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By allie

Part 7

Six months earlier

Seven and B'Elanna had travelled the short distance from the turbolift to their quarters locked at the lips and had bumped into every doorway in between. Almost as soon as the door to their quarter closed Seven pinned B'Elanna against it, plundering her mouth with her tongue.

The blonde ex-borg used her enhanced strength to lift the Klingon and pin her to the door with one arm while the other travelled to the waistband of her wife's trousers. Tugging roughly at the buttons and zip she started to slide them off B'Elanna's hips. Swallowing the moans coming from her wife she increased the contact between them by roughly shoving her body harder against B'Elanna who responded by wrapping her legs around Seven's hips.

The low, continuous growl B'Elanna had been emitting suddenly sounded more like a kitten mewling as she panted into her wife's mouth. Seven knew which buttons to press to arouse her Klingon libido and getting a little rough was one sure way of that happening.

As they broke for desperately required oxygen Seven groaned; loudly. "Bang'wI, I need you. Now; comply."

B'Elanna lowered her legs from Seven's hips and spun them around. Both of them were well aware of the strength of the other but neither had anything to fear. The Klingon and The Borg were perfectly matched. Neither was afraid of the other hurting them. They had enjoyed this game many times in the past.

Shifting her stance she pinned Seven to the door and attacked her mouth with abandon. Tugging the full bottom lip with her teeth she demanded entry into the hot cavern of her wife's mouth. Swirling her tongue across pearly white teeth she re-introduced it to its companion.

Seven gasped at the sensations running through her body, even ten years later her wife had a profound effect on her when they kissed. Her libido overwhelmed her Borg control causing Seven to give in to her arousal. Pulling her wife closer and deepening the kiss she manoeuvred the uniform top up to allow her access to her partner's breast.

Cold fingers against her warm Klingon flesh made B'Elanna gasp into Seven's mouth. Growling low in her throat she renewed her attack on that precious, kiss-swollen mouth. Her hand travelled to the neck of the biosuit searching for the fastener. Gripping it tightly in sweaty hands she tore the opener apart. "I want you naked; now Soch. My blood is on fire." She hissed.

"Engineering to Torres."

"Oh Kahless. You have got to be kidding me?" Seven growled before B'Elanna could. "You are not leaving this room tonight B'Elanna." She warned.

"Torres here." She panted. "This had better be life or death Vorik."

"The main plasma injector is 'throwing a wobbly' as you would put it. I thought it prudent to inform you." Vorik's cool tones informed them.

"You're a bloody engineer Vorik; fix it! You don't need me for that! Torres out."

Turning back to her wife she smiled and growled low in her chest, "Now, where were we?"

Part 8

The temptation to stay in bed snuggled into the warm body underneath her was almost overwhelming for Kathryn. Her face was tucked neatly between the firm breasts of Ro Laren and her arms wrapped securely around her waist. This was her very own perfection. The Borg were wrong, perfection is not a thing that can be obtained; it's that feeling of contentment found in the embrace of the person you love.

Feeling her partner stir she moved slightly to watch the reaction on her face. The eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the dim light of Kathryn's quarters, then settled on the woman above her.

"Hey." Ro whispered. "Good morning." She smiled. She had never dreamed that Kathryn Janeway of all people could be so passionate. They had made love until they had passed out from exhaustion; falling asleep curled around one another.

"Yes, it's a very good morning." Kathryn smiled. "Perfect, in fact." The smile which lit Kathryn's face was glorious to see.

Ro had a vague recollection of declaring her love for Kathryn at some point during their passionate encounter. The thought didn't upset her too much. Twenty four hours earlier she had been lusting after a married woman, now she was contemplating a long-term future with Kathryn. Was this just a reaction to the best sex she'd had in years or was she really in love with her Captain?

Ro's inner nag stood up and introduced herself into the conversation. 'You've always had a thing for Kathryn, you just ignored it because you thought she was unavailable.'

Out loud she whispered. "You're an amazing woman Kathryn. I think I've fallen in love with you."

The reaction she got to that was completely uncharted in the history of dealing with her Captain; Kathryn burst into tears. Through her sobs she managed to whimper. "I thought you had only said that as a reaction to the moment. Do you really mean it?"

