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The Fluffy Bunny series
By Alex


Lesson Three

The Portrayal of Rabbits in the Media

Sub-Section A: The PediaSure Bunny

Bianca's heart pounded in her chest as she registered Lena's question. Her hand shook as it held out the key to Lena's room- the key to a lot more, if she could manage to operate her frozen vocal chords. It wasn't as though it would be the first time, but this was a night. An entire night in Lena's bed would put a couple quickies in the steam room and storage closet to shame. Bianca took so long to process the idea that she didn't notice Lena's face falling.

"Maybe it's not such a good time," Lena backtracked, reaching out to grab the proffered key from her lover's outstretched hand, "with your uncle, and-"

"No, I want to come in." Bianca jumped in, having been jolted from her thoughts just in time to avoid missing this opportunity. "I want to stay. I want to know what it feels like to be with somebody, and never want to leave."

Lena's hands fumbled with the lock, making quick work of the suddenly very difficult contraption. She held the door open for her young lover, swiftly closing it when Bianca had cleared the doorway. Once inside, they stood face to face, both suddenly unable to imagine what they should do next.

Brown burned into brown, desire coiling itself tightly in their respective stomachs. Finally, Bianca bridged the gap between them, reaching a tentative hand to cup Lena's flushed cheek, amazed at the warmth that burned into her palm.

"I don't know why I'm so nervous." She admitted, giggling softly. Lena smiled, her eyes dark with want.

"I feel as though it is the first time as well." She replied, slipping her arms around the younger woman's waist and leaning her head in closer to Bianca's. "I plan to put the other times to shame."

The low timbre of Lena's voice shook Bianca to the core, the implication in her words sending shivers of excitement down her spine. A breathless "Oh" managed to escape her lips before they were captured by Lena's own.

The kiss was slow, languid, with an undercurrent of passion so intense that it flooded both women's bodies. Bianca's hands moved to the back of her lover's neck, pulling the woman as close as possible to her. Their movements were slow and deliberate, each knowing that they had all the time in the world. Gone was the paranoia of being caught, the apprehension of being unable to see. They were together now, uninterrupted, and it was right.

Lena's hands traced slow circles into Bianca's back, burning through the material of her sweatshirt. The younger woman moaned as her lover's tongue entered her mouth, slowly entwining with her own. Her fingers toyed with the tiny hairs on the back of Lena's neck, sending chills through the older woman's body.

Slowly, deliberately, Lena backed up until they were next to the bed. Using the advantage of her superior height, the older woman pushed Bianca onto the soft comforter, their lips separating in the process.

A breathy gasp escaped Lena's lips as she stared down at her lover. Bianca's dark hair splayed out on the white blanket, her cheeks flushed and lips swollen from their languid kisses. But her eyes...Bianca's eyes were nearly black with desire, staring up at Lena with such intense heat that the older woman thought she would die from sensory overload.

Her passion escalating, Lena lowered her body on top of her lover's, pressing their bodies as close as possible. A firm thigh crept its way between Bianca's legs so they were interlocked, mouth to mouth, breast to breast, their legs pressing into the center of each other's desire. As Bianca's need grew stronger, she rocked her hips into the older woman's, frustrated that the contact she so direly needed was unachievable in their current state of dress.

Lena moaned as Bianca rocked against her, fighting to maintain control. Pulling away slightly to garner access to the front of Bianca's shirt, Lena's hands made quick work of the zipper. Bianca lifted her shoulders to allow quick removal of the garment. That done, Lena tore her mouth from Bianca's, moving to place wet kisses along the woman's jaw line and down her neck. Bianca's hands moved to tangle themselves in Lena's hair as the older woman's lips and tongue moved languidly over the sensitive flesh of her neck.

