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The Long Road
By Michi and Greyregies


Chapter 2

Andrea was in the middle of checking inventories when the Stable Master came up to her and pulled her away from what she was doing.

"Andy, I need you to get the horse stables prepped and ready we have a dignitary coming soon and she only ever travels with horses."

"I'll get right on that Stable Master." Andrea gave her a respectful nod of the head.

"Not so fast, Andy. You'll also be greeting her."

"But isn't that your or Sir Kyran's job?"

"Aye, but seeing as you will be taking over from me, Lady Miranda would like you to get some practice in and who are we to nay say her?" She quirked a brow. "And my name's Eleni, you might want to start using it."

"Aye, Sta-Eleni."

Eleni laughed and clapped the younger woman on the shoulder. "Go on get the horse stables ready and we're having more then just that dignitary, she just happens to be the highest ranking one and the first one that will be here."

Andrea looked at the older woman in question.

"You'll see soon enough youngin."

As Andrea left the main horse stable she could feel and hear the cadence of many horses making their way to the inner bailey, she quickly made her way to the staging area; and spied the crimson field of the knights' tabards. She closed her eyes and sighed. Cruella De Vil, the only other woman to confound her so, even though she had only ever seen the Duchess from afar. She knew she loved her Lady, but there was just something that also drew her to the Duchess of De Vil.

The knights were now close enough for her to make out the gold hound in full stretch run on that crimson field. The first four knights rode right past her, but the carriage stopped just shy of her. She gave a sharp whistle as she headed for the carriage door. At the whistle several grooms came out of the stables at a trot to attend to the horses. As the footman hopped off the back of the carriage to open the door, but before he could bring down the step, Andrea stepped up to the doorway and knelt down on one knee, raised her hand to aid the Duchess and bowed her head low in respect. She didn't know why she decided to honor the Duchess with such an ancient Surnethian tradition, but it felt right so she went with it.

A contralto, "oh my," came from within the carriage just before Andrea's callused hand was taken by a silk covered hand. She couldn't help but notice the bright blue high heel ankle boot that delicately landed on her thigh as the Lady stepped from the vehicle. After she had stepped down, Andrea stood, bowed low and couldn't help taking in the bright blue halter top dress with a deep vee with ravenous eyes. It hugged the Duchess' curves in all the right places and ended at the knee and her talon tipped matching gloves were elbow length.

"Milady De Vil."

Cruella wasn't unaware of the perusal, but she did notice that the apprentice's face remained respectfully stoic, while her admiration blazed in her eyes. Miranda had been correct; it was all in her eyes.

"Hmmm. You may call me Cruella, Andé," Cruella noted that while Andrea's face remained respectfully neutral, the shock was plain to see in her expressive eyes. "You don't mind me calling you Andé do you?"

"Not at all, Milady. 'Tis just been a long time since I've heard it pronounced so." Andrea answered with awed respect in her tone.

"Good Andé, now would you mind escorting me to our Miranda." Both ignored the short fat man that stumbled from the carriage.

"But Milady I must-"

"Nonsense, I know for a fact that Priestly grooms are well trained and don't need the Apprentice Stable Master breathing down their necks."

"As you wish, Milady." Andrea raised her forearm for Cruella to clasp, which she did by the elbow. Andrea's skin burned in a pleasant way where the Lady held her arm. For Cruella's part, her hand tingled and she wished that she wasn't wearing her glove so that she could truly feel Andrea's golden skin.

As they made their way to the castle Cruella took in what Andrea was wearing for the first time. She felt her heart flutter and warm at seeing the woman wearing the tabard and belt that Miranda and she had worked tirelessly on to have ready in time for this day.

Upon entering the castle the orb once again showed itself to them. Cruella quirked a brow in question to her escort, who felt it and answered.

"'Tis a direction orb, since I am as yet unfamiliar with the castle layout. Lord Doug made it for me." She offered her next words to the orb. "To Lady Miranda."

Following the orb, Cruella commented. "That was kind of him."

"He is a good friend to have. Groom Lily and he have been most kind to a former slave-pony."

"Does it bother you to have been a slave-pony? I know most despise it."