"Yes. I think I do." Ro smiled pulling Kathryn towards her. Kissing her softly she murmured into her mouth. "Is that okay?" Ro asked, suddenly unsure.

Pulling back slightly to look in Ro's face Kathryn replied seriously. "Perfect. It makes it perfect. I love you too Laren."

"So, you want to try this…." Ro waved her hand between them. "…having a relationship with a crewmember?"

"You're a Senior Officer, it's a little different." Kathryn laughed. "Sex and Senior Officers is frowned on but not forbidden."

"Good job or we would both be facing Court Martial." Ro giggled. "You going to be okay with the crew finding out?"

"I think it will be strange them knowing I have a private life, but yes." Kathryn admitted. Part of her was absolutely terrified of the reaction of her beloved crew.

"Good. The first person I'm going to tell is B'Elanna Torres." Ro sniggered.

Groaning, Kathryn lowered her face back into Ro's shoulder and contemplated the consequences of that conversation.

Seven and B'Elanna were cuddled together on the sofa looking at a data padd full of Seven's 'research'. It contained information on typical behaviour to be expected from both human and Klingon children.

Laughing B'Elanna couldn't help comment. "The only thing you can expect from a Klingon child is the unexpected. Klingon children don't like rules or authority figures."

"Our child will respect us." Seven commanded. "She will be a perfect child."

"Only to us Benal. Only to us!" B'Elanna continued laughing.

After their strenuous lovemaking the previous evening they had moved to their bed and whispered conspiratorially about the mechanics of two women having a baby. Twenty fourth century medicine had made it so much easier than in previous centuries, but they wanted it to be perfect.

Seven explained to her wife that as a former Unimatrix Zero One drone she had the ability to impregnate B'Elanna. That way the child would carry the DNA of both of them with no need for surgical procedures or donors. B'Elanna had agreed instantly. They also agreed that she would carry the child as Seven's abdominal implant would cause too many problems for her to carry the child.

"It won't hurt doing this, will it?" B'Elanna had asked the previous evening.

"No, I will use my assimilation tubules, you will only feel a little prick."

B'Elanna guffawed loudly at the automatic thought which raced through her mind. Seven frowned at her as she continued explaining. "The tubules will combine our DNA then the neo-natal nanoprobes will ensure pregnancy and good health for both of you."

"Let's do it then." B'Elanna enthused. It wasn't the most romantic way of accepting her wife's decision to get them pregnant but Seven knew that B'Elanna was excited.

Pulling B'Elanna into a passionate kiss to distract her Seven allowed her Borg-enhanced hand to travel to the toned abdomen. Smirking into the kiss as her wife gasped she slowly extended her tubules.

"So, now that we're pregnant, what do we do?" B'Elanna asked burrowing further into her wife's body.

"WE make sure YOU work less hours and take care of yourself. No more temptation to work 15 hours without a break. No more neglecting yourself." Seven pronounced as B'Elanna frowned. "You will comply Bang'wI."

"Okay, but I wanna be the one to tell Ro Laren. That should 'put her gas at a peep'." B'Elanna giggled at the archaic expression she'd learned from Tom thinking it fit perfectly with what she meant.

Part 9

Picking Seven up from the floor and gently patting her cheek Kathryn stifled her giggles. The proud ex-borg, normally so controlled had just fainted.

"Seven." She gently slapped the cool cheek. "Seven, B'Elanna needs you."

Groaning Seven opened her eyes slowly and looked around her. Bolting upright she narrowly avoided cracking skulls with Kathryn and gasped. "The baby."

Ro chuckled at the woman. "Yeah, Torres is in labour and wants you there, not here. You better move it before she loses it completely."

Frowning at Ro she was about to retort when Janeway spoke first. "Computer site to site transport to B'Elanna Torres location for all occupants of this room."

"Request requires Command Authorisation." The computer intoned.

"Authorisation Janeway delta four two four."

B'Elanna had made it as far as the doorway in her quarters when the three of them shimmered into existence. Seven dashed to her side helping to prop the ailing woman up. "Bang'wI, you should have called me earlier."

