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Fantasy 2
Further Little Misunderstandings

By allie

--It Started with a Scream--

"I'm warning you right now; if you don't stop and put that down you will spend the next ten years in the brig!" Janeway was scarlet in the face and puffing from over-exertion. She had been chasing Bethany around the ship for the last fifteen minutes.

Bethany called back to her Captain and honorary gran. "But, Capa'gwan; it's mine! Mama said I could use it!"

"Bethany, stop!" Janeway bellowed in her command voice certain that the child would finally listen to her.

Bethany (Beebop to the crew; much to her mommy's consternation) stopped and turned to face her Captain; unconsciously lifting the weapon she held in a defensive position. She looked along the length of the phaser at her Capa'gwan and appeared to take aim.

Neelix and Samantha Wildman exited the turbolift just as Bethany raised her hand.

Both screamed.


Startled, Bethany squeezed the trigger; and watched in horror as the beam hit her Capa'gwan in the chest causing her to buckle and collapse to the floor.

Neelix and Sam ran towards the prone Captain while the panicked child screamed at the computer. "Voyager – I want my mama – 'mergency."

B'Elanna and Seven had programmed the computer to recognize various distress calls from their child. Anything remotely resembling the word "emergency" or any recognizable fear in her voice would beam the child to her mama's location (or Seven's if Torres wasn't aboard) and out of whatever danger she had gotten herself into this time.

Torres whirled at the sound of the transporter whine in the confined space of the Jeffries Tube she was currently sitting in, making repairs to damaged systems. Surprised at the sudden appearance of her daughter she frowned.

"Wa'Hom? What did you do this time?" She quizzed as she crawled towards her daughter.

Short enough to be able to stand comfortably in the cramped area, Bethany ran to her mama and clung tightly to her. Wrapping her free arm around the waist of the child B'Elanna twisted until she was seated; then pulled her daughter closer.

The tinge of fear combined with the soft baby scent of her daughter automatically put B'Elanna on edge.

"Wa'Hom?" Lifting the child's chin to gaze into her eyes B'Elanna reiterated her question. "What did you do this time?"

"Mama?" Bethany pouted an exact replica of her mommy's (guaranteed to make B'Elanna melt) and tried to smile. "Don't be mad at me?"

"Just tell me what you did?"

Batting her long lashes at her mama and glancing briefly at the floor then back to her mama, she replied. "I shot Capa'gwan."

--It Wasn't My Fault--

Seven received the summons to join her wife in Sickbay during a lull in the procedure she was conducting. The computer continued its calculations as she logged out and advised Tal Celes that she would return as soon as possible.

Making her way briskly to Sickbay, she pondered the request from her wife. If it had been an emergency she would have been advised to hurry: but the evident calm in her wife's tone meant there was nothing urgent or life threatening.

There had been a distinct lack of action around Voyager recently except the usual smatterings of smutty comments about their sex life and implied threesomes. (With the Captain amongst others.) This was becoming tedious, how Seven longed for an adventure where she didn't have to have such strength or control; where someone else (preferably Torres) made her decisions for her, akin to having a "Mistress" whilst still allowing her some individuality.

Entering sickbay she was surprised to see the Captain lying prone on the biobed. Rushing over to her side, she quizzed her wife as to her presence and the problem.

"What happened to Kathryn? Why is she here? Why are you here? How is she damaged?"

Bethany hung her head and cooried further into her mama's shoulder. She knew exactly why the Captain was lying there. Glancing up at her mommy through her long lashes she tried to smile.

"Bethany? What did you do?" Seven asked of her daughter as she perched on the edge of the bed. Lifting Janeway's hand and caressing it gently Seven eased her pregnant frame further onto the bed.

"Mommy, I dint mean it. It was a accident, it wasn't my fault." Bethany mumbled into her mama's throat.

Looking to her wife for confirmation of the accident and the details of it Seven frowned at the pallor of her adopted mother's skin. The normally robust woman looked decidedly worse for wear.

"Soch, she really didn't mean it. I spoke to Neelix and Sam Wildman. They saw what happened. Bethany and Kathryn had been playing velocity; at the end of the game they went to the mess hall for a drink then back to our quarters to shower and change clothes. Neelix told me that he saw them racing from the turbolift with Bethany being chased by Kathryn. Bethany had hold of her modified velocity phaser. Janeway thought she'd lifted a real one so gave chase to get it back from her. When she couldn't catch her, she bellowed using her command voice. Bethany got a fright and shot her accidentally."

Torres was having a hard job keeping the laughter out of her voice and the smile from reaching her eyes.

"When she realized what she'd done, she got Voyager to transport her to my location. I don't know who got the bigger fright. Bethany or Janeway."

