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The Long Road
By Michi and Greyregies


Chapter 3

Cruella stretched luxuriously under the heavy blankets, feeling quite pleased with the world.

"About time you woke up, sweetling."

Cruella almost jumped out of her skin. She pressed a hand to her chest, turned to the voice and spied Miranda sitting in Andrea's desk chair which was turned to face the bed. "Now who is trying to kill whom?"

"I'm not trying to kill anyone, I was beginning to think you were going to sleep the morning away," once a look of dismay crossed Cruella's face Miranda nodded. "I'm sorry, Ella you did miss her morning run. But if it makes you feel better, she slept in and was late for her run."

Cruella sighed. "It does, but it doesn't. So what are you doing here, luv?"

"I thought you might want to wake up to a familiar face. Plus I brought you some clothes since I figured you wouldn't want to wander even the tunnels nude." Miranda inhaled deeply. "I must admit the two of you smell better than I imagined."

"Well we can always produce more tonight for you tonight."

"Ah I wish that were so, but I'm sure if you tried again she will deny you for the very same reason she denied me." Miranda snorted in exasperation.

"Well, at least I got my one night." Cruella climbed from the bed in her naked glory, Miranda sucked in a sharp breath. "Besides who's to say we have to be the one's to start it?"

"What are you thinking my dearest Ella?"

"Join me in the bathing room and I shall tell you as I wash."

Cruella paused in the doorway of Miranda's private solar and took in all the large tomes covering the majority of the surfaces in the room.

"What's all this?" She asked in a stunned voice.

"Frustrating research." Miranda went to the dining room's door that opened up onto the busy hall and waylaid three servants. "You fetch Douglas and Alonzo now. You, gather up as many slaves as you can and come collect all the books from my private solar and return them to the library. And you go fetch Cruella's breakfast that's warming in the kitchens, that's all."

Cruella appraised the black slacks, forest green fitted blouse, forest green high heels and subtle bags under arctic blue eyes. "Did you sleep at all last night?"

"Nary a wink." Miranda placed a hand on Cruella's lower back steering her to the table in the dining room. After the taller woman sat down Miranda came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. She placed a quick kiss just below Cruella's ear.

"How was last night?" Miranda asked softly.

"Mind blowing comes to mind, completely unexpected in a rather frustrating way."

"How so darling?" Miranda unbent and set her hands atop of the other woman's shoulders.

"Well for a start, I had made many plans to explore that drool worthy body; instead it was all that I could do to climb in to bed after she turned down the blankets. It was as if that one orgasm from both of us had drained this week's energy from us. Andé never said anything, but I could see she was struggling to stay awake enough to clean the room before coming to bed. And since that was how it ended I decided that I would get my chance to explore her this morning. You know how that went and then there's your lovely self all ready for the day so no fun to be had there." Cruella ranted quietly and leaned back into Miranda.

"Our time will come, Ella." Miranda squeezed her shoulders and placed a kiss on the top of her head.

Just then the door opened and in stepped Lord Doug and Alonzo. Both bowed low as a string of slaves paraded into the solar and then back out carrying the heavy books, being directed by a couple of servants.

"Ah good, Douglas, Alonzo I shall instruct you once the slaves are done." Miranda said as more slaves entered.

While they waited for the slaves to leave a servant came in bearing a covered tray, he set the tray before Cruella and removed the cover revealing a large quantity of food.

"Are you trying to fatten me up, Mira?" Cruella asked playfully.

Miranda smirked. "Nay, I thought you could use the energy after last night. I know I needed it after my night."

"You have a valid point."

Alonzo shifted nervously as the last slave carried the last of the books out, Doug just stood there smiling.

"Now that that is done, Douglas I want you to fetch every Surnethian spell book in my library. Alonzo I want you to do the same regarding Cruella's library."

"B-but Milady-"

"Alonzo whenever one of my intended gives you an order act as if it came from me." Cruella hissed out. "Now. Go." She roared.

Alonzo jumped as Doug bowed and left.

"Oh and Alonzo have Andréa hook up my fastest team of ponyboys to my fastest carriage. Also have her assign a driver to you; I would like to have those books sometime today. The sooner, the better."

"Aye, Milady." He sketched a nervous bow and took his leave.

"One of these days, Cruella, you're going to give that man a heart attack." Miranda chuckled as she sat in the chair opposite of her.

"That may be, luv, but it keeps him on his toes. Now what is this research you are doing that requires you to raid my library for Surnethian spell books?" Cruella began to eat.

"It's simple, that bright light last night was not natural."

"What bright light?" Cruella looked puzzled.

"The one that flashed when Andréa came."

