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Not Her
By Elf_Jet


The night had gone reasonably well. Everything was set up and executed according to her instructions and for once there really wasn't anything that should displease her. All these things she knew to be true but still she felt unsettled and had felt that way for awhile now.

At first she had thought it was her impending divorce and the loss of another father figure for her girls that was the cause.

But as the process drew near and the twins never indicated that they missed Stephen she knew that the cause for her unhappiness would have to be found somewhere else.

For one thing was certain, Miranda Priestly, as unlikely as it may seem, was unhappy and was hell bent on finding a remedy.

It was not a known fact, but Miranda was very rarely unhappy, though she was easily annoyed, irritated or displeased and had no reservations in expressing her explicit opinion to the lackeys surrounding her. She, Miranda, was at her core generally very content and wanted to attain that state again. 

At one point she actually thought she had found... well something... that was enough of a distraction if not the solution.

Oh, she had no illusions that this affair she had embarked on was ill-advised, she knew that perfectly well. But the woman in question scratched an unknown itch and did it remarkably well.

Now the fact that she was attracted to the woman in the first place was somewhat of a shock but as it seemed mutual she had not bothered to analyse just why she found the brunette so attractive.

And Samantha really was quite beautiful, long brown hair slim waist (though she was heavier than the models and clackers at Runway) big expressive green eyes and very full very talented lips.

Yes she was beautiful but, Miranda feared, too attached to the idea of them together. Not that the younger woman had said anything, no in fact Samantha had been very careful in not to trying to define just what it was they were doing, but her eyes had betrayed her.

Even though the younger woman's feelings were independent on her own she would have to keep an eye on their development just to make sure that she would be able to extract herself before Samantha began demanding affections Miranda wasn't sure she still possessed. 

Well, at any rate she had spent far too long on this subject this evening as it was, she should really begin paying attention to the people around her. The point of the whole thing anyway was that even though Samantha was a very lovely girl there was definitely something missing.

But just what that was eluded her and until it became clear she would pretend not to notice Samantha's eyes pleading for her to return the feeling she so openly displayed in them and continue to reap the benefits the attention of a young woman could bestow. She just wasn't sure for how long, and of course Samantha had to be attending this little gathering.

Miranda returned to the present conversation just as the speaker finished what was supposed to be a witty tale intending to charm her; but as was often the case she found it extremely boring; but let a controlled laugh out anyway no need to offend the ambassador.

She extracted herself from the little group that had gathered and turned to Emily informing her to contact Roy and have him outside at 11pm and not a minute later giving her an hour to conclude her mingling.

She was more than ready to call it a night; maybe if she was lucky her girls wouldn't be asleep when she got home giving her an opportunity to say good night to them.

But her plans were very quickly changed. As she turned away from Emily and towards the door her heart stops. There, walking away from her once more, was Andrea.

Why was she here? And why had Miranda not known? These were just some of the things Miranda asks herself, but suddenly it all fell away as Andrea turned her head and their eyes locked with each other.

It was only a moment but more than enough to awaken in Miranda what she thought lost forever. She now knew what has been missing, what the unintelligible feeling of loss and most importantly what the whole affair with Samantha was about.

And then she was gone, she had walked out the door and away from Miranda like that time in Paris. Miranda quickly schooled her features back to the facade everyone knew and expected of Miranda Priestly the Ice Queen.

But on the inside she was in turmoil; across the room she saw Samantha and as though she could sense Miranda looking at her she turns and a message is understood by both. Miranda will not be saying good night to her daughters tonight. 

They met in one of the lavish bathrooms and after locking the door Miranda didn't waste any time in pining Samantha against the wall. She consequently closed her eyes, thinking of deep brown eyes and soft lips and as Miranda got lost in her fantasy.

She felt a hand move up her thigh and one in her hair, thinking back she realised that without her knowledge the picture now floating in her mind had always been in her subconscious when she and Samantha had been. Well, to be coarse fucking like rabbits every chance they got.

Right now she had her fingers buried deep in Samantha and the girl was squirming against the wall until she moaned Miranda's name in release.

God...why was the girl moving at a glacial pace? Miranda thought. Roy would be here in less than twenty minutes and Samantha hadn't even begun yet.

Suddenly Miranda found herself turned so her back was against the wall, and for a brief moment ice blue eyes locked with green. Miranda trying to convey her impatience just as Samantha lowers to her knees.

Lost in the fantasy again she grabbed long brown locks of hair and between the steady pace Samantha's fingers was building it only took a brief touch of the younger woman's mouth for Miranda to fall over the edge.

Miranda was never vocal when she came, a fact both her husbands had reproached her for complaining they didn't feel like they got enough feedback from their hard work.

Really she found that she had been merciful for not pointing out in detail their very unsatisfactory performance.

But tonight caught up in thoughts of Andréa and the much needed orgasm she couldn't help but utter her heart's desire just this once and as soon as the word left her lips she knew she had made an irreparable mistake.

Samantha kissed her and Miranda could feel her desperation but was too stunned to do anything about it.

When the young woman was done she once again looked at Miranda with hopeful eyes searching her face and Miranda felt irritated by it.

How dare she expect anything from Miranda? Even as young as Samantha was she knew what she was getting into when they started this affair.

After a second the young woman turned and walked away. Away from what had happened tonight and away from Miranda.

Miranda only had one question: what was she going to do about her feeling for an ungrateful, snivelling, fat, smart girl half her age? Only one problem, she really had no idea....yet.

The End

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