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SUMMARY: B'Elanna teaches Seven about families
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By Texbkwrm

Chapter 11

As they entered the bedroom Seven stopped just at the foot of the bed. "I am unsure how to proceed." she softly whispered.

B'Elanna holding Seven's face in her hands kissed her and said. "Well I think the first step would be to get a little more comfortable." Gently reaching around to the back of the biosuit she release the clasp. She smiled and quipped "I have also been doing research." Slowly lowering the garment until Seven's breasts were visible. Taking a long look at the milky white skin and the dusty pink aureoles. The vision was enough to cause both of B'Elanna's hearts to skip a beat. Raising her head and looking up, she saw the uncertainty in the other woman's eyes. "Seven you are so beautiful I don't have the words." With that tears came into Seven's eyes. B'Elanna reached up and softly brushed them away.

With all the willpower she possessed, She suppressed the klingon side of her nature. Telling herself that this was Seven's first time and that she was going to make it as special as she could for her or die trying. "Seven whatever you feel comforable with you set the pace." She kissed her passionately and then stepped back to slowly begin easing the biosuit the rest of the way off. Kneeling before her she could already smell the arousal on Seven. She gently pushed Seven onto the bed. Leaning over her with one of her legs between the other woman's thighs, she caressed her face gently beginning at the implant over her brow and slowly working her way to her mouth. Her lips followed the path that her hands had blazed. Ending in lingering kiss, She pulled back slightly and smiled at Seven's moan of protest. "Do you like that?" At Seven's nod, she said. "It gets better."

Now working her way down a long graceful neck. Kissing and nibbling she paused at the pulse point to give it extra attention. She slowly ever so slowly her hands crept closer to Seven's breast. Hesitating a moment to look at her partner and reassure herself that she wasn't moving to fast. She began to knead first one and then the other avoiding the nipples until Seven started to moan and writhe with frustration. Still softly she began to roll one nipple between her thumb and forefinger and then began pulling gently watching the nipple harden. When she blew delicately on the area, it caused a guttural moan to come from the writhing woman. "Do you like that?" Seven's only response was another groan. "It gets better." with that she took the nipple into her mouth and sucked hard.

Seven practically arching off the bed cried "Oh yes!" She felt like there was an electric current from B'Elanna mouth through her nipple to her core. Her center was soaking B'Elanna's pants as she rubbed up and down along her thigh. Then the klingon repeated the process on her other breast. Through gasps Seven said "I wish to touch you as well." at that she pulled the smaller woman's shirt sending buttons flying everywhere.

"Seven remind me to demonstrate buttons later much later." B'Elanna gasped as the former borg obliterated her bra. Seven's hands were everywhere as if she wanted to memorize every contour. Pulling away slightly B'Elanna began to kiss her way down to Seven's abdominal implants giving as much attention to the machine half now as she had given the flesh half a moment ago. Expecting cold metal these were warm and vibrated with Seven's increasing moans. Kissing and caressing her way down the blonde's left leg and then up to the inner thigh avoiding Seven's center she started back up the right leg. Pausing just above the blonde curls she looked up at her lover to see Seven's eyes dark with need. "Did you like that."

Seven let out a shuddering "Yes."

"It gets better." reaching she gently opened Seven's folds. For a dozen heartbeats she just breathed in her lover's arousal and then she gently blew on her moist core.

Seven gasped "B'Elanna I need." she ended on a shuddering groan.

"What? what do you need Seven." seeing the other woman unable to articulate "She said how about this." She brushed Seven's clit with her thumb. B'Elanna had to put her other arm across Seven's stomach to keep her from coming off the bed. Seven began to mewl in the back of her throat constantly. B'Elanna continued to massage her clit but only enough to bring her to the edge. As Seven squirmed to get closer to she didn't know what, B'Elanna asked "Did you like that? It gets better. Can I go inside you." Taking an incoherent moan as an assent she gently inserted one finger in her opening. Seven pushed up against the hand not even feeling the thin barrier break. Slowly B'Elanna added a second finger and began pumping faster. Knowing that Seven was extremely close now she whispered. "Come for me baby." with that she leaned down and sucked hard on Seven's nipple.

Seven exploded screaming "B'Elanna!!!!"

B"Lanna held her gently stroking her through the after shocks. Pulling her closer she asked. "Are you okay?"

Seven looked up and said "I did not know it was possible to be this happy." With that she began to cry.

"I love you. Seven." the klingon said as she comforted her lover.

"I love you too B'Elanna." Seven replied quietly.