"I am not most. And I'm quite proud that I was a slave-pony of some renown, which brought me to my Lady's attention."

"And that night with Miranda, did you enjoy it?"

Andrea paused, searched Cruella's amber eyes and found only honest curiosity. "I'll never forget that night and enjoy is too meager a word for it. I would use the word exquisite."

They continued in silence, Cruella's desire for both Miranda and Andrea was whetted even more.

Andrea was in shock at having answered such a personal question, since she never had spoken of that night to anyone and had thought her Lady had never spoken of it either. Apparently she had spoken of it to at least one person then she remembered what the twins had said about the two Ladies and her shock eased.

Entering a large solar, the orb remained outside the door. Andrea saw that the room was quite full; there was Nigel, a tall blonde who appeared to be his apprentice, Lady Emily, Lord Doug, the attending Lords and Ladies, a lot of servants and the twins. Amidst them all was the silver haired beauty. The twins saw them enter first.

"Cruella!" They cried together and dodged the many bodies to envelop the Duchess in enthusiastic hugs.

Cruella gave both a one armed hug, never letting go of Andrea's arm.

Andrea bowed low leaving her arm in Cruella's grasp and intoned. "Duchess of De Vil, Milady."

Miranda's eyes warmed when she turned to them. In her usual icy tones she said. "You all have your instruction, that's all."

Cruella side stepped from the door and pulled Andrea out of the way of the mass exodus. Once they were gone Miranda looked toward the doorway and quirked a brow. The recent arrival looked toward the doorway and saw her three men.

"Leave us." Cruella commanded. The two knights bowed low and left.

"B-but Mi-milady-" The short fat man stuttered.

"Leave us, Alonzo!" Cruella suddenly roared.

"Aye, Mi-milady." He bowed and left.

Miranda looked to her daughters. "Run along darlings, you can catch up with Cruella later."

"Alright mom." Cassidy answered for both of them.

"Hey Andy."

"Hey Andy."

They both hugged her before they left, shutting the door behind them.

Only then did Cruella let go of the arm she held to glide forward to the other Duchess. Andrea felt the loss immediately. Watching them kiss each other's cheeks and hug caused a slow burn to begin deep in Andrea.

Cruella pulled partially away to look into ice blue eyes. "So a Freeing Feast?"

"A Freeing and Courting Feast." They smiled warmly at each other.

"My congratulations, Miladies." She bowed low before them both. "But I must-"

"We are not just courting each other, Andréa…" Both Duchesses looked pointedly at her.

"Nay, I am not wor-"

Miranda stiffened while Cruella tilted her head contemplatively. "Do you not-" Cruella placed a calming hand on Miranda's lower back.

"Would you say we are strong women who can make up our own minds?" Cruella asked softly.

"Aye, you are two of the strongest women that I know." Andrea answered glancing from one woman to the other.

"Then we shall decide who is worthy of our attentions."

"You have more to do before the feast, that's all."

Andrea bowed deeply and took her leave.

Cruella took the shorter woman back in her arms and said. "She does love you. It's there in her eyes for any to see, trust in it."

"Then why…" She buried her face in the crook of Cruella's neck.

"For one, she is a half-breed. We both could tell from the beginning-"

"Don't call her that." Miranda snapped and started to pull away. Cruella tightened her arms.

"It is what she is. We know this. That's a stigma alone as is, but add to that she's nobility and it's even more of a stigma."

"Are you sure?" Miranda only pulled away enough to look into her eyes.

"I would bet Therus on it."

"Really? You would bet your fastest ever ponyboy on it?"

"Truly, she granted me Gareth's Honor when I stepped down from my carriage"

Miranda pulled slightly away and led the taller woman to a divan then snuggled back into her arms. "Gareth's Honor?"

Cruella chuckled. "You always learned only what you needed of a Kingdom's customs to get you by in your business of breeding and training ponyboys."

"And you have an unhealthy obsession with every Kingdom's most minute customs."

"Hey now; not every Kingdom's, just the ones that interest me. And Surneth greatly interests me. Gareth's Honor can only be done by nobility and is punished by death, no matter the Kingdom you're in."

"So she risked-"

"Nay, no Surnethian of non-nobility would risk it not even for their most cherished loved one. Has she ever aided you down from a carriage?"

