling me I was the only Officer to ask you out for coffee, drinks or dinner?"

"No, you were not the only one."

"So, you caught the attention of others at the 27th Precinct?"

"I suspect so."

"Was I the only one you said no to?"

"No, I declined all requests."

"And why is that?"

"I don't date fellow Officers."

"Including Detective Ed Green?"

"Yes, Detective Green is a close friend."

"He is awfully protective of you, don't you think?"

"Again, he is a close friend and that is what friends do for one another."

"Is it fair to say you enjoy being the centre of attention with men?"

"No, that is not true."

"But you do like parading around, flipping your hair back and fluttering your long eye lashes at male Officers at the Precinct?"

Kristen tried not to laugh at the absurdity of Yates' questions, "No and I always wear my hair up in a ponytail while on duty."

Yates ignored her answer, "Did you attend a barbeque last June for Officer Waldron's birthday?"

"Yes I did."

"Did you see me there?"

"Yes I did."

"What outfit were you wearing at the party?"

"Flip flops, board shorts and a bikini top."

"And did you not tease the men by dancing around half naked?"

"No I did not. It was a pool party and I had on more swim wear than the other women present."

"So you didn't dance in front of me and try to entice me?"

Jack rose to his feet, "Objection Your Honour. The witness has already stated she did not tease the men."

"Overruled Mr McCoy, it is a different question."

Kristen answered before Judge Davis directed her to, "No I didn't dance in front of you. If I remember correctly, you were busy making a fool of yourself in front of the bimbo you brought along as your date."

"You sound upset by the fact I had a date?"

Kristen scoffed, "No, I'm just answering your question."

"Isn't it true that you deliberately played hard to get in an effort to tag me along?"

"No, that is incorrect."

"Didn't you continually brush up against me during roll call?"

"No, that was you doing that to me."

"You took great pleasure in teasing me, didn't you?"

"I never teased you."

"What about your partner Glenn Pate? Rumour has it you and he are having an affair."

Kristen had had enough, "No, I am not having an affair with Officer Pate or any other male Officer at the two-seven."

Yates turned and glared at Kristen, "I put it to you that you took great delight in playing with my emotions and leading me on."

Without blinking, Kristen answered, "Besides the fact you are a totally self obsessed idiot, I never went out with you or teased you because I'm a lesbian you dumb ass."

Mike and Jack attempted to stifle their laughter as did the majority of the Courtroom.

Yates scurried back to his seat, "No further questions Your Honour."

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to embarrass Yates further, Jack stood, "Redirect Your Honour?"

"All yours Mr McCoy."

"Sergeant Stanton, how long have you been aware of your sexuality?"

"Since I was ten years old Sir."

"On the day of the party for Officer Waldron, did you dance?"

"Yes I did Sir."

"And where was Yates at that time?"

"Arguing with his date, they left the party shortly afterwards."

"Did you take a date to the party?"

"Yes I did Sir."

"Male or female Sergeant?"

"Female Sir, I've never dated males."

"Thank you Sergeant. I have nothing further Your Honour, may the witness be excused?"

"You may step down Sergeant Stanton."

Kristen picked up her hat and exited the Courtroom as the Judge recessed for lunch.

Connie raced outside and found Kristen leaning up against the wall, "Are you okay?"

Smiling, Kristen answered, "Yes and I'm glad that it's over."

A young woman approached Connie and enquired, "Connie Rubirosa?"


The woman handed her a small folded blue manila folder, "You've been served."

"Shit!" exclaimed the ADA while opening the subpoena. "I was afraid of this. Yates has added me to his witness list."

The smile disappeared from Kristen's face, "He is going to ask you about the assault."

"Come on, I need to talk to Mike and Jack."

"No, you go ahead Connie. I need to get the hell out of here. It's okay, tell the truth, I understand. I don't want you to perjure yourself on my behalf."

"Kris, we have footage of Yates being attacked by Barrow as well as his confession."

"Yes, but Yates will ask if he told you about me visiting him downstairs and I refuse to allow you to lie for me."

Connie shook her head, "You once asked me if I'd lie and I told you only if I needed to protect someone. Well that someone is you Kristen."

"Connie, I couldn't live with the knowledge you committed perjury and put your career on the line. If the truth came out, you would be crucified."

"Don't shut me out. Please let me do this for you."

"No Connie, I don't want you to, it's not fair."

Connie steeled her emotions and protested, "It's far from fair what Yates is trying to do."

"I can't do this to you."

Kristen walked away and Connie watched her go. She understood how important it was to Kristen for her to be truthful. She was also aware that Kristen would tell the truth in rebuttal. Turning, she went into the Courtroom to do the right thing.

Kristen drove a new silver 3-series BMW sedan into Connie's drive then went into the house. She wrote a note and left it on the kitchen counter. Walking home, she changed into running gear and took off for a two hour run.

Connie nodded her head, "Yes Jack, I'm positive. It's the only way to protect Kristen. She's been through enough and if she is forced to take the stand as a rebuttal witness, she will confess to assaulting Yates and effectively end her career."

"Connie, we have the bastard by the balls, the Jury is with us."

"I know, but if I get in the box I will lie to save Kris then once she tells the truth, I'll be censured for perjury. She knows that Jack and it's hurting her."

"Where is Kris now?" asked Mike.

"She left, she couldn't handle it anymore."

"Okay, let's go make a deal with the devil," lamented Jack.

The three attorneys walked into the interview room and Yates looked up from the table.

"I'll take the deal," he declared arrogantly.

"Life, no parole, that's as good as it gets," chided Jack.

"I knew you wouldn't risk putting Kris back on the stand, especially after Miss Rubirosa here would have to tell the truth."

"You've got your deal, the death penalty is off the table," said Jack disdainfully. "I hope you rot in hell you smug son of a bitch."

"I'll see you there Counsellor," replied Yates with a grin.

Connie stepped forward and slapped Yates on the face with all of her might, "Just so you know, I would have lied for Kris, you fucking bastard."

Yates stumbled backwards as she left the room and allowed Jack and Mike to finish the paperwork.

The taxi pulled into Connie's drive and she looked at the brand new BMW. After paying the fare, Connie got out and remembered Kristen had her house keys. Retrieving her cell phone, she called her.

"Hello," answered a sleepy Kristen.

"Honey I'm sorry, did I wake you?"

"Yes, but it's fine."

"You have my keys and I can't get into my house."

"No I don't. I left them under the second flower pot to the left of the front door."

"Oh okay," said Connie while picking up the keys and opening the door. "Why aren't you here?"

"I went for a run and overdid it. I got a headache and tried to sleep it off."

"Did it work?"

"Yes, I feel much better."

"That's good, so when are you coming over for dinner?"

"I'm not coming over."

"Oh ... okay, I'll leave you alone then."


Connie held back her disappointment and found a set of BMW keys sitting on top of a note on the kitchen counter after she entered the house.

My Dearest Connie,

I can't begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

Because of you, I have found peace and my strength again.

Please accept my gift as an appreciation of your love and support.

I love you so much and will be forever yours.

Kris xxx

Connie burst into tears. "I love you too," she said softly. Going into the bedroom, she smiled when she saw the blonde curled up in bed. "You had me worried," she declared.

"You thought I was at my place, didn't you?"

"I did and thank you so much for the present. Of course I can't accept it Kristen, it's way too extravagant."

"We'll discuss it after you've had a shower. I'm completely naked under here and would like you to join me."