"Oh, I think that would be me!" Janeway muttered from the bed as she pulled herself upright to lean on her elbows.

"Capa'gwan, I is sorry. I dint mean to shoot you." Bethany crawled from her mama's arms onto the bed beside Janeway as she spoke.

"I know Bethany. I'm sorry I shouted at you." She leaned over to kiss the tiny ridges on the child's forehead.

Satisfied that her "Capa'gwan" had forgiven her Bethany clambered down and moved out of the line of sight of her parents. They were conversing quietly with the now recovering Janeway and the Doc. The prognosis was good, no permanent damage, except to Janeway's pride. The phaser had been modified to use a much lower than normal setting since it would be a child who was using it.

Suddenly the entire sickbay was plunged into blackness….

--The Lights Went Out—

Bethany had the sickening feeling that she was about to get the blame for the sudden darkness which engulfed sickbay. She whimpered, trying to recall the last known position of her mama: and where she was in relation to that position.

B'Elanna growled a string of curses as she tried to sight her daughter by using her sense of smell and keen Klingon hearing.

Neelix picked himself up from the Mess Hall floor wiping at the disgusting mess on his apron; grumbling about the waste of good Leola Root stew. Looking around he tried to remember exactly where Naomi and Samantha had been sitting eating their lunch. He may not be a warrior like B'Elanna but he was fiercely protective of his girls.

Naomi squawked, calling out for her mother, afraid in the sudden blackness.

Samantha Wildman cried out for her daughter to stay still, help would find them soon enough.

Janeway cursed her luck yet again and tried to hail the bridge to find out what was going on.

Seven wet herself….

Well, actually….

Seven's waters chose that moment to break and her labour to start. She frowned in disgust at the damp patch which was rapidly spreading beneath her. Being married to B'Elanna for over ten years had taught her a multitude of curses in various languages; added to the ones she already knew; several of which she muttered under her breath.

"Mama? Mommy?" Bethany's fear of the dark overwhelmed her Klingon instinct to remain quiet in times of danger. The child wailed plaintively into the darkness. "Mama, it weren't me this time. I dint do nothing."

"Wa'Hom? When you climbed down off Capa'gwan's bed, where did you go to?" B'Elanna was still struggling to locate her daughter in the darkness.

"B'Elanna, she is approximately two metres to your right and slightly ahead of you, she was playing underneath the Doctor's main console." Seven spoke evenly through the pain in her midsection.

Her nanoprobes kicked in to lessen the pain of contractions and allowed her to concentrate on locating her daughter and seeing her safely into B'Elanna's arms. "She is directly to your right, if you turn slightly you will be able to touch her head with your hand." Seven instructed her Borg enhanced vision playing a huge part in locating their wayward daughter.

Touching the crown of her daughters head with one hand and reaching for her with the other, Torres gently guided the child into her arms. Her keen hearing picked up the laboured breathing coming from her wife's general direction. "Seven, are you ok? Are you hurt?"

"I am undamaged B'Elanna, I am simply in labour."

"Oh, Kahless Soch, you fair picked your moment didn't you?" B'Elanna complained cheerfully as she made her way back to the biobed her wife was sitting on. She deposited her daughter at the foot of the bed and turned to her wife. "Okay, what do I need to do?"

Bethany looked up at her mama; she knew the baby was due. She could hear the child's impatience and sense the impending arrival. Silently she calmed the child through their link. Glancing towards her mommy in the murky half-light of sickbay she whispered, "Mommy, Rebecca wants out, but I told her to quiet, we need the lights on first."

"Thank you Bethany." Seven grimaced through the pain. B'Elanna moved again, this time heading over to the main console again to set about getting power back on in Sickbay and the EMH reactivated.

Janeway meantime had moved slowly and carefully from the biobed towards the exit. She needed to know what was happening on the bridge of her ship and since communications was off line; she had no choice but to make her way there.

Forcing her fingers into the slight gap between the doors she pushed and pulled until she could get a hold and tried to pry the doors open. Her own strength was insufficient to open the doors, causing her to growl curses which would make B'Elanna proud.

Seven kept one eye on her daughter who was sitting at the bottom of the biobed, alternately whimpering and reassuring the new baby, whilst trying to maintain a cool demeanour through the pain. B'Elanna tackled the mainframe trying to get power to Sickbay so that she could re-activate the EMH.

Bethany climbed down off the bio bed and wandered over to the doorway where Janeway was working on getting the doors opened. Seven saw her safely beside Janeway and relaxed slightly. She knew that the Captain would not let her come to harm. The two of them may clash on a daily basis but they adored each other.

Not realising that Bethany was standing right behind her Janeway turned and started to walk over to question B'Elanna about the manual release controls for the doors and promptly fell over the child.

