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The Fluffy Bunny series
By Alex


Lesson Two

The Tortoise or the Hare? The Race is On...Who Will Win?

Bianca laughed, out of breath as she attempted to keep up with Lena's long strides.

"Lena, where are we going?" Turning around, Lena planted a quick kiss on Bianca's lips, lingering for a few seconds before turning around to continue her trek.

"You'll see." A few moments later, they reached a door in an empty hallway. Lena ignored the young woman's quizzical look, quickly pulling her inside the dark storage closet. The space was small, and Bianca found herself pressed tightly against Lena's lean frame. The lack of light made it impossible to see, but she could feel the desire emanating from the older woman's eyes.

"I thought you might want to get away from it all for a little while." Lena's breath caressed Bianca's face as the older woman talked softly. Bianca felt her own desire rekindle, remembering the touch of the woman's hands on her bare skin earlier that day in the sauna. Moving her hands up to Lena's waist, her thumbs gently caressed the woman's sides as Bianca moved her face in close to her lover's.

"Make me forget." Her breath warmed Lena's lips before the space between them was filled. Bianca's mouth captured Lena's own with a fierce desire, her body awakening under the older woman's skilled touch. Lena's hands cupped Bianca's face, trailing over the soft skin of her cheek before moving to cup the back of her neck, pulling the young woman as close as possible.

Lightly, Lena teased Bianca's lips with her tongue before kissing her way along the woman's jawbone. Her mouth hovered over a delicate ear as she whispered.

"Bianca, I'm going to make you remember." Her breath tickled Bianca's ear as she leaned closer and captured the soft lobe with her teeth, lightly nipping at the soft piece of flesh. Bianca moaned, her fingers tangling themselves in Lena's short hair. Lena's own hands drifted to find Bianca's waist, swiftly turning them around so the younger woman was pressed up against the door. Deftly, Lena's hands moved to lock the door as she kissed and nibbled the smooth flesh of Bianca's neck.

Slowly, the older woman's hands crept under Bianca's sweatshirt, softly caressing the smooth skin of her back. Realizing her options were limited if the shirt remained, Lena removed her hands from her young lover's back, moving them around to the front to unzip the offending garment, pushing it off of Bianca's shoulders. Her mouth explored the now-bare shoulders as her hands caressed every newly bare patch of flesh.

An involuntary moan escaped Bianca's lips as Lena's hands grew more adventurous, her thumbs slipping under the band of her sports bra, lightly brushing the underside of her full breasts. Each stroke moved higher until Lena became fed up with the restraining garment, her mouth separating from Bianca's skin for a split second to wrestle the bra off of the younger woman's body.

"Lena..." Bianca moaned, arching into Lena as the older woman's hands and mouth found her breasts, tongue and teeth teasing a hardened nipple. As Lena's mouth moved on down her abdomen, Bianca struggled to regain some of her senses, pulling Lena up to capture her lips in a searing kiss as her hands pushed Lena's own jacket off of her body.

"I want to feel you." Was her simple explanation as she set to work on the cotton t-shirt, her hands slipping under the sports bra to dispose of both garments at once. As they fell to the ground, Bianca pulled Lena's body flush with hers, both women gasping at the skin-to-skin contact.

"Bianca," Lena shuddered as her lover's lips found her neck. Not one to stand idly by, Lena renewed her assault on Bianca's own neck as her hands stroked the bare skin of the younger woman's back in slowly growing circles. Once, twice, they teased the waistband of the soft cotton sweatpants, the tips of her fingers slipping further down on every sweep. She could feel Bianca's body shaking, the desire overwhelming the younger woman, and it was then she realized she was shaking as well.

Tearing her mouth from Bianca's neck, she captured her lover's soft, full lips with her own desperately, her hands moving under the young woman's sweatpants. She froze for a brief second as her hands encountered almost bare skin, surprised at Bianca's daring choice of undergarments. She felt Bianca's smirk against her lips. While the blanketing darkness rendered Bianca unable to see it, she could just imagine the woman's finely sculpted eyebrow arched in shock and amusement.