"Nay, I'm always out of my carriage before even one of my grooms reach it. And 'tis interesting that you mention Surneth…"

Andrea sat at her new desk in the stable offices flipping back through the pages she had been going over for the past hour and a half. When she heard someone clear their throat, she looked up and saw a servant standing in the doorway.


"I've been sent to fetch you for the feast."

"Oh, aye, when is it again?" Andrea asked as she stood and straightened up the paperwork.

"Ten minutes ago."

"Oh sheesh, okay, let me…" She gathered up the papers she needed and went to stand by the servant. "I will be there post haste."

"Ignore the orb; I shall take you to the Great Hall myself."

"Lead on." As they left the office Andrea shut and locked the door. And as they walked, she noticed the orb followed them.

As the office wasn't too far from the Great Hall they soon entered it. Andrea was stunned at the transformation. The six long tables were no longer stacked up against the walls, but laid out perpendicular from the head table. There were fires burning in all three great fireplaces, one on each wall. The banners that hung from the rafters were no longer the usual Priestly banners, no longer a silver phoenix on a cerulean field; they now were a silver phoenix in the upper portion while in the lower portion there was a crimson hound in full sprint on a cerulean field. What stunned her most was that Lady Miranda was not seated in her usual place of honor, the middle of the head table, but seated on the left of the empty chair while Lady Cruella sat on the right of the empty seat. Not to mention the empty seats on the other sides of the Ladies where the twins usually sat. She never allowed her discoveries to show on her face.

As Andrea made her way down the middle aisle she kept an eye out for an empty seat, which she found little over half way down the long tables. Just as she put a leg over the bench she heard a throat being cleared along with a soft giggle, which caused her to look up at the head table. She saw her Lady with a cocked eyebrow and Lady Cruella with a mischievous grin. Her confusion was clearly written in her eyes.

Cruella leaned over and whispered to Miranda. "Let me." She rose gracefully and glided around the table then up to Andrea's side. She tilted her head up and whispered into the taller woman's ear.

Miranda watched as a blush crawled up their Andrea's neck to blossom on her face. She smirked knowing she could guess at what her closest friend had said. As she continued to watch, Andrea removed her leg from the bench, shifted the papers she carried from one hand to the other, and offered her arm to the unique Lady. She then escorted her back to the head table and held her chair out for her. Andrea shyly took the chair between them. Miranda then nodded her head to the servant at the end of the table, who scurried out the far end of the room where Andrea entered.

Andrea set the papers on the table above her goblet then looked to the massive Great Hall doors as one of them opened to admit Caroline, who carried a white orchid along with Sir Jasper who carried a white rose. There were murmurs from all of those seated at the long tables. Those at the head table just smiled knowingly with the exception of Lady Emily who was scowling fiercely.

The murmurs turned to gasps as the two made it to the head table directly in front of Andrea; Caroline moved forward, held out her white orchid to the brunette and intoned. "From the Duchess of Priestly."

"My thanks, Caroline." Andrea stood up accepted the flower and bowed her head respectfully to the child.

Caroline stepped back as Sir Jasper came forward and held out his white rose also spoke. "From the Duchess of De Vil."

"My thanks, Sir Jasper." Again she accepted the flower and bowed her head respectfully to the knight then sat back down. A servant came up to her side and held out a vase to her, which she accepted and then placed her flowers in it and the vase by her goblet.

Again the massive door opened this time it admitted Cassidy with another white orchid and Sir Horace with a white rose. They came forward, but this time Cassidy stood in front of Cruella and Sir Horace stood in front of Miranda. Sir Horace came forward and offered up his flower to Lady Miranda. "From the Duchess of De Vil."

Miranda stood and accepted the rose. "Thank you, Sir Horace." She nodded regally then sat back down.

He stepped back as Cassidy came forward to offer up her orchid. "From the Duchess of Priestly."

It was Cruella's turn to stand and accept her flower. "Thank you, Cassidy." She grinned widely while she bowed her head in respect; again showing her knowledge of Surnethian customs.

Two more servants bearing vases came up to the Ladies, who accepted them and placed flowers and vases by their goblets.

