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In a Festive Lesbian Manner
By Babydykecate


Angela lies next to Temperance in her sleeping bag, her stomach doing somersaults. She feels like she's 16 again, at an all night sleepover with her friends.

At 16, love was an emotion she was on the verge of understanding. What she'd known for sure was that her stomach did the same somersaults when she saw a cute boy or a pretty girl, and when her best friend was so close that she could hear her breathing, smell her apple scented shampoo, and see the green hints in her blue eyes, she wanted to kiss her.

It's the same feeling she has now, so many years later, as she lies next to Temperance.

"Have you ever kissed anyone under the mistletoe, Temp?" Angela whispers.

"Nope, you're the first one who has ever offered," Temperance replies with a laugh.

"I didn't offend you or anything did I Temp?" Angela asks her friend cautiously, leaning up in her sleeping bag.

Temperance leans up as well, her eyes finding Angela's.

"No, Ange, you didn't," Temperance replies, her voice soft and low.

Angela suddenly sees it- the spark in Temperance's eyes that she's missed for too long.

"Were there butterflies?" Angela asks.

"I don't know what that means...," Temperance replies, her brow furrowed.

"In your stomach. When I said I'd kiss you in a non-lesbian manner, did you feel a tingle in your stomach?"Angela explains, her heart pounding.

"I don't know about butterflies... but my pulse was slightly elevated, and my breathing was irregular..." Temperance replies with a soft smile.

"So your pulse right now..." Angela says, her fingers brushing Temperance's neck, feeling for her heartbeat.

"...Is elevated," Temperance whispers, her lips brushing Angela's wrist.

Angela smiles, her hand moving to the back of Temperance's neck, gently guiding Temperance toward her.

Their lips meet, and the kiss has the same trust, desire and wonder as Angela's kiss at 16.

Angela's fingers tangle in Temperance's hair, and she slips into Temperance's sleeping bag. Soon their bodies are fitted together, with fingers exploring, and hearts racing.

The End

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