Gift or Curse 18 Andy/Miranda What if Miranda was a powerful Master Vampire and Andy was blessed by a Faerie Fertility Goddess, prophesied to be together, all while running a fashion empire? Neither will be prepared for their 'worlds' converging or being unwitting pawns in a power-struggle in their supernatural/magical worlds. Complete

Stepping Stone 18 Andy/Miranda   Patty/Ellen Damages crossover - Two of New York's most powerful women suddenly met their matches, but it's difficult making the appropriate adjustments. Luckily Andy and Ellen don't leave them any choice. Complete


Weakness In Me 18 Andy/Miranda Andy remains in Runway after Paris. Romance ensues. Complete


The Devil In Ms. Sachs 18 Andy/Miranda Andy's feelings for Miranda become reality in an unexpected way. Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Della Street

Etiquette PG Andy/Miranda Miranda makes Andrea attend a showing by a designer that Andrea can't stand. Complete


The Cat Woman 1 15 Andy/Miranda DC Comics crossover - Selena Kyle is an aspiring villain looking for a way into high society in order to loot and plunder. A job at Runway is just what she needs to get her foot in the door. On-Going


How to Become a DragonMaster PG-13 Andy/Miranda After walking away from Miranda in Paris, Andy decides to make her way on her own terms and finds professional success in an unexpected way. This is her story. Question is, will it end the way she wants it to? Complete


If Only 15 Miranda/OFC   Andy/Miranda Miranda Priestly is keeping a seacret. Complete

Worst Day Ever 15 Andy/Miranda Sequel to If Only Andrea is having a very bad day. Complete

Not Her 15 Andy/Miranda Sequel to If Only; Worst Day Ever...Miranda is at the party...not everthing goes as planed.. Complete

What To Do? 15 Andy/Miranda Sequel to 'Not Her' - Miranda and Andrea try to find each other. Complete

One True Thing PG-13 Andy/Miranda A mate is found and an offer is made (AU) Complete

Home For Christmas PG-13 Andy/Miranda One of the twins gets sick and only Andy can help... Complete


Perfect PG-13 Andy/Miranda In her Editor's Note for the August 2011 issue of Runway, Miranda shares a very personal story about a young woman's struggle for the perfect body. Complete

Give Me Lilies 15 Andy/Miranda Miranda and Andrea meet again, eight years after Paris, at the funeral of their mutual friend and former colleague Nigel Kipling, and neither are willing to let this unexpected opportunity pass them by. Complete

Damaged 15 Andy/Miranda : (AU) Andy is a detective on the LAPD, and she comes to Miranda's aid when she's assaulted while in Los Angeles. Complete

Cracked PG-13 Andy/Miranda Hand-holding eventually leads to a lot more. Complete

Silence 15 Andy/Miranda Runway is eliminated, and Miranda doesn't take it well, pushing Andrea away when the young woman was trying to offer comfort. Years later, a letter Andrea never intended to send finds its way into Miranda's hands, and she has the opportunity to break the silence. Complete

Bliss 1 2 3 4 5 6 15 Andy/Miranda Just as Miranda starts getting closer to Andrea, she learns she's pregnant. Andrea is committed to her throughout the pregnancy, and for the rest of their lives. Complete

Stay 15 Andy/Miranda Something isn't right with Miranda. Andrea offers her assistance above and beyond the duties of her job. Complete

Always at My Side 1 2 3 4 5 Andy/Miranda Miranda's life is changed forever when she finds herself considering an actual friendship with her assistant Andrea. With the death of Andrea's grandmother, an impending divorce, and the risk of losing her daughters to their bigoted father, they need more than friendship. Complete


Gone but not Forgotten 15 Andy/Miranda Andy is gone but not forgotten. Complete

My Heart Aches 15 Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete


Surrender Dorothy PG Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

Unchained Melodies PG Andy/Miranda An iTunes Meme. Complete

When the Night Falls on You 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda Priestly decides that it is time to find a little beauty that is all her own. Complete