"But now I would like to pleasure you as you have done me." With that Seven pushed B'Elanna onto the bed. She kissed the klingon fiercely until they were both gasping for air. Using her Borg enhanced strength she shredded the other woman's pants and tossed them to the floor. Kissing and sucking her way down B'Elanna's throat to her chest, Seven found the taste of the smooth skin intoxicating. Though she wanted to please B'Elanna she found her own arousal growing and when she finally took a breast into her mouth the groan she made was just as deep as B'Elanna's. going back and forth between booth breasts she lavished attention on them like she was a starving man at a feast. When B'Elanna tried to direct her downward, the blonde flipped her over instead. "I want to research all of you." Straddling the smaller woman's hips she leaned forward to nibble on the back of her neck just at the hairline. Stroking B'Elanna strong biceps and grinding her mound into the klingon's ass. Kissing and licking her way down her lovers spine. She got to the elastic of the B'Elanna's panties and pulled them off slowly caressing with hands and mouth from the soles of her feet to the firm globes. Kissing and even nipping them for several moment was making the woman beneath her frantic. Starting at the tailbone she licked all the way back up her spine eliciting a deep growl from B'Elanna. Seven reached around to the others flushed face and gave her a deep kiss. Reaching around to her lovers center she started to stroke the moist folds before she slipped a finger inside.

"More" B'Elanna growled. At that she added a second finger and then a third. As B'Elanna pumped against her had, She began to grind her mound into the klingons pelvis. After a little while Seven felt the muscles tighten around her hand. Seconds later moisture flooding her hand B'Elanna came shouting her name. She continued to grind and stroke and just as she felt her own climax reach her. B'Elanna came again. They both collapsed.

When B'Elanna awoke it was the wee hours of the delta shift. She felt this heavy weight pressing her into the mattress. Shifting gently she felt the other woman begin to stir. "Seven."

"Yes B'Elanna." she said as she slid to lay beside her lover brushing blonde hair out of her face.

"That was incredible. You knew exactly what I liked. I must say you adapt quickly." B'Elanna was amazed.

"I told you that I did a lot of research. I particularly wanted to know what would give you pleasure."

For some unknown reason this gave the klingon a sense of unease. "What kind of research?"

"I accessed all the data bases on Klingon, Human, and Lesbian sexuality. There were some very educating holoprograms by a Dr. Odon. Also I spoke with members of the crew that are lesbians and I interviewed your former lovers for your personal tastes." the former drone said matter of factly.

"You what! Oh my god." the lieutenant just groaned. "You talked to Tom."

"Yes he even was thorough enough to write out a report for me. Ensign Ralst from the Maquis said that your affair was too long ago for her to adequately remember and she did not wish to give inaccurate information. They had one thing in common they both asked if they could watch. I declined. Lt. Vorik said that while he had tried to initiate more intimate contact that you and he were never lovers. He did recommend that I look out for your left cross." Looking at her agitated lover Seven was perplexed.

Pulling a pillow over her head B'Elanna's muffled voice came out. "I am never leaving this room again."

Seven considered this for a moment before replying. "That is acceptable." pulling away the pillow. "I will continue with my research."

As Seven proceeded to kiss her senseless, B'Elanna's last thought was I am going to die. I am going to die happy but I am going to die.

Chapter 12

Delta quadrant

Opening her eyes B'Elanna took in the sleeping form of her lover and thought how lucky she was to be in this time and this place right now. Feeling the klingons gaze on her the other woman stirred. "Hey sleepy head." With a kiss B'Elanna brought Seven completely awake.

As they broke the embrace, the blonde smiled. "B'Elanna I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you holding back with me. I was nervous at first but I want you to know that you don't have to hold back anymore. I love the klingon half as much as the human half." With that she pulled her back into her arms.

B'Elanna pulled back and looked deep into Seven's eyes and growled "Mine" as she leaned forward there came a knock at the door.

Mitzoi's voice chimed out "Seven we are ready for our nutritional supplement."

Icheb shouted. "Mitzoi I told you I would replicate you something."

"I want Seven to do it. You don't do it right." The little girl retorted.

B'Elanna chuckled. "She is going to be a handful."

Seven sighed. "I will be there soon."

"Go ahead I am going to take a shower and replicate some clothes." The klingon motioned for her to go ahead. Seven slipped on her biosuit and walked through the door.