"Benal, it hurts." She whimpered. "The baby wants out. Now."

"We shall proceed to the Doctor." Seven hadn't reverted to Borg-speak in a long time. She was undoubtedly nervous at the thought of her baby appearing here in their quarters.

Ro helped Seven manoeuvre B'Elanna out of the room and along to the turbo lift. Kathryn smiled fondly at her love interacting with the volatile Klingon. They'd become good friends in the last six months. Closer than Kathryn had ever thought possible given their initial confrontation over Seven. Smiling she followed them to the turbolift looking forward to becoming a surrogate grandmother; even though she still felt she was far too young for the title.

B'Elanna was furious. So much for being a big strong Klingon! Her weak human side was mewling like a kitten at the pain in her abdomen. Her Klingon side raged at the indignity of such weakness. Her human side very politely told it to shut up and get her to sickbay.

Having been notified by Janeway about the imminent arrival of the newest addition to Voyager's crew the Doctor was prepped and ready for B'Elanna.

He fussed around her as soon as she appeared at the doorway to sickbay, scanning her with a medical tricorder and calling out instructions to Sam Wildman who would be helping with the delivery. Between them they managed to get B'Elanna onto the biobed and comfortable.

Seven positioned herself at the head of the bed and spoke softly to B'Elanna.

"She's determined to make her appearance today Bang'wI and we have yet to decide on a suitable designat…name." She corrected herself just in time.

"She's strong. I can almost hear her telling me to hurry up and get her out of there." She panted. "Her name will be…aaaarrrrggghhh!"

"Indeed." Seven couldn't help but grin. "An unusual name for a child. I much prefer Bethany Hansen-Torres."

"You really want to call her that?" This had been one of her suggestions. She was delighted that Seven was happy to call their daughter that. The debate was more about her surname; they both had picked Bethany as her first name.

"Yes. I think it's perfect." Seven smiled holding B'Elanna's hand tightly as another contraction made itself known.

"You're ten centimetres dilated B'Elanna." Sam called from the foot of the biobed. "It shouldn't be too long now."

"Good. Next time Soch, you get to carry the child." She panted heavily as the contraction ended.

"You're already planning another?" The Doc asked from his position at her side. "Joy of joys, another little Klingon to deal with along with the little borg." He muttered sarcastically.

B'Elanna was about to explode at him when another contraction and an excited squeal from Sam stopped her. "I can see her head, she's almost here."

Half an hour later an exhausted B'Elanna lay curled beside Seven on the biobed cradling their daughter. She had four little ridges like B'Elanna and blonde hair and blue eyes like Seven. She looked positively angelic.

Seven looked at B'Elanna solemnly and declared. "I love you B'Elanna Torres; now I have achieved Perfection."

Borg neo-natal nanoprobes allowed for quicker than normal development of a foetus so at just sixteen weeks into the pregnancy baby H-T had the equivalent of an 18 month old child's cognitive reasoning.

The combination of DNA from Seven and B'Elanna meant that the child would be exceptionally intelligent and more than likely very beautiful. She would also inherit most of their mannerisms too. At that particular moment she was displaying her mama's famous Klingon temper.

"I can hear my mommy growling as she pressed her face to mama's belly. They think this is hilarious. Mommy growls and makes me squirm which makes mama laugh cause it tickles her when I move. They are so childish."

"I can't make out what they were saying but I can hear the soft tones they use. They never speak like that with anyone else; only with each other. I can understand a lot of feelings they have, but not the words."

"Mama gets really mad when she is in the place with the strange humming noise if the noise changes. It makes her feel funny to me. All tingly and buzzy. The only other time she gets like that is when SHE goes near mommy. I don't know who SHE is but I know mama doesn't like her near mommy."

"If she doesn't stop letting mommy do that I'm going to start stomping on her bladder. See how she likes it when someone disturbs her. I'm trying to sleep here."

"Good grief, what is your problem mama? All I want is a taste. It's not like it will poison you or anything, it's only banana ice cream and pickled onions. Okay, so I want them dipped together, but I don't see how that is a problem. They'll end up that way anyway once they reach your stomach."