All four flower bearers then turned and took their appointed seats at their tables.

Andrea couldn't help but look from one Lady to the other in puzzlement. She had a feeling that something of serious import had taken place. Both Ladies looked to her as she continued to glance between them.

"Are you confused my Andréa?" Miranda signaled to the servers.

"A little, Milady."

A tinkling laugh on her left caused her to glance back toward Lady Cruella. "Oh darling, no need to be so formal now that our intentions have been made clear and that you have accepted them." Cruella ran a talon tipped finger down Andrea's forearm.

"But I must, 'tis fitting of your stations, Milady. And what do you mean I have accepted them?"

She heard a sigh come from her right as Cruella asked. "Did you not cover Armanian customs in your studies?"

"Aye, some. None that covered ceremonies involving white flowers though."

A soft, "dear Goddess," came from her right. While Cruella threw her head back and laughed.

Before more could be said three servants carrying a heavy platter of mixed meats came to a stop in front of Andrea. Who again looked between the two Ladies.

Miranda leaned over and whispered. "Make your selections Andréa. No one else can eat until you do."

Andrea looked over the choices of beef, pork, and lamb. And chose some lamb, so a fourth servant grabbed her plate and served her several slices. With her plate set before her, several more heavy platters of meat came out and were strategically placed along the long tables as the platter in front of Andrea moved up and down the head table serving everyone except Lady Emily who refused the food.

With everyone tucking into the food Cruella turned back to Andrea, "To simplify the Armanian custom, when a person gives another a single white flower it signifies to the world their intentions to court and marry that person. And if that person accepts that flower, they accept the giver's intentions."

Andrea had just swallowed a piece of meat when she heard that and promptly started to choke. Miranda patted her back, snapped her fingers and signaled to one of the serving maids to fill Andrea's goblet with wine.

"Are you trying to kill her, Cruella dearest?"

"Not at all luv. Just teaching her some finer points of our customs."

"How about we leave said lessons for times when we're not eating."

"Aye, what Milady said." Andrea gasped out.

"I would like her to live to see our wedding day."

At that Lady Emily snorted, stood up and exited the Great Hall.

"Mira luv," Cruella motioned toward the exit.

"I know sweetling. I'll deal with her misguided transgression later. Right now I want to enjoy our Courting Feast."

Cruella plucked a strawberry off one of the many fruit platters on the table, leaned toward Andrea and offered her the plump fruit.

"Really, Ella."

Andrea looked from the fruit to darkened amber eyes. Captivated by the desire she found there, without thought she took a bite. With her gaze locked on avid brown, Cruella finished the fruit. Andrea leaned forward and lightly brushed her lips across the luscious ones in front of her. Suddenly she felt a hand slide into her hair and around the back of her head. She then felt those same lips pressed firmly against hers. Her lips instinctively parted as curiosity turned to hunger.

Andrea felt a bolt of heat shoot from her head down to her toes and all points in between, when the kiss deepened as Cruella's tongue eagerly explored Andrea's mouth. She whimpered deep in her throat and Cruella's passion rose to unknown heights upon hearing it. One of Andrea's hands buried itself in bi-colored tresses while the other came up to caress and explore the deep vee of the halter. Which caused the older woman to moan loudly into the kiss, Andrea growled possessively back before slowly pulling back to take in passion glazed eyes and kiss bruised lips.

When giggling coming from both in front of and behind her broke the sensual haze she was in, she realized she still had one hand in Cruella's hair and the other was still caressing the top curve of her breast. She snatched her hands back as if they were on fire. Cruella murmured in disappointment. Andrea's face lit up in a scarlet blush, she looked out to the rest of the Great Hall, but oddly enough everyone was intent on their food with the exception of the twins, Lady Miranda and Lady Cruella. She turned in trepidation, to the silver haired woman only to see ice blue eyes blazing hotter than their one night together.

With her face still afire, Andrea stood abruptly, stepped away from the table and bowed deeply to both Ladies. "If you will excuse me for a moment." She left the Hall at a stately pace.

Miranda sat back in her chair with her fingers steepled. Cruella leaned against the side of the back of Miranda's chair with her arm draped over Miranda's shoulder closest to her. Both intently watched the redhead before them.

