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By allie

Part 1

Seven smirked slightly at the sight of her wife. She knew she had angered her with her last comment and knew that if B'Elanna lost her temper there would be Grethor to pay. Even after ten years of marriage, she still found it fascinating to watch the passionate woman.

B'Elanna for her part was desperately trying to reign in her Klingon temper and not lose control over this incident. She knew that there was a perfectly good explanation behind Seven's confession; if only she could get her inner Klingon to shut up long enough to let her listen to it. Her human side was a lot more reasonable than the Klingon; she wanted to listen to the explanation, the Klingon wanted to rip something apart and beat someone over the head with it.

"B'Elanna?" Seven's husky voice growled. As her wife turned back to look at her she raised her ocular implant and tilted her head. "I was not unfaithful to you."

"Right at this moment; I don't give a damn!" B'Elanna fumed; her notoriously short fuse about to blow. "The fact that you thought about it is enough to piss me off!"

"Your logic is flawed as usual B'Elanna; there is a very distinct difference between thinking about something and actually doing said something."

Seven's cold Borg logic seemed to inflame B'Elanna further. She stalked from the room in search of…something that wasn't her wife at this moment in time.

Entering their bedroom, she threw herself onto their bed and covered her eyes with her arm sighing heavily. Maybe she was being unreasonable; maybe she was being childish; maybe she was even being 'illogical' like her wife accused her of being…but said wife had all but admitted to kissing another woman!

That thought raced through her mind. It wouldn't leave her alone. Her inner demons had Seven in a full on relationship with this woman and telling B'Elanna she wanted a divorce.

"Why? Why did she tell me? I know that Seven can't keep secrets, she's too honest and logical for that, but why the Grethor did she tell me?"

Her inner nag decided it was time to give her some answers to her questions.

"Weelllll…you see, you work 15 hour shifts, and you leave her alone for hours on end and she is one of the most beautiful women in this quadrant. Did you really think no one else would notice her?" the nagging little voice was taunting her and she knew it.

"Yeah, but she works just as long as I do. And of course I know other people look at her, she's beautiful so of course they look. But she thought about it!" B'Elanna argued with herself.

"Yeah, THOUGHT about it for a few seconds."

"For a Borg, a few seconds is like an eternity for the rest of us."

"B'Elanna, you really need to get a lid on your jealousy. She thought about it for Kahless sake. She didn't go through with it."

"She thought about kissing Ro Laren. She was close enough to her that their breath mingled and their noses touched. That's what she told me. You know Seven, her eidetic memory allows her to repeat verbatim what happened."

Unable to control the tears she had been holding back B'Elanna started sobbing. "What if she leaves me for her?"

Stepping into the room quietly Seven answered the question. "I would never leave you Bang'wi. I love you."

"Oh, Seven!" B'Elanna threw herself into her wife's arms as Seven sat on the edge of the bed. Sobbing loudly she pulled her into a tight embrace knowing her Borg physiology could cope with Klingon strength.

Tightening her own grip Seven tenderly kissed the ridges on her beloved's brow. "I love only you. I was tempted for 0.0035 seconds to respond to the romantic overtures from Ro Laren. I did not however allow her to kiss me. That is something I reserve for only you." Seven whispered in her wife's ear. "ONLY you, no one else has ever kissed me, nor will they."

Raising her head from the shoulder she was crying on, B'Elanna swiped at the tears flowing down her face. "You mean that?"

"Indeed. I will never kiss another." Seven vowed. "That is a promise I have always kept."

"But you thought about it?" B'Elanna couldn't get the thought out of her head.

"Yes. She handed me a padd with data regarding the next sector of space. Our fingers brushed together. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. As you know we are of a similar height, so her face was very close to mine. I knew from the look on her face that she was about to kiss me. Her eyes were hooded and I could smell her arousal. It was then that I thought about it."

B'Elanna gasped, even though Seven was repeating exactly what she'd told her earlier it still shocked her to hear it.

"She leaned our joined hands against my chest and brushed her nose gently against mine. At this point I pulled away reminding her that I am a married woman; married to a Klingon."

Klingon jealousy over the faithfulness of their partners is legendary so B'Elanna knew that Seven had been making quite a strong point by bringing that into the conversation.