Sprawling ass over teakettle and landing in a heap on the floor Janeway growled. "For the love of God child – do you have to put me on my ass every time…?"

-- Bedtime Stories --

Hours later the emergency dealt with and power restored to all parts of the ship Seven and B'Elanna rested comfortably in their bed. Baby Rachel was snuggled safely in her cot next door, right next to an angelic Bethany who was snoring slightly.

Exhausted from the exertions of childbirth but incredibly horny at her wife's languid touch Seven shyly spoke to her wife.

"Benal, tell me of your dream?"

"Again? I've told you this before." B'Elanna chuckled, knowing exactly why her wife wanted that particular bedtime story.

"I know. However I want to hear it again. I'm too tired too move, but I want to listen to your voice telling me..."

"Ok...." B'Elanna interrupted as she settled further into the bed and started talking.

"I stood and walked over towards you, smirking at the anticipation on your face. I knew that you wanted this as badly as I did. I saw you lift your head and eyes as I glided closer to you. I saw your eyes dilate with your lust for me.

I could sense your arousal – it pounded my soul in waves – its flush coloring your skin with a light blush. I could almost feel your heart triple hammering in your chest. I could hear your breathing escalate. I could hear you pant your pleasure at the thought of me loving you.

I could sense your satisfaction at the thought of kissing me. I lowered my tiny frame to straddle you, sitting on your thighs, my fingers automatically reaching for your hair at the nape of your neck, loosening the pins holding it up and letting it cascade down your back.

My lips graze softly across yours, gently, tasting you, taunting you with whisper soft caresses. I feel you groan into my mouth as I escalate the kiss, my soft tongue gently forcing its way into the hot cavern of your mouth.

I feel you pull me closer into your body, tightening the hold you have on my ass. Kneading my cheeks and running your hands upwards along the length of my back.

I press against you tightly, almost crushed in your embrace, as my tongue duels with yours, sliding softly together, caressing your mouth and teeth. My right hand travels from your neck downwards. In slow delicate movements, I trace your neck and shoulders as I move my hand around your body to your chest.

I am breathless and dizzy with the kiss. I had been breathing through my nose but I need more air. I want to breathe deeply, urgently, but am reluctant to pull away. I feel you make the decision for me as your lips leave mine. I hear you pant your pleasure as you heave a gasping breath.

My hand slowly caresses your upper chest, whispering promises of things yet to come. I toy with the buttons of your shirt. I tease you. I move my fingers further down to the swell of your breasts, to my right then across your body to my left.

As my hand travels, I feel your shiver; I ghost my hand across your right breast and feel the nipple raise and solidify under my touch. I feel your lips trail kisses along my neck as you duck into my shoulder and sigh.

I smile at the reactions from you and continue my journey across your chest. I caress you gently, knowing that the slow burn of arousal will have caught flame in you and propel you towards passion.

I feel you. I sense you. I ache for you. I respond to your passion and power. The hold you have over me is irresistible; I cannot deny the love I have for you. I flow towards you, drawn to my destiny: to you.

I gently loosen your shirt buttons and reveal your body to my hungry gaze. Parting the soft cloth, I separate you from the material. My hands busy, my mouth returning to recapture yours.

Our oral duel continues as my hands busy themselves divesting you of your bra revealing to me your breasts and your puff of pleasure into my mouth. The cool air of the room has made your flesh goose-bump. My hands trailing your flesh increase them.

I wander across your cleavage from right to left and back again teasing you. Smirking at you; squirming beneath me. Feeling you, and hearing, you become more inflamed by my touch.

I wander lower to the waistband of your trousers gently prying them open, the button popping loudly in the quiet room. Shivers of stimulation travel the length of my own spine as I hear you gasp again into my mouth.

Pulling you closer, crushing you against me I slide my hand inside to touch you. Your curls are damp with arousal, your dew collecting on my fingers as I probe deeper into you.

I hear you growl at me as my fingers slide inside you. Your excitement is obvious. Your kisses become brutal in their intensity but I lap it up. I can take your need, your lust, your desire. Your hands rake at my back clawing at my tunic, almost shredding it in the process.

I feel you rip my top trying to remove it from me without breaking the kiss. I gasp into your mouth. The slight pain of your hands gripping and pulling at me excites me further. I grind into you forcing my hand deeper inside you.

Breaking the kiss, you howl my name begging me for release. Entreaties and pleas to various gods and goddesses flow from your luscious mouth. Desire floods your core and my hand, closer and closer to your peak; you scale the heights of passion at my bidding.

I break from your mouth and lower my head – capturing your precious nipple in my mouth - grazing my teeth across the tip. My free hand lowers to capture your engorged clit between forefinger knuckle and thumb.

"I love you." I whisper.

It is enough.

I send you screaming, screaming my name, over into bliss."

The End

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