"What were you thinking to insult me in such a manner?" Miranda asked icily.

Lady Emily snorted. "There's no greater insult to you, then you courting that slave-pony."

"Watch your tone and what you call her." Cruella growled out.

The redhead turned burning eyes on the woman. "Then you marry that thing but leave Milady out of it. Once a slave-pony, always a slave-pony. Her high stepping proves that-"

"Enough." Miranda's voice cut through Emily's tirade. "You will either treat my intended with the respect and honor that is their due or you may go and find service with some other noble."

Emily blanched; her family had served the Priestly's for centuries.

"Which will it be?"

"You, Mi-milady." She stuttered out.

"Fetch Kyran."

"Aye, Milady." Emily bowed deeply then headed for the door; before she made it the door opened and admitted the knight.

He came in and bowed low before both Ladies.

"Always astute, Kyran." Miranda said.

He nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Emily is to be detained in her rooms until I deem otherwise. Her meals will be brought to her and they are to consist of bread and water. Effective immediately."

Kyran bowed low, as did Emily who had gone bone white. He gently grasped her upper arm and led her from the room shutting the door behind him.

"A little harsh don't you think?"

Miranda sighed and dropped her hands to the arm rests. "I will not tolerate insult nor disrespect toward either one of you."

"They would never believe you could be so sweet," Cruella came around sat sideways on Miranda's lap, laid her head next to the shorter woman's ear and whispered. "But we know three people who would believe it."

"Oh hush you." Miranda wrapped her arms around the woman, turned her head and placed butterfly light kisses along her neck.

"Mmmm…" Cruella purred out. "Now that we're out in the open…" She trailed her fingers over the top slopes of Miranda's breasts that were revealed by the crimson dress.

"Nay," she grabbed that hand from her chest and kissed each fingertip. "I have a proposition. I think you should seduce Andréa tonight."

"What do I know of seduction?" Cruella caressed those silken lips.

"Plenty, if that kiss this eve was anything to go by."

"Hmm, she is delicious. Are you sure, luv?"

"Oh aye, what I would give to be able to watch it." Miranda sighed.

Cruella backed away just enough to look her in the eye. "There's always the passage ways."

Miranda chuckled. "Nay, if I watched I would end up joining. It was all I could do to just watch you two kiss. And I have already given my word that I wouldn't press her for that. But you haven't, nor should you give her a chance to rebuff you as she did me."

"You really have thought this through."

"All day, enough talking." Miranda slid her hands in those black and white locks, gently pulled the taller woman to her and laid claim to those lush lips.

Andrea followed the orb down a familiar hallway to a doorway she remembered from earlier in the day. As it led her into a private dining room, she took a deep breath and started to put the papers back in order.

Thus, when she stepped into the private solar, and happened to look up, she was taken aback at the sight of Cruella attempting to twine herself around the shorter Miranda. One part of her noticed that the crimson dress and the bright blue dress complemented each other, while another part noticed how well Miranda's silver contrasted with Cruella's black and white hair. But her most primal part was noticing how beautiful it was to see Cruella's lush curves pressed into Miranda's slender ones. She started panting through her nose when she took in the wandering hands and the soft mewling sound Cruella was making, which was causing a major dampness in her pants. She wanted to groan aloud. Instead she turned it into a cough and looked away.

Andrea looked back at them when the mewling stopped to collide with two pairs of predatory eyes. She swallowed and hoped the flush she felt wasn't visible.

"Miladies." She bowed deeply.

"What can we do for you, Andé luv?" Came the smoky contralto. While Miranda sat back down in her chair, Cruella perched on the arm and Miranda wrapped her arm around Cruella.

"Well, Milady –"

"Call us that in front of others if you must, but 'tis just us here, call us by our given names. Or even by our family pet names."

"Aye, Mil-Miranda. I'm here because I found a discrepancy in –"

"The feed numbers." Miranda held out a hand for the papers, which the brunette then handed her. She didn't even glance at them before she set them on a small table by her chair. "Do not worry so. I have Serafin on it. I did not know you could read. Can you write as well?"

"Before you answer, have a seat." Cruella gestured to a chair close to them. Andrea sat down, yet sat there as if she was sitting on a throne, something she had done in the Great Hall as well.