"She laughed and told me that she wasn't afraid of you. She said she could handle 'the little Klingon' and tried again to kiss me. I reminded her that there was nothing more dangerous in the quadrant than a jealous Klingon and moved out of her grip. She glared at me; called me 'Ice Princess' and left Astrometrics. That is all that happened."

"She called you 'Ice Princess'?" B'Elanna asked in disbelief. She hadn't picked up on that earlier. "I'll rip her heart out and feed it to my targ! That's my pet name for you; no one else should be using it!"

Seven's face lit up in a beautiful smile, her beloved was finally focussing on something else. There would be no more discussion of her supposed indiscretion for a while. She watched, as her wife stalked from one end of the bedroom to the other mumbling under her breath just exactly what she would do to Ro Laren when she got her hands on her.

Catching her wife in a strong grip as she passed her again, Seven pulled her into her lap. "There has been too much talk about kissing…" She whispered, raising her face to her wife. Taking the hint B'Elanna proceeded to kiss her senseless.

Part 2

Striding swiftly from Astrometrics Ro Laren mumbled under her breath completely oblivious to anyone or anything else around her.

"Have I just made the biggest mistake of my life? Have I completely lost my mind or has an alien taken possession of my body and manipulated me?"

"Whatever the reason, I'd better think of it soon because as soon as the 'little Klingon' finds out what I've had done there is going to be Hell to pay. There is no way such an honour-bound person like B'Elanna will let me away with what I have just tried to do."

"Spirits preserve me. She is going to rip my heart out and feed it to me! There isn't anywhere in the Quadrant I will be able to hide when she comes looking for me."

Without realizing how she got there she punched in her entry code into the pad at her quarters. Stepping inside she blew out a huge sigh as she made for the replicator. One very large Klingon blood-wine in hand she made for the large sofa in her main room. Flopping down; her monologue continued unabated as she drank the potent liquid.

"I called her 'Little Klingon' how stupid am I? Is there no end to the insanity I possess? 'Little Klingon' indeed, she'll snap me into little bits when she gets her hands on me and feed me to her pet targ. Or she would if she had a real one. What was I thinking of; boasting that I wasn't afraid of her? The woman is a walking war-zone when she gets started. Oh, and by the way Laren, what better way to start her than to try to kiss her wife?"

The alcoholic content of the blood-wine was quickly taking effect on her system as she gulped mouthful after mouthful. Returning to the replicator for a refill her thoughts centred on how she would be able to avoid a furious Klingon; for the next fifty or so years.

"I'm the bloody First Officer! I'm supposed to be above things like this, this is more like a stunt Paris would try to pull off, not something the second in command of a starship should do. Janeway has it right; holograms are a lot less trouble. B'Elanna is going to kill me. I will be able to avoid her for a few days but for years? Nope, not likely. She's gonna track me down and hurt me."

Gazing at her again empty glass she glowered trying to remember drinking it. Lurching from her semi-recumbent position on the sofa she almost fell over her own feet. Blood-wine shouldn't be drunk by amateurs and Laren was a definite light-weight when it came to alcohol.

"When Seven tells her; and she will, make no doubt about it, she will tell her EVERYTHING. Every minute detail. Hell, she'll probably be able to tell her how high my blood pressure was when I thought she might just kiss me back. She'll tell her how I tried to make her unfaithful to her Bang'wi. She'll get me killed. It's all her damned fault."

Ro had heard many tales of Blood-wine reducing full grown Klingons to quivering wrecks if they drunk too much so her slight Bajoran physique was in no way capable of coping with the alcoholic content of the empty again glass. It was also reducing her mental capacity to mush.

"If she wasn't so beautiful, I would never have tried to kiss her. It's her own fault. If she has anyone to blame for her infidelity it's herself, not me. I could see her thinking about it, for almost a second, she wanted to kiss me. B'Elanna may kill me for trying to kiss her, but will she kill Seven for thinking about it? No, she'll probably just let her away with it, even though thinking about kissing another woman is cheating in my book."

Ro threw the glass at the wall opposite her in disgust.