After she was alone in the room B'Elanna got out of bed on shaky legs and stumbled to the shower inside she leaned her head against the wall. I don't have to hold back she says. I can barely walk. Chuckling to herself I have created a monster. I am going to have to start taking vitamins. As her mind traveled back over last night, her inner voice added and naps too. Inside her there was a very happy klingon dancing.

Seven reentered the bedroom and started picking up the remnants of the clothing that she had so impatiently scattered the night before. She heard her lover call from behind the door. Walking through the door, she stopped short at the vision of a very naked klingon beckoning for her to join her in the shower. Smiling as she disrobed, she eagerly eased in beside B'Elanna. Making love in a small sonic shower requires three things ingenuity, strength, and above all good balance. Fortunately Seven had researched this.

After ward replete on the bed B'Elanna while caressing Seven's face noticed anxiety creeping into her eyes. "What's the matter?" At Seven's silence, she urged come on tell me."

"I am concerned about Mitzoi. I know something is wrong but I don't know what. It seems like she is being intentionally difficult."

"Would you like me to talk to her?" The blonde quickly accepted this offer.

"Okay let me get dressed. Where is she?" With one last kiss she got out of bed and headed to the replicator unit.

"She is with Samantha and Naomi Wildman in Hydroponics." With that she moved to stand behind the klingon to observe what outfit she was programming into the machine. "I like that color on you." Pointing to a dark green shirt similar to the one she had wore last night.

Pulling the clothes out of the machine she quickly donned her underwear and pants but she lingered over the shirt. Motioning Seven over she instructed. "This is how buttons work." Showing her slowly and taking all of her will power not to push the naked blonde onto the bed again.

Knowing the effect that she was having on the smaller woman. Seven raised an eyebrow and smirked. "My way is more efficient."

"Alright but that is going to take a lot of replicator rations. Quit distracting me or I am never going to get to talk to Mitzoi today." Pulling her into a heated kiss, then smacking Seven's hip as she turned to leave. "I'll call you after I talk to Mitzoi."

As B'Elanna entered the hallway she started noticing all the funny looks she was getting. Seven's research has made us the best gossip this ship has ever seen. Holding her head up the Klingon just started whistling. Knowing that she was not ashamed of their relationship and while she preferred her privacy, the looks of sheer envy she was getting were definitely a big ego boost. I mean when your lover is the best looking thing in the Delta quadrant it is a heady feeling. As she passed Tom in the hall she clapped him heartily on the back causing him to stumble and said "Good morning. Isn't it a great day!" enjoying the way his mouth hung open in shock. She just smiled hugely and wandered on.

As she entered the turbolift, she paused to wonder if the Captain had heard the news yet. Making a mental note to have Seven invite Janeway to dinner tonight so that they could break the news together that they were a couple.

As she entered the hydroponics bay, B'Elanna motioned Samantha over. "Hey Sam, how is everything."

"Not as good as you I hear." Razzed Lt Wildman.

Blushing B'Elanna explained. "That's what brings me here. Seven wants me to talk to Mitzoi how is she acting to you."

"Truthfully I am a little worried about her she is distracted and very stiff almost like when she first came on board." Sam turned to look over at the two girls playing. "She hasn't talked to me and I didn't want to push Naomi into breaking a confidence."

Calling to Mitzoi. B'Elanna brought her over to a secluded area of the bay close to the leela root knowing that only Neelix came to this area and that he would be cooking right now. "Mitzoi, Seven and Sam are concerned that something is bothering you. Talk to me about it."

"I am acceptable Lt.Torres." Mitzoi replied with a obstinate tilt to her head.

Thinking to herself. Oh so that how she wants to play it. Okay. "Seven and Sam have both noticed aberrant behavior on your part. As you say that you are acceptable, I must assume you are malfunctioning. Come on I will take you to the Doctor to perform the diagnostics. I am sure it will have to be at least a level three procedure."

Turning to tell Sam that she was going to take Mitzoi to sickbay. She was stopped by a little hand on her arm. "I am not malfunctioning." the little girl said strongly. Her inflection giving away her worry at having to go to sickbay.

"Now Mitzoi don't worry whatever it is I am sure the doctor can fix it." she patted her on the head. B'Elanna knowing in her heart that this kid was just like any other and did not like going to the Doctor unless she really had to.

"Lt Torres really I am functioning within adequate perimeters." the little girl hastened to assure the older woman holding her hand.

"Then what's wrong little one." B'Elanna bent down so that they were eye to eye.

At that Mitzoi caved and tears started welling in her eyes. "I don't want a sister. Don't tell Seven."

"Oh sweetie it's okay." she pulled her into a hug.