Finding Your Way Home 18 Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

See a Bear PG Andy/Miranda Prompt: From Mxrolkr - DWP, Mirandy - Broadway Playbill, Desktop bubbler, Waterford Crystal or Lynda Carter. Complete


Someone 18 Andy/Miranda When Miranda unexpectedly develops a pre-menopausal problem, she finds it hard to cope. Andy is there to pick up the pieces. Friendship and much more develop following the incident. Complete


Like Andrea PG-13 Andy/Miranda Miranda has a problem and Andy helps her figure out the solution. Complete

Like Family 1 2 3 18 Andy/Miranda Sequel to 'Like Andrea'. Complete

Like Life 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 18 Andy/Miranda Sequel to 'Like Family'. Complete

Like Love 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-59 New 18 Andy/Miranda The last in the 'Like' series. Complete

Unspoken Fantasy PG-13 Andy/Miranda The twins have a fantasy for their mother. Complete

Lucky Girls 18 Andy/Miranda A snowy night brings Andy back into Miranda's life. The question is, will Andy be allowed to remain? Complete

Serendipity 18 Andy/Miranda This is an AU where Andy was never Miranda's assistant, she went to law school instead of studying journalism. A chance meeting and Andy's confidence brings them together, the question is, with their lives on such different paths, will they stay together. Complete

Into the Fire G Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

Deeper Into the Fire 18 Andy/Miranda Sequel to 'Into the Fire'. Complete


Small Favors 1 2 18 Andy/Miranda Andy and Miranda reconnect, and fake bribes are exchanged. Things progress. Complete

Interludes 18 Andy/Miranda An office romp that follows "Small Favors." Complete

Beautiful Things 1 2 18 Andy/Miranda Andy and Miranda's relationship progresses after Small Favors. Complete

Here to Stay 18 Andy/Miranda Nigel attends a dinner party at the Priestly home. Complete

Good Fortune 1 2 18 Andy/Miranda This is a sequel to Small Favors and Beautiful Things. Complete

When You Whistle 18 Andy/Miranda A not-so-chance encounter at a charity event. Complete

Feast 18 Mír/Andren A scene following Lily and the Crown, in which Mír waits for Andren's return. Complete

Illusion 15 Andy/Miranda Andy never walked out on Miranda in Paris. Now, Miranda's considering Andy for a new position. Complete

Five Minutes 1 2 18 Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete


It's All Relative 1 2 3 4 5 15 Andy/Miranda Andy Sachs revisits her Runway past and finds the landscape changed. On-Going


Gimme That Girl PG-13 Andy/Miranda Miranda loves the way Andy looks no matter what. Complete

A Mother Knows PG-13 Andy/Miranda Caroline & Cassidy have nightmares and Andy practices parental skills. Complete

Someone Like You PG-13 Andy/Miranda Nate wants a second chance. Complete

One and Only PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy remembers a beginning. Complete

When I'm Gone PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy worries about the future. Complete

Sparky G Andy/Miranda Andy brings home a friend. Complete

The Revenge of Six G Andy/Miranda Andy’s feelings are hurt and her friends rally to right a wrong. Complete

Expectations G Andy/Miranda Andy’s timing is not the greatest. Luckily, she has Miranda and a few friends to help out. Complete

Responsibility PG Andy/Miranda Miranda has many responsibilities. Complete


Z is for Zipper PG Andy/Miranda Dressing is more than just a practicality. Complete


Details G Andy/Miranda AU. Set almost two years after the end of the movie. Andy left after Paris, but came back. Now Miranda might have to deal with her leaving again. What is Miranda to do? One Shot. Complete


The Icebreaker PG Andy/Miranda Andrea needs to break the ice between herself and Miranda, but how? Complete


Miranda Priestly: Indisposed 1-9 10-16 15 Andy/Miranda Miranda Priestly takes a mysterious collapse in the lobby of Elias-Clarke and is confined to her New York townhouse for her recuperation. The only unfortunate part, is Andy has been given the job of live in care nurse, and she is quickly realizing that Miranda doesn't take kindly to being indisposed. Complete