"Mama, if you don't get me onions and ice cream I'm going to sit on your sciatic nerve all night long. I want them now. If I don't get them, you're not getting any sleep tonight."

"Oh Omega. It's too hot in here. I want out. Mama, you wanna help me here. I'm stuffed like a turkey and baking hot here. Let me out? Mama? Please?"

"Okay, now that HURTS. You do that again mama and I am going to be sooo pissed at you. I can't move in here and you're flexing your muscles and squeezing me? MAMA, what the Grethor are you doing? You're making me feel sick. You can't turn me upside down like that. I don't want to go into the little space. I want mommy, at least she only makes me squirm. MAMA, DON'T MAKE ME GO IN THERE."

"Oh mama, you did it this time. You are in so much trouble. I'm getting squished to pulp here and all you can do is growl about it being a little uncomfortable for you. I'm getting squished here. Hurry up and get me outa here."

"Okay, I can hear that nice voice again. I want to go to her. She sounds like she'll get me to mama and make the owwies go away. I'm all squished and sore and I want my mama. HEY! LETGO OF MY HAIR! STOP PULLING ON MY EARS. GET YOUR COLD HANDS OF OF ME. DON'T YOU DARE SMACK MY BOTTOM. GET THAT HARD CLOTH AWAY FROM ME, MY FACE IS CLEAN."

"Mama, make the growly sound again? Get mommy to kiss you again so that I can hear it. I like the growly sound. Aaaaahhhh. Perfection."

Part 10

For a change all was quiet in the Delta Quadrant; no alien attacks; no violation of the Prime Directive to prevent a major catastrophe; not even any battles over engineering protocols between the ex-Borg and the Klingon hybrid, in fact it was positively boring.

Ro Laren glanced around her quarters desperately looking for something to occupy her; Kathryn was on duty for another three hours. She was bored. Bajorans didn't do bored very well. Especially not pregnant Bajorans.

With only two days left to her delivery date Ro had been relieved of duty and 'advised' by her wife to 'rest or else'. The enforced inactivity was driving her crazy. Her sulking was interrupted by the solemn tones of Seven of Nine.

"Seven of Nine to Commander Ro." Her crisp even tone gave nothing away.

"Ro here Seven, whatcha need?" She replied, trying not to sound too hopeful that her help was required.

"May I speak with you privately Commander?"

"Sure. I'm in my quarters. Come visit, bring the little one too if you're off duty?"

"Acceptable." Seven abruptly cut the link between them leaving Ro wondering what the hell had happened to cause Seven to revert to Borg-speak. Formal speech from her was most unusual after almost eleven years of marriage to the little Klingon, so Ro was intrigued. Seven had relaxed her way of speaking a lot but still found it difficult to use contractions. <oh, well, I'll find out soon enough> Ro thought to herself.

Seven of Nine, ex-Borg and wife to Voyager's only Klingon was in a quandary. She knew she needed assistance in order to fulfil her plan; but the only person she could ask for help, was the one person her wife would hate her going to.

Although Ro and B'Elanna had made their peace with one another not long after Bethany's birth, Seven could sense an underlying tension when they were around one another. It was something Bethany could sense too. Their little one was very perceptive of her mama's feelings; often commenting on the tingle-buzz she felt from her.

Cradling her sleeping child in her arms Seven left their quarters and made her way to the Captain's quarters. Ro had moved there when the two had married a little over a year ago.

Entering the turbolift she encountered Sam Wildman who promptly grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Seven, how's little Beebop today?" She cooed into the sleeping child's face.

Frowning at the oft used nickname for her daughter Seven replied. "Sleeping."

"She's so adorable." Sam enthused. "Naomi and I just loved babysitting her. When are you and B'Elanna going out again?"

"I will let you know when we need a sitter Sam. I have not promised anyone other than you and Kathryn the position." Seven smirked slightly, living with B'Elanna for so long had increased her sarcastic abilities. She knew the competition between the two women for babysitting duties was intense. Neither liked the other getting the task. They both often offered to take Bethany overnight to allow B'Elanna and herself time alone. Although grateful, they preferred to spend quality time with their daughter and rarely took up the offers. Each woman had only had the pleasure of sitting for Bethany twice in her two short years.