"The boys are bad enough. They pick on me and tease me."

"And you want to still be the baby and the only girl right" the klingon finished for her at the little girls guilty nod. B'Elanna just hugged her tighter. "You know I never had any siblings growing up but I know just who you need to talk to." With that the lieutenant activated the com "Lt. Torres to Captain Janeway."

"Go ahead B'Elanna." the captain responded.

"Captain I have a crew member that needs to speak with you about a personal issue. Do you have time?"

"Certainly, you can send them to my ready room. I am already here just working on paperwork. Who should I expect?" Janeway asked curiously.

"Mitzoi Captain but I will escort her and give you a break down."

Shortly thereafter they entered the ready room to see the captain quietly sitting on her couch and sipping tea. Gesturing with one hand she said. "Have a seat."

"I prefer to stand." Mitzoi stated stiffly.

"Have a seat Seven Jr." B'Elanna directed. After the little girl sat, the lieutenant turned to the captain. "Mitzoi is having a little trouble adjusting to having a baby sister. Captain knowing that you have a younger sister I thought you might be the best equipped to guide her through this. When your done page me or Seven and we will come walk her back."

"Okay B'Elanna I think I can handle this." The captain was slightly confused at to how B'Elanna had gotten involved with this.

Chapter 13

Delta Quadrant

After a long discussion with the captain, Mitzoi was reassured that even with the new baby that Seven's feelings for her would not change. Also that while little sisters could be a pest, that they were nowhere as annoying as brothers. Simply because boys were innately more aggravating than girls and being that she would be the older sister she would actually be able to boss her around. As the Captain related this she showed her holograms of her sister Phoebe and told her several amusing stories from the Janeway's childhood. Finishing the discussion Kathryn pulled her over into a hug and commented. "As kids my sister and I had our share of fights, but today she is one of my best friends. I really miss not being able to go and sit with her gossiping about our work and our lives." brushing tears from her eyes, the captain activated her com and called Seven. "Seven, Mitzoi is ready if you wish to come and pick her up."

"Captain I am working on a project in the mess hall with Neelix. I will be there shortly." as the com link was broken the captain heard her comment to the Taalaxian "yes I think they will do."

"Seven if it is okay I will bring Mitzoi down. I believe it is about my lunch time."

"Thank you Captain." Seven said. Again as the com link broke Janeway could overhear background chatter but this time she could not make it out.

"Come on lets go see what your mom is up to." motioning Mitzoi out the door.

Walking through the corridors, the captain was stopped by several of the crew with questions and comments about on going assignments. So it took longer than she had anticipated reaching the mess hall. Turning down the final passageway, Janeway heard a commotion and yelling as she got closer she could make out the words and they were klingon. Rushing through the doors she stopped short as she saw an object headed straight for her head. With a loud crash it impacted an invisible barrier about a foot from where she stood. As she was about to shout to the two Women through the forcefield. Neelix motioned her over to where he and Tuvok were standing. Seeing that her chief of security made no move to intervene and the unperturbed looks on their and Mitzoi's faces. She determined to get to the bottom of this. "Tuvok Mr. Neelix what is going on."

Tuvok responded. "It is a klingon tradition."

Finding this explanation somewhat brief she turned to Neelix. "What kind of tradition and why is it taking place in the mess hall?"

"Captain isn't it wonderful I just think it is so romantic." the shorter man gushed.

"I might if I knew what the hell was going on." the captain snarled.

Mitzoi pulled on the captain's hand "Captain I can explain. This is a klingon proposal ritual it is required by tradition to take place near a hearth. Starfleet protocol allows for the use of the mess hall if the proper precautions are used. The use of the forcefield was an acceptable safeguard to Commander Tuvok."

"Why didn't they close the room?" the captain asked. Praying that her synapses to catch up.

"It requires a public place and witnesses to be binding." Tuvok said. "I stayed to make sure the precautions were sufficient. It is illogical but logic must give way to tradition on occasion."

"Okay let me see if I have this straight B'Elanna is proposing to Seven." The captain's voice was incredulous.

"No captain." Neelix responded. "Seven is proposing to B'Elanna."

"Yes captain." Mitzoi agreed. "She gave the first bite that makes her the suitor."

"What are they yelling in there?" flabbergasted at the turn of events. The captain thought maybe if I get as much information as possible it will begin to make sense.

"Seven is boasting of what a great hunter she is and B'Elanna is laughing and saying that she could not find a targ if it bit her on the nose." Mitzoi reported calmly.