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus... And Now His Days Are Numbered 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda and Andy have been together for a year and their first Christmas is upon them. The only problem is, Andy loves Christmas and Miranda hasn't got any time for it. So when a Secret Santa comes along to brighten Andy's Christmas, tensions rise. Complete

Perfect 15 Andy/Miranda How Miriam Princhek became Miranda Priestly. Complete


Coffee and Brownies PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy finds herself in Miranda Priestly's office again one day, despite her best efforts to never see her again. Complete

Questions and Answers PG-13 Andy/Miranda Sequel to Coffee and Brownies. Miranda wants to discuss the relationship, but she just won't stop talking. Complete

A Visitor Comes to Town 18 Andy/Miranda Nate comes to visit. Miranda gets possessive. Andy gets confused. Complete

How Others See Her 18 Andy/Miranda A day in the life of Miranda Priestly. Complete

Something in Common PG-13 Andy/Miranda Cassidy asks questions for a homework assignment. Complete

Suddenly She Sees PG-13 Andy/Miranda Emily finds out. Andy ponders the future. Complete

In Place of the Mother PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy can't get over Miranda. Caroline can't get over Andy not getting over Miranda. Complete

Bionic Assistant PG-13 Andy/Miranda Bionic Woman crossover - Andy goes bionic. Complete


Snow Queen or Their First Christmas PG Andy/Miranda The night before Christmas, Andy is lonely. So is the Snow Queen. Complete

The Last Good Name

When in Doubt, Wear Red 15 Andy/Miranda "The person whose calls you always take? That's the relationship you're in." Complete

A Failure to Communicate PG Andy/Miranda You never ask Miranda anything. Complete

A Golden Opportunity PG Andy/Miranda Dark Materials crossover - A million girls would kill for this job. Complete

A Banquet of Consequences PG Andy/Miranda "Everybody, sooner or later, sits down to a banquet of consequences." Robert Louis Stevenson. Complete

In Vino Veritas 15 Emily/Lily   Andy/Miranda Miranda hates to lose. Complete

Stonewalling PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy thinks it's none of the rest of the world's business what she and Miranda do in bed; Nigel disagrees. Complete

A Beautiful Pea Green Boat PG-13 Andy/Miranda They had only been married for three months when Heritage of Pride called. Complete

Woo, Lockyer, Priestly, Sachs PG-13 Andy/Miranda From California to New York, the news shocked the nation. Complete

Making History (One Saturday at a Time) 18 Andy/Miranda Stephen asked for a divorce. Irv tried to oust her. Andrea quit. But that wasn't the worst thing to happen to Miranda Priestly that weekend, not by a long shot. Good thing the rest of the season turned out better. (A lot better, as it happens.) Complete

A Thousand Miles PG Andy/Miranda Miranda thinks Paris in the fall is horrible, especially when it rains. Andy, on the other hand, loves Paris. Complete


All Change at Christmas - Emily PG Emily/Serena Emily is forced on a family holiday and drags Serena along for the ride. Complete


Five Assistants That Miranda Priestly Never Sleeps With (And One That She Does) PG Andy/Miranda What? You thought she slept with them all? Complete


Romeo Would Have Had Better Aim PG-13 Andy/Miranda When weekend plans go awry, Andy does what she does best. Fix it. Complete

Logan Wolfe

For Want of Sustenance 18 Andy/Miranda Andy goes to great lengths to make sure Miranda gets her steak. Complete

Possession 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda Priestly cannot concentrate, and it's all Andrea's fault. Complete

Mary Griggs

You might as well tell the truth 18 Andy/Miranda Andy finds herself in another fine mess. Complete

Did he say binders? PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy and Miranda listen to the second presidential debate in the cooler. Complete

Bite your teeth into the ass of life PG-13 Andy/Miranda It's a big night and things are happening between Andy and Miranda. Complete