"B'Elanna may be big on honour, but will she allow her wife this indiscretion? Oh Laren, why ask? You know the answer yourself. Of course she will. Seven is perfection to the Little Klingon. There is no way she won't forgive her. You get to die, or at least damaged severely, and the 'Ice Princess' gets off scot-free. When did the rules of monogamy change? Thinking about it is as bad as doing it! That's what I was taught. She THOUGHT about it. She wanted to. Oh, crap, B'Elanna is gonna kill me."

The sudden chirping of her door chime made her jump about a foot in the air. Struggling to rise from the stupor she'd drink herself into she was about to call out to the computer for the identity of the person outside her door. Before she could ask the computer the person outside bellowed loud enough for her to hear.

"Ro Laren, get out here! I want a word with you about trying to kiss my 'Ice Princess'!"

Part 3

"Ro Laren, get out here! I want a word with you about trying to kiss my 'Ice Princess'!" B'Elanna bellowed from the corridor. She knew that Ro would hear her. She also knew that if she got physical with the first officer in public that Janeway would throw her in the brig.

Silently counting to ten she waited for Ro to open the door to her quarters. Having spoken to Seven about what had happened she believed that Ro had taken advantage of her wife. Even after ten years of marriage she still felt that Seven was an innocent. Not quite as innocent as in the beginning, but definitely still an innocent.

There was no way she was going to allow Ro "petaQ" Laren make a mockery of their vows by placing Temptation in Seven's path. She was going to…

…Laugh her head off. Ro had opened the door to her quarters and stumbled out into the corridor falling flat on her face. The overpowering smell of Klingon Blood-wine permeated the small area. Ro Laren was absolutely plastered! (really drunk for the non-Glaswegian's in the audience)

From her position on the floor Ro mumbled something which sounded like "amnutafreyda-u" and tried to pick herself up. Grasping at the Klingon's legs and body she managed to haul herself up B'Elanna until they were breast to nose.

B'Elanna frowned at the hands pawing her legs and body. They were getting a little too close for comfort for her. She gasped and froze for a second as she suddenly came nose to breast with a very drunk Bajoran.

Steeling herself for a confrontation she moved Ro out of her personal space and back towards her quarters. This conversation was not one she was willing to have in public.

The inebriated officer was putty in her hands as she was heaved onto her sofa. Watching her land with an audible whoosh of discomfort B'Elanna suppressed a grin. This was better than expected. She would be able to say whatever she wanted without reprisal. Ro was too drunk to be able to remember what was said.

"Don't you dare B'Elanna." Her inner nag sounded just like Seven. "That would be unacceptable."

Sighing heavily, she glared at Ro who was desperately trying to focus on her. "Why did you try to kiss my wife?" B'Elanna quizzed. "You know she's married, so why did you try?"

"I thought she wanted to kiss me." Ro responded. "When our hands touched it was like she was hinting to me to kiss her."

"Touching hands means kissing in your warped world?" B'Elanna only just restrained herself from bellowing. "You tried to kiss my wife! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you apart?"

"Because; I'm drunk?" Ro giggled. "You wouldn't hit someone who obviously can't defend themselves would you?"

"You're right, I wouldn't. But…answer me this? Are you going to stay drunk for the rest of the trip home?"

The look on Ro's face was priceless; this was one solution she hadn't considered. Being drunk for the next fifty years or be on the receiving end of Klingon justice? "Yeah. Drunk for years. That's good."

"You tried to tempt her and make her break her vows. Why?"

"Because, she's beautiful. It's her own fault. She's too beautiful. No one should be allowed to be that beautiful. She wanted to kiss me too. Did she tell you that?" Ro rambled.

"Yes. She told me that she thought about it for a second. But pushed you away. You laughed at her. When she reminded you that she's married: to me; you told her you weren't afraid of the "Little Klingon" and tried to kiss her again. When she refused to kiss you, you called her "Ice Princess" and walked away. Did I miss anything?" Seeing Ro shake her head B'Elanna continued. "Why Ro? There are plenty of single women on this ship, why go after Seven?"

"I wanted a little of the happiness you two have. I wanted a little piece of Borg Perfection for myself. No one; except you can say you've experienced that!" Ro spat out jealously. "You don't deserve her."

"Neither do you." B'Elanna turned and headed to the door. As the mechanism triggered she turned back and growled. "Ro, one more thing?"


"Don't ever call her "Ice Princess" again or I will rip you apart."