Exiting the lift on deck three she bade Sam farewell and walked to the Captain's quarters.

Bethany stirred in her arms and mumbled sleepily without opening her huge blue eyes. "Mama?"

"No, little one, it's mommy." Seven whispered, brushing her fingers tenderly over the little forehead ridges. "Mama is in engineering."

"Mommy!" Bethany exclaimed happily opening her eyes and smiling. "Down, pwease?" As any child in any quadrant knew, Bethany knew how to play her parents. She knew that a smile like her mama's, and a polite request, would get her whatever she wanted from her mommy.

Lowering her daughter gently Seven smiled at her tenderly. She had never known love until B'Elanna; now she had an overabundance of it with her daughter.

"We see Capa'gwan and Wawen?"

Still smiling Seven nodded as her child stopped outside the Captain's quarters. "Laren only today. Captain Gran is still on duty." Seven's smile brightened at her daughter's speech. Two year old and already a chatterbox. Her pronunciation was still a little off, but B'Elanna had assured her that it was perfectly normal.

Knocking the door the old fashioned way Bethany grinned at her mommy. She'd been shown how to use the chime several times before, but Bethany knew that Ro liked her to knock. It was a game they played frequently.

Almost as soon as the door opened Ro Laren gently pulled the child to her and sniffed at her hair. "Smells like a Klingon." She chortled. "Looks like a Klingon, but is she a Klingon?" she chanted.

Roaring as loud as her little lungs could manage Bethany responded with "I AM a Klingon!" to complete their game.

Ushering mother and child into the room Ro waddled slowly behind them. "So, what can I do for you Seven?"

B'Elanna cursed Voyager to Grethor and back. The ship just was not playing the game at all today. She and Seven had spent the last few weeks designing an upgrade to the anti-matter containment field but it steadfastly refused to come online. Even cursing in several languages hadn't encouraged it to initialise. Throwing the data padd at the nearest wall in disgust she stormed out of engineering.

Mumbling and muttering to herself she ignored the various crew members she passed as she headed to the Mess Hall. Maybe some food would help her think of a solution.

Neelix spotted her as soon as she entered. Hurrying over to her he smiled his biggest smile. "B'Elanna. What a pleasure to see you. What can I get you today?"

"As long as it isn't Leola root anything, I don't really care." B'Elanna growled at the good-humoured man.

"One stack of banana pancakes coming right up then." He grinned walking away. Leola root was obviously featured quite heavily on the menu today if she was being offered pancakes.

Glancing around the Mess Hall B'Elanna noticed a couple of unusual things. One it was really quite busy for being late morning and two Senior Bridge Officers were 'engaging in intimate relations' as her wife would have described their passionate kissing. Smiling for the first time in hours she called over to them. "Hey Starfleet, put him down, you don't know where he's been!"

Blushing wildly Harry looked over and giggled, "Oh but I do Maquis, I do!"

Frowning at his choice of phrase she beckoned them over. "So, what gives?"

"I do." Harry couldn't stop giggling as they wandered over to join her.

"Me too." Tom joined in the hilarity. The confounded look on B'Elanna's face was hysterical. Glancing at his lover for silent permission, he spoke through his laughter. "We're getting married!"

In all of the experiences they'd had in the Delta Quadrant Tom and Harry thought they'd seen just about everything; until B'Elanna fainted.

Part 11

Entering Ro Laren's quarters; Seven smiled indulgently at the antics of her daughter and the second in command of Voyager. They played this game every time Bethany was present. Ro thought it was hilarious to hear the child trying to growl like her mama.

"Wawen?" The little voice piped up tugging on Laren's trousers. "We pway peeboo?"

"Sure." Ro laughed. Another favourite game between them; the child would hide while Ro pretended to find her. It always gave the adults a chance to converse in private while occupying the active two year old. "You get ready to hide." She advised as she lowered herself to the sofa indicating to Seven she should join her. Looking over to the child Ro nodded and chortled as she watched the little girl make a dash for the bedroom. "So, Seven; I ask again, whatcha need?"