Connie dropped her bag and ran to the shower. Kristen giggled as she waited for her lover to return.

Lifting up the covers less than two minutes later, Connie slid in next to Kristen and embraced her closely, "I actually thought you were upset with me and had no intention of seeing me."

Running her fingers through Connie's wavy tresses, Kristen responded, "I was angry at myself for once again putting you into an unacceptable position."

Leaning in and kissing Kristen's neck, Connie explained, "I didn't take the stand Kris. The trial is over. Jack and Mike offered Yates a deal to protect you and me."


"Yes, I told them I was willing to perjure myself to save you, but in the end we all agreed that once you were recalled to the stand, you would tell the truth. Yates knew that and that is why he subpoenaed me. He simply called our bluff. Jack and Mike agreed that you have been through enough already and ended it."

Tears fell down Kristen's cheeks, "I just want it to be all over baby."

"I know you do and it is nearly finished. Yates will spend the rest of his days in prison looking over his shoulder and waiting for the next assault. He is a marked man honey."

"Were you there when the deal was offered?"

With a sly grin, Connie answered, "Yes and I slapped the bastard for all he'd done to you."

Kristen's face broke into a smile, "That's my girl."

"I'll always be yours Kris."

"And I am yours as is the Beamer. I checked out your old one and it was in bad shape, so I upgraded."

"Honey, I can't accept it."

"Too late, it's registered in your name and the paperwork for the insurance should be in the mail tomorrow."

"I don't know how to repay you."

"It's my way of thanking you for being there in court for me and helping me get through this mess."

Looking at Kristen, Connie smirked, "You were very good and the look on Yates' face when you dropped the lesbian bombshell was priceless."

"The fucker is an egotistical asshole."

"Judge Davis called Jack and Mike into his chambers and expressed his disbelief at the plea bargain. He was reluctant to accept it until Jack did some fancy talking."

"When is the sentence hearing?"

"Friday, Jack is busy so I'll be sitting second chair."

"I don't want to be there," admitted Kristen in a soft voice.

Connie hugged her tightly, "You don't have to be honey."

"Would you like to get away with me for the weekend?"

"I'd love to Kris. Do you have anywhere in mind?"

"I thought it would be nice to go to Aspen."

"That sounds absolutely wonderful," replied Connie." We are going to be just fine honey, it's nearly all over."

"Yeah we are and I love you dearly."


Chapter 11

Kristen and Connie continued to date for the next two months while alternating sleep overs at each others homes. Kristen went to weekly sessions with Elizabeth and was eager to return to duty on April 21st. Connie was busy at the DA's Office and as each day passed, Ted Yates became a forgotten memory.

Mike Cutter tapped on Connie's office door, "Hey, you just about done?"

Connie looked up from her keyboard, "In about five minutes, why?"

"Jack has offered to take us out to dinner."

"What's the occasion?"

"We've managed to clear up fifteen outstanding cases with positive results."

"In that case I'm ordering the biggest steak on the menu?"

Mike chuckled and tossed the baseball he was holding into the air then caught it, "Do you want to call Kris and invite her along?"

"No, it's her first day back on the job and she won't be off duty until nine o'clock. Besides, she has plans for dinner with her partner and his wife."

Mike's features softened, "So how are you two doing?"

Standing up from behind her desk, Connie radiated a bright smile, "Kris is much more relaxed since Yates was sentenced and we are doing very nicely thank you very much."

"I have to admit, I've never seen you this cheerful before."

Connie snatched the ball out of the air, "I'm extremely happy Mike. Now let's go find Jack."

Later that week, Kristen was off duty and pottering around the kitchen. She was busy preparing dinner for Ed, Christine and Connie. It was five-ten and Connie was due home any minute and Ed and Christine were expected at seven. Kristen put the rib roast and the mini soy roast into the oven and closed the stainless steel door.

Across town, Connie was packing her portfolio and saying goodbye to Mike. He was busy telling her about his plans for the weekend as he walked her to the lifts.

Over in the near deserted shower block at Sing Sing Correctional Facility, prisoner Ted Yates was washing the shampoo from his hair. He suddenly felt strong arms lock around his chest and throat and he tired to turn around. "What the fuck!" he exclaimed as his body slammed into the hard tiled wall.

"Once a Marine, always a Marine," said a deep voice that Yates recognised as fellow inmate Keith Jackson. "It's time to pay the piper."

Yates struggled against the weight pressing into his back, but was no match for the six foot six former Marine who was serving a life sentence for murder.

"You were a son of a bitch when you framed me five years ago Yates, so now it's my turn to repay you," explained Jackson into Yates' ear as he shoved a shank into his right kidney. "The first one is for me."

"Oh fuck," cried Yates in disbelief and excruciating agony.

Taking out the blade, Jackson tightened his grip around Yates' throat then stabbed the disgraced former Police Officer in the rib area, "Second one is for raping and killing my sister then setting me up." The third strike pierced Yates' lung, "The last one is for what you did to my former Sergeant Kris Stanton. Oh by the way, you perverted fucker, my lawyer is working on getting me out of here because the state has reopened my case after your Internal Affairs investigation. I'll be sure to have a beer for you when I am sitting on the beach. You are a mother fucking coward Yates and this is what you deserve."

Yates couldn't speak or resist. The blood was rushing out of his body and flowing down the drain faster than he could think.

Jackson released his hold and Yates' limp body collapsed onto the tiled floor. Calmly washing off the blood from his torso and blade, Jackson reached for a towel and slowly walked away.

The last words Ted Yates ever heard were a whispered, "Semper Fi."

Connie was pouring two glasses of wine when her cell phone sounded. "It's Jack," she announced before handing Christine a glass. Grabbing the phone off the counter, she answered, "Hello Jack."

"Connie, are you with Kris?"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Yates has been killed, the story's all over the news."

Connie sighed, "That's justice, thanks for the heads up."

"No problem, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight Jack."

Closing her phone, she rejoined the others in the living room and raised her glass, "Here's to my wonderful girlfriend's first week back on the job."

"Cheers," regaled Ed and Christine.

Connie took a sip then understatedly proclaimed, "Yates was killed in Sing Sing."

"Thank fuck for that," whispered Christine.

Ed looked at Kris, "Just desserts honey."

Kristen exhaled deeply, "Now I can breathe."

Later that evening, Kristen lay entangled in Connie's limbs when she said, "Move in with me baby."

Connie joked happily, "Is tomorrow too soon?"

"No way, if it wasn't so late, I'd go pack for you now."

Giggling, Connie kissed Kristen's nose, "It's only late because you insisted on making love to me for so long."

"I seem to recall it was you who attacked me in the shower and got the marathon rolling."

"Oh yes, that's right," conceded Connie. "At least we can sleep in."

Kristen stretched her long frame, "Well you can. I have an eight o'clock breakfast date with my lawyer."

Sitting up, Connie glared at Kristen, "Your lawyer?"

"It's nothing serious baby. Ralf will just be discussing the quarterly business reports with me."

"You have a business?"

"Actually I have three."

"I gather you invested your inheritance."

"I did and bought a struggling building and construction company and built it up over the years. When it started turning a substantial profit, I purchased a mechanical business then a florist franchise."

"That explains how you were able to have your garage built so quickly."

"Yes it does. My businesses offer top class service and are successful. I haven't had any money concerns for some time."

"I always knew you were smart."