It seemed like eons before Lena abandoned the soft skin of Bianca's neck for decidedly more intriguing pastures. Her tongue lavished attention over every inch of exposed flesh, tracing the border of the younger woman's tight sports bra, which Lena was deciding very firmly that she hated. She lifted herself from Bianca's body, taking the young woman with her as she slipped her hands under the bra. Bianca fully cooperated with Lena's intention to remove the offending garment, untangling her fingers from the woman's dark hair to make the task easier.

"You are divine." Lena breathed, taking in the sight of Bianca's exposed torso. Having disposed of the bra, Lena's mouth returned to Bianca's chest with fervor, sucking and nipping every inch of newly exposed flesh. Bianca moaned, her hands returning to the older woman's hair as her lover's mouth found her full breast. Need shot through her body as a warm tongue found her nipple, causing her to arch into Lena's mouth as she moaned the woman's name. An expert hand kneaded the woman's other breast as her tongue and teeth teased a hardened nipple.

Stopping to lavish attention on the other breast, Lena's mouth soon moved down to Bianca's abdomen, the firm muscles rippling under the woman's mouth. Bianca moaned softly as Lena's tongue dipped into her navel, her hands abandoning the older woman's hair to clutch the blankets.

Lena's hands slipped under the waistband of Bianca's sweatpants, coaxing the younger woman to lift her hips so she could slide them down her smooth legs. Lena smirked as she saw the bright pink hue of the thong she had felt earlier. Shrugging inwardly, Lena continued her exploration, her tongue tracing the top edge of the garment. Bianca's hips thrust forward as the older woman's tongue moved down to explore the soft skin where thigh meets pelvis. She moaned again, louder, her center throbbing as Lena's mouth traveled across everywhere except the place she needed it the most.

"Lena..." A teasing smile spread over the older woman's lips as she heard the naked want in her lover's voice. Abandoning the juncture of Bianca's legs, Lena's mouth moved to caress the younger woman's thighs, nipping at the soft flesh as her fingers hooked under the top of the thong. As her mouth moved upwards, her fingers pulled the garment down, sliding it off of Bianca's body. Slowly, Lena positioned her mouth over the exact place it was needed, her breath tickling the small, wiry curls. Bianca inhaled sharply as her lover's tongue made contact, tracing her outer lips softly.

"Lena, please." Bianca begged, her body on fire from this divine torture her lover was putting her through. Shaking from the taste and smell of the younger woman, Lena gave in. Bianca hissed at the heat of the woman's tongue against her center.

The younger woman's hips rocked against her lover's mouth, setting a slow, sensuous rhythm as Lena's tongue worked its magic. She could feel her desire building beyond heights she'd never dreamed possible, her body shaking with her growing need. Her knuckles were white as she clutched the blankets harder, feeling her climax approach.

Sensing her lover's proximity to the edge, Lena worked her mouth faster, sucking and licking the young woman's center at a frenzied pace.

"Lena," Bianca moaned, quickly nearing her breaking point. "Oh my God, Lena!" The younger woman cried out as her climax hit, her body shaking violently. Lena's hands gently steadied her lover's hips, her mouth continuing to stroke until she felt the spasms subside.

Placing little kisses along her way, Lena moved so her head was once again level with Bianca's. She smiled as she looked into the younger woman's glazed eyes, leaning in for a lingering kiss. Bianca moaned softly as she tasted herself on Lena's lips. As they broke the kiss, Bianca smiled hungrily at her lover.

"Now it's your turn."

Lesson Three

The Portrayal of Rabbits in the Media

Sub-Section B: Peter Cottontail...All Gayed Up!

Bianca rolled herself on top of her lover, straddling her waist as she slipped her hands under the older woman's shirt.

"How did you manage to completely ravish me with all of your clothes on?" She asked in mock wonder. Lena would have smiled were it not for the delicious sensation of Bianca's fingers dancing across her ribcage. Slowly, Bianca leaned down to place a kiss on the older woman's lips as her hands shakily inched the cotton shirt up Lena's torso. Lena could feel her lover's hesitance, and a thought struck her.