"I require your assistance in a project." Seven replied coolly. Her 'borg' coolness was well and truly back.

"You got me really curious now Seven." Ro smiled. "I haven't heard you so formal since you married B'Elanna. What gives?"

Blushing slightly Seven studied her suddenly interesting fingernails. "I need you to help me while you keep what you are doing a secret."

"I can do secrets Seven." Ro giggled. "I kept my pregnancy secret for long enough, didn't I?"

"Indeed." Seven answered. "I am…uncomfortable with the thought of keeping a secret from B'Elanna."

"Aaaaahhhh. You're afraid of making your little Klingon mad at you?" Ro smirked.

"Ro Laren, as you well know, I am not afraid of anyone. Not even B'Elanna. She would never hurt me. But I find it…inefficient to keep secrets." Seven relied curtly.

"I still don't understand why you've reverted to such formal speech patterns. I had thought that you spoke like the rest of us now?"

"Normally I do, but I have a 'bad habit' as B'Elanna would say, of reverting to more formal speech patterns when I am concerned about something."

"What are you concerned about Seven? Come on, you have got to tell me!"

"I need to prepare for B'Elanna's reaction…" Seven faltered.

"Bloody Hell, Seven!" Ro exploded. "Just tell me!"

"I need to…prepare…for B'Elanna's reaction to me being pregnant."

Ro stopped. She stopped moving, breathing, everything. She was absolutely stunned. Seven was pregnant and B'Elanna didn't know. <Oh the little Klingon is gonna blow a fuse.> she chortled to herself. Outwardly she kept her face straight and clarified. "So, you wife doesn't know?"

"No." Seven responded, her eyes fixed firmly on the floor. "I have not discussed this with her yet."

"Were you two planning on another baby?" Ro just had to ask.

"We had briefly discussed it. No formal decision had been made though."

"Oh shit." Ro smirked. "She's not gonna be too pleased with you."

"I think you have mastered the art of making the understatement of the year! Her reaction is why I need your help. I need you to pre-empt her into thinking seriously about having more children."

"You're gonna manipulate her?" For the second time in a few short minutes Ro was speechless. "Since when do you resort to manipulation?"

"Since I found out I am pregnant without my wife's knowledge or consent."

"How can you be pregnant without her knowing about it?"

Seven stood and paced the room. This was a habit she had picked up from B'Elanna. When she needed to think something through or was worried her wife paced; Seven copied her wife's idiosyncrasies without even realising it.

Turning back to face Ro she grimaced. "It is a private matter Ro. Suffice to say 'things got carried away' and I am pregnant as a result."

"You got carried away? Seven I thought you two could only get pregnant if you implanted one of you with the combined DNA of both of you? Or something like that? I never did understand how you do it."

"I was overwhelmed. I lost control as did B'Elanna. As a result I am now…"

"Yeah, I got that. You're pregnant. How are you gonna explain that to her?"

"I was planning on you taunting her about more children. That way if I bring the subject up…"



"No. Seven, you know damn well that she won't agree to having a kid just to annoy me. You can't seriously believe that she's that dishonourable! Even I know she wouldn't agree to that!"

"I don't know what else to do." Seven floundered.

"You do what your instincts are screaming at you – you tell her." Ro could not contain her laughter as she continued speaking. "Tell her you lost control as a result of her passionate lovemaking and you're gonna have a little Sochling."

Seven looked aghast at the suggestion. Having 'accidentally' impregnated herself with their combined DNA during an exhausting, passionate evening of lovemaking she now had to face the consequences. She knew in her heart that telling B'Elanna was the right thing to do; having the courage to do so was another matter altogether.

Her ruminations were disrupted by a little voice. "Wawen, you find me now. I'm hiding in youw cwoset."

Part 12

Tom hurried to B'Elanna's side and picked her off the floor. Gently patting her cheek he tried to rouse her. He'd never known a Klingon to faint before and was concerned about his friend. He looked over at his partner and frowned as he spoke. "Harry? What do we do? She's never fainted before."

"Kim to the Doctor & Seven of Nine." Harry made the decision for Tom, his command training kicking in when he needed it.

"Doctor here Mr Kim."