Wrapping Connie up in her arms, Kristen kissed her on the jaw, "Allowing you into my life was the smartest move I ever made."

"Mmm, I'm so glad you did," purred Connie.

In reply, Kristen pressed her lips to Connie's.


Chapter 12

"YOU READY YET?" shouted Kristen down the hall.

"Yes sweetie," answered Connie as she stepped into the corridor wearing ¾ length denim shorts, deck shoes and a floral print shirt.

Kristen smiled widely, "You look gorgeous."

Looking at Kristen's attire of runners, blue tiger stripe camouflage shorts and dark blue polo with a Marine insignia, Connie's eyes glazed over, "And you are stunning as always. Who was at the door?"

Waving on envelope, the blonde replied, "Special delivery, we've been invited to a wedding in Hawaii."

Connie's brows arched, "A wedding?"

"Yeah, it's where two people exchange vows then have this huge party afterwards."

Reaching out, Connie playfully slapped Kristen's butt, "Cheeky."

"Are you getting a little kinky back there honey?"

Leaning in, Connie nibbled on her lover's right ear lobe, "Only if you want me to."

Kristen shivered, "Uhm, we can discuss that later. The ceremony is on August 2nd and is a Military affair."

"Oh does that mean you have to wear a uniform?"

"Yes it does."

"Then I look forward to it. So who is getting married?"

"Kevin Jackson, he was in my unit."

"Oh, he was the guy given a full pardon and exonerated after falsified evidence was planted by Yates. I remember Jack handling the appeal case."

"That's him. Kevin always kept in touch with me via letters and he was the reason I started snooping around deeper after being handed the first piece of evidence against Yates."

"Was Kevin the person you picked up when he was released last month?"

"Yes along with his girlfriend Natalie. She stood by him for five years. I meant to tell you all about it, but you have been busy and it slipped my mind."

Connie kissed Kristen longingly then said, "Jack said he was awarded a sizeable settlement for wrongful imprisonment."

"Yes and Kevin bought a home in Hawaii a few weeks ago after being reinstated into the Corps. He's a really great guy."

"And you are a great woman for remaining his friend and I love you with all my heart."

"I'm just me honey. Now we better get to your parents before they start to panic."

"Looks like I'll have to go shopping for a new dress for the wedding then."

"What is it with you and shopping?"

"It's part of my genetic makeup."

Kristen picked up the car keys off the hook and gave Connie a quick smirk, "I can just image the looks the top brass will give me when I arrive at the wedding with you on my arm."

"I'll try to keep my hands off you."

"There's no need to go to that extreme honey," joked a smiling blonde.

Kristen was leaning with her back up against the veranda railing when Carlos joined her.

"Are you enjoying yourself Kris?"

"Yes Sir. Connie is fabulous with Christian."

"She loves him and thoroughly enjoys their time together. She'll be a wonderful mother one day."

"Yes she will. Sir, I know how important family is to Connie and you asked me over four months ago what my intentions were concerning her."

"I remember and I know how happy my daughter is with you."

Steadying her shaking hands, Kristen cleared her throat, "Sir, I'd like to ask for your permission to propose to Connie."

Carlos beamed brightly, "You have my permission and blessings, but only on one condition."

"What is that Sir?"

"Call me Carlos."

Kristen chuckled, "Oh sorry, it's a Military thing."

"And a very well-mannered one, but if you are going to be a part of this family, you can relax a little. Have you bought a ring yet?"

"Yes and I am proposing on Wednesday."

"Ah Connie's birthday, she will be pleased."

"I'm off duty and will be making a surprise visit to her office."

Carlos suddenly embraced Kristen, "She loves you and I see how much you adore her. You treat my little girl with respect and I like that about you."

"She is everything to me."

They parted as Connie stepped out of the doorway, "So here you two are. Theresa and Robert are leaving and we should be going too sweetie, you have work in the morning."

Kristen was sound asleep by the time Connie climbed out of bed at seven fifteen. Kristen had arrived home two hours earlier after completing a night shift and Connie didn't want to disturb her, so she prepared for work quietly in the other bathroom.

After preparing a breakfast consisting of fruit compote followed by poached egg on an English muffin and a cappuccino, Connie leisurely read the front section of the morning paper. Taking her time to wash the dishes, she returned to the bedroom and slipped on her suit jacket and three inch heels.

Going into the ensuite, Connie applied minimal makeup then went to the study to collect her portfolio.

Connie gasped when she opened the door to her office thirty minutes later. The room was filled with over a dozen arrangements of purple roses. The largest bouquet was sitting on her desk with a card attached. She reached for the envelope while taking her seat and placing her briefcase by the chair.

As the ADA unsealed the satchel, her phone rang with Glenn's ring tone. He quickly wished her a happy birthday before handing the phone to his wife and she repeated the well wishes. No sooner had she closed her phone then Ed called with greetings and Cyrus followed moments later.

Connie finally took out the card and read.

Happy Birthday Beautiful,

Have a great day & I'll see you tonight at dinner with your family.

I love you with every beat of my hea>rt,

Kris xxx

P.S. You don't receive your present until later.

Smiling, Connie reclined in her chair and closed her eyes. Images of the fevered love making she had shared with Kristen when the blonde slipped into bed only three hours ago filled her thoughts. Kristen had been attentive and adventurous, trying several new positions and bringing Connie to climax numerous times without asking for reciprocation. Kristen had whispered that the day was all about her before slipping into slumber.

Connie sighed with contentment and felt much loved as she opened her eyes and started reading a statement from the latest case to cross her desk.

At nine o'clock Jack strolled in to wish her a happy birthday and Mike followed soon afterwards. Both men took her to lunch at noon and she received phone calls from her family while she was dining.

After returning to her office, Connie was delighted to hear her phone sound with Kristen's tone, "Hello sweetie."

"I love you and happy birthday Connie."

"I adore you and the flowers are spectacular."

"I'm glad you like them."

"I do thank you. How did you sleep?"

"Good and I'm rearing to go."

Connie chuckled, "Like you were when you came home this morning?"

"Definitely honey."

"God, you were so wonderful and loving Kris."

There was a soft chuckle on the other end, "Well it is your special day."

"It started off superbly."

"It will finish just as well," promised Kristen huskily.

"You are very bewitching Sergeant Stanton."

"And you make me wet with your sexy phone voice Counsellor."

Connie groaned into the phone, "You are very naughty telling me that while I'm at work."

"Am I getting to you?"

"You know you are, so stop. My office door is open as are the blinds and I'm sure I am glowing like a beacon."

Kristen laughed heartily, "So what am I supposed to do about this ache I have for you?"

Biting down on her bottom lip, Connie throatily whispered, "Use you imagination darling."

"I think I have a better idea honey, bye." Kristen closed her phone and exited the fire stairwell. Walking to office 927, she tapped on the doorjamb, "Hello ADA Rubirosa."

Connie answered excitedly, "Oh honey, I really like where you are going with this plan and hello."

Kristen shut and locked the door while Connie got up and drew the blinds. Their bodies collided in a passionate kiss and both women were breathless when their lips finally parted.

"I love you," declared Connie in between short kisses.

"Oh baby, I couldn't wait until tonight to give you your present," explained Kristen as she started to unbutton Connie's long sleeved, white silk shirt.

Connie's hands hurriedly removed Kristen's shirt and bra, "I'm so glad you dropped by, but don't tear my stockings."