Okay Janeway thought to herself that throws that plan out the window. Seeing the look of confusion on her face Neelix sought to explain. "It is traditional for the suitor to make boasts and for the object of the suit to hurl insults back then they throw things and chase each other around. This repeats itself several times." At that she saw B'Elanna jump over a table to evade Seven's grasp. Seeing the two women smiling and observing the playfullness in their actions, she realized that they were in no danger.

"How long does this continue?" the captain asked.

"Until Seven catches her or B'Elanna lets her catch her. Should be anytime now. I asked them to try and finish before the lunch rush I am going to need those tables." Neelix assured her. It was only a few moments later when Seven's longer arms pulled the smaller woman to her forcefully.

The heard her say "jIH dok" as she bit the smaller woman and then lapped at the wound with her tongue.

B'Elanna moaned "Maj dok" reciprocated the action of her lover.

"Well that my cue." Neelix quipped and then touched his com badge. "Site to site transport for Lt B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine to the quarters of Seven of Nine." with that the two women disappeared into sparkles of light. "Mitzoi, I am going to clean this up real quick and then I am taking you over to Samantha and Naomi your brothers are already there and you are going to stay with them until this evening okay." Mitzoi just nodded and began punching in numbers on the console and all the debris was transported into the recycler. "Why thank you Mitzoi? Captain is there any thing else that I can help you with?"

"No Mr. Neelix I am just going to discuss with some of my people why I am not being kept up to date with ships business." the captain said turning toward her head of security.

Upon materializing in Seven's quarters, B'Elanna broke away from the taller woman and headed for the bedroom. Stunned for a moment, the blonde followed hurriedly. Expecting to see B'Elanna on the bed, she looked around puzzled when she could not find her lover.

As she got closer to the bed she was tackled from behind. B"Elanna pinning her to the bed taunted her "Thought you caught me did you. If I had run any slower I would have been backing up." growling she proceeded to ravage the silky neck with her lips and teeth nipping and sucking till Seven was moaning loudly. In an impressive display of strength she grasped the collar of the biosuit and ripped the front of it in half to gain access to the skin underneath. Holding Seven's face in her hands she told her "Mine." and then began to feast on her breasts.

Seven pulled B'Elanna back up to face her saying hoarsely "And you are mine." releasing her after a fervent kiss, she said "now you may continue." chuckling as she brought a nipple into her mouth. While nuzzling and nibbling, part of her mind could not contain the gratitude she felt at having found this woman. To go to the effort of a full klingon betrothal ceremony, to not only allow the oath bites but to welcome them. The oath said they were one blood but she was not only her blood but her hearts, her soul, and her life. No one had ever completed her this way. No one else could.

"Seven I love you." she whispered.

"B'Elanna Torres I love you also." kissing her hungrily. As the passion swept them both away the knew they were two broken halves made into one perfect whole.

Chapter 14

Delta Quadrant

Waking up to the feel of her lover's hand tracing along her spine, B'Elanna sighed contently and asked. "What time do we have to are the kids coming home?"

"They are returning for their evening nutritional supplement at 1800." Seven answered softly.

"Seven we need to invite Captain Janeway to dinner tonight to inform her of our relationship." as she explained this she turned over to face Seven.

"I do not think that was necessary as she was in the mess hall during the ceremony." The blonde intoned as she pushed the hair back from B'Elanna's forehead.

"Oh Kahless." the smaller woman moaned. "We definitely have to invite her over. Seven not including her in this could have really hurt her feelings. You know she loves you like a daughter and I know that you love her as the mother you really never had. Learn from my mistakes. Let her know what you feel and don't exclude her."

"Do you really think that I may have harmed Capt. Janeway emotionally?" the former drone asked worriedly.

"Well I know that she would most likely have preferred for you to tell her about our involvement than walk in on it like that but I am sure that if we call her and try to be a little better at including her in our family that it will come out alright. She's been in love too and she knows that sometimes you can get swept away in it." seeing that had alleviated a small amount of her lover's concern. B'Elanna continued. "You know that by klingon law and custom we are now married but if it is okay I would like to have a ceremony that our children and our friends can be included in. You know wedding cake, exchanging rings, and where I get to let everybody else on this ship know that you are officially off limits. I bet Kathryn would like to help us plan that and the kids would get a kick out of it too. Though Mitzoi will have to stay away from the color scheme. I am not that overly fond of pink."

"That would be acceptable." the blonde agreed.


"I would like that very much." Seven corrected herself.

"Computer what time is it." B'Elanna asked to lazy to look for a watch.

