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For Want of Sustenance
By Logan Wolfe


Andy tried her hardest to stifle a grin as she watched Emily slide her computer monitor a few more inches to the right and then lean far forward to try to peek around it.  For the last half hour, Andy had a front row seat to her colleague's ridiculous endeavor to eavesdrop on the meeting that was taking place on the other side of Miranda's closed office door.

According to Emily, shortly before Andy had returned from Smith & Wollensky with Miranda's steak lunch, Irv Ravitz had stormed into the reception area and demanded an immediate meeting with the editor.  The Brit had smugly delivered this tidbit with no small measure of satisfaction, while looking pointedly down her nose at a harried Andy and the bag that held their boss' meal.

Through the door, they both heard Irv's growled demands, frequently interrupted by what sounded like periods of silence, but were no doubt moments where Miranda was delivering her own acerbic rebukes with her typically gentle phrasings.

Andy choked back a whimper of distress as Emily's derisive little smile grew bigger.  Oh yes, the smarty-pants fat girl was going to catch hell for delivering a less than piping hot steak, after Irv waltzed in and sabotaged Miranda's schedule so that he could rant and rave about her most recent transgressions.  Miranda would no doubt be cranky for the rest of the day.  No surprise there, Emily mused.  At least Andy would bear the brunt of Miranda's ire.  This made a small frisson of glee skitter down Emily's spine as Andy sank down into her chair and placed the steak on her desk.

Emily flinched and knocked over a stack of folders as Irv's voice suddenly grew louder.  "Really, Miranda?"  He continued after a pause.  "At least have the goddamned decency to look at me while you're ignoring everything I say!"

As Emily scurried around her desk to gather the papers that were strewn across the floor, Andy heard the muted sound of her phone vibrating in her purse.  She opened the bag and reached beneath her company phone to withdraw the brand new LG Prada mobile phone that Miranda had received in a swag bag at a New York Fashion Week event.  Without even opening the fancy packaging, Miranda had promptly passed the phone to Andy and declared, "Andrea, perhaps you will find this charming touchscreen technology more useful than I would."  Andy was hardly surprised that, once she had gotten a chance to unwrap the phone, it was already pre-programmed with one telephone number in the contact list.  The memory made her smirk as she surreptitiously checked the display, keyed in a quick response, and threw the phone back in her bag before Emily could look up and cast another reproachful glare at her.

It sounded like Irv was preparing to depart because the door handle rattled slightly as he delivered his next statement.  "I intend to do what's right for this magazine."  The door then wrenched open and he almost stumbled over Emily before turning to face Miranda once again "I haven't forgotten your little coup back in Paris."  Then he turned on his heel and stormed away just as abruptly as he had arrived.

"Andrea?"  Miranda was using her mildest tone, which meant that she was downright pissed and heads were about to roll.

Andy ignored the contemptuous smile on Emily's face, grabbed her notepad and the Smith & Wollensky bag, and hurried past the other woman as she entered Miranda's office.

"Yes, Miranda?"

"Go get the shoes I asked for from Blahnik.  Move this afternoon's appointments to tomorrow and tomorrow's appointments to Friday morning.  If anyone complains, cancel them."  Andy nodded and scribbled furiously as she continued.  "Pick up those delightful little items from that shop I told you about two weeks ago.  Fetch Patricia from daycare.  Be sure to walk her home, because the vet said she needs more exercise.  The girls want Burton jackets and pants for our trip to Whistler.  And confirm my dinner delivery at home this evening."

Andy's eyes widened at the realization that Miranda's list of errands would have her out of the office for several hours.  If I'm lucky, she thought while jotting down the last little bit of information. 

She looked up and caught Miranda's intense gaze slowly shifting down to the bag that she was holding.  Her voice dropped down into its most menacing register.  "Is that my steak?"

Andy tensed.  "Uh, y-yeah."  Miranda's eyes narrowed as she cast a sidelong glance at her. 