"It helps that 'tis in common, but aye I can read and write. Though I am rather rusty. 'Tis why it took me so long to discover the discrepancy."

"So long? It took Eleni and I a couple of months to discover it. This is your first day as her apprentice and yet you found it. When did you learn to read and write, not to mention numbers?"

"I was told as a child that I had a head for numbers. I learned my lessons as a child."

Cruella glanced pointedly at Miranda, who ignored it, though she leaned into Cruella as she placed an arm across her shoulders. "Just so you know Mira luv, in Surneth children are thought to be so, until the age of sixteen. Then they are young adults. Andé, other than common and Surnethian, how many other languages can you read and write?" Miranda glanced up at her in surprise and Cruella nodded and then looked back to Andrea.

Andrea tensed up. "I can read and write four others and was starting a fifth when I was enslaved. I also used to speak seven languages, now some are stronger then others. My parents did not wish to have children reliant upon interpreters."

Again Cruella glanced pointedly at Miranda and again she ignored it.

"Is Armanian any of the languages you know?" Miranda asked softly.

"Nay, but it was to be in future lessons." Andrea stood and bowed deeply before the women. "If you will excuse me, Mi-Miranda and Cruella, I still have much more paperwork to go over. Plus it should help me brush up on my reading and writing."

"How much longer do you think you will be this night?" Miranda asked with a gleam in her eye.

"A couple hours at the most, Miranda." She tilted her head as she answered.

"Good, we shall see you anon." Miranda purred.

Andrea bowed once again before she took her leave.

Cruella peered from the darkened apothecary room, drinking in the sight of all that golden skin. She was somewhat surprised to see that Andrea was reading paperwork topless at her desk, but she did enjoy the discovery; as well as learning the fact that the younger woman's nipples were a darker tone than her skin. It was another confirmation of her being a half-breed, not that either she or Miranda cared one bit about it. Cruella licked her lips at the thought of being able to explore that muscular, yet soft looking body. It was all she could do to stay in the room and not pounce that succulent woman.

Andrea stood up and blew out the candles on the desk. She then moved to the middle of the room shifting her hair over her right shoulder letting it cover her right breast. Going up on tiptoe she lifted her arms and did a full body stretch. She groaned at the feel of tight muscles loosening. Coming back down on her heels, she was surprised at the feel of soft lips on her spine and soft arms wrapped around her waist. Andrea gently disengaged the arms around her and turned.

She got a split second to see that it was Cruella in the shortest nightgown she had ever seen, before those lush lips claimed hers in a blazing kiss. Her rational side was buried under the onslaught of passion. Cruella's hands came up, cupped abundant breasts and her thumbs flicked at hardened nipples. Then they slid down Andrea's taut abdomen, down to the drawstring of her pants, untied it and pushed the pants past muscular hips until they fell to the floor. The younger woman broke the heated kiss to step out of them, only to come back and lift Cruella high up in her arms urging the shorter woman to wrap her legs around her waist, which she promptly did.

Andrea could feel the Lady's wetness painting her stomach and let out a loud growl which caused a delicious shiver to run down Cruella's back. Andrea reached up to bury one hand in those unique locks and tilted Cruella's head to lay claim to that long slender neck as she made her effortless way to the bed. Cruella clasped the back of the brunette's head, moaning in delight as Andrea first bit down on her pulse point then suckled where she bit.

As she sucked, she gently lowered the Duchess to the soft mattress of the huge bed never allowing their bodies to part even the slightest bit and Cruella kept her legs locked around Andrea's waist. Some part of Andrea's brain realized things could become awkward if they remained where they were so she lifted her head from that tasty neck, lifted Cruella up, kept her pressed to her and disjointedly crawled to the middle of the bed. Cruella went to let go of Andrea, who growled possessively at her.

Andrea used her body to press the shorter woman into the mattress and reclaimed those tempting lips. Cruella thrilled at the younger woman's territorial displays. As the kiss deepened, Cruella's hips began to undulate against Andrea, causing her to groan loudly into the kiss. When they broke the kiss to catch their breath, Andrea reared up. The older woman whimpered at the loss of contact. Cruella's eyes widened when the taller woman reached down for her nightie and, with the greatest of ease, she rent it down the middle. She then grasped her own underwear and ripped them from her body. They both took a moment to gaze at the other.