Kristen gulped, "Oh god, you're wearing the garter belt I bought you."

"Yes I am and it's just for you." Connie cradled Kristen's breasts and rolled her thumbs over stiff nipples.

Kristen groaned in response, "I love your touch Connie."

"That's good, because I'm about to do an awful lot of it."

Once the couple were dressed, Kristen went and unlocked the door.

Connie checked her watch, "I'm due in court in fifteen minutes sweetie."

Smirking, Kristen hugged her lover, "That was good timing then."

"It was perfect as usual my sweetheart."

Reaching into the pocket of her black trousers, Kristen withdrew a jewel box, "I almost forgot your present."

Connie smiled, "Oh I thought that incredible sex we just engaged in was my gift."

"No this is Connie." Kristen went down on her left knee.

"Sweetie, oh my," said Connie elatedly

Looking up, Kristen took Connie's left hand, "Consuela Margareta Rubirosa, will you accept my proposal of marriage?"

"Yes baby, yes," she started to cry and hugged Kristen's head.

Opening the box, Kristen took out the two carat diamond engagement ring and placed it on Connie's ring finger. "Happy birthday darling." she stood and cupped Connie face then kissed her tenderly.

"I'm so happy," cried Connie when the pair separated.

"That makes two of us and I better let you go."

Connie caressed the side of Kristen's face, "Don't ever let me go and this ring is gorgeous."

"I promise honey and I'm glad you like it. I'll see you at the restaurant later."

"Okay and this is the best birthday ever."

"You deserve it Connie." Kristen kissed Connie goodbye then made towards the door, "Your office smells like sex."

Connie laughed, "I'll have to put the fan on and dispose of the evidence."

Kristen walked into the restaurant and was immediately engulfed in a firm hug by Carlos and Robert as they exited the restroom. Looking around she noted Connie was absent from the table. "This is a nice welcome."

Carlos was grinning madly when he let go, "Connie rang earlier and said she was running late. She told Gabriella she had some exciting news, so we gathered you had proposed."

"I did and I'm happy to announce she accepted," replied Kristen buoyantly.

Robert finally released her, "That was never in doubt and Gabriella told Theresa about you asking for permission from Carlos and of course, she told me. I couldn't be happier for you both."

"Thanks Robert. We better go sit down before Connie arrives. She wants to break the news."

"We will all look surprised when she does," suggested Carlos.

Gabriella and Theresa both kissed and hugged Kristen before she took a seat next to Robert.

An elated Gabriella spruiked, "I am just so excited."

"She's not stopped talking about plans since I told her of your intentions," teased Carlos.

"Well I'm happy to say Gabriella and Connie can make all the plans. I'll just take care of the bills and registration."

Theresa took a sip of wine then asked, "It's a civil union right?"

"Yes, same-sex marriage is still not recognised in this state, but I'm content with a union. I know Connie wants the whole nine yards, so I want to give her as much of that as I can."

"There is so much to organise, have you decided on a date yet?" enquired Gabriella.

"No, we haven't discussed it yet."

"Okay, let me know when you do."

Robert leaned into Kristen's shoulder, "My advice is stay out of the way. My mother in-law arranged everything for Theresa and my wedding. All I had to do was buy a suit and turn up."

Theresa laughed, "It's true. Mom will be all over it."

Angela scowled, "Somehow I don't think Connie will allow me the same control as you did Theresa."

"Time will tell mom."

"Well at least I can take care of the flowers," suggested Kristen.

"That's right," said Carlos. "You own several florist stores."

"I have ten to be precise."

"It's comforting to know you can provide for our little girl," added Carlos. "And love her so deeply."

Kristen blushed, "Thank you."

Robert had a good view of the door and announced, "Here comes Connie now."

It was ten minutes past eleven when Kristen and Connie climbed into bed. Lifting her left arm up, Kristen waited for Connie to snuggle into her shoulder before slowly caressing her back, "Did you enjoy dinner?"

"Yes, it was splendid. You do know mom is going to take over the wedding plans, right?"

"I know, but I'm fine with that honey. I've told her to forward the bills to me."

"You are very generous sweetie."

"It's only money Connie and I want the day to be special."

"Having you in my life is special every day."

"Mmm, you are a flatterer."

"What do you have planned for tomorrow?"

"A sleep in after making love to my beautiful fiancée then the gym and maybe shopping for an outfit for the wedding."

Kristen's caresses softened, "You are going to look stunning."

"That's your department honey," joked Kristen.

"You do realise you are a beautiful woman, don't you?"

"I'm okay I guess," answered Kristen humbly.

"Just okay!" exclaimed Connie. "How many people have you slept with?"

"I don't know."

"Is it more than five?"


"More than ten?"


"More than twenty?"

"I don't know Connie. I've never actually sat down and counted, but you know I used to date a lot."

"Yes I am aware of that fact. The point I was trying to make is your extremely good looking and people desire you because of your looks and god damn gorgeous body."

Kristen chuckled at her girlfriend's passionate explanation, "So what drew you to me?"

"Your strength and sense of humour. When I met you for the first time you had just been through a horrific experience and you still managed to crack a joke or two."

Kristen kissed the top of Connie's head, "I was gobsmacked by your incredible smile. Your whole face lights up and makes you more beautiful."

Connie laughed, "I thought it was my legs?"

"Baby I couldn't see your legs the first time we met."

"Oh that's right."

Kristen kissed Connie again, "Are you free next Saturday night?"

"Of course I am. My calendar has been clear ever since we started dating."

"I was just checking," explained the blonde. "I have a formal function I need to attend."

"I would never have picked you for such an event."

"Yeah, I'm not into upper crust social gatherings, but this one is an annual event for me."

"So it's black tie and evening gown territory?"

"Yes and before you ask, I wear a dress."

Lifting her head, Connie glared at her lover, "Do you really?"

With a lopsided grin, Kristen answered, "Yes and it's the only time I do. I used to pick up a date or two from the high society women."

Connie was a little surprised, "You dated married women?"

"No I didn't, only the single ones. I have never been a player baby. I had some rules and in reply to your question before, I've had around thirty lovers."

Connie was stunned by the admission, "Crap!"

Kristen backtracked, "Don't forget four of those were long term relationships Connie."

"I suppose thirty over all those years isn't too bad."

"No it's not, but I saved the best until last."

"Oh, so now you are trying to butter me up."

"Uhm no, it's the truth Connie. Seriously, I have had more sex with you these past four months than I've had my entire life. I just have to look at you and I'm gone. With the others it was basically one night stands with no desire to repeat the performance. You are the best lover I have ever been with."

"Thank you and needless to say, the feeling is mutual, except for the one night stand business."

Kristen ran a hand over Connie's hip, "My idea of a perfect day is to turn off our phones and stay in bed making love."

Connie leaned in, "It's mine too."

"Now before you get too carried away, don't forget to call your brother tomorrow with the news."

"I have already spoken to him. I called this afternoon and got in before mom called him. Alex is thrilled for us and looks forward to meeting up with everyone at the engagement party."

"I couldn't believe your mother had it all organised before we left the restaurant."

Connie giggled, "That's just a prelude to what she'll get up to with the wedding plans."

Kristen kissed her girlfriend on the chin, "I love your family honey and she is welcome to all the headaches associated with the ceremony."

"Everything will go without a hitch sweetie and that's enough of the serious talk. I need your full attention."