"And how would you – " Cruella looked askance at Miranda. "Oh you sly fox you. I thought you weren't going to watch?"

Miranda turned away and blushed. "Aye, well…It was the two of you, how could I resist? You both were absolutely beautiful."

Cruella chuckled. "So you think she did a spell as we were making love?" She raised a skeptical brow.

"Nay," Miranda shook her head. "I think she did a spell at an earlier time, and it manifests itself when she orgasms. Because that light also flashed the night I slept with her, but I thought it was just my perception. Last night as I watched she began to glow and the closer you both got to orgasm the brighter the glow until it flashed daylight bright. I was surprised you didn't see me in the room. Thus I've been up all night researching spells."

"And found nothing?"

"Found plenty, until I realized my search was too broad."

"Thus raiding the libraries." Cruella snorted.

Miranda raised her eyebrows at Cruella. "That is why I'm going to have Douglas do an enscrollment spell to narrow it down to the type of spell."

"Let's not involve Doug; I would rather keep this between us."

"Aye that would be best. Do you wish to do the spell?"

"Dear Goddess, nay, I've not the patience for spells."

"I have just the spell, but it will take time. But if I started following Andréa around she would become suspicious."

Cruella grinned widely as she pushed back from the table finished with her food. "Do the spell on me since I had already planned on spending the day with Andé."

"Perfect, when it has taken effect a colored glow will surround Andréa. There might be more than one color, I shall need to know what they are."

"Not tow worry, luv. I'll let you know."

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

"Enter." Miranda called.

Doug swept into the room carrying several books; he bowed low before the Ladies. "My apologies Milady, but you don't have very many Surnethian spell books."

"'Tis alright Douglas, I didn't think there would be."

Doug set the books upon the table. "Is there anything else I can do, Milady?"

"Nay, not at this moment Douglas. That's all."

Doug bowed and left.

"Let's do this, Mira. Before we have any more interruptions."

"Now I'm off to find our Andé."

Suddenly there was a knock at the solar door. Both women looked at each other and rolled their eyes.


In strode Andrea who quickly took in the fact that it was just the two Ladies. She bowed deeply. "Mi-Miranda, Cruella. I was wondering if I might take leave to attend the village market."

"Of course you may, Andréa." Miranda moved to a small desk in a corner of the room, opened a drawer and withdrew a bulging pouch. "Here take this with you." Miranda crossed to the brunette and pressed it into her hand.

"But Miranda I should have – "

Cruella came up and leaned into Andrea's side. "Let her do this for you." She whispered in Andrea's ear before ghosting her lips across her smooth cheek. Andrea flushed at feeling those lips against her skin and that curvaceous body pressed into her.

"My thanks, Miranda." Andrea bowed her head.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Cruella laid her head on Andrea's shoulder and unable to resist quickly nipped that supple neck so close to her.

Andrea inhaled sharply then gave an involuntary little growl. This caused Cruella to shiver and press closer to her. Miranda's eyes darkened at the sight before her.

"Nay, I do not mind at all, but you might find it boring." Andrea finally answered.

Miranda snorted loudly. "Shopping is one of Ella's favorite things."

Andrea couldn't help but ask. "What's another of her favorite things to do?"

Both Duchesses looked at each other and smirked. Miranda stepped forward, slid one arm around Cruella and the other around Andrea, she rose up and whispered. "You and me." Miranda softly kissed the corner of Andrea's mouth. Cruella giggled.

Andrea shivered at that husky tone; she kissed both women on the forehead. "You two are so bad, but now I know the twins come by it honestly."

Miranda slapped her on the ass which caused her to jump slightly while Cruella giggled helplessly. Andrea scowled playfully then dipped down and caught Miranda's lips in a quick but heated kiss. Cruella whimpered at the sight. Andrea broke the kiss only to capture the taller woman in an equally scorching kiss. As she pulled away from the kiss Andrea stepped back from both women and took in the heated, yet stunned looks on their faces. Andrea caressed each woman's face.

"I'll get the carriage ready." Andrea said, then left the room.

As they traveled down the two lane road, Cruella's grip on Andrea's bicep tightened as she slid over to press her body flush against the half-breed. Andrea glanced to her right and quirked the corner of her mouth. She had wondered how long it would take the other woman to press against her even though they were riding in a comfy two seater carriage. Andrea quickly glanced around both sides of the carriage noting the knights, two on each side and four behind them, and wondered at the number of knights needed for such a simple shopping expedition. Returning her gaze back to the road she felt a hand caress from her knee up stopping just short of her hip juncture.

"So, Andé darling, would you mind over much if I were to join you this night?" Cruella scratched her nails lightly on the inside of Andrea's thigh, Andrea tensed at the question.