1605 came the response from the machine.

"Well you better call Janeway. I'll take a shower and then replicate us some clothes." B'Elanna said as she got up pausing for a last kiss before leaving the room.

"Seven to Captain" she said leaving the bed.

"Janeway here Seven. How can I help you." the captain inquired.

"B'Elanna and I would like to request your presence at our evening nutritional supplement in our quarters." walking over and opening the door while she was speaking.

"I would be delighted is there anything that I need to bring?" The captain asked.

After a pause Seven replied. "No your presence will suffice."

The Captain's curiosity piqued she asked. "Seven what are you doing?"

"I am observing B'Elanna in the shower. I am trying to estimate if we will have time to make love again before the children arrive. I believe we will have just enough time. I will expect you at 1830." with that Seven rejoined her lover.

Hearing a snort to her left Captain Janeway turned to Chakotay. "I know I shouldn't have asked and you my friend do you have anything to add this." looking pointedly at Tuvok.

The head of security had already been grilled about the need to keep the captain up to speed on these things. His only rejoiner was. "That I am sure that if Seven has taken all factors into consideration that her estimate will be accurate but as I have observed it is frequently difficult to know all the variables where children are concerned."

1830 found Katherine Janeway at the door of Seven's quarters B'Elanna opened the door and ushered her. "Come on in Captain." motioning her inside.

"Why this is lovely Seven I am sorry I did not get here to see it sooner." Janeway said as she entered the living area.

Mitzoi walked up and took her hand "My assignment is to conduct you to the table."

Smelling a wonderful aroma the captain sat down. "This looks lovely." she gestured to the table.

"That was our assignments." the twins chimed in together.

"Oh and Icheb what is your assignment." the captain twisted around to get a look at the oldest.

He entered carrying a tray with 6 glasses and a pitcher of iced fruit juice. "My assignment is the beverages."

As B'Elanna sat down she quipped. "Seven's got replicator duty and I got stuck with cleanup."

Walking in Seven set a platter of roast beef and a bowl of mashed potatoes on the table. " I remember you commenting on how you liked them captain." Seven said shyly.

"Thank you Seven it is one of my favorite meals. My mother still makes it on the first night I am there whenever I go for a visit." Janeway really appreciated the effort that had gone into the meal. After a few false starts the flow of the conversation eased and the meal was polished of quickly. When the meal was finished the group moved into the living area. The children began showing her various projects that they were working on and the games B'Elanna had given them. They even played one game of Jenga. B'Elanna taking pictures casually throughout the evening got a great one of Icheb as the tower of blocks tumbled on him.

As the evening wound down Seven spoke. "B'Elanna and I would like to discuss something with our family."

"Seven I am sure you want some privacy for this so I can leave." Janeway said hastily starting to rise.

B'Elanna motioning for her to remain seated. "Let Seven finish."

"Captain Janeway." Seven started haltingly. "I feel that you are a part of our family. You are the only mother I really remember. You have helped become an individual." at the klingon's nudge. "and I love you." her voice breaking at this point and tears in her eyes.

"Icheb can you and the other sochlings work on project in your rooms for a little while." B'Elanna knowing that this would be an emotional discussion difficult for both women and wanting to give them the privacy they both needed . Did what adults have done throughout time, chased the kids away just as it got interesting.

Icheb knowing when a tactical retreat was called for led his siblings down the hall dragging Mitzoi a little as she tried to hang back.

"Seven do you want me to go check on the kids." giving the other women an out if they wanted to handle this minus her company.

Seven just clung to her hand like a lifeline causing B'Elanna to truly be grateful for her strong klingon bones. Captain Janeway concurred "Please stay."

"Seven I truly do think of you as a daughter. It has been my pleasure to watch you grow and mature. I even wondered if when we returned to alpha quadrant you would consider allowing me to adopt you. I did not bring it up before now because I know you still get a lot of grief from the rest of the crew. I know there are several of them that are jealous of you already; calling you captain's pet and making other remarks. I didn't want to make your position more difficult." Hearing this a look of guilt quickly flooded the klingon's countenance. Seeing this the captain swiftly moved to reassure her. "B'Elanna your antagonism was always to her face. I am not saying you did not make comments to others but she always knew wear she stood with you. Hell everyone thought they knew your feelings for her. By the way Neelix made a killing on a betting pool. It seems that there have been wagers on who would capture your affections. It started right after you boarded. Neelix's bet was third on the list of the pool. He must have had some inkling from the beginning. He sent these ration chits over for you." after a pause Katherine smirked. " Oh by the way how was the shower, B'Elanna."