In reply Kristen kissed her lover soundly then turned off the lamp.

The couple ended up having the "Perfect Day" on Sunday and managed to utilise every room in the house along with the motorbike and two cars. The enamoured pair finally fell into bed exhausted a little after ten.

Kristen snuggled into Connie's chest and declared, "I think we need to have a "Perfect Day" at least once a month baby."

"I agree," replied Connie in a soft tone.

"It sure beats a workout at the gym."

"Totally and before I forget, mom called last night and asked if we had a date for the wedding."

"I guess we better come up with one. I know you are Catholic and I found a gay and lesbian church that is willing to do the ceremony."

"Oh Kris, mom and dad will be so pleased."

"I know, but don't expect me to convert."

"I wouldn't ask you to. I know you don't believe; besides our union will still not be recognised by the Catholic Church."

"It will be the closest we can get baby."

"How about we get hitched on your birthday?"

"Hitched?" queried Kristen before giggling. "August 17th it is then."

"Good, that way we'll both remember our anniversary."

"That's clever thinking Connie."

"Hey, you never did tell me what the formal function is in aid of."

"Oh, it's a fund raiser for the Society Against Abuse."

"That's an excellent foundation. I better take my cheque book with me and make a donation."

"Thank you darling and I've been a benefactor for five years."

"That doesn't surprise me sweetie," said Connie before planting a kiss on Kristen's chest.

"Any idea on where you would like to go for a honeymoon?"

"Any place where our cell phones won't work is fine with me."

Kristen giggled then yawned, "We better apply for vacation tomorrow before we make any more plans Connie."

"That sounds good and I'll give mom a call too. Now it's time for sleep."

"Goodnight honey, love you."

"I love you too." Snuggling into Kristen, Connie tilted her head and Kristen captured her lips in a tender kiss.


Chapter 13

"Hello, ADA Rubirosa speaking."

"Hey baby, I wasn't sure if you'd be in court or not, so tried your office phone first."

"Good call Kris."

"Glenn and I are on a break and I wanted to let you know I heard back from Captain Parsons and my leave has been approved."

"Great news, so has mine. I managed to get three weeks from the 11th until the 31st."

"Fantastic Connie and I got an extra week."

"How come you get four weeks," asked Connie playfully.

"I have five years worth of vacation time at my disposal."

"Don't rub it in Sergeant Cutie."

Kristen chuckled, "I won't ADA Sweet Legs. Oh, I booked our flight to New Zealand this morning. We depart on the 18th and return on the 29th."

"Well done sweetie. Did you manage to organise our wedding bands?"

"Yes and the flowers. Our rings will be ready on July 2nd and I happen to be off duty, so I'll pick them up."

Connie leaned back in her chair and slipped off her high heels, "You have been very productive my love."

"Have phone will travel honey," jested Kristen.

Giggling softly, Connie said, "I'll be home late tonight. Jack has scheduled a meeting at five thirty with all the senior staff."

"Okay, I'll make dinner and expect you home around seven then."

"Thanks darling. You really do look after me. So where are you right now?"

"I'm standing outside Joe's Diner. Glen is indulging in his favourite cup of java and a piece of apple pie."

"Speaking of coffee, I've noticed you've stopped drinking it. Is there something I should know?"

"I've decided it's no good for me."

"Is this a result of your physical on Monday?"

"Kind of."

"Kris, you are exceptionally fit and you told me the doctor was happy with you."

"She is, but I got to thinking about how I could improve my heath."

Connie sniggered, "This is about us having children, isn't it?"

"Yes Connie. I want to be around to watch our grandchildren grow and caffeine is crap for many reasons."

"I love you so much right this very minute."

"I love you baby, that's why no more coffee for me. Here comes Glenn, I've got to go. See you tonight honey."

"All right, bye sweetie."

Connie hung up and giggled at her fiancée's new found enlightenment. She was still tittering when Mike walked into her office.

"Is something funny going on in here?"

"No Mike, I was just on the phone with Kris."

Smiling, the EADA said, "I never thought I'd say this, but you and Kris are meant for each other."

Connie stood and slipped her feet back into her shoes, "Thanks and I totally agree. I gather we are off to court."

"Yes we are. Do you have any idea why Jack called this meeting?"

"From the conversation I had with him yesterday, my guess is it's about the Whitfield case."

Raising her brows, Mike said, "Jack is in a quandary over whether to push for the death penalty or not."

"He is probably going to ask for our opinions."

"I think so."

"Great, moral crusaders and media circus here we come."

"We may be wrong," remarked Mike hopefully.

The two attorneys were correct. Jack presented the case of eighteen year old Kyle Whitfield to his ADAs later that afternoon. Whitfield had callously stalked fourteen year old twin sisters Renee and Trudy Slater over a period of time before luring them to an abandoned warehouse, drugging them then torturing them for two days before slitting their throats. Whitfield had been arrested after posting photo's of his killings and depravity on the internet. After a thorough investigation by Ed and Cyrus, Whitfield had been charged with double homicide, two counts of kidnapping and two of rape.

Jack looked around the conference table then said, "Opinions people. I'm at a loss on this one and the masses are going to crucify us if we get it wrong."

"Jack," began Mike. "This office has never been about popularity contests while under your leadership. The DA's Office prosecutes without fear or favour so my vote is we seek the death penalty. Whitfield showed no remorse over his actions and systematically stalked his prey then gloated and boasted about it."

ADA Marion Walsh didn't agree, "Jack, he's still a boy. With rehabilitation and Psychiatric care he can be saved."

Connie shook her head at the blonde forty year old, "You can't be serious Marion? Whitfield was under the care of a Psychiatrist when he committed the murders. At the age of eleven he was sent to a Mental Health facility because he tortured his six year old cousin in the basement and tried to cut off the poor child's leg. Whitfield has had his opportunity to be saved. He is evil and deserves to pay for his crimes before another bleeding heart Psychiatrist allows him weekend passes from an Institution."

Marion glared at Connie with open contempt and muttered, "Dyke."

"What did you just say?" demanded Connie.

The older woman lied, "Nothing."

Jack interrupted, "Your vote of no is noted Marion as is your affirmation Connie."

The remaining attorneys all voted for the death penalty and Jack excused everyone after thanking them. "Marion and Connie can you both stay behind," he asked.

Connie sat back in her chair while Marion gripped the back of her chair.

"How long have you been working with this office Marion?" enquired Jack as he packed up paperwork.

"Twelve months."

"How many cases have you successfully prosecuted in that time?"


"Yes ten out of one hundred cases. That's a conviction rate of ten percent. On the other hand, Connie has a conviction rate of eighty-eight percent."

Irritation flared on Marion's features, "Come on Jack, I can only do so much with the evidence I'm presented."

"I've reviewed all your cases and the same pattern keeps emerging. You seem to have more compassion for the defendants then the victims. Marion, there is no place for you in my office. Go be a defence attorney and learn to keep your homophobic comments to yourself, you're fired."

"Can I say something Jack?" asked Connie.

"Go ahead."

Standing, Connie leered at Marion, "A year is a long time to hold a grudge, good luck."

Marion stormed out of the room and Jack looked questioningly at Connie, "What was all that about?"

"Marion isn't homophobic. She asked me out for a date when she first started here and I declined. She has been mad at me ever since."

Jack smiled, "I guess she isn't on the wedding guest list then?"

"Ah ... no," replied Connie while heading for the door.