"I'm sorry Cruella, I wish I could say aye, but it must be nay. There are things that must be done afore I again can come to either of your beds."

"Nay, Andé, 'tis not my bed or hers, but ours. Last night was the first night that I did not sleep beside Mira, when I am here or she on my lands."

"So you and Miranda have…"

Cruella laughed gaily, she could hear the desire in the other woman's voice. "Again nay, my Andé. We have only ever slept in each others arms. We've been waiting, we've felt incomplete, and then five years ago Mira heard of an exceptional dun colored ponyboy that came on the market. As soon as she laid eyes on you she knew, so she sent for me and as soon as I saw you I too knew you were the one we had been waiting for."

"So you both knew I was a slave-pony?"

"Nay, we did not. But we knew right away that you were half-breed…" Andrea could hear Cruella's distaste for the term in her tone. "We both were prepared to teach you how to live as a human, when you thoroughly shocked Mira by speaking. Why did you speak? You know it's forbidden for slave-ponies."

"Simple, she asked me a direct question. I couldn't not answer." She shrugged nonchalantly. "But what of your rooms, do they remain unused?"

Cruella chuckled. "They are not unused, as a matter of fact my 'rooms' are my dressing room, clothes room and private solar. Even when she had to marry to appease her mother, when visiting we still shared a bed. And just so you know, if she could have Mira would have freed you that night, but alas because of a law passed years ago we had to wait an agonizing five years before she could free you."

As they neared the village the road became cluttered with others traveling to the market. Andrea skillfully slowed the team from a canter to a trot then to a sedate walk. Upon slowing one knight from each side pulled ahead and in front of the carriage, while two knights from behind came forward to replace the two now in front.

"I've been meaning to ask, why would Milady send guards with us? Or are they all for you, Milady?" Andrea glanced to the woman pressed against her.

"My guards are for me, Mira's guards are for you. And before you ask, we both protect our own. Now that our intentions have been made to the world, you get a set of guards every time you set foot off the castle grounds."

Andrea sighed. "I guess I shall have to re-adjust to it."

"'Tis good that you do, for this is one area Mira shall not compromise on, nor shall I." Cruella laid her head on Andrea's shoulder.

As they entered the village Andrea kept a close eye on the traffic, even though the guards around them seemed to alert the others on the road to give them a wide berth. But the closer they got to the village square the more crowded the road became until the lead knight wearing Cruella's tabard started bellowing.

"Make way for the Duchess De Vil!"

The lead knight on the left wearing Miranda's tabard bellowed out. "Make way for Lady Andrea!"

At the bellows their path suddenly opened up and Andrea tensed. "Why would he yell such a thing?" Andrea asked her companion.

"Simple really, you are being courted by two Duchesses. So that makes you a Lady and when we are wed you shall become a Duchess yourself."

"Hmmm…" She looked thoughtful then called ahead to the lead knights. "We're going to stable at the inn."

They each raised a hand acknowledging her words, and once they reached the market square they turned toward the inn. At their approach several young men came out of the stables to secure the horses and ponyboys. After Andrea stopped the carriage she hopped down and went around to Cruella's side of the carriage and held up her arms. Cruella stood and made her way into those strong hands. Andrea carefully clasped her around the waist and lifted her from the carriage and set her down next to her when the young man holding the ponyboys softly called out.


Out of the stables ran a young boy, he came up to the young man, but couldn't take his eyes off of the ponyboys.

"Oh Banar, they're beautiful." He whispered out and lifted a hand as if he wanted to touch, but didn't dare.

Andrea smiled widely at this and held her arm up to Cruella, who took it and returned her smile. They moved to the front of the carriage opposite of the boy and young man.

"You can touch them. They're well behaved." Andrea said.

"Really?" Zairen didn't take his eyes off the pair of ponyboys. He lifted his hand and pet the chest of the ponyboy closest to him, the ponyboy dipped his head and Zairen gently petted his face.

"His name is Cath and his partner is Quin." Andrea told him. The boy finally looked up at her, gasped aloud and a look of wonder crossed his face as he looked at Andrea.

"Wow, Banar, it's her."

"Her who?" Banar asked him.

"Did your ma not tell you? It's the Lady that the Duchesses are courting and she's the Stable Master's Apprentice for Lady Miranda." He said awe clear in his voice.

Andrea smiled down at him; Cruella also grinned at him and squeezed the arm she held. "Aye, 'tis me. So am I to understand that you love ponyboys?"

"Oh aye, when I grow up I will be working in Milady's ponyboy stables. My ma got me this job so that I can get experience in the stables." He got out in a rush.

"Is that so? Well Milady and I shall see what we can do to help you achieve that goal. And once Banar unharnesses the team I want you to help him take care of them. Can you do that?"