Part 4

"Captain's Personal Log Supplemental – A rather unusual occurrence in the Delta Quadrant happened today; an argument involving B'Elanna Torres which didn't result in bloodshed. I was alerted by a couple of crewmen of a potential conflict outside Ro Laren's Quarters. B'Elanna was bellowing for her to come out and face her. I wasn't told why, just that it was happening. I rushed from the bridge to Deck Three to try to calm any conflict between them."

"Everything had been going so well for B'Elanna in recent years; she settled down and lost the edge off her Klingon temper when she and Seven married. They've even begun to talk about having a baby!"

"When I got to Ro's quarters, I saw B'Elanna shove Ro out of her personal space and move her into the room. She did not look pleased at how Ro had pawed her way up her body. Oh, how I would love to have been on the receiving end of that treatment. I wouldn't have shoved Ro away; I'd have pulled her closer and ravished her in the corridor."

"As I stood there dreaming about Ro and having hugely inappropriate thoughts about my First Officer's naked body wrapped around mine Seven appeared at my side. She nodded at me and raised her left eyebrow as she spoke "Have they gone inside?" I replied that they had. It was here she told me why her wife was about to confront Commander Ro. She smirked after she had filled in the details. She seemed so calm and unaffected by the whole debacle. They were about to fight over her; her honour; her fidelity and she stood there smirking."

"There are some days I want to slap myself for ever having entertained lustful thoughts of Seven and me together. She's much too…I don't know what; I really wouldn't mind Ro wrapped around me though; preferably naked."

"We could hear voices from inside but I couldn't make out the words. Seven could, you could tell by the look on her face that she was able to hear every word: even with the soundproofing. She seemed to straighten and stand even taller just as the doors whooshed open."

"B'Elanna had her back to the door, her posture relaxed but wary. From my angle I could make out Ro, seemingly slouched across her sofa. She didn't look like she'd been in a fight…and what was that smell?"

"Don't ever call her "Ice Princess" again or I will rip you apart." She spoke quietly.

"Seven's ocular implant made a dash for the ceiling and I thought I'd faint. This was new; B'Elanna giving a warning rather than a beating? I could hardly believe it. She strode from the room into Seven's waiting embrace. They kissed tenderly then B'Elanna muttered something too low for me to hear. Seven smiled, a full on honest to God smile, lifted B'Elanna bodily and strode towards the turbolift."

"I had a feeling I knew what they would be doing for the next few hours. I entered Ro's quarters just before the door closed and blushed to the roots of my hair…Ro Laren was sitting in a crumpled heap on the floor; wearing nothing but her jewellery and a smile."

Part 5

B'Elanna staggered from the bathroom holding her stomach which was cramping in agony. She was a Klingon, she should be able to cope with a little pain, but this was excruciating. Why in Grethor had she agreed to this madness?


Seven carried her from Ro Laren's open doorway to the turbolift. While waiting she kissed her wife tenderly before setting her down. "Do you really mean it B'Elanna?"

"Of course I do Bang'wi. We've been married ten years now, I think it's time for us to start our own family. I want us to have a baby." She smiled.

"I will conduct research on maternal roles and typical behaviour for both Klingon and Human children." Seven stated with her usual efficiency.

"I'd much rather you took me home and made love to me." Smirked B'Elanna. "It will be much more fun than research."

"Indeed." And up went the ocular implant causing B'Elanna's pulse to race.

In Ro's quarters Janeway was rooted to the spot. Ro was naked, wearing nothing but her jewellery and a smile at the sight of the Captain. She'd managed to pull most of her clothes off while B'Elanna was leaving her quarters. She'd tripped though as she tried to pull her trousers off which was why she was in a heap on the floor.

"Captain, help a poor girl up?" Ro pouted. "My legs don't seem to work properly."

"Oh Ro, what did you do?" Janeway asked as she offered a hand.

"I tried to kiss Seven, she refused and told B'Elanna who shouted at me. I got drunk and my legs don't work now." Ro had the most endearing pout.

"What were you drinking? Blood-wine, I presume? Nothing else gets you in this state.

"Yeah. I just wanted to forget what I'd done. Captain, Kathryn, can I talk to you off the record?"