Kristen burst into riotous laughter when Connie told her about the meeting's conclusion during dinner, "Jack did the right thing by firing her."

"He certainly did. He has scheduled a media statement for tomorrow morning regarding the Whitfield prosecution."

"They are going to have a field day with this trial."

"Yes unfortunately and all the fanatics will crawl out for the woodwork for their fifteen minutes of fame."

Reaching across the table, Kristen took Connie's hand, "I'll talk to Parsons tomorrow about assigning a protective detail for you and Mike during Court proceedings."

Connie raised their hands and kissed the inside of Kristen's palm, "I love you and thank you for your concern."

"Well after tomorrow, you are not going to think about the trial until Monday when it begins."

"That's a done deal and I'm looking forward to Saturday night."

"I'm sure you are and was that you I heard rustling through the closet this morning looking for my dress?"

Connie tittered, "Guilty, so where is it?"

"I pick it up Saturday afternoon after I have my hair done."

Connie's eyes dilated quickly, "Good god, I can't wait to see you."

"Well you'll have to honey. By the way, which dress are you wearing?"

"I bought a new gown at lunch time today and pick it up tomorrow."

"Oh I hope it's dark blue, that is a stunning colour on you."

"Yes, I've noticed your fondness for the colour."

Standing, Kristen collected the dishes, "Do you have work to do?"

"Yes sweetie, about two hours worth."

"Okay, you go ahead and I'll take care of the dishes."

Jumping up, Connie kissed Kristen quickly then disappeared into the study.

After finishing in the kitchen, Kristen called Ed to catch up then spoke to Paul for an hour before going into the ensuite and taking a bath. She was sound asleep when Connie finally climbed in behind her and spooned.

Kristen stirred, "Hey baby."

"Sorry I took so long," apologised Connie while running her fingers over the ripples of Kristen's stomach. "I really love you abs."

"They love you too. Did you get all your work done?"

"Yes sweetie, are you tired?"

"No, not where you are concerned Connie."

"That's good, because I need you."

"Mmm, I like it when you wake me up."

"I do too," replied Connie throatily.


Chapter 14

Connie was dressed in a midnight blue, off the shoulder ruffled evening gown, matching stilettos and holding onto a gold clutch purse. She was waiting patiently in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel for Kristen to arrive. Kristen had insisted Connie get dressed at her parents and leave from there in the Limousine she had hired. Connie had reluctantly agreed and was now anxious to see her fiancée in a gown for the first time. She had learnt early on in their relationship that Kristen didn't have a single dress in her closet. Although extremely beautiful, Kristen was a tomboy at heart and uncomfortable out of trousers.

Connie recognised the Limo Driver as the one who had driven her to the Hotel and watched intently as he opened the rear passenger door for Kristen. The blonde stepped out and Connie was flabbergasted. "Oh my god," she mumbled as Kristen straightened up in all her glorious splendour.

Kristen's long blonde strands had been softly curled and fell around her shoulders and back. Her broad olive skinned shoulders were bare and her body encased in an aubergine gown that accentuated her toned, lean frame. With high heels adorning her feet, Kristen stood well over six foot and her chest was sporting a brilliant three diamond cluster necklace.

Connie gawked at the stunning vision and felt the desire heat and moisten the folds of her vulva. Her body's reaction caused her skin to prickle into Goosebumps and her heart beat to race.

Kristen glanced towards her and smiled. With a confident stride, she made her way to Connie.

As Connie checked her out, she noted the flawless makeup and groaned.

Kristen lowered her voice, "You are looking absolutely magnificent baby."

"I can't tell you how good you look. You are breathtakingly beautiful Kris."

Taking hold of Connie's left hand, Kris said, "Let's go inside my darling."

"Oh god sweetheart, I swear when we get home we are going to have another "Perfect Day."

"That's the reason I sent you to your parents. I knew if I saw you at home, we would never have left the house on time."

"That is so wonderfully true."

Kristen led Connie into the ballroom and after several greetings and introductions, the couple finally made it to their reserved table.

Connie immediately recognised Sex Crimes Bureau Chief Alexandra Cabot, "Hello Alex, it's been a long time."

Smiling, the black gowned blonde replied, "It's nice to see you again Connie and you too Kris."

Connie turned to Kristen, "You know each other?"

"Yes, Alex is the one who introduced me to the Society five years ago."

A tall, attractive brunette with golden highlights and wearing a striking yellow gown approached the table and grinned, "Hey Kris, good to see you made it."

"Olivia Benson, this is my fiancée Connie Rubirosa."

Olivia reached across the table and shook Connie's hand, "It's nice to meet you Counsellor. I've heard good things about you from Ed. I assume you know my wife Alex?"

Connie giggled nervously, "Uhm yes, we go way back."

Olivia guffawed, "Relax Connie, I know all about it."

Kristen leered at Olivia, then Alex and finally at Connie, "Oh."

"So Kris," said Alex. "Thank you for the wedding invitation."

"You're welcome. If you'll excuse me for just a second, I need to speak with Helena." She kissed Connie and headed towards a dark haired woman in her mid-fifties.

Connie sat down and a waiter appeared. She ordered a glass of champagne as did Alex and Olivia.

Olivia apologised, "Sorry, I thought Kris would have known."

"It's fine Olivia, we haven't discussed it yet. Who is Helena?"

Alex answered, "Helena Brody, self made millionairess. She is the co-founder of the Society along with Robyn Emerson."

"Robyn is old money and a family friend to my darling wife's family," added Olivia. "That's how I became involved. This night raises some serious money and it achieves wonderful results."

"So how did Kris become involved?"

Olivia explained, "I've known Kris since 1996 when she was a rookie and I was a Uni with the one-six. A few years ago she mentioned she was looking for an organisation to donate to and I steered her in Alex's direction."

Connie looked at her fiancée who was in deep conversation, "I've learnt she is a very generous woman."

"She certainly is," agreed Alex. "Unfortunately, Liv and I don't see her as much as we'd like to. We were on our honeymoon when all that deplorable business happened with Yates."

Olivia nodded, "Once we found out about it, we contacted her and visited her in hospital."

"Kris never mentioned it," replied Connie with surprise.

"That's because she used to be very private, but I believe you have changed her outlook."

Connie smirked, "I believe so."

Drinks arrived as the trio were joined by Ed and Christine. After greetings, Ed leaned into Connie, "McCoy did a great job with the media."

"Yes and the office received its first death threat more or less straight away."

"I just don't get it. The groups that campaign against the death penalty want to kill people to prove their point. If that's not ironic, I don't know what is?"

"I don't understand it either," agreed Ed.

"Captain Parson's has arranged a Police detail for the DA's Office and the Courthouse."

"Yes, Lieutenant Van Buren informed us yesterday. Cy and I will have your backs too."

Kristen returned to the table and hugged Christine then Ed.

"Looking fine girl," Ed declared.

"You are as handsome as always my main man," taunted Kristen as she sat down.

The occupants of the table chatted about Alex and Olivia's trip to the Caribbean until the evening's festivities began.

After dinner had been consumed, Helena took to the microphone and acknowledged a long list of donations and Connie clapped loudly when Alex and Olivia were thanked for their one million dollar donation.

Olivia leaned over and kissed her wife, "I love you sweetie."

Alex gripped her hand, "I love you more."

The couple giggled and Connie thought they made the most adorable pair.

Tilting into Connie's ear, Kristen whispered, "Don't over react okay."