"Sorry."  Andy quickly recovered and began to hand her the bag.

"No, no."  Miranda waved her away impatiently.  "It's no doubt colder than the glacier you used to transport it here."

Emily was beside herself with amusement as she heard Miranda's scathing comment.  Although she could not see into the office from her vantage point, Emily could envision Andy withering under the weight of their boss' remark.

"Honestly," Miranda continued.  "I do not understand why it is so difficult to get a hot meal in a timely manner."  Miranda stood up.  "I'll just have to fend for myself since it seems you would have me perish for want of sustenance."  Miranda stalked toward the reception area with Andy close behind.  "Have my car out front by the time I get downstairs."

Emily fired off a quick text to Roy and was holding Miranda's purse and coat as they emerged from the inner office.

Miranda spared a quick glance over her shoulder at her two assistants as she walked through the glass doors and into the corridor.  "That's all."  They both watched as she paced down the hallway and out of sight.

"I don't know what you're standing around for."  Emily sniffed disdainfully.  "You've got quite a bit of running around to do."  She flicked a glance at Andy's midsection.  "And from the looks of things, you could stand to burn the calories."

Andy responded in her sweetest tone as she grabbed her purse and coat.  "Em, I'm really concerned about your less than healthy views of the female body."

"Only a complete cow would say something so utterly ridiculous while standing in the middle of these offices."

Andy rolled her eyes in response.

"Be sure to dispose of that steak without scarfing it down, won't you?"  Emily returned to her desk, sat down, and focused in on her computer screen.

Andy snatched the door open.  "I hope you weren't looking forward to a bathroom break anytime soon."  The door closed behind her before Emily could respond.

Andy exited the cab and rushed up the stairs, key at the ready.  She unlocked the door, entered the foyer, and was immediately greeted by one very excited Patricia who sat on her haunches beside several shopping bags.  Andy reached down and absently scratched behind Patricia's ears as she scanned the assorted items.

Six bags from Manolo Blahnik, two large bags from Burton, and one from Agent Provocateur with a giant red bow attached to it.  Aside from the few scheduling phone calls she had made while en route to the townhouse, the rest of Andy's tasks had already been taken care of, no doubt by several messengers during the four hours that Miranda's housekeeper had been in the house.  Looks like I've got a few hours of free time on my hands.

Andy picked up the bag with the bow on it, made a quick stop in the kitchen to stash the steak in the refrigerator, and then ascended the stairs to the second floor.

Ten minutes later, Miranda Priestly stood in the same foyer removing her coat.  She cast a brief glance at the bags lined up against the wall, and then made a beeline for the stairs.  At the top of the second floor landing, she picked up the blouse that was draped over the banister.  A few paces down the hallway, she gathered up the skirt that was carelessly discarded on the floor.  She paused at the door to her study.  It was slightly ajar and hanging from the doorknob were a black silk bra and matching thong.  She collected these items as well, stepped into the room, and locked the door.

Miranda's breath escaped her chest in a rush as heat rapidly suffused her entire body.  There on the chaise lounge her Andrea reclined, wearing the sheer black undergarments she had just purchased for her, a pair of black Christian Louboutins, and a megawatt smile.  "Exquisite," Miranda whispered as Andy slowly rose and sauntered across the room.  The sway of her hips caused Miranda's breath to catch and her heart to beat furiously against her chest.

Andy stepped closer until the stiff points of her nipples rubbed against the silk of Miranda's blouse.  "Thank you, sweetheart."  She slowly brushed her lips against Miranda's.  "These are beautiful."

"No, you are beautiful."  Miranda dropped the clothing, wrapped her arms around Andy's waist and nuzzled the warm spot just beneath her ear.  Then she kissed her way across Andy's jaw before kissing her lips more thoroughly this time.