""Don't you think you'd be better waiting until you're sober?" Kathryn was having a hard job keeping her eyes on Ro's face. Her mind was working overtime. Her thoughts were definitely libidinous. And they were going to get her into trouble shortly if Ro didn't put some clothes on.

"Nope. I won't be able to talk about it if I sober up." Ro moved slightly towards her, causing Janeway's heart-rate to soar.

Gulping, she squeaked. "Put on a robe then?"

Emboldened by the alcohol in her system Ro grinned. "Why? Don't you like my body?"

Under her breath Janeway mumbled, "Just a little too much." Steeling her gaze she managed to answer aloud. "If you want to have this conversation off the record, then you get dressed."

Flouncing away from her muttering about not being appreciated by anyone Ro staggered into her bedroom. Grabbing her robe from her bed and throwing it on she returned to the sofa.

"Kathryn, I want to ask you something and I want you to answer as a woman, not as my Captain. Okay?"

"Go on." Kathryn replied not committing herself until she heard the question.

"Don't you ever wonder what it would be like to kiss Seven?" Ro asked.

Kathryn made her way over to the replicator, ordering two very strong, very black coffees, she answered. "Not anymore. I used to before she and B'Elanna got together. But once I knew they were serious it felt inappropriate. Thinking about kissing another woman's wife is dangerous territory."

"What do you mean?" Ro was puzzled.

"Thinking about it brings all kinds of questions into the mix Ro. How would you feel if someone else was lusting over your wife?" Kathryn tried to explain.

"I'm not married though, so how does me thinking about kissing Seven cause problems?"

Janeway sat on the sofa beside Ro and tucked her right leg beneath her. Settled, she continued. "If nothing else Ro, it's inappropriate. She's married. She took her vows with B'Elanna and promised to honour them. You trying to kiss her makes a mockery of those vows. She promised faithfulness; you give her temptation."

"She thought about kissing me back." Ro defended.

"Most people would. If a beautiful woman tried to kiss you, most would at least think about it; but that in itself can cause problems."


"Is it cheating on your partner if you think about it? Or is it only cheating if you actually DO it? There are so many answers and so many reactions to each one."

"B'Elanna was going to rip me a new one; until I fell flat on my face." Ro grimaced at the thought of a painful beating from the feisty Klingon.

"In her place, I would have too." Kathryn admitted. "I think you should get some sleep. Get the Blood wine out of your system and stay away from both of them for a while."

"Yes Captain." Ro mock saluted. "Kathryn, do you find me attractive?"

Stunned at the sudden change in subject and tone coming from Ro Kathryn could only gape. Her libido stood up and starting giving the rest of her body orders. Her pulse rocketed and her face coloured several interesting shades of scarlet.

"You haven't answered me Kathryn."

Her command mask slipped into place like a well worn glove. "Have dinner with me, tomorrow. Sober. Then we can continue this conversation." Her voice remained surprisingly strong considering she had not intended on asking Ro for a date.

"Where?" Ro was almost as surprised as Janeway was at the request.

"My quarters. I'll have Neelix send something nice." She laughed. Her lack of culinary skills was legendary among the Voyager crew. "Nineteen hundred hours?"

"Okay." Ro whispered. The thought of a date with the Captain overshadowing everything else that had happened. As Kathryn left her quarters Ro sank back into the sofa and sighed. "Oh, Spirits help me. I just agreed to a date with the Captain."

Lowering herself carefully to the sofa B'Elanna cursed her wife. Klingon physiology and Borg neo-natal nanoprobes were never meant to mingle. She was supposed to be pregnant for nine months, growing slowly used to the change in her centre of gravity and swollen belly. Not built like the side of a shuttle and due to give birth any moment now after just six months.

Another labour pain stabbed through her abdomen causing her to gasp loudly. She couldn't even double over because of the size of her belly. Slapping her comm. Badge she growled. "Torres to Seven of Nine."

Replying from her spot on Janeway's sofa Seven smiled. "Yes Bang'wi? I'm here."

"You may be there, but I need you here. Your child is about to put in an appearance." Kathryn could hear the obvious distress in B'Elanna's tone.

As Seven turned in her seat to look at the doorway Janeway and Ro both smiled; Seven was so innocent sometimes. Two seconds later they both witnessed something they never expected of the ex-Borg: She fainted.