"Oh thank you, I'll do my very best for you."

"I'm sure you will, Zairen, but we must go now." And with that Andrea led the Duchess away with their escorts following.

"You were very good with the boy." Cruella murmured as Andrea carefully navigated them through the crowd toward the far corner of the square.

"Thank you, Milady. I enjoy children, they're refreshing."

"So what are we after today?" Cruella asked softly.

"Well, I promised Caroline and Cassidy an outfit once I was able to purchase them and bedding."

"Bedding? I thought your linens were quite fine."

"Nay, not linens for my bed, but bedding for our trip to Surneth. Now that I no longer need to sleep on those abysmal cots, I shall never do so again. When Eleni told me of the trip this morn, she also informed me of the fact that those cots are what Milady uses on such trips when there are no inns available." Andrea shuddered at the thought. "So I need to buy some pelts for warmth. Those cots are not made for the likes of me."

One of the guards hurried forward and opened the door to the seamstress's store. Andrea dropped back to allow Cruella to enter first, then followed her in. The room they entered was filled with dress forms clothed in all manners of dresses and a few were even in men's clothing. There were dainty chairs scattered throughout the room. Across the room from where they entered was another open door which seemed to lead into a workroom. Two of the guards entered along with them while the rest formed a line across the outer door. As they stood in the middle of the room the seamstress from the day before came in from the workroom. Upon noticing who was in her shop she bowed low and then came forward.

"What can I do for you, Miladies?" She asked pleasantly.

"I was wondering about a couple of things. By chance do you have Cassidy and Caroline's newest measurements?"

"Aye, I do. Did Lady Miranda need me to make something for them?" The seamstress answered.

"Nay, good woman, I need you to make something for them. Have you ever seen a Juss?"

"Ah, what Surnethian children wear, the top is both sleeveless and sideless, and starts shoulder width at the shoulders and narrows down to a child's tabard width at the knees. The pants are skin tight and are sewn into soft leather shoes."

"Aye, that would be a Juss. I need two of them made of linen both in forest green, white leather for the shoes and silver piping."

As both Andrea and the seamstress move toward the workroom door Cruella is frozen to the spot as a vibrant green aura surrounds Andrea's body. She quickly shakes her head and gestures her guard closer. After he moves up she whispers to him.

"Go straight to Miranda as fast as you can and tell her green, solid green. Do not allow anyone to waylay you, go straight to her and only give her the message. Remember solid green and tell only Miranda."

"Aye, Milady!" He bowed to her and then raced out of the shop.

Andrea and the seamstress turn toward Cruella who only smiled innocently at them before she came up to them.

"You will need to make four more Jusses. All of them also linen and white leather, but two of them cerulean blue and the other two crimson red. Also silver piping for the blue ones and gold piping for the red." Cruella stated.

Andrea quirked a brow and smiled at Cruella.

"What? They'll need Jusses of their other mothers' colours. That is if forest green and silver are your colours?" Cruella asked.

Andrea raised her hand and caressed Cruella's cheek. "Aye, they are my colours." Andrea turned back to the seamstress. "I will need the green Jusses as soon as possible."

"I can have them done in a day or two; we also should have some of your outfits ready by then. I'll send the green Jusses with those if 'tis alright?"

Andrea nodded. "That would be perfect, then they won't know before I tell them."

"'Tis settled then. And for the others, Milady?"

"Take your time with them and when they're done have them sent to me. I would like to gift them personally." Cruella said as she re-clasped Andrea's arm.

Andrea quickly reached into her coin purse on her belt and withdrew three gold coins and handed them to the seamstress.

"This is too much, Milady!" She exclaimed.

Andrea tensed up at being called milady, but then relaxed as she recalled what Cruella had told her about being a Lady now.

"Nay, 'tis not since it's a rush order."

"But –"

"Just accept it good woman. She's stubborn that way." Cruella interrupted then glanced at Andrea with a mischievous smirk. Andrea quirked a brow at her.

"Good day, good woman." Andrea bowed her head to the seamstress and they exited the building.

"What next, luv?"

"Well I need to find belts to go with the Jusses, a furrier for my bedding, the blacksmith for a dirk and the silversmith for a special project. But I figured we could wander around and see what is offered this week."

"Sounds reasonable, shall we meander?"

And so they wandered around the market place, stopping here and there occasionally making purchases. Andrea did note the missing knight from Cruella's entourage; she figured if it were important Cruella would mention it. As they made each purchase they would send one of the guards back to the carriage with it, afterwards the guard would then make his way back to them. With the exception of Andrea's bedding she bought, that was to be delivered to the castle that evening. Cruella was quite impressed with Andrea's haggling skills; she had thought that she would have to teach the younger woman. She was glad she didn't, this way she was able to get to know her better. She looked at the taller woman just as she spied something that caused her eyes to light up.