Too Legit to Quit PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy and Miranda respond to the firestorm around Todd Akin and his apologists. Complete

Great Prudency PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy's thoughts on combining libraries with Miranda. Complete

Chick-fail-a PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy and the folks at Runway react to the Chick-fil-a controversy. Complete

A Scarecrow of the Law PG-13 Andy/Miranda A series of encounters with the Priestly family leaves Andy out of a job. Good thing she has that law degree. Complete

Spread Your Wings 15 Andy/Miranda Andy appears in Miranda's home and grows a pair…a pair of wings. Complete

Medora MacD

The Gift That Keeps on Giving PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy opens a very special birthday gift from Miranda... Complete

Sunday in the Park with Andréa PG Andy/Miranda Miranda hits upon the perfect gift for Andy's birthday. Complete Bed PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy considers her good fortune to be sleeping with Miranda. Complete


Life is a Banquet series

Life is a Banquet: Starters 1-5 6-10 11-15 15 Andy/Miranda This is an AU event in my AU series, Life Is a Banquet. Complete

Life is a Banquet: Soup 1-5 6-10 11-15 15 Andy/Miranda AU — What might occur in an alternative universe where Miranda Priestly's assistant is one Nate Cooper and Andrea Sachs is an aspiring chef. This is the second "course" in a series called "Life is a Banquet". Complete

Tasting the Possibilities 1 2 3 4 5 PG-13 Andy/Miranda AU — What might occur in an alternative universe where Miranda Priestly's assistant is one Nate Cooper and Andrea Sachs is an aspiring chef. Complete

All I Want for Christmas... PG-13 Andy/Miranda A stand-alone "Christmas Future" slice from the (slightly) AU series I'm calling "Life is a Banquet." Complete


Nate's Fault 18 Andy/Miranda world is thrown into chaos and she blames it all on Nate. Complete

Elevator Confessions PG-13 Andy/Miranda Allowing Andrea to ride in the elevator with her on Christmas Eve turned into more than Miranda had bargained for. Complete


Divas and Hooves 15 Miranda/Andrea All is not as it seems. Complete

Michi and Greyregies

The Long Road 1 2 3 15 Miranda/Andrea/Cruella A very AU story. A tale of love and discovery. On-Going

Misty Flores

Ruins 15 Andy/Miranda You realize you've ruined me. Complete


The Ship and the Girl 1 2 PG-13 Andy/Miranda Things happen, eventually (It reads a whole lot better than that, I swear!). Complete

Hidden Yet Bright 18 Andy/Miranda They take the common-sense approach... at first. Complete

The Entirely Beautiful 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda is not, in fact, a biter. Reality, however, has very sharp teeth. Complete


The Book PG Andy/Miranda Andy does a Lauren Weisberger, author of the actual TDWP book, on Miranda. Complete


The righteous anger PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy throws the phone in the fountain. But leaving Miranda is not that easy... Complete

Phone, Book and Post-it notes 18 Andy/Miranda In questions of love, Miranda needs to be prodded, pushed and shoved into right direction... Complete

A fly on the wall 18 Andy/Miranda Written for DWP Secret Santa Exchange, as requested by chilly_flame. Complete

M. O. B. R. PG-13 Andy/Miranda Andy came out in the June issue of Runway. Oddly, only two people noticed, one being herself. Complete

The Very Secret Diary of Character X PG-13 Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

Who's Zoomin' Who 18 Andy/Miranda Andy blames the weather. Miranda, of course, blames Andy. Complete


ABCs of DWP (A to E) I PG Andy/Miranda Antique. Bereft. Clavicle. Discordant. Enchant. Complete

ABCs of DWP (A to E) II PG Andy/Miranda Allurement. Baroque. Casuistry. Dragon. Envonem. Complete

ABCs of DWP (F to J) I PG Andy/Miranda Fate. Gravity. Homesick. Inept. Juicy. Complete

