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The Fluffy Bunny series
By Alex


Lesson Five

Are Their Teeth Really That White?

"I do," Bianca said, pulling Lena close. "Of course I do."

She knew the words were a lie even as she spoke them. She wanted to believe Lena, she wanted to know that this woman loved her and would never lie to her, but she couldn't deny how much sense it would make for her to be dishonest, even now.

Bianca clung to Lena, her breath pushing her torso into the older woman's as she tried desperately to recall the feeling that being in her arms usually invoked. Pulling away, she captured the woman's lips in a searing kiss, pressing their bodies tightly together. At the touch of their lips, Bianca realized that the electric spark was still there, and she was dismayed that her body could be so sure of something that her mind was not. She intensified the kiss, her tongue aggressively exploring Lena's mouth as her nimble fingers moved to unbutton the older woman's shirt.

Lena gasped as Bianca's mouth left hers to begin a none-too-gentle assault on her neck and shoulders, her hands slipping the purple shirt off of the older woman's shoulders. When the younger woman's hands moved to unhook her bra, Lena caught them with her own, pushing Bianca away enough to make eye contact.

"Bianca." She said breathlessly, concerned with Bianca's sudden aggression. "Is everything okay?"

"Yes," Bianca answered, her hands freeing themselves from Lena's grasp to caress the bare skin of her lover's sides. "I just...I need to feel you."

Without allowing Lena a response, Bianca captured the older woman's lips once more, her hands quickly returning to their former task. Lena gave in, the sense of dread in her stomach becoming overshadowed by the feelings her lover was arousing in her.

Having disposed of her lover's bra, Bianca pushed the woman toward the bed, her mouth and hands roaming as they hit the sheets. Lena moaned as Bianca nipped and sucked at her flesh, gasping sharply as her warm mouth found a hardened nipple.

Bianca's hands moved down to unzip her lover's skirt, roughly pulling it- along with her undergarments- down over her supple thighs. As her tongue blazed a path down from Lena's breasts, her hands reached down to remove the woman's shoes. Pulling away for a moment, Bianca tugged at her own garments, quickly divesting herself of the clothing.

This task finished, Bianca moved on top of Lena, firmly connecting their naked bodies. The younger woman's thigh slipped between her lover's as she claimed her lips once more. As she dominated Lena's mouth, Bianca's hands grabbed at the woman's flesh, firmly caressing, trying to commit it all to memory; trying to convince herself that this was the truth, that the moans and gasps she was eliciting as she rocked against her lover were all she needed.

Lena arched against Bianca, mentally cataloguing each thrust, each caress as if it were the last; and somewhere deep inside of her, the older woman knew that it just might be. Their bodies moved together, the pace quickening as they reached their climax. Lena came first, her body going rigid as her orgasm flooded her senses. Her forceful gasp of Bianca's name sent the younger woman over the edge with her, shuddering as spasms rocked her body.

As her body went limp, Bianca slid off of Lena, maneuvering herself so her back was pressed against the older woman's chest. She pulled Lena's arm around her waist, not bothering with blankets on the hot summer night.

As Bianca faced away from her lover, tears silently slid down her cheeks as one thought permeated her mind.

It's not enough.

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