"And what has put that shine in your eyes, Andé?" Cruella asked.

Andrea smiled down at her. "Something from my childhood." Andrea led her through the crowd over to a fruit vendors stall. Cruella looked over the offerings, but could not see what had so excited her intended.

Andrea spoke to the vendor. "A vacas if you please, my good man."

"That'll be two sliver pieces."

Andrea handed over the money as the man handed her a purple oblong shaped fruit the length of a man's hand and about an inch and a half wide.

"Have you ever had a vacas, Cruella?" Andrea asked as she used her new dirk to carefully cut the fruit in half width.

"Nay, I cannot say that I have, nor say I have even heard of them."

Andrea handed her the upper portion that contained the stem. "Of course not, they are one of Surneth's best kept secrets."

Cruella accepted the fruit and noticed the center of the fruit was bright pink that bled into purple the closer it got the deep purple of the skin of the fruit. She also noticed four small seeds sun bursting from the center.

"If I may…" The vendor butted in.

Cruella looked to him as Andrea nodded her head at the man to have him continue.

"There is an old wives tale connected to the vacas. The one receiving the half with four seeds shall be impregnated by the one receiving the half with three seeds. Oh and vacas only ever have seven seeds."

Both women looked at their halves and Andrea let out a surprised laugh.

"I had forgotten about that tale, alas dear Cruella I shan't be able to give you children."

"Anything is possible, Milady." Said the vendor.

"Usually, aye, good man, but I am certain that there will be no children from my loins. How is it that you not only know this old wives tale let alone have vacas for sale?"

"Well I'm Surnethian and my cousin is a vacas farmer and when ever he has an abundant crop he sends me the surplus so that I might make a bit of extra coin."

"A most generous cousin and 'tis good to meet a fellow Surnethian."

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like –"

"Aye, many times." Andrea quickly interrupted him. She then looked to the stunned Cruella. "Try it; I think you'll like it. All but the stem is edible."

Cruella took a tentative bite and moaned at the burst of sweet juice in her mouth along with the slightest tang from the pulp of the fruit. She took a larger bite while Andrea grinned and took a bite of her half. Soon they both finished the fruit.

"By the Gods and Goddesses, that was good!" Cruella exclaimed.

Both the vendor and Andrea chuckled.

"And now you know why they're a secret." Andrea said as she removed the stem from the older woman's hand and passed it to the vendor who threw it in his trash bin. "By chance how many crates of vacas do you have?"

"I have but two left, though I am expecting more in the coming month or so."

"How much for them and also to have them delivered to the castle now?"

"Shall we say twenty gold pieces?"

Andrea thought about it then nodded her head. "'Tis a fair price, but they are to be delivered now."

"Aye, Milady." He bowed before her. "Just let me…" He gestured to the back of his stall.

"Of course, my good man." Andrea said as she began to count out the coin.

"Do you have enough, luv?"

Andrea winked at Cruella. "Between my compensation wage and the purse that Miranda gave me, I've more than enough. And if I had not?"

"I would have made up the difference." Cruella shrugged nonchalantly. And she did note that Andrea was using both her and Miranda's given name. Miranda will be glad to hear it, she thought to herself.

Andrea tilted her head down and brushed her lips lightly across Cruella's who gasped and tried to deepen the kiss, but Andé pulled away too quickly.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Cruella whispered.

Andrea brought her mouth to the older woman's ear and whispered back. "Though I have some things to take care of afore I can again share your bed, does not mean I must miss out on the taste of your lips."

Cruella shivered at both the words and the feel of those lips brushing the shell of her ear. Andrea chuckled as she pulled away and finished counting out the coins.

As the vendor came out of the back of his stall with a woman, Cruella tilted her head up and nipped at Andrea's earlobe. Andrea growled low in her throat. The vendor grinned at the pair and pulled the crates of vacas from his display.

"Could we get one more before you take those to Priestly Castle?" Andrea asked as she handed the woman the coins.

"Aye, Milady." He grinned and handed her another vacas.

Andrea gestured to one of the guards closer. "Accompany this good man to the castle and have the two crates carried to my rooms. Do not tell anyone what is in them. I would like to surprise Lady Miranda and the girls."

"Aye, Milady." He bowed before her and then made arrangements with the vendor as the women moved on.

They made their way to some tables set outside the village tavern. Andrea pulled out a chair for Cruella and handed her the vacas. Andrea smiled at her and gently caressed her cheek. Cruella leaned into the touch.