"Seven here. How can I help you Ensign?"

Both responded at the same time talking over one another. Kim looked at the prostrate woman and frowned. "Doc, Seven, B'Elanna just fainted. We need you both here."

"Where is here?" Seven asked as she made her way from Ro Laren's quarters, scooping up her daughter as she left the room. Her long legs carried her to the door of the turbolift in a matter of moments.

"The Mess Hall." Replied Harry solemnly, trying not to panic as B'Elanna didn't respond to the gentle slaps.

Seven strode onto the lift with her daughter held firmly in her grasp trying to imagine what would make her wife faint. Bethany squirmed in her arms, unsettled. "Mommy; mama's sore."

"I know baby, we will find out why in a few moments." Seven responded, gently caressing her ridges to comfort her. The lift seemed to take an eternity to reach the Mess Hall. Entering, Seven found a huddle of people around the prostrate form of her wife. The tide of people parted as she approached. Handing her daughter to Neelix, she knelt at her wife's side and gently caressed her ridges.

"B'Elanna?" She questioned gently while caressing her cheek.

The Doctor pushed his way through the whispering crowd and knelt at B'Elanna's side. His raised eyebrows were met with a raised ocular implant and a cool glance in his direction. Seven was obviously none the wiser about her wife's ailment than he was.

Running the medical tricorder over her he frowned and glanced again at Seven. She caught his look and raised her eyebrows at him again. "Doctor?"

"I think we should get her to the privacy of Sickbay before we discuss this Seven." The Doctor was flustered. He didn't keep secrets well. He didn't know how to break this news to Seven and fearing her reaction, he certainly didn't want to tell her in the middle of the Mess Hall.

Seven gently lifted her wife from the floor and started towards the doors as Ro and Janeway entered. Seven brushed past them, ignoring them as they both quizzed the Doctor. Informing the Captain and her spouse that B'Elanna was in no immediate danger he left to follow Seven to Sickbay promising to keep the Captain informed of B'Elanna's progress.

Tom, Harry, Ro and Janeway seated themselves and nodded as Neelix offered drinks. Janeway was first to ask Tom and Harry for their version of events. Explaining what had happened to their Captain was highly embarrassing for the pair. Blushing crimson Harry concluded. "I didn't even know it was possible for Klingon's to faint. I thought with all of those redundant systems they would be immune to things like that."

Ro smirked and was rewarded by a kick in the shins by her wife. The Klingon and Bajoran may have a truce but it was tenuous at best. Ro seemed to take great delight in any misfortune which befell B'Elanna and vice versa. Janeway and Seven both despaired of them ever reaching a lasting peace. Even little Bethany could pick up on the antagonism they felt towards one another. Glowering at her wife Ro was about to comment when she was doubled over by pain shuddering through her abdomen. Catching the sound of the sharply inhaled breath Janeway turned fully to her wife and knew that their child was demanding entrance to the world.

Seven was met in Sickbay by Samantha Wildman who helped her lay B'Elanna on a bio-bed and start the diagnostics the Doctor would demand as soon as he appeared.

As they both stepped back Bethany reminded everyone of her presence. She had followed her mommy to Sickbay catching up a few moments after Seven had arrived. Samantha lifted her and cuddled her gently. "Don't worry Beebop. Your mama's going to be fine. Mommy and me and the Doctor will look after her." She cooed.

"Mommy?" Bethany leaned over Samantha's shoulder, staring intently at her mommy and spoke quietly. "Mama's baby come now?"

The two of them gasped at the child's quiet words; Seven just looked stunned. Whipping her head round she stared at her child. "Clarify?"

Bethany had heard her mother use that word before so she knew her mommy wanted her to explain what she meant. "Mama, got baby. You got baby too."

"Indeed." Seven replied coolly turning again to focus on B'Elanna. Her mind was in turmoil; was it possible that both of them were pregnant? How was it possible that her child could know this? Could she have implanted both of them at the same time? Could she have lost control to that extent? How did her daughter know about the baby? She had so many questions running through her mind, some of them were repeating themselves as she found no answers to them. Forcing them aside she concentrated on getting her wife to waken.

Part 13

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