Miranda groaned in frustration as Andy reluctantly pulled away while grasping her hand.  "C'mon."  She led her over to the chaise and gently pressed her down onto the chair.  Miranda watched closely as Andy grabbed one of the throw pillows, placed it on the floor, and then gracefully sank down to her knees.  She couldn't resist the temptation to taste those beautiful lips again, so she leaned forward, threaded her fingers through Andy's dark hair, and crushed their lips together.  Slicking her warm tongue against soft lips until she was permitted entry, Miranda thrilled at the soft whimper that Andy emitted as she kissed her until they were both breathless.

"Hmmm.  You taste absolutely divine, Andrea."  Miranda's warm breath tickled Andy's moist lips and sent a jolt of fire down between her legs.  She took the younger woman's hand and placed it beneath the hem of her skirt.  "I have been thinking about you all morning."  She inhaled sharply as Andy's hand skimmed up the inside of her leg to brush lightly against the warm fabric at the apex of her thighs.  "Do you have any idea," she gasped as Andy pressed once, firmly, "how distracted I've been?"

Andy slipped one finger beneath the flimsy fabric and dragged it slowly through the copious moisture there.  "I think I have an idea," she drawled, still lazily tracing her finger against slick flesh, "especially after receiving that eloquently worded text message."  She pulled her hand away, closely watching Miranda's stunned reaction as she brought her finger to her lips and thoroughly licked away all traces of her moisture.  "You taste pretty damn good yourself."  She then placed a hand against her lover's chest and pressed her back against the cushions.  She made quick work of unbuttoning and removing Miranda's blouse, before trailing her hands down to unfasten her skirt.  She slipped off both that and her panties.

Miranda watched with relish as Andy's eyes traced a path up her legs and over her torso before settling on her breasts.  Her young lover was fascinated by the sight of her naked body, and Miranda was, in turn, fascinated by Andy's response to it.  She held Andy's gaze as she slowly undid the front clasp of her bra and stripped it away from her skin.

Andy hooked her hands behind Miranda's knees and pulled until her hips were poised at the edge of the chair.  She leaned forward between her spread legs and wrapped her warm lips around one turgid nipple while the heated skin of her abdomen grazed the sensitive flesh between her thighs.  Miranda's eyes slid closed as she felt the tongue swirling against her breast.  Her hips bucked sharply and she arched into the touch when Andy's fingers began to pinch and pull at the other nipple.  She wrapped one leg around Andy's waist, pulling her in ever closer as she ground her pelvis against Andy's belly.  The close contact and maddeningly insufficient friction had Miranda coating Andy's skin with the evidence of her all consuming arousal.  Her quick, panting gasps turned to a rumble of frustration as she was unable to achieve the stimulation she was seeking.

"Shh," Andy murmured against the skin of her chest.  "I won't make you wait any longer."  She kissed her way down Miranda's torso, pausing to flick her tongue suggestively against the rim of her navel.  She pressed her hands firmly against Miranda's hips as she bucked fiercely in response.

"Andrea," she gasped, the syllables somewhere between a moan and a benediction, her voice thick with desire.

Andy sat back on her heels, raised one of Miranda's elegant legs and draped it over her shoulder.  "Look at me, Miranda."  As their eyes met, Andy rewarded her obedience by pressing a firm kiss to her intimate flesh.  "Keep your eyes on me."  Another warm kiss followed by a contented hum.  "I've never told you how excited you make me when you watch me."  This time she snaked her tongue out and skimmed it between the folds of Miranda's sex.  "I've never told you how many times I've come close to climaxing," one more quick slither of her tongue, "just by watching your response to what I'm doing."  This time she wrapped her lips around her clitoris and sucked gently.

Miranda gazed into large brown eyes, in awe of her lover's ability to maintain such an angelic appearance while her devilish tongue did such delightfully wicked things to her body.  She began to writhe in earnest now, her calf and heel pressing against the firm muscles of Andy's back.  "So good.  So very good," she managed to choke out.