"Here I thought you might like to have another while I go speak with the silversmith."

"Thank you, they are delicious. What are you getting at the silversmiths?" Cruella asked.

Andrea smiled. "You will find out soon enough My Lady." She moved off from the table when she noticed the three guards following her. "Two of you stay with Lady Cruella. I'll take one of you with me that way I'm still safe."

"But Mi –"

"That was not a suggestion." She glared fiercely at them until two bowed to her and went back to Cruella's side. With that she went off to the silversmith's stall.

Cruella handed off the vacas stem to one of the guards to throw away when she heard a male voice behind her.

"Ah, Lady Cruella what a surprise to find you here."

Cruella sighed and rolled her eyes recognizing the voice as Baron Savet, or the worm, as Miranda and her referred to him. He had been and continued to be a thorn in both of their sides. "That's Duchess De Vil to you Baron Savet." She said abruptly.

"But once you hear as to why I'm here you'll be allowing me to call you Ella just as Lady Miranda does." He said arrogantly as he came around and faced her.

"There is nothing on this earth that will have me allowing you to call me such." Cruella snapped. The guards pulled in tighter around her.

"Sure there is, when you and Lady Miranda accept my flowers."

"Even you should have heard by now we're courting each other and Lady Andé."

"Oh, please, you cannot be serious about that Stable Master Apprentice! I'm nobility; she's nothing but a former slave and slave-pony from what I've gathered! Neither of you should dilute your lines in such a manner."

At this Cruella stood up and back handed Savet with all her strength which was considerable. "Watch what you say about my intended!" She bellowed as the guards around her grinned evilly.

His head snapped back to her and he growled out. "You bitch! For that I'll make sure you and that frigid bitch are the laughing stock of the court!" He went to move toward her when suddenly a dirk was pressed tightly against his jugular.

"Apologize to My Lady. Now." Andrea hissed out.

He gulped. "My apologies La –"

"Duchess De Vil." Andrea interrupted.

"My apologies Duchess De Vil." He sneered out.

Andrea leaned in and whispered in his ear. As she did so the dirk drew across his throat and a thin red line appeared as he blanched bone white. After the dagger was removed from his throat Baron Savet raced away into the crowd as if the hounds of Hades were after him.

"What did you say to him, Andé?"

"I just let him in on a few truths; neither you nor Miranda should have any more problems with him. Have you had enough or do you wish to continue shopping?"

"Nay, I'm ready to head back home."

Andrea offered Cruella her arm which she clasped and at once they headed off to the inn.

Cruella found Miranda in her private solar bent over a large table and surrounded by piles of books, though it wasn't as bad as this morning. Cruella went up behind her and kissed her on the back of her neck. She grinned at Miranda's shiver.

"Ah, you're back. How was the shopping expedition?"

"Very enlightening, I'd have to say." Cruella sat in the chair at the end of the table. "So what have you found?"

"Well 'tis a fertility spell, so that helps narrow it down some."

"You'll want to check anti-fertility spells. That should help narrow it down even more."

Miranda turned toward the taller woman. How the hell…"Anti-fertility?"

"Aye, it would seem our Andé did an anti-fertility spell…" Cruella went on to explain Andrea's conversation with the fruit vendor and her certainty of her inability to have children. Miranda was saddened at the thought that their Andréa would not be able to bear children, but it did sharpen her focus on finding the spell Andrea did upon herself.

"Come let's look through these books' tables of contents to find these spells." Miranda said forcefully. And so for the next couple of hours they searched through all the books. By the end of the search they narrowed it down to five books.

"Mira, darling, now that we've narrowed it down let us go prepare for the eve meal." Cruella stood and held her hand out to the silver haired woman. "And I'll tell you about our little run-in with the worm."

Miranda took her hand, stood and stretched scowling at the mention of Baron Savet. "What was he doing at my village?"

As Andrea reached the side door that went into the Great Hall, at the head table level she spied both Cruella and Miranda at the opposite end of the hallway. Her eyes darkened almost to black as she took in what each woman was wearing. Miranda was resplendent in a forest green velvet dress with a tight bodice and sleeves that came to a point on the back of her hands. And the bodice was low square cut. The hem of the dress almost swept the floor and with each step Andrea saw a flash of silver high heels. Cruella was wearing a strapless skin tight silver dress with an almost hip high slit in it, she also wore silver elbow length gloves tipped with forest green talons that matched her forest green heels. Andrea left the doorway and headed for the women and once she drew closer she noticed the very fine embroidery on Miranda's dress was made of the finest silver thread. Andrea bowed low before both as they reached her, she turned and offered them her arms.

"May I escort My Ladies to the eve meal?" She asked courteously.

