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The Fluffy Bunny series
By Alex


Introduction to

Fluffy Bunnies 101

Bianca was kicking herself for forgetting about work. Of all the times to have to make a phone call! she berated, still unable to tear her eyes away from Lena's gorgeous appearance. While unashamed of her staring, she still felt uneasy sharing such an intense moment with Lena while Boyd and Myrtle remained in the room. An idea struck her.

"Let's use the phone in my room." Bianca suggested, ignoring Boyd's protests. After Lena had successfully fended off Myrtle as well, Bianca- heart pounding- took her hand and led her upstairs.

The phone call didn't take long; in fact, Bianca had done her best to speed it along when she realized that Lena's proximity was quickly robbing her of her ability to focus on anything but the faint scent of the woman's perfume, or the exquisite shoulders that the slinky black dress did little to conceal.

Lena, for her part, simply watched the younger woman in awe. And that's what she was, Lena was realizing- a woman. She'd been trying her best to view Bianca as a child, a young impressionable girl, if only to help steer her thoughts away from hoping for any sort of future with her. She was in an impossible situation, and she wanted nothing more than to keep Bianca as far away from it as possible. However, when Bianca looked the way she did tonight, there was no mistaking her for a child.

As Bianca hurried through her phone call, Lena's eyes drifted over the expanse of bare flesh the black halter failed to cover. Try as she might, she couldn't dismiss the powerful desire that began to consume her body. The younger woman finished her call and turned back toward Lena. She was explaining something about the phone call, but if Lena had been given a pop quiz at that moment on what Bianca was saying, she would have failed- big time. She found herself simply mesmerized by the movement of the younger woman's lips, and didn't even notice that she had been drawing closer until the movement stopped.

"Lena?" Bianca asked breathlessly, realizing that there were mere inches separating her lips from the older woman's. Without a word, Lena moved in for the kill, gasping as their lips finally met. An almost electric jolt shot through both women, setting every nerve ending on edge. As their lips melded together, their arms instinctually moved to pull the other closer, until their bodies were pressed tightly against each other. Lena's hands burned into the skin of Bianca's bare back as her head was gripped by the younger woman's own hands, slim fingers entangling themselves in the short, dark hair they found there.

Bianca moaned as Lena's tongue greedily sought entrance to her mouth. She acquiesced, and their tongues danced together for what seemed like æons, sliding over one another as their passion grew. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Bianca knew they had somewhere to be, and that Boyd and/or Myrtle would be checking on them any moment now, but her hesitance to take control of the situation, coupled with her immense enjoyment of said situation, kept her from cutting anything short.

Finally, it was Lena who pulled away, exhibiting more self-restraint than she had shown in her entire life put together. Unable to tear her gaze from the younger woman's, and feeling her own urgency to reclaim those soft lips, she quickly voiced her thoughts.

"Bianca, as much as I love kissing you, I think we should go back downstairs before these beautiful outfits go to waste."

The words hung in the air, the clear implication flushing both faces with embarrassment and more than a little desire. Bianca nodded, breathing heavily as she tried to compose herself.

"You're right." She breathed, her hands moving to pat down her hair and straighten her clothes. Looking back at Lena, she giggled softly.

"What?" Lena asked, placing her hand on her chest in mock-offense. "I'm funny, now?" Bianca's giggling calmed to a gentle smile as she reached out a thumb to wipe away some stray lipstick smeared next to Lena's mouth.

"Just thought you might want to fix that." Bianca said softly, quickly getting sucked back into Lena's gaze. As their lips were about to touch again, the older woman spoke.

"Let's not start this again." She said, smirking a little as she grabbed Bianca's hand and led her back downstairs, starting up a conversation about the "phone call" that had, for all intents and purposes, just lasted quite a bit longer than it should have.

Bianca allowed herself to be led, her mind racing; if just kissing Lena was this mind-blowing, she didn't know how she'd ever survive anything more...

Lesson One

The History of Bunnies in the Modern Age

"Mmmm..." Bianca moaned as Lena's thumbs worked slow circles into the pliant flesh of her back. Slowly they began to work themselves under the towel, going farther at each rotation. Finally frustrated with her lack of access, Lena brought her mouth to Bianca's ear.

"Bianca," She breathed softly. "This might work better without the towel." She felt the shudder that raced down Bianca's spine as Lena's breath warmed the younger woman's already overheating skin.

"Maybe..." Bianca whispered, her heart racing at the implication of Lena's words. Lena could feel the tension flowing throughout the younger woman's body, and slipped her arms around Bianca's waist comfortingly.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want." She said softly as she held Bianca's body close to her own. Heart pounding, Bianca placed her hands over Lena's, guiding them to the knot holding her towel up.

"I know. I want this." Bianca answered, leaning back to place a soft kiss on Lena's neck. Arousal flooded through the older woman's body as she reached for the knot, deftly undoing it and slipping the towel down to Bianca's waist. Mustering every ounce of self control, she moved her hands back to their previous task, working the tension out of her young lover's back.