"Mmhmm," Andy moaned, her mouth vibrating against Miranda.

"Need more."  She threaded her hand into Andy's hair, holding her in place.

Andy's eyes sparkled up at her as she rapidly flicked her tongue and poised two of her fingers at Miranda's entrance.

When she continued to lick, but went no further with her fingers, Miranda pulled at her with her hand and leg.  Andy teased her opening with just the tips of her fingers, while maintaining the stimulation of her tongue.  "Pl—Please?"  Miranda's legs twitched erratically and she tried valiantly to impale herself on those elusive fingers.  "I'm close, Andrea.  Please?" 

Miranda watched her beautiful eyes as she blinked heavily and moaned against her once more.  Another lick and suck, then those fluttering fingers thrust solidly inside of her.  Miranda cried out in relief as her nails grazed Andy's scalp.

Andy found her target and pressed firmly against it while maintaining the gentle suction.  Firm muscles tightened around her fingers and she watched Miranda struggle to keep her eyes open.  Andy squeezed her thighs together, feeling an aching throb between her legs as her own impending orgasm lurked at the edges of her arousal.

Miranda thrust against her twice before her body stiffened, her eyes slammed shut, and she cried out.  Andy let loose her control and tumbled over the edge right after her.  The two of them continued to move against one another, with unintelligible cries of ecstasy, for several moments until Andy withdrew her fingers.  Before Miranda could verbalize her protest, Andy climbed up onto the chaise to straddle her, grabbed her hand and shoved it beneath the narrow strip of fabric between her legs.  At the first contact, she wrapped her arms around the woman beneath her and pulled her close.

"My god," Miranda murmured against her breasts.  "You are drenched."

"Can't help it," Andy panted while riding the fingers Miranda had thrust inside of her.  "You made me come while I was tasting you."  She lowered her head to press a sticky kiss to Miranda's lips.

Miranda inhaled sharply and opened up to Andy, accepting her tongue inside as she reveled in the taste of herself on her lover's mouth.  Andy squirmed in her lap, no doubt close to another climax.  Miranda pressed her thumb against her engorged clitoris.  Andy moaned, slammed her hips down one last time, and then clamped her legs around Miranda's hips as she flooded her hand.

They stayed together that way until Andy went limp and dropped her head to Miranda's shoulder.

Miranda pressed a kiss to the side of her neck.  "That was positively divine."

Andy lifted her head and smiled lazily at her.  "Yeah, it was amazing.  I'm glad that we were able to get some time alone."

"For you, darling, I'll always find a way to make time."  She pressed another kiss to Andy's pulse point as the younger woman gasped.

Andy bit back the words that were at the tip of her tongue.  Their relationship was barely six months old.  She dared to hope that there would be plenty of time for those words some time in the future.  Miranda was obviously smitten and had been very generous with her extravagant gifts.  Though she had yet to make any declarations of love, Andy knew the feelings were there.  For Andy, that knowledge was sufficient enough for the moment.  She was patient enough to wait a while longer.

Andy eased herself off of Miranda's lap, reached behind the throw pillows and extracted Miranda's silk robe.  "I don't know about you, but I've worked up quite an appetite."  She tilted her head toward the door.  "I've got a couple of seasoned steaks all ready to be cooked.  You should have seen the look on the chef's face when I requested them raw.  I'm positive he wouldn't have given them to me if they were for anyone other than you."

Miranda chuckled as she tied the robe around her waist.  "Whatever would I do without you, Andrea?"

Andy paused with her hand resting against the study door, a wicked grin on her face.  "Apparently you'd perish for want of sustenance."  Then she opened the door and boldly strolled out into the hallway wearing nothing but her bra and thong.  "Are you coming or what?"  She called out when she realized Miranda was still in the room.

Oh, I have a feeling that I will again soon, Miranda thought as she caught up with her lover at the top of the staircase.

The End

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