"Of course." Miranda said.

"You never need to ask such a thing, darling." Cruella answered. Both women clasped the arm held out to her.

As they continued to the great hall, Andrea asked. "So, when shall you be leaving to prepare for the journey to Surneth, Cruella?"

"The end of this week, I'm sad to say. I've so much to do before we leave. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." Andrea answered cryptically.

"I hear you ran into the worm today at the market." Miranda stated casually.


"Baron Savet, the worm is our nickname for him. The man you introduced to your dirk." Cruella supplied.

"Ah, I did indeed. I'm not particularly fond of that man."

"I don't know too many people that are. Whatever did you say to him?" Miranda inquired as they entered the Great Hall.

"I simply told him that it wouldn't be in his best interest to start a war he could not win."

Both women's eyebrows shot up at this proclamation, as Andrea pulled out Miranda's chair for her. Miranda sat gracefully and allowed Andrea to push her in. She seated Cruella next then once again bowed to each Lady.

"Please excuse me for but a minute." Andrea said and then signaled to one of the servants along the side wall. As she made her way to the door they had just entered she said something to the servant who scurried away as she stopped at the door.

Both women were confused at Andrea's statement of war since fighting amongst the nobility of Arman was banned. Any disputes within the nobility were settled by either their majesties or at a jousting event. Miranda and Cruella looked at each other with wide eyes before turning back to watch Andrea who stood waiting at the doorway. Rather quickly one of Miranda's messengers showed up, Andrea spoke quietly with her and handed her a small pouch. The messenger dashed down the length of the Great Hall and out the massive doors while Andrea came back and sat between the Duchesses.

"What was that about, luv?" Cruella got out before Miranda, though both women watched her closely.

"Oh, just finishing up some business." She answered nonchalantly. "'Tis alright that I used one of your messengers, Miranda?"

"Aye, what is mine is yours, just as what is Cruella's is ours. We are not waiting for the ceremony to blend our belongings and liege persons." Miranda answered with curiosity burning brightly in her glacial eyes.

Through out the meal Cruella and Andrea regaled Miranda and the girls with their shopping exploits. The conversation soon turned to the three women's childhoods though Andrea was more reticent then either Miranda or Cruella. Andrea and the girls got several laughs at Miranda and Cruella's antics. They are so adorable, Andrea thought. As each woman entered a friendly competition on telling the funniest antics and pranks they pulled as children.

Andrea turned to Cassidy who was sitting next to Cruella this night. "At least you and your sister come by your mischief honestly." She chuckled, Cruella laughed and Miranda quirked an amused brow at Andrea. The twins almost fell out of their chairs laughing.

Then in came the desert platters, though one was much smaller and was set before Andrea. On it was a single pie already cut into pieces.

"What's this?" Miranda asked.

"One of my favorite foods from my childhood." Andrea answered as she motioned to the servant standing ready to serve it. The servant soon had a slice of pie in front of every person at the head table.

"Try it you're gonna like it…"

A loud moan came from Cruella, which interrupted Andrea and caused several eyebrows to shoot to hairlines.

"Nay wonder this is one of your favorite foods, 'tis pure ambrosia." Cruella murmured between bites.

Everyone promptly tried their pie and exclaimed over its deliciousness. The twins being the loudest.

"But to more fully answer your question, Miranda. 'Tis vacas pie and I'm planning on sending some of the fruit home with you Cruella."

"Also this recipe, too." Cruella suggested.

Andrea chuckled. "And the recipe." As she started in on her slice.

Cruella found Miranda back in her private solar in her dressing gown of sky blue. Miranda was seated in a chair facing the fireplace reading one of the books they found earlier in the day. She's so damned tenaciously adorable, Cruella thought, not that she'd like that particular word to be used in describing her.

Cruella came up behind her, leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to the back of Miranda's neck. Miranda shivered at the press of those lush lips against her skin. Cruella plucked the book from the silver haired woman's hands, closed it and placed it on a small table next to the chair. Then, she came around the front of the chair and slid onto Miranda's lap.

What this woman does to me, Miranda thought as she took in the woman on her lap. She enjoyed the feel of the small black velvet dressing gown that barely covered Cruella, as she glided her hands up the bi-colored haired woman's arms, up over her shoulders and into those unique tresses. She tugged the taller woman's head down into a heated kiss.

Cruella whimpered as Miranda's tongue sought entrance to her mouth, which she automatically granted. The kiss deepened as one of Miranda's hands drifted down to the ties of the dressing gown where she lightly played with the tails of the ties. This caused heat to blossom thorough out Cruella's body.