B'Elanna flushed crimson and stammered. "It was good. Why?"

"Oh Tuvok was just concerned that Seven had not taken all the variables into account when making the time estimate." knowing that this change of the conversation would distract the lieutenant from her remorse. "Seven did you allow adequate time?"

"Yes unfortunately the children were early and that required some haste with dressing. Mitzoi did ask B'Elanna why she was wearing her shirt inside out and we also had to discuss entry and knocking protocols."

At that the klingon turned the exact shade of bloodwine. Moving quickly to change the topic, B'Elanna took over the reigns of the conversation. "Any way Capt. Janeway before we get of track again. We would like to ask you to help us with a few things. Firstly Seven would like you to help us plan a wedding ceremony that would include you and the children and that we could invite our friends to attend . So they can share our joy. Secondly we would like you to be with us the day after tomorrow when the baby comes out of stasis. And thirdly we would like to borrow something"

This caused both of the other women to look at her bewildered. "Of course B'Elanna whatever you required I would be happy to loan you." The captain looked back and forth in confusion.

Taking her wife's hand in one hand and the captain's in her other. B'Elanna requested solemnly "We would like to borrow your name for the baby. Seven wants to name the baby Kathryn Janeway Hansen-Torres. It's a mouthful but we think she'll grow into it."

Janeway felt like her smile would split her face in half. "I would be honored."

Chapter 15

B'Elanna woke with a wonderful sense of contentment realizing that she had never in her turbulent life felt such peace before. Smiling to herself at the memory of last nights dinner, She knew her wife felt better knowing that the Captain had been eager to assist them and that she had been touched by halving a child of Seven's as a name sake. The kids had rejoined them after all of the adults composure was restored but knowing kids she would guess that they had heard most of it from the other side of the hall door. With those kids augmented hearing it had probably been a snap to eavesdrop. Content just to watch her spouse sleep, she thought how can any day get better than the way this is starting out.

By 1200 she had her answer it couldn't, If the day becomes any more aggravating, she thought I am going to go back to our quarter's and not come out till we get to the alpha quadrant.

First off Seven had to do some important sensor readings in astrometrics, and so she had to leave early when B'Elanna had a perfectly free day left by order of the captain. Of course I haven't been getting much sleep. Next she went to see Chakotay her oldest friend on this ship to see if her would stand up with her. A man she had literally been through hell and high water with. Did he agree? Of course he did but then when he had lulled her into a sense of complacency by telling her how happy he was for her. He hit her with five count them five data pads of forms she had to fill out due to her change in marital status and told her that Seven and she were still required to complete a counseling course. Leave it to the Starfleet to take a simple klingon marriage and drown it in paperwork.

Was she spared yet? No!! On the way into the corridor Harry stops her and asks her if he can play his violin at the wedding. Not sure what to do she tells him "I have to discuss it with Seven first." This seems to content him. Has she escaped yet? Not likely! As she heads to her old quarters to get some clothes, She runs into Tom. He say's. Now can you believe this! He wants to give her away. Stunned she asks "Why?" He believes that by helping Seven with her research that he was instrumental in bringing them together. Knowing that in all likely hood what he really wants is to steal some of the spotlight. B'Elanna shuts him down brutally. "Not no but hell no. Your lucky if we invite you." stalking past him into the room.

After several minutes checking Tom's location on the computer to make sure the coast is clear. She heads back to her new quarters thinking maybe I can catch a nap before I meet Seven in sickbay at 1200.

Was she able to make her getaway. Did you really think so? On her way down she was pinned by Neelix to go over several possible wedding menu's that he had thoughtfully made up. Thanking him she again said that she would have to discuss it with Seven. Retreating quickly she ran for the turbolift on the next level Sam and Naomi Wildman got on. Naomi wanted to know if she could be a flower girl. Not even knowing if they were going to have a flower girl B'Elanna did not know how to answer. So she stuck with the pat one that seemed to be working so far. "Thank you Naomi I am sure that Seven will want you in the wedding but I don't know yet if we are going to have a flower girl. So I'll have to discuss this with Seven and get back to you .okay" this seemed to appease the little girl.

By the time she worked her way through crewman offering congratulations and assistance she had to turn right around and head to sickbay. It was like running. If she slowed down even slightly she was captured before she could graciously slide by. It was 1210 by the time she got to sickbay and she had so many things that she was supposed to talk to the former borg about that they rolled around her head like pool balls at the break. All smacking into each other and only a few settling into the pockets of her memory .

