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All's Fair in Fairhaven
By Sparx

Part 1

B'Elanna had come to the Fairhaven program to have a couple of drinks and unwind from the problems of the day. Unfortunately, one of the problems of her day chose that moment to take a seat opposite her at the table.

Seven watched B'Elanna calmly for a moment before turning her attention to the rest of the small tavern where other tables were filled with groups of Voyagers crew. "I did not think that you frequented such establishments." she commented cooly.

"Normally I don't. The program was open, so I decided to drown my problems instead if killing them." she said with a pointed look at Seven. "So, if you don't mind, and even if you do, you can leave now." B'Elanna growled.

For an answer, Seven took the bottle that was sitting on the table and poured B'Elanna another drink. "You would be much more successful in your endeavor if the synthehol you were imbibing had more than a negligible alcohol content." she observed dryly.

"I want to forget the problems I've had today, not get drunk and create a whole set of new ones. This," she said holding up her glass, "is just for it's psychological benefits."

"Would that be the benefit of making the crew think you are drinking real alcohol, so they will leave you alone?" Seven asked with a quirk of her lips.

B'Elanna couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "Maybe it's for the benefit of making you think it's real, so you'll leave me alone."

"That is highly unlikely. You know I am capable of discerning the alcohol content of a beverage. You would be unable to fool me." Seven replied calmly.

"Well, I could hope." B'Elanna growled.

"You would hope in vain." Seven answered with an imperious lift of her brow.

"You always contradict me." B'Elanna groused.

"I challenge you." Seven replied cooly

"You irritate the hell out of me." B'Elanna said with a sneer.

"I excite you." Seven responded with a small knowing grin.

"You make me so mad." B'Elanna grated.

"I make your pulse race." Seven said as she leaned slightly forward.

"You make me ...." B'Elanna began, but was cut off by a meshed finger on her lips.

Seven's cheek brushed B'Elanna's as she leaned close enough to whisper. "I make you wet."

Pulling slowly back, she let her lips caress the dark cheek and over to ghost softly across slightly parted lips.

Satisfied with the look she saw in B'Elanna's eyes, Seven stood. With a small smirk, she turned and walked toward the door. Half way across the room she turned back and with a rise of an implanted brow, asked, "Are you coming or not? Our bed is very cold when you are not in it."

A growl of a different kind was her only answer, as B'Elanna came back to reality and stood to follow Seven wherever she would lead.

Part 2

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