"Bianca, have you done this before?" She asked gently, halting Bianca's hands with her own. "I mean, before me?" Bianca looked down shyly, examining Lena's navel to avoid eye contact.

"Yeah, I-I've done it before." Bianca responded. "Once. But, it was in rehab, and neither of us really knew what to do." She admitted, sneaking a glance toward her lover's face. Lena was smiling softly.

"Sweetheart, you don't have to be nervous." She said knowingly, reaching a hand up to caress the younger woman's cheek. She gasped as Bianca's newly freed hand repositioned itself on her bare skin. "When you touch me, even just like this, it is more than I have ever felt with any other lover." Bianca blushed, hesitant to believe she had such power. "Bianca, you don't have to worry about pleasing me. You do it without trying."

Smiling shyly, Bianca nudged Lena's other hand away so she could slip the shirt off of the older woman. Lena lay back, thoroughly enjoying the look of wonder on her young lover's face. Her body was on fire simply from Bianca's hooded gaze, but she forced herself to maintain control over her desire, realizing the importance of this initial exploration.

Bianca slid her hands under her lover's body to undo the black bra encasing small, round breasts. Lena suddenly felt more naked than she ever had in her life as Bianca slipped the bra off of her shoulders to reveal her bare chest. The younger woman's eyes devoured every inch of exposed skin, desire burning her cheeks.

Tentatively, Bianca's hands started to explore the soft, creamy skin. Lena's skin tingled as her lover's hands glided across her chest. She gasped as Bianca's hands found her breasts, painfully hard nipples pressing into the younger woman's palm. Slowly, Bianca lowered her mouth to the soft skin, exploring with her lips and tongue.

Her body burned where Bianca's mouth caressed it, soothed only by the remnants of moisture the woman's tongue left behind as it continued its hesitant exploration. Her back arched un-prompted as Bianca's mouth found a hard nipple. The young woman's tongue explored the tiny nub, savoring the taste and sensation, as well as the reaction she was getting from her lover.

Lena bit her lip in an attempt to keep control as sensation continued to flood her body. Bianca's mouth had moved lower, and was now exploring the tender flesh of her navel. Her hands lingered at the woman's waist, tracing the waistband of Lena's pants but not quite brave enough to slip under the soft material.

Breaking from her oral exploration, she raised her head to shyly meet her lover's eyes. The naked desire and pure need she found burning in the darkened orbs struck her to the core, and she had to steady herself with one hand on either side of the woman's hips. Launching forward, she captured Lena's lips in her own, pressing her nude body against the length of Lena's own.

She moaned into her lover's mouth as their bare torsos met, their skin igniting where it connected. Their tongues entwined seductively as Bianca's hands slowly crept back down Lena's sides to the waistband of her pants. Nervously, she toyed with the soft material, trying to muster the courage to go further. Mentally, she berated herself for being so shy. After all, it wasn't the first time.

She was broken from her thoughts by two warm hands covering her own, guiding them through the motions of slipping the woman's pants down as far as the older woman's arms would reach. Bianca smiled against her lover's lips, shuddering as Lena's hands slid over her bare skin on their way back up to cup her face.

Brushing some of Bianca's hair behind her ear, she leaned up and placed a quick kiss on her lips. Understanding and need intermingled in Lena's eyes, and Bianca thought her insides would melt completely. How this woman could make her feel so much at one time was beyond her, but she was determined to return the favor.

Blazing a trail of wet kisses down to her earlier location, Bianca slowly slipped the black yoga pants down and off of Lena's long, slender legs. Her hands lightly caressed the smooth skin of the woman's legs as she moved back up to her lover's waist. The older woman moaned, restraining herself from thrusting her hips into her lover's face as the younger woman placed lingering kisses along the band of her black briefs, then moved down to explore the tender flesh of Lena's inner thighs.