As she entered the sickbay, Seven turned seeing the harried look on B'Elanna's face she hurried over. "Are you alright?"

Pulling the taller woman into her embrace she whispered "Hide me. They're all after me."

Truly concerned Seven insisted "Who? I will protect you."

"Chakotay is after me with paperwork, Neelix is after me with menus, and Naomi's after me with flowers. And those are only the ones I can remember. Everybody wants to help us with the wedding I told them that I would talk them over with you and now I can't even remember half of them. Don't let them find me." she glanced at the door as if expecting an invading horde any minute. B'Elanna Torres warrior, former Maquis commando, and star fleet officer was brought low by a wedding.

"It's alright." stroking her wife's back. She realized that B'Elanna could not see the humor of this situation at this time but fortunately Seven possessed an eidetic memory and that she would share it with her later probably many times. "Come and see little Kathryn." guiding her over to the stasis chamber so that she could see the baby.

After leaving the two mothers alone for several minutes, The Doctor returned. "I understand congratulations are in order. Seven if you would like I can sing a song from an opera for you at the wedding? A klingon opera." he offered.

At this suggestion the klingon visibly paled. Tugging her lover to the side a fierce discussion insued. Seven returned. "Doctor I am afraid that will not be possible." after a pause seeing the dejection on his face she continued. "Because I would like you to escort me down the aisle."

After leaving sickbay the two women returned to their quarters. Seven having to regenerate so B'Elanna decided to nap. Awakening to the chime of the regeneration chambers cycle completing. B'Elanna shifted so that she could watch her wife emerge. Beckoning her over she through back the covers. "Seven how much time do we have before the kids get home."

"As it is 1618 and the children will arrive at 1800 and Katherine will arrive at 1830, we have one hour and forty two minutes before any interruptions shall occur. I believe that is sufficient time if you do not dawdle." She said shedding the biosuit and climbing into bed.

Smiling hungrily the klingon retorted. "But you like it when I dawdle." Leaning over and nipping Seven on the lips.

Flipping the klingon over and pinning her to the bed, Seven smirked "That I do. Did you lock the door this time?" at the klingon's nod. Seven proceeded to ravish her senseless.

A mad scramble ensued at 1755 to get clothes on before the children arrived. Following a riotous meal with the children trying to decide for a proper designation for B'Elanna being that Seven was mother or mom. Which they had been practicing for the last few days. It was still a little stilted. They had really liked mamacita which means little mother in Spanish. The klingon was still trying to divert that idea. Finally agreeing to do more research the children let it drop for now but she knew she would be hearing more about it later.

They retired to the living area where Kathryn and Seven started a serious strategy session about the wedding. With the kids coming back and forth from there projects to offer helpful suggestions. Well they thought they were helpful. B'Elanna was splitting her time between the wedding planning and filling out the paperwork that Chakotay had stuck her with. When one got too frustrating she would turn her attention to the other.

They had already come to several decisions. Mitzoi was overjoyed that both her and Naomi would be bridesmaids and the pride glowed in her eyes when Seven told her that she thought they were both too mature for flower girls. And while their dresses would not be pink they could carry pink flowers. Mitzoi rushed to her room to contact Naomi and let her know the good news. The twins were not quite as enthusiastic when told that they would be escorting the girls down the aisle but they were mollified when they were told that B'Elanna would be honored if they would stand up with her.

Turning her attention to her oldest son the klingon said. "Icheb the Doctor is going to walk Seven to the altar would you do the same for me and then stand with Chakotay and I."

"That would be very acceptable." Icheb's voice echoing the pride in his eyes.

Seven had also decided that as Janeway was performing the ceremony. She would like to ask Samantha Wildman to be her Matron of honor.

After these early agreements, came the list of B'Elanna's Veto's

1. In response to the children's suggestion of a Betazoid wedding. No! (for those unfamiliar with Betazoid customs their marriage vows are performed in the nude.)

2. In response to Seven's suggestion for B'Elanna's attire of full klingon Battle armor. No! That stuff is hot and heavy and you could injure someone if you tried to dance in it. They compromised with Starfleet Dress Whites and a Klingon Battle Sash.

3. Bloodwine for the toast. No! B'Elanna said "Seven baby sythenol knocks you for a loop. Bloodwine would knock you on your ass and I want you conscious for the wedding night. Anyway not many besides klingons could handle bloodwine and they really did not want to get the whole ship drunk. A nice cabernet was agreed to by all after that logic.

This want on well into the night.

Part 16

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