Part 6

Six months earlier

Had she been in the Alpha Quadrant Janeway would have contacted her sister to discuss the ramifications of her actions with Ro. Since she wasn't she was sprawled her length on the couch in her Ready Room and listening to her conscience.

"Katie, you have a bloody cheek to lecture Ro Laren on the morality of monogamy and the dangers of temptation. I thought you wanted to uphold the 'Starfleet Ideal' and not get involved with a crew member?"

"I know Phoebe, I know. I'm having a sexual relationship with a bloody hologram to try to cure the frustration of being alone out here. But Ro is so tempting. She's beautiful, strong-willed, passionate, intelligent and extremely resourceful. How could I NOT ask her for a date when the opportunity arose?"

"You are playing with fire Katie. Just watch you don't get burned." Her conscience warned. The chirping of the Ready room door startled Janeway out of her conversation with her conscience. Calling for the doors to open she sat up properly and adjusted her uniform jacket. Back to business she thought with a sigh.

The following morning saw Ro Laren struggling to remember anything that had happened the previous evening. She did remember that she had stumbled from her doorway into her bedroom and had promptly passed out. The before that part was vague.

She remembered trying to kiss Seven and being rejected. She remembered coming to her quarters and drinking a glass of Klingon Blood Wine; but not a lot else.

Suddenly bolting upright she got a flash of conversation. "Have dinner with me, tomorrow. Sober. Then we can continue this conversation." Her stomach lurched at the sudden movement and her heart stopped momentarily. She'd agreed to a date with the Captain.

"Oh fuck. Out of the frying pan and into the fire Laren? You just love temptation, don't you?" She questioned her own sanity. "A DATE. With Janeway. You are mad. Absolutely crackers. She's gonna be all over you like a rash."

Ro knew that the Captain was attracted to her. She could sense when Janeway was watching her. Her favourite time for sneaking glances was usually when she thought Ro wasn't aware of what she was doing.

"Oh well, if I can't have Seven since she's so happy with Torres then maybe I should see if it would work with Janeway?" Ro grinned to herself. The third most beautiful woman on the ship had asked her on a date. Hell, she was starting to look forward to it.

How Janeway managed to get through her day without any mishaps was a surprise to even her. Her mind continued to wander back to the glorious sight of a very beautiful Ro Laren; a very naked Ro Laren. A very sexy Ro Laren. In fact, her thoughts seemed to be looped on the image of Ro, completely naked, stepping towards her and the words 'do you find me attractive' echoing off her skull. She handed command of the bridge to Harry Kim for the evening shift and hurried to her quarters. She had a date to prepare for.

At precisely 1900 hours her door chimed. Calling for it to open and her visitor to enter she turned to face the newcomer. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart swelled and triple-hammered against her chest. Her respiration increased by a factor of forty. Ro was wearing a pair of figure hugging black slacks and a skin-tight vest top and a smile. Nothing else, no shoes, no Bajoran earring, no jacket or shirt. She had never looked more beautiful than she did at that moment in time.

Kathryn's normally sedate self decided it was time to introduce some colour to her face; prompting her to colour several interesting shades of crimson. Her libido stood up and commanded the rest of her body. Her desire for this woman was about to run out of control. She couldn't stop the blush from travelling from her navel to her cheeks. She couldn't stop the libidinous thoughts and images from running riot in her mind. All she could do was stand there; blushing.

Ro noticed the normally in control Captain falter. She knew she looked good in this outfit; that was why she'd chosen it. She hadn't expected the reaction she was getting though. Walking over to where Kathryn stood gaping she halted a couple of feet from her and whispered. "Katie, you okay?"

Kathryn tried shaking herself from the images of a naked Laren writhing beneath her in bed, moaning in unadulterated pleasure and responding passionately to the kisses she was bestowing on her. It didn't work. She was caught in a loop again. This was temptation for her. This was fantasy that she wanted turned into reality. This was an end to years of forced celibacy. This was going to happen.

Ro stepped forward one pace to check Kathryn over. The sudden movement seemed to prompt Kathryn into action as she stepped forward too. Their bodies collided first. Arms wrapped around the other's waist, lips locked and breath mingled as they shared their first kiss….

Part 7

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