"Bianca," She said raggedly, her voice breaking. Lena's eyes radiated her desperate need as they met Bianca's. "I don't know how much longer I can control myself." She warned. Bianca smiled, her expression a mixture of shy and wicked. Placing a soft kiss to Lena's center through the thin material of her underwear, Bianca moved up to whisper in her lover's ear.

"Let go, Lena. Just let go." Lena shuddered as Bianca's words warmed her ear. She let out a hard groan as she pulled Bianca's mouth to her own, exploring the depths of her lover's mouth desperately.

"I need you, Bianca." She said, wanton desire clouding her voice. Bianca bit her lip shyly, placing a quick kiss on Lena's lips before sliding back down the older woman's body. Slipping her fingers under the waistband of Lena's underwear, she slid the nylon material down her lover's legs, removing the last barrier between them.

Lena moaned softly as the cool air rushed at her moist center, only to be replaced by her lover's hot breath. Bianca breathed in, savoring the musky scent of the older woman's desire before tentatively placing a kiss on the moist dark curls. She licked her lips, tasting the slightest hint of Lena on them. She closed her eyes as she relished the salt-tinged flavor.

The expression on her lover's face, coupled with her hot breath teasing her center, became too much for Lena, and she thrust her hips forward slightly, her hands lightly tangling themselves in Bianca's dark hair.

"Please." She begged softly, need reducing her voice to a hoarse whisper. Bianca relented, her tongue sliding through her lover's moist folds. Lena hissed as Bianca's mouth found the engorged bundle of nerves, suckling softly as she savored the sensation of being surrounded by her lover's flavor and scent.

Tentatively, Bianca brought her fingers up to stroke Lena's entrance, slowly sliding one, then two fingers inside to fill her lover. Lena moaned, ignoring the brief pain of the younger woman's long nails as she rocked her hips against her lover's mouth and hand.

Slowly Bianca settled into a rhythm, matching her fingers' thrusts with the swirl of her tongue. Lena met her thrust for thrust, desperate for release but thoroughly overwhelmed by the amazing sensations her young lover was igniting in her.

"God, Bianca." She gasped almost silently as she felt her climax approach. Acting on instinct, Bianca quickened her pace, feeling the tension build in her lover's body. As she felt muscles begin to clench, she latched her mouth firmly on Lena's center, pulling the tiny nub into her mouth and rolling it around with her tongue. She thrust once more with her fingers as she sucked hard on her lover's core.

She felt, rather than heard, Lena's desperate cry of her name as her climax wracked her body. Bianca kept her mouth in place until the spasms subsided, soothing the nerves with her warm tongue. Taking a moment to savor one last taste, Bianca slid her fingers out of her lover, swirling her tongue around them to remove the sticky fluid.

Intentionally sliding her naked body up the length of Lena's, Bianca found herself once again face to face with her lover. Smiling anxiously, she brushed a lock of hair away from Lena's face as the older woman struggled to regain her normal breathing patterns. Lena leaned forward, capturing her lover's lips with her own, groaning as she tasted herself on the young woman's tongue.

"Bianca," She repeated her lover's name as though it were a prayer. "If this keeps getting better, I fear I won't be able to take it." Bianca smiled, looking down shyly.

"You don't have to say that. I don't- I mean, I know that I'm not that experienced..." Bianca said, avoiding her lover's gaze. Lena's hands cupped Bianca's face, forcing her to make eye contact.

"Bianca, believe me when I say this." She said vehemently. "That was the most amazing experience of my entire life."

"Really?" Bianca asked vulnerably. The older woman rolled over so Bianca was beneath her, then captured her lover's lips in a fervent kiss, in an effort to prove the truth of her words.

"Really." She replied firmly. "Bianca, I may have had sexual experience, but I am as new to making love as you are."

Bianca smiled, placing a tender kiss on the older woman's lips before snuggling into her lover's body. Their limbs entangled naturally, as though they were made to fit together. As they softly whispered words of love and devotion and eventually drifted to sleep, neither could tell where one of them ended and the other began.

Part 4

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