Connie turned her head inwards and asked, "Pardon?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce a three million dollar donation of behalf of Kristen Stanton and Connie Rubirosa," proclaimed Helena. "With this generous contribution, we have raised over twenty million dollars, so thank you all and let the party begin."

A DJ started to play a dance tune and Connie looked at her fiancée with a slack jaw.

Kristen kissed her briefly then said, "Well at least you didn't over react."

"Oh my god, you contributed three million dollars!"

"Yes honey, I donate the majority of my business profits."

"Seriously Kris, you are beyond words and I need to meet your accountant."

Kristen laughed softly, "I don't have one honey."

"So you have donated fifteen million dollars in total?"

"I have, but I may have to cut back once we start having kids."

"Good god, I can't get over your generosity."

Ed, Christine, Alex and Olivia got up to dance and left the couple alone at the table.

Connie wrapped her arms around Kristen's neck, "What do you do with your gowns?"

"They're auctioned off on-line on the Society's website. The diamonds I'm wearing will be too and before you ask, the dress cost two thousand dollars and the necklace thirty thousand."

Connie's eyes were as wide as they would go, "Holy crap Kris and just how much money do you generate per annum?"

"With the businesses and investments it's anywhere between ten to twenty million."

"Why didn't you tell me this before now?"

"I've told you before that money isn't important to me and I didn't want to put you off if you knew I was rich."

"Put me off? Sweetie I love you for who you are, not what you have."

Kristen smiled broadly, "That's not entirely true baby, you love me for my killer abs."

Connie grinned and leaned into Kristen's ear, "No, that's just a delectable bonus. You do know this will only make my mother love you more."

"Probably, but I can handle that."

"Come on, let's go dance. I've never seen you dance before."

"You are in for a real treat, I'm hopeless."

Kristen wasn't and Connie was more than a little impressed. When a slow tune filtered through the speakers, Connie pulled Kristen close and whispered, "I am extremely proud of you."

"Why is that?"

"Look at what you have achieved?"

Smiling, Kristen kissed Connie on the forehead, "You loving me is my greatest achievement."

Tears welled in Connie's deep pools of brown, "I love you so much."

"Back at you baby, now how about I take you home and we continue this dance in private?"

"That is a very clever idea."

Once Kristen regulated her breathing, she pulled Connie up along her body, "I swear you make my toes curl when you do that."

Connie kissed along her lover's jaw line and purred, "Mine do all the time."

Reaching for the sheet, Kristen covered them both and asked, "So do you want to tell me about the exchange between you, Olivia and Alex?"

"I dated Alex when we were both at Harvard Law."

"Alex is a beautiful and intelligent woman," pointed out Kristen.

"Yes she is. Olivia told me she knew you back in 1999 when she was in uniform."

"Uhm yes, that's right."

Connie's brow furrowed, "Is there something you have forgotten to tell me?"

"Olivia and I were a couple for about a year."

"What?" exclaimed a stunned Connie.

"Connie, you know I'm not real good at talking about my past."

Connie rolled off onto her right side. "Kris it's okay. You don't need to tell me everything. I mean, I didn't tell you about Alex either," she said unconvincingly.

"Honey, I am still getting used to being open with you and I'm sorry."

"I said it was okay, just leave it. Goodnight."

Kristen wasn't prepared to let things be swept under the rug, "You are pissed at me because Olivia wasn't a one time only deal, aren't you?"

"Fuck Kris, what part of leave it alone don't you get?" snapped Connie angrily.

Kristen remained silent in fear of upsetting Connie further. She waited until Connie fell asleep before quietly climbing out of bed, dressing in an oversized tee shirt and going into the living room to watch television.

It was the first occasion Connie hadn't kissed her goodnight and their first argument as a couple. Kristen knew it was wrong of her to have kept information from Connie, but after a life time of keeping her feelings and thoughts to herself, she was still adjusting to the concept of sharing. Kristen was certain Connie was also stressing about the Whitfield case, hence the cold shoulder and reluctance to talk.

As Kristen flicked through the channels, she felt the heavy burden of guilt bear down on her heart and she wept. While staring at the illuminated screen through her tears, she knew the problem had to be resolved before it exacerbated further.

Unable to relax, Kristen crept into the bedroom, changed into a running outfit then grabbed her shoes from the closet. Padding into the hallway, she put on her runners and took her cell and keys with her.

Drawing in several deep breaths, Kristen filled her lungs with cold night air. She took a seat on a park bench and contemplated on how to make it up to Connie. After a few hours of thinking, she checked her phone for the time and cursed when she saw it was two-eighteen and the battery was low.

Heading for home with the plan to wake Connie and talk, Kristen trotted through the park them along the sidewalks. She was three blocks from home when her phone rang with Captain Parson's ring tone. "Hello Captain, what's up?"

"Sorry to call at this hour Kris, but I need you down at the station."

"I'll be there in twenty." Closing her phone, she raced home then quickly showered and dressed in desert camouflage trousers, purple polo and combat boots. Kristen grabbed a set of keys and sped to the garage.

Gordon was waiting at the front desk when Kristen entered the Precinct, "I'll get straight to the point Kris. A bomb has been located at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office by the night watchman. He was making his two am rounds when he discovered a crude home made incendiary device under an office desk."

Kristen shook her head as they walked to the Captain's office, "It looks like someone is serious with their threat. What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to lead up the protective detail on Jack, Mike and Connie."

"Okay, you got it."

"I've sent two officers to your house to take Connie to a secure Hotel along with Jack and Mike. I need you to put together a squad of twelve to provide teams of four for three eight hour shifts for the duration of the trial. We'll be working around the clock on this one Kris while the detectives try to track down the perp."

"I'll compile a list straight away Cap and call the officers in unless they are already on duty."

Parsons patted his Sergeant on the left shoulder, "I appreciate it Kris."

Running to the locker room, Kristen quickly pulled off her shirt, put on her Kevlar vest and redressed in her shirt. Affixing her shield to her NYPD lanyard, she put it around her neck then tucked it inside her shirt. She attached her gun holster to her belt then holstered her service weapon. Reaching for a navy blue baseball cap on the top shelf, Kristen snugly fitted it over her head then secured her locker.

Going to her desk, Kristen withdrew the diary containing the phone numbers of each and every Precinct offer. Taking a pen from the holder, she started to compile a list starting with Glenn and Paul. It took ten minutes to complete the task and call the officers into the station.

Once the three teams were assembled, Captain Parsons briefed them on the operation then Kristen and her team consisting of Paul, Reesa Rivas and Glenn headed for the designated Hotel.

The four uniformed officers keeping watch outside the Hotel suite were relieved and Kristen's team took up strategic positions while Lieutenant Van Buren, Ed and Cyrus entered the room to speak with the Attorneys.

Connie stood up from the sofa and looked for Kristen. When awoken by Officers earlier, she had panicked when she discovered Kristen was not in bed or the house. After having the situation explained to her by the Police, Jack had called and directed her to go with them to the safe Hotel. Connie had dressed swiftly and packed a bag for herself and Kristen.

Disappointed that her girlfriend was not with the detectives, Connie approached Ed and asked, "Is Kris okay?"

With a wry grin, Ed answered, "She's fine Connie. In fact she is just outside and on the job."

"On the job?"

"Four officers have been assigned to protect you guys on an eight hour rotation and Kris is part of the first detail."