ABCs of DWP (F to J) II PG Andy/Miranda Fugacious. Gnome. Hauteur. Improvisation. Jeremiad. Complete

ABCs of DWP (K to O) I PG Andy/Miranda Kiss. Letter. Mayhem. Narrow. Oil. Complete

ABCs of DWP (K to O) II PG Andy/Miranda Knot. Luddite. Macabre. Narcotic. Oxymoron. Complete

ABCs of DWP (P to T) I PG Andy/Miranda Portrait. Queasy. Rumor. Storm. Tutor. Complete

ABCs of DWP (P to T) II PG Andy/Miranda Perversion. Quick. Reprobate. Scintillating. Torrid. Complete

ABCs of DWP (U to Z) I PG Andy/Miranda Urgency. Vocal. Whisper. X-Ray. Youth. Zone. Complete

ABCs of DWP (U to Z) II PG Andy/Miranda Umbrage. Vehement. Writhe. Xerox. Yearning. Zingy. Complete

Good Things in Three - Three times where Miranda Priestly admit the truth to herself PG Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

Good Things in Three - Six times where Andrea Sachs told a lie to herself PG Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

Good Things in Three - Nine times when someone saw something (and said something) PG Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

iTunes Challenge PG Andy/Miranda No synopsis given. Complete

Drabbles in Threes I PG No synopsis given. Complete

Drabbles in Threes II PG No synopsis given. Complete

Drabbles in Threes III PG No synopsis given. Complete

Drabbles in Threes IV PG No synopsis given. Complete

Drabbles in Threes V PG No synopsis given. Complete

Drabbles in Threes VI PG No synopsis given. Complete

Drabbles in Threes VII PG No synopsis given. Complete


Home PG Andy/Emily No synopsis given. Complete


Cold PG Miranda/Jacqueline acceb23's prompt: preferably M/J, holiday-fic, preferably quite dark, nothing too fluffy, 'Falling Apart' by Matt Nathanson. Complete

Admiration 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda is receiving gifts from a secret admirer... Complete

Proud 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda blacklisted Andy, and it's a long road for them both... Complete

A Different Time. A Different Princess. PG-13 Andy/Miranda A gothic fairytale in the tradition of Pan's Labyrinth set in the Devil Wears Prada universe. In this cycle of the fairytale Andrea is the Underground Princess wandering lost and alone while Miranda and Nigel must guide her. Complete


The Fear Within PG Andy/Miranda Miranda helps Andy overcome her fear. Complete

Before and After 1 PG Andy/Miranda AU - Andy and Miranda meet at Dalton and from there a relationship forms. On-Going

quiethearted (QH Fletcher)

Rebellious Lock PG-13 Andy/Miranda When her hair betrays her, Miranda goes to war. Complete

When Locks Get Locked PG-13 Andy/Miranda When Andy's bangs get into the act, their hair fights it out. Complete

When Ms. Priestly Met Mrs. Sachs PG-13 Andy/Miranda Thinking Miranda is cheating, Andy takes off with Miranda hot on her heels. Complete

Nightmares Are Dreams Too 18 Andy/Miranda Nightmares are the dreams you can't seem to wake up from. Complete

Competitive Genes PG-13 Andy/Miranda Much to Andy's chagrin, Miranda and Andy's mother become friends. Complete

What Are You Doing New Year's? 18 Andy/Miranda Sometimes fear is the only thing standing in your way. Complete

Midnight 18 Andy/Miranda Andy Becomes obesessed with a photograph. Complete

And The Dawn Breaks 18 Andy/Miranda Andy wants more than Miranda can seemingly give. Complete

Breakdowns PG-13 Andy/Miranda Break downs in communication can often lead to emotional ones. Complete

Journal Entries 18 Andy/Miranda When Miranda slips in the tub, Andy has her hands full. Complete

Taking The Bait 18 Andy/Miranda Will Miranda take the bait? Complete

Like Stephen 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda contrasts Andy and Stephen. Complete

