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iTunes Challenge
By pdt_bear


A Crippling Blow - The Killers (2008)

It was the last look that never happened that Miranda relived during the few spare moments that came her way while Paris Fashion Week continued without Andrea by her side.

It was a mad scramble for Runway Paris to provide someone not completely incompetent when the reality of Andrea Sachs departure was made known.

Nigel's eyebrows had risen so far upwards as to want to fall away from his face.

More - Stephanie Rhoads

It was a miserable flight back to a City that would forever carry the imprimatur of Miranda Priestly that made Andy wonder if she'd thought about what she'd done in Paris. A departure that would surely bring down the wrath of the Editrix upon her head; blackballed from publications that Andy hadn't even dreamt of writing for, what more was left for her to lose?

How could she explain her hasty departure from the side of one of the few powerful women in publishing?

Obviously she should have given her snap decision more thought, but what was the saying? Marry in haste, repent in leisure? Andy Sachs had made her bed, and there was no choice but to lay in it.

It's My Party - The Marvelous Wonderettes (2008)

The pursed lips were the only outward indication that Emily felt anything but cool indifference to the knowledge that Andrea Sachs, ugly duckling cum newly crowned beautiful swan had, once more, won her way back into Miranda's good graces.

Kiss Me - Sweeney Todd (2000)

It was beyond ridiculous how much she wanted to kiss her. With lips painted dark red, and a smile that could have powered several small countries, Andrea Sachs had made the transformation in Nigel's before and after effort worth every insult and sneer that Miranda had directed in her direction.

Hella Good - No Doubt

There was no specific moment that Andy could ever point to that marked a turning point in Miranda's behaviour. No date where the quiet words and pursed lips had lost their ability to cause a bead of fear to run down her spine.

As if things had shifted to the side enough for Andy to be able to read and understand the rhythm of Miranda's days and thoughts, Andy guided answers and expectations in a beautiful waltz of crisp order and side-stepped the reasons why this new change caused no flutters of consternation in her mind.

The End

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