Miranda slowly disengaged from the kiss to trace Cruella's jaw-line with her lips. The hand in the tall woman's hair tilted Cruella's head to give Miranda better access to her ear and neck while the hand at the ties tugged on them until she freed the knot allowing the dressing gown to fall open. Cruella gasped as her exposed body flushed pink. Cruella needed to feel her love's lips on her. Miranda slid her hand across Cruella's taut abdomen, up her side to lightly caress the outside of her breast while she nibbled and kissed her way down Cruella's slender neck to nip at her pulse point.

As Miranda made her way across Cruella's collar bone she nosed the fabric over and out her way, her hand that caressed Cruella's breast suddenly cupped and lifted the breast in her hand as her thumb brushed over the stiff nipple. This caress pulled a loud moan from the taller woman's lips. Miranda pulled away from the delicious skin she was feasting on to notice the awkward way Cruella was twisted on her lap; she pushed lightly at the woman, on her lap signaling her to stand. After Cruella stood in front of the seated woman, and shrugged off the robe Miranda spoke the first words between the two this night.

"Straddle me." Miranda husked out as she took in all those lovely lush curves.

Cruella did as she bade and found one of her nipples engulfed by a wet heat as a tongue teased it to stand even more at attention. One hand came up to tease and lightly pinch Cruella's other nipple while her other hand dipped down to brush the bi-colored wiry haired lips. Cruella whimpered at feeling those deft fingers and hot mouth on her as a slow powerful hunger crept up within her, threatening to drive her mad. She could feel her wetness coating Miranda's fingers as she carefully explored Cruella's folds and creases.

Cruella ground down on the shorter woman's hand as Miranda gathered up some of the wetness leaking liberally from Cruella and gently circled the woman's throbbing clit. "In me…I need to feel you…in me." Cruella panted out.

Miranda drew back and looked deep into amber orbs as she slowly circled Cruella's entrance. Then, she slowly slid one finger in which caused Cruella a slight sharp twinge of pain as she arched her back and attempted to impale herself on that finger. Miranda kept her from doing so as she wrapped her free arm around the taller woman's waist. Still staring into Cruella's heated eyes Miranda withdrew her finger and then slid in her middle finger only to remove it again and then finally gently slid both fingers into Cruella's tight grasping center.

"Please Mira…" Cruella hissed.

With that Miranda plunged both fingers inside feeling Cruella's hymen sunder at her fingertips. Cruella threw her head back and screamed in both pain and pleasure having never before felt so full. Miranda held still and did her best to keep Cruella motionless as well, in order to give her lover's body time to adapt to the sensation of Miranda's fingers inside of her.

Miranda held her fingers still until Cruella moaned softly and began to move her hips as she rocked against Miranda's fingers. Miranda let Cruella set the pace as she moved her fingers in and out of her lover. Miranda skillfully caressed her lover's clit with her thumb as she continued to fill her lover. Cruella breathlessly purred at the new intense passion that was filling her with every motion. Miranda pulled her lover close careful not to break contact and angled herself so that she could watch Cruella's reaction to every new sensation. Miranda watched as her lover's body was building to her release. Miranda held her lover close as she climaxed, and carefully removed her fingers as the taller woman's body fell limp and unconscious against her.

Miranda cautiously and gently maneuvered Cruella's body so that she could place one arm under her knees while the other arm kept Cruella's upper body pressed tightly to her. She slowly stood up with her precious cargo and made her way to the secret panel that led to their bedchamber. She was pleased to see that Cruella had left it open, it made getting to their bed even easier.

As she laid Cruella on the bed, the other woman regained consciousness. "Ella, my love, I'll be right back." Miranda said softly. Cruella nodded as she watched the smaller woman move from her side and enter their wash room.

In the wash room Miranda cleansed her hands, as she watched the red tinged water run down the drain she felt a powerful thrill of possessiveness shoot through her. It was official, Cruella was now hers just as Andrea was, and it felt more real now then when they had exchanged their flowers. And I shall never let either of them go, she thought as she dampened a washcloth. She exited the bathroom and made her way back to Cruella's side.

"Sweetling, I need to clean you up now."

Cruella smiled at her lover's thoughtfulness. She yawned sleepily and spoke softly. "Thank you, Mira. I don't understand why I'm so blasted tired."

Miranda chuckled softly and then cleaned her lover as gently as possible. Afterwards, she disappeared back into the wash room. When she returned to the bedroom she spied the fact that Cruella had gotten herself under the blankets, so she went and closed the secret panel then removed her dressing gown and hung it on a hook by her dressing room. She quickly climbed into bed next to Cruella, pulled her close and kissed her softly.

"Sleep now, my love." Miranda whispered as she snuggled into her lover and they both drifted softly off to sleep.

To Be Continued

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