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The Fluffy Bunny series
By Alex


Lesson Four

The Overpopulation of Bunnies...How They Pass the Time

"Take your time," Lena said, gazing longingly at the entrance to the bathroom. Waking up next to Bianca had been the most amazing experience of her life, and she was loathe to be separated from her beautiful lover. "Try the grapefruit scrub!" She called out, finding comfort in at least knowing the younger woman would carry her scent. She sat down on the bed, lost in her thoughts of the previous evening; thoughts she was jolted from as a brunette head peeked out into the room.

"Why don't you come join me, and we can try it together?" She asked mischievously, biting her lip shyly. Lena smiled, and not needing to be asked twice, rose to her feet to take her lover's proffered hand. As she was pulled into the bathroom, she found herself face to face with a gloriously naked Bianca. She laughed softly as she found herself swiftly being undressed by her lover's nimble fingers.

"Bianca," She moaned into the younger woman's mouth as her lips were claimed in an ardent kiss. "You do know I've already taken a shower." She said pointedly, lowering her arms so Bianca could slip the purple button-down shirt over her shoulders, tossing it to the ground.

"Yes," Bianca replied huskily as she lowered her mouth to the woman's chest. "But I guarantee you; this one will be more fun."

Lena had no doubt in her mind that Bianca spoke the truth as her bra was removed from her body. Pulling away for a moment, Bianca slipped a hand under the flowing water, testing the temperature before returning to her task of slipping off her lover's skirt and underwear. Lena slipped off her shoes as she watched her lover step under the steaming spray of water. She froze as her eyes took in the image of the glistening water sliding down the young woman's body.

A hand slipped into her own, pulling her into the ample shower. Lena sent a quick blessing to whoever designed the Inn's bathrooms; there was more than enough room for two. Bianca pulled her lover's tall body close, moaning softly at the sensation of slick skin on skin. Their lips met in a searing kiss, tongues eagerly exploring. Bianca could feel the desire already coursing through Lena's body, and leaned her mouth to the woman's ear.

"How about that grapefruit scrub?" She whispered seductively, a teasing smile on her lips as she pulled away. Lena smiled wickedly, reaching for the scrub. Squeezing a small amount into her hand, she rubbed it against her other one to distribute the product before lowering her hands to Bianca's shoulders.

The younger woman moaned as Lena slid the gritty substance over her arms and chest, avoiding the areas that so desperately ached to be touched. When the deft hands brushed her hardening nipples, Bianca let out a low growl as she recaptured Lena's lips, grabbing the tube of scrub to return the favor.

Lena gasped as Bianca's hands made contact with her heated skin. Nimble fingers danced over her chest, stroking and teasing the aroused flesh.

A low moan slid from Bianca's lips as Lena slid her hands down her back, then lower, pulling the younger woman's hips flush against her own. Their lips met in a feverish kiss, tongues colliding and embracing as their hands began to wander.

The scrub forgotten, wet hands slid over slick flesh and soft fingers found damp curls. Her body aching for release, Bianca pushed Lena up against the back wall of the shower, the warm water pelting her back as she slid a knee between the older woman's thighs. Lena rocked against the woman's nimble fingers, her own hand mirroring her lover's movements. Bianca moaned as she thrust her hips into Lena's hand, moving closer and closer to the edge.

Hands quickened their pace as both women approached their climax. Water pelted Bianca's back while her breasts slid over Lena's as she continued to arch her body into her lover's.

Bianca climaxed first, her long moan pulling Lena over the edge with her. The younger woman collapsed against her lover, the wall behind Lena providing much-needed support as their bodies calmed.

"I guess we should actually get clean now." Bianca said when they'd regained control over their limbs. She spun Lena around so she was under the spray, placing a quick kiss on Lena's lips to wipe off the smirk that her words inspired. Grabbing the grapefruit scrub, Bianca slowly began the task at hand.

"Lena?" She said inquisitively as she slowly spread the scrub over her lover's body.

"Yes, Bianca?" The older woman replied, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the warm, intimate feeling of the young woman's hands washing her skin.

"Will it always be like this?" She asked, smiling. "Will we always be unable to keep our hands off of each other?"

Lena's eyes opened as she considered the question, reaching to grab the scrub out of Bianca's hands. As she set to work returning the favor, she responded firmly.

"Yes, if I have anything to say about it."

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