Cruella gazed in wonder at the muscular body before her; she reached up and ran her fingertips lightly from just under the woman's breasts down her muscular torso to heavily muscled thighs. Her eyes followed the path of her fingers. She was surprised that Andrea was well trimmed down there. She purred when she felt her lover shiver at her inspection. She glanced back up to her face; the awe was plain to see there. Cruella's whole body warmed at the sight.

Andrea once again laid her body upon the one below her, making sure to lay her mons on Cruella's. Both moaned at the immediate feel of complete skin on skin, Cruella arched up into the body on top of her; pressing their breasts even more together. Cruella threw her head back deeper into the mattress, letting her eyes slide closed and re-wrapping her legs around that strong waist. She hadn't thought that the incredible feelings that ran rampant through out her entire body could have gotten anymore intense. To her utter delight she was wrong.

Andrea took advantage of the moment to kiss and nibble her way down the smaller woman's jaw, to light-as-a-feather lick the outer rim of the delicate ear before her, soliciting both a moan and a full body shudder. Andrea began rubbing their mons together; feeling the heat build within her, especially at all points where their bodies met. Cruella began to match the rhythm Andrea set, as well as panting heavily in sync with that very rhythm, which in turn caused the half-breed to purr deeply within her chest. The older woman's arousal reached even higher heights.

Cruella could feel her juices begin to flow out and puddle down on the blanket beneath her. She quickly slid her arms up and around her lover's back to keep her pressed against her. Andrea soon turned her attention away from her ear to once again pay homage to her neck.

Andrea sped up her pace with Cruella matching her thrust for thrust. The Lady thought she was going to go crazy in the most beautiful of ways possible, as the fire swirling within her began to build at an almost frightening pace, driving her higher and higher, while deep within her core said heat began to curl and tighten within itself. It left her unaware of everything, but the gorgeous body rubbing against hers and causing such delicious friction between them. Andrea raised her head and Cruella caught a glimpse of those deep brown, almost black eyes, delving into the very depths of her soul. She was even unaware of the high pitched whimpers emitting from the back of her throat. Nor of the fact that she was digging her nails into the body she was holding so tightly to her own. As their pace quickened Andrea began to keen deep in her throat as her body began to glow brightly. This caused the maelstrom within Cruella to intensify and begin to coil and tighten deep within her even more. Upon feeling the body beneath her begin to tighten and tense up, Andrea again picked up the pace but also added so much more pressure that she was pressing her lover's lower body deeper into the bed below them.

Cruella suddenly pulled Andrea to her so tightly, that the only space whatsoever between their bodies was the short distance between their eyes as Andrea laid her forehead to that of her Lady's below her, while training all of her sensitive senses on the woman who was experiencing her first orgasm caused by someone other than her self.

Cruella felt as if there were waves of lava pouring from her center, flooding her entire body from head to toe and fingertip to fingertip, sending her into such a daze that she was only able to focus on what she was feeling and the dilated brown eyes above her. The keening wail that she made in the back of her throat while she came sent Andrea over the edge with her, causing Andrea to thrust one final time while shuddering from head to toe and there was a flash of light that lightened the room to daylight bright. And not once since their gazes locked, did they break.

They were entwined like this for several minutes before the feelings within Cruella subsided enough that she could loosen her grip on the other woman. Sure she had pleased herself in the past, and even more so since Miranda had told her of the night she spent with Andrea, not to mention when she first spied Andrea in the slave loincloth that left little to the imagination, but never once had it ever felt remotely close to the intensity she had just felt.

Andrea shifted to her side and gathered the woman into her arms and held her while softly rubbing her back.

"I'm sorry, luv. I can't seem to keep my eyes open." Cruella burrowed into the crook of Andrea's neck.

"'Tis alright, my Cruella. Let us get you abed proper then you can sleep."

Cruella tightened her arms around Andrea. "Not to my bed, I wish to remain here for the night."

Andrea kissed her softly. "Then here you shall stay."

Part 3

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