Turnabout 18 Andy/Miranda When Miranda loses her temper at work and slaps Andy, many hidden feelings are revealed. Complete

The Christmas Wish 18 Andy/Miranda From Christmas Wish List prompts by sanditar (Miranda's Wish List) and mxrolkr (Andy has a "special present" for Miranda). Complete

The Wrong Choice 18 Andy/Miranda When Miranda's current romantic interest proposes, Andy decides to move to London. Complete

Deflection 1-10 11-20 21-25 26-Epilogue 18 Andy/Miranda   Janeway/Seven   Emily/Serena Star Trek: Voyager crossover - There has been a change in the life of Miranda Priestly and it endangers the existence of descendant Kathryn Janeway. Will Janeway, Seven, B'Elanna and the Doctor be able to set things right? Complete

A Day At The Beach 18 Andy/Miranda Andy, Emily and Serena sunbath while Miranda fumes. When Miranda decides to join them things get really steamy. Complete

Mirror Image 18 Andy/Miranda Andy has a new love interest who looks amazingly like Miranda. Complete

We're Having A Baby Series

We're Having A Baby Series: And Baby Makes Four, Maybe Five 18 Andy/Miranda/Cruella Cruella and Miranda decide they want a baby. Complete

We're Having A Baby Series: In-Law Wars 18 Andy/Miranda/Cruella Meeting the in-laws can be a battle for Miranda and Cruella. Complete

We're Having A Baby Series: An Uneasy Truce 18 Andy/Miranda/Cruella Cruella has cravings duty while Miranda deals with Andy's morning sickness while keeping tabs on Cruella. Complete

We're Having A Baby Series: Friendly Fire 18 Andy/Miranda/Cruella No summary given. Complete

We're Having A Baby Series: Skirmishes 18 Andy/Miranda/Cruella No summary given. Complete

Manipulations 18 Andy/Miranda Miranda refused to be in a relationship with Andy. What Andy wants to know is why? Complete

Putting Her Foot Down 18 Andy/Miranda The Sachs-Priestlys are suffering from LBD (Lesbian Bed Death) and Andy has had enough. Or more accurately, she hasn't had any and she plans to change that. The problem is getting Miranda, who seems quite content with things the way they are, to cooperate. Complete

What Happens in Vegas...Can Follow You Home 15 Andy/Miranda In Las Vegas for a photo shoot, Miranda wakes up to find her world changed, but will she want to change it back. Complete

Rae D. Magdon

By Courier PG-13 Miranda/Andy   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - Alexandra Cabot and Miranda Priestly have a very interesting conversation via courier. Complete


It's the Only Life You've Got Arc I 1-3 4-6 7-10 11-13 14-15 18 Miranda/Andy One year after leaving Runway Andy and Miranda meet up again and realize that there is an undeniable attraction between them. That they both know that the bond between them is more than merely physical doesn't mean there aren't roadblocks, namely Miranda's trust issues and her daughters' acceptance. Complete

The Raven

Bodyguard 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda needs a bodyguard. Complete

Bodyguard II 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda and her bodyguard. Complete

Bodyguard III 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda's bodyguard is targeted... Complete

Bodyguard IV 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda and her Bodyguard in Paris... Complete

Bodyguard V 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda needs her bodyguard again... Complete

Bodyguard VI 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda and her bodyguard make some decisions... Complete

Bodyguard VII 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda and her bodyguard get ready to party... Complete

Bodyguard VIII 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda knows her bodyguard will be there for her... Complete

Bodyguard IX 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda's bodyguard needs a vacation. So does Miranda... Complete

Bodyguard X 15 Andy/Miranda AltFic - Miranda and her Bodyguard find what they have been looking for, and fight for what they believe in... Complete

Sin 15 Andy/Miranda Desire is a madness, and my madness is directed at you... Complete