"Oh, so why couldn't she call me and tell me that?"

"I have no idea, have you pair had a fight?"

"Yes and stupid me acted childish. I need to talk to her and apologise."

"Cy and I have to leave, so I'll let her know on the way out."

"Thanks Ed, any leads yet?"

"Not one, the explosive device may have been crude, but the perp's knowledge of leaving no evidence is first rate."

"I suppose every fanatical group is on the list of suspects?"

"Yes, every single one."

"Is there anything we can do to help?"

"Yes, go to bed and get some sleep."

"Okay, I'll speak to you soon."

"Bye Connie."

Connie retired to one of the three bedrooms, changed into a pair of Kristen's USMC training shorts and NYPD tee shirt. After finishing in the ensuite, she snuggled into bed and tried to fall asleep.

Kristen checked her watch and groaned, it was 0416 hours and she was tired. Ed and Cyrus exited the suite and approached her. Ed was carrying her duffle bag.

"When you get the chance, you need to talk to Connie," advised Ed. "She's upset and I'll drop off your bag to your room."

"I will and thanks."

"I'll call as soon as we have any information. We are on the way to the Crime Lab now."

"Okay guys, talk to you soon."

Cyrus looked Kristen up and down, "I bet you kicked some serious butt as a Marine."

Kristen scoffed, "I certainly did and I still can."

"I've no doubt of that G.I. Jane, bye."

Kristen spoke into the radio mike attached to her collar and asked for a SitRep from the other three officers. Everyone reported their areas were clear and Kristen readjusted her stance.

At 8am Lieutenant Van Buren opened the door and walked over to Kristen, "They've just ordered breakfast; it should be here in twenty minutes."

"Understood Loo, I'll go down to the kitchen and escort it up."

"Radio me when you are on the way down, I'll hold your post until you return."

"Yes ma'am," replied Kristen before informing her team of her movements.

Connie walked out of her room in time to see the rear view of Kristen departing.

"Breakfast is served Connie," announced Mike while placing a plate onto the dining table.

"How did you two sleep?" Connie enquired as took a seat.

"Like a log," replied Mike while buttering some toast.

Jack took a sip of coffee, "I was busy thinking of who could be responsible for leaving the bomb."

"I was too Jack and I suspect it's someone not affiliated to a known group."

"Why do you say that?" asked Mike curiously.

"Ed said the bomb was crudely made, but the perp was careful not to leave any evidence behind. That suggests the person hasn't made an explosive before, but does have knowledge of crime scenes."

"And all the usual suspects have previous history and knowledge of explosives," added Jack.

"Precisely, so it's probably someone unknown to Police or our office."

Mike swallowed before saying, "Which would explain why the detectives have had no leads from the groups they've already investigated."

Connie poured herself a glass of juice, "Maybe Ed and Cyrus need to look closer at associates of the Whitfield family."

"I agreed," said Jack. "It could well be a family member or close friend. I'll give Lieutenant Van Buren a call after we've eaten.

Kristen could smell the aroma of food waffling through the doorjamb and her stomach growled. Looking at her watch, she quickly calculated it had been fourteen hours since she'd last eaten. With less than three hours before she was due to be relived, she reached inside the leg pocket of her trousers and withdrew an energy bar. It solved the grumbling belly problem, but it returned just as Officer Danko arrived.

"Hey Kris," he said in greeting.

"Hi Rob, how's it going?"

"Good, any problems?"

"No, it's been a quiet watch."

Paul, Reesa and Glenn joined her carrying their duffle bags. All three officers looked worn out.

"Come on guys, we've got the room next. Time to order some food then get some shuteye," advised Kristen as she retrieved the key card from her pocket.

An hour later, the four officers had eaten and retired to their assigned rooms. Kristen attached her phone to the charger and called Connie. The call went straight to voice mail and she left a simple message, "I love you and my phone battery was flat."

Connie closed her phone after speaking with Cyrus and smiled when she heard the message notification. Listening to the words from Kristen, she felt much relieved. She called her back, but got no reply so left a message, "I love you sweetheart. We need to talk and I'm sorry."

Kristen returned to her room just as her cell stopped ringing. "Damn it," she muttered. Picking up the phone she listened to the message before calling Connie back.

"Oh sweetie," answered Connie. "I'm so sorry for last night."

"It's okay Connie, it was my fault. I should have told you and I swear when this is all over, I will tell you every single moment of my past."

To Connie's surprise, Kristen started to sob, "Baby don't cry, it will be all right and I look forward to that talk."

"Sorry for crying, I'm just so tired."

"Then go to sleep Kris. Where are you?"

"Next door and I miss you."

"I miss you too sweetie, but you need to sleep."

"I'd rather be with you, but that wouldn't be too professional of me."

"Oh, who gives a toss? Come over here now."

Kristen giggled, "Okay and I should ensure you guys are okay."

"Yes you should, I'll see you soon."


Affixing her radio and gun, Kristen informed Glenn of her whereabouts then went next door.

"Hey Sarge," said Rob Danko. "I thought you were going for a sleep?"

"I'm just checking on the Attorneys."

Smirking, Rob replied, "Sure you are Kris."

Kristen knocked on the door and waited for the detective inside to verify her identity before opening the door.

"Hi Mal, is everything okay in here?"

"Yeah, McCoy is in his room on the phone. Cutter is taking a nap and your lovely fiancée is in her room, second door on the left."

"Thanks Mal, I'll just go see her."

With a lopsided grin the burly detective quipped, "I suppose you will be a while?"


The conversation was interrupted when Officer Lucas radioed from his position in the stairwell, "Unit Command, Unit 7 suspicious Caucasian male approaching my location - over."

Kristen took off out of the room, "Unit 7, Unit 1 on the way. All units hold your positions - out." She reached Lucas just in time to witness him restrain a fortyish, bald male against the wall with an arm lock and noted the revolver on the floor.

The man was frantic and struggling then suddenly shouted, "YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL. YOU ARE ALL SINNERS."

Kristen withdrew her cuffs and shackled the suspect quickly, "You are under arrest for assaulting a Police Officer. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"

The man spat on the wall while Lucas frisked him, "I do not recognise your blasphemous laws."

"I'll take that as a yes then," snapped Kristen as she turned to Lucas.

"He's clean Sarge."

"Good work Phil, I'll take him down to the station for questioning."

After two hours of interviewing, David Roth was charged and booked on one count of assaulting a Police Officer and one of possessing an unregistered fire arm. When interrogated by Ed and Cyrus as to how he knew about the location of the DA, EADA and ADA, Roth told them the information had been posted on the website of his anti-death penalty group by a Hotel employee.

Once Kristen completed her paperwork, she went to Lieutenant Van Buren's office. "Excuse me Lieutenant," she said while tapping on the door frame.

"What can I do for you Kris?"

"As the secure Hotel has been compromised, I wanted to offer an alternative arrangement."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Construction on a secluded beach house has just been completed over on Larchmont and you are welcome to utilise it for as long as necessary."

"How far out are we talking?"

"It's thirty-four minute drive normally and an hour ten in traffic."

"Okay, leave it with me while I check with Chief Laird. I gather you know the owners?"

"I'm the owner and it's actually my wedding present to Connie."

Anita smirked, "You certainly do know how to spoil someone. I should get you to have a chat with my husband Donald some time."

Kristen giggled momentarily, "She's worth it and I'd be more than willing to meet your husband ma'am."

Part 15

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