"I'm just full of surprises, Lena." The young woman whispered huskily, arching her hips into Lena's as she captured her lips with renewed fervor. Lena swallowed Bianca's gasp as she shifted so her thigh met with the white-hot juncture of her lover's legs. The younger woman's rhythm grew wild, desperately trying to make contact with her lover's firm thigh. Lena's own self control was waning, and she abandoned Bianca's mouth to move back down to her neck, sucking and nibbling as her deft hand moved to the front of Bianca's pants, slipping under the thin patch of cloth to tease her wiry curls.

Her other hand held firm to Bianca's hip, denying the woman's attempts to achieve more solid contact. Her tongue and teeth teased Bianca's collarbone as her fingers nimbly stroked below, tracing the soft swollen lips with a feather-light touch. Bianca whimpered softly, a strangled plea escaping her throat.

"Lena, please." Bianca's desperate plea crushed what remained of the older woman's resolve, and she gave in to the younger woman's desire. Bianca gasped, grinding her hips into Lena's hand as it finally made contact. One hand still tangled in her lover's hair, Bianca moved the other to slip under the waistband of Lena's yoga pants and silky underwear. Lena's hips moved frantically against Bianca's hand as the younger woman mirrored her motions.

Gasping for air, their frenzied pace quickened as their mouths met once again, tongues entwining fervently as their hips rocked against each other's hands. Lena used every last ounce of strength and resolve in her body to hold off until she felt Bianca's body stiffen against hers, gasping as white heat flooded her body. As the spasms began to subside, Bianca's hand moved even faster against Lena's center, her mouth moving to suck on a particularly sensitive spot on the woman's neck. Lena bit down on her lip to stifle a scream as her own climax hit, violently racking her frame.

Bianca's free hand moved to steady the older woman as she recovered from the most mind-blowing orgasm she'd ever experienced. Slowly removing her hand, Lena leaned against the door, her legs shaking as she struggled to regain control of them. Bianca's hands moved to cup Lena's face, meeting the woman's soft lips in a sweet kiss before resting her forehead against her lover's.

"You okay?" Bianca asked breathlessly, feeling Lena's quickened breath against her lips. Lena's heart swelled as her body calmed.

"I never dreamed it was possible to feel so much," The older woman said, her words coming in short gasps. Bianca's mischievous smile was concealed by the darkness as she leaned in to whisper into the older woman's ear.

"That was only the beginning." Lena groaned softly, her mind racing through various possibilities as Bianca maneuvered herself to a squatting position, searching the floor for their discarded clothing. She snatched them up, going on her best judgment to figure out which garments belonged to whom. She dropped another lingering kiss on Lena's lips, pulling her close to feel the skin-to-skin contact once more before handing the older woman her clothes.

When they'd dressed themselves reasonably, Lena hooked an arm around her young lover's waist, pulling her in for a searing kiss.

"It was certainly only a small part of what I can show you." She whispered huskily after breaking the kiss. Her nimble fingers reached behind Bianca once more, unlocking the door and turning them around once more so she could peek out. When the coast was clear, she grabbed Bianca by the hand, pulling her out into the hallway.

She gasped as she took in Bianca's disheveled appearance, the light illuminating the young woman's flushed cheeks and swollen lips. She knew her own appearance was not dissimilar. Bianca's cheeks flushed a deeper red as she noticed a few random red marks scattered across Lena's neck.

"I guess I was a bit over enthused." Bianca smiled, reaching her fingers out to stroke the marks. Lena's own cheeks flushed as she realized the implication. Her heart warmed.

"There's no one whose mark I'd rather have, Bianca." She pulled the younger woman into yet another kiss, this one sweet and languid. Feeling her need begin to rise up again, Bianca pulled away, keeping Lena at arm's length.

"If we start that again, we'll never leave this hospital." Lena smiled, her eyes still semi-clouded with desire.

"Perhaps I should go, and get us some food or something." Bianca nodded, biting her lip in contemplation.

"I think you're right. Give us some time to, uh, cool down." She replied, her cheeks still flushed. Lena cupped Bianca's face with one hand, pulling her in for a quick kiss before pulling her body away from the younger woman's.

"I'll be back soon." Desire coiled in Bianca's belly as she watched Lena gracefully stride away from her. When her lover was out of sight, Bianca shook her head to clear it of dangerous thoughts.

"Now, where's the bathroom from here?"

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