Salvation 15 Andy/Miranda You were made for me, you're my ecstasy... Complete

The Morning After 15 Andy/Miranda When light dawns... Complete

The Night Before 15 Andy/Miranda When darkness falls... Complete

Countdown 15 Andy/Miranda It's only ten seconds... Complete

Ten Seconds 15 Andy/Miranda Sometimes moments take forever... Complete

What's Love Got To Do With It PG-13 Andy/Miranda Temptation is the first of all pleasures... Complete

For Your Eyes Only PG-13 Andy/Miranda Why resist, when giving into temptation is inevitable... Complete

Closer 15 Andy/Miranda Uber - The Queen's lady-in-waiting turns out to be more than she appears to be. Complete

Viva La Priestly 15 Miranda/Lady Heather CSI crossover - Miranda has been waiting for someone who can match her for a long time... Complete

The Joust 15 Andy/Miranda   Emily/Serena Miranda needs to vent some steam at the gym... Complete

The Good Ship Starfukc 15 Andy/Miranda Crackfic - Captain Priestly aboard the USS Starfukc is hell bent on conquering the Borg, the boring, and the boardroom. That is until the ravishing but tragically unfashionable Two Of One comes along and throws a Borg shaped stiletto into the works... Complete

Seven And A Half Minutes 15 Andy/Miranda What can you do in just a few minutes? Quite a lot, actually... Complete

Forbidden Doors PG-13 Andy/Miranda Some moments in the day of and the life of and the universe of our two heroines... Complete

Second Chapter 15 Andy/Miranda More moments... Complete

Obsession PG Andy/Miranda Two women on a collision course... Complete

Duck Soup 15 Andy/Miranda n. a brief account giving the main points of something Complete

Green Eyed Monster PG-13 Andy/Miranda Emotions rule all. Complete


Stranded 18 Andy/Miranda Alcohol, an Elvis festival and the Runway team combine spectacularly in the tiny town of Kalamazoo. Complete


The Tree PG-13 Andy/Miranda A simple one shot, a glimpse of Christmas. May the holidays bring you joy, whatever it is you choose to celebrate, wherever you may be on this planet. Complete

Susan L. Carr

Sightings PG Andy/Miranda Miranda and Andy hit the headlines. Complete

Masque 18 Andy/Miranda A mask can hide many things. Complete

Five Things Andy Buys For Christmas 18 Andy/Miranda Andy completes her Christmas gift list for her New York family. Complete

Louche PG-13 Andy/Miranda The double date. Complete

How Miranda Priestly Would Dress David PG-13 Andy/Miranda After fashion week, they need a break. Complete


When Misunderstandings Are An All-Too-Common Occurrence PG Emily/Andy Andy sees something she shouldn't. Complete


Possibilities PG-13 Andy/Miranda Miranda discovers the world of fan fiction. Complete


Voice Messages from Friends 18 Andy/Miranda   Andy/Cruella What will Miranda do when Andrea is snatched from Runway by a rival fashionista? Complete


The End of a Very Long Beginning PG Andy/Miranda Andy doesn't leave during Fashion Week. Three years and she is still at Runway but a new boyfriend throws Miranda for a loop. Complete


An Adventure for the Senses PG Andy/Miranda Miranda's inner musings about herself, life and her new lover. Complete

The Night Is Where It Belongs PG Andy/Miranda Miranda's thoughts about her evening. Complete


The Dread Pirate Miranda 18 Andy/Miranda Andy finally figures out why Miranda pronounces her name that distinctive way. Complete

The Devil Wears Ice Skates 18 Andy/Miranda   Emily/Serena Continuation of The Dread Pirate Miranda. Complete


All I Want For Christmas PG Andy/Miranda A mother visits and gets her Christmas wish. On-Going


Tickle Tantrum 1-3 4-6 7-9 PG-13 Andy/Miranda Prompt: Miranda/Andy. Tickling. Miranda Priestly has a hidden fetish that no one has ever known about, until her Andrea. Okay I realise I've taken a very broad view of 'fetish', but it all works out I promise. On-Going