Arousal pounded through Bianca's veins at the sensation of Lena's hands on her bare skin, roaming over the naked flesh of her back.

"God Lena...where did you learn how to do this?" She wondered aloud, amazed that the woman could make her feel so relaxed, yet so aroused at the same time. Moving her hands to massage Bianca's sides, Lena leaned in close to Bianca's ear once again.

"I know many things, Bianca. This is only the beginning." Bianca suppressed a moan as Lena's words coincided with the brushing of thumb on breast. Without even thinking, she leaned back against the older woman, encouraging her to continue.

Taking the bait, Lena's firm massage turned to a light caress, sliding over Bianca's slick skin as she traced invisible lines all over the younger woman's abdomen, her fingers leaving goose bumps in their wake. Slowly, her hands moved up to circle Bianca's breasts, not quite touching them.

"Lena, please." Bianca begged softly, hissing as Lena's hands found their mark. The younger woman's breasts filled Lena's hands perfectly as she explored them. Thumbs brushed over now-hardened nipples as Lena leaned in to place soft kisses along Bianca's neck. Bianca's hands clung to the bench below her, bracing her body for the waves of desire sweeping through her. Lena's pulse raced feeling how aroused the younger woman was, and she tried desperately to keep her control.

Slowly, deliberately, Lena's hands left her lover's breasts, sliding down her abdomen to sneak underneath the towel. Her fingers ran lightly along the tops of Bianca's thighs, sending jolts of arousal to the younger woman's core.

"Lena," Bianca trailed off, reaching a hand to cup Lena's cheek, guiding the older woman's mouth to her own. Their lips met languidly, tongues lazily entwining as Lena's fingers continued to stroke closer to Bianca's center. The younger woman's hips bucked in an effort to bring Lena's fingers closer to their desired destination, and Lena, drunk with desire, allowed the contact, shuddering as her fingers encountered warm wet heat. Pulling Bianca more tightly against her, she reached one hand lower to gently tease the woman's entrance, her other hand stroking around her clit teasingly.

Bianca's vocabulary degenerated into a series of "God", "Lena", and "Yes", intermingled with random moans and hisses as the woman's fingers found a particularly sensitive spot. Lena slipped one, two long, slender fingers inside Bianca, filling her as her other hand slowly worked the younger woman's clit. Shaking with her own desire, she moved her fingers faster, pumping in and out and circling around and around as Bianca's passion grew. Bianca's hips rocked with abandon as she arched her back into Lena, trying to pull the woman's fingers deeper as she felt her climax approaching.

Bianca came with a violent shudder as Lena's fingers drove her over the edge. Lena rode out the spasms with her young lover, gently pulling her fingers away as they subsided. Lifting a finger to her lips, she slowly swirled her tongue around it, savoring the salty taste of the young woman's passion.

"Bianca," She moaned. "You taste so good." A rush of desire flooded Bianca's body again at the words, at the thought of Lena tasting her. Turning around to face her lover, she pulled the woman's face down to hers, her mouth claiming the older woman's in an urgent kiss. She could taste herself on Lena's lips, and it only aroused her more. Reaching her hands down to dispose of Lena's towel, she pulled herself onto the woman's now-naked lap. Both women hissed at the sensation of slick skin on skin, their bodies sliding against one another as Bianca found Lena's neck with her mouth.

A little clever maneuvering brought Lena's center in contact with Bianca's, shooting tendrils of desire through each woman. Slowly, Bianca rocked her hips against Lena's as their lips met once again, tongues dueling in a mindless battle for dominance. Their pace quickened, hands pulling bodies closer together as if in a desperate attempt to become one. Their breasts slid over one another as their bodies moved against each other, their passion reaching its crescendo as both women broke away from their kiss to cry out the other's name.

"Lena," Bianca gasped, sweeping the hair from the older woman's eyes. "Oh my God, Lena. I've never experienced anything like that before."

Lena smiled softly, knowing she spoke the truth in her reply.

"Neither have I, Bianca. Neither have I."

Their eyes met in an intense gaze that was broken only when Simone burst into the room, quickly averting her eyes from the entangled naked women.

"Bianca, are you in here?" The woman's voice sounded frantic. Bianca slipped off of Lena's lap, her body sorely missing the contact as she reached for her towel.

"Yeah, I'm here. What's up?" She replied, pulling the towel back around her torso.

"No, you gotta get out." Simone insisted. Bianca looked over at her in disbelief.


"It was on TV. Your Uncle Jack's just been shot." Bianca's eyes met Lena's filled with fear.

"Oh, my God." Lena said, pulling her towel quickly around her. "He's at the Pine Valley Hospital. Come on!" Simone ushered the two women out of the steam room, averting her eyes from what she knew were two women pulled out of the afterglow of something she really didn't want to think about.

Part 2

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