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The Icebreaker
By Kinarra


Miranda Priestly looked out of the train widow with an all too familiar bored look on her face, uninterested in the scenery outside she glanced at her companion who was sleeping soundly. Andrea Sachs (Andy for short) sat limply beside her in their private car, the other woman was snuggled under an afghan snoring softly.

Miranda smiled slightly, she enjoyed moments like these when she could study the younger woman without being studied herself, not that she minded being studied but it was better this way. She had figured long ago that her attraction towards the other woman wouldn't be reciprocated so she had opted for silent admiration instead.

The train whistle suddenly blew announcing the approach of the train station, she was still staring at Andy's sleeping features when suddenly doe brown eyes opened sleepily and regarded her.

"Are we there?" Andy asked huskily, causing Miranda's skin to break out in goose bumps.

"We should be stopping shortly." Miranda said curtly and then turned her head to look out of the window again, trying very hard to bring her breathing back to normal.

Andy stretched and let out a low moan before sitting back and folding up her blanket "Do you want me to cancel the appointments for today so you can get settled into the hotel?"

Miranda looked back at Andy slowly, still not fully trusting her face to be as neutral as she would like it to be, god why did that woman have to be so sexy? "No." she finally managed although her voice slightly wavered and she quickly looked back out the window again.

Andy smirked, she knew of the other woman's attraction to her even if Miranda thought she didn't, and it was definitely returned, Andy just couldn't figure out how to break the ice between them and try out for a relationship with the silver fox before her.

"Right I should have guessed that." Andy mumbled, still admiring the slight flush that had appeared on the other woman's cheeks.

The train came to a full stop a few minutes later, Andy saw that all Miranda's bags were placed on the cart properly and then called a cab. Against Miranda's will Andy made her come and wait outside with her, not that it took much coxing on the brunette's part, Miranda was always happy to join her though she hid it quite well.

There was quite a bit of traffic on the roads and their cab was taking longer than Andy had planned, and of course Miranda was getting testy.

"Andrea when exactly did you call this cab?" The silver haired woman tapped her foot and paced once before looking out at the road to the train station as if willing the cab to appear with her mind.

Andy looked at her watch "About 15 minutes ago… they should be here soon don't worry."

Miranda turned calmly and went to perch herself on a near by bench "I do not worry." She said with a sniff.

Andy smiled she looked around, happily enjoying their time together even if the other woman was being a pain in the ass, she saw a small ball of brown run across the train tracks and towards a pile of crates, curiously she took a few steps closer and saw what looked like a furry rat.

It suddenly turned around and barked at her, slightly afraid of the brown furred puppy's appearance she jumped back and gasped in surprise.

Miranda had been chancing glances at Andy for a few minutes now and it took her a second to realize the other woman was looking at something, her thought was confirmed when Andy crouched down and stayed that way.

Miranda walked over to Andy. "Andrea what on earth are you doing kneeling in this garbage?" she pretended to be more interested in that than what had captured the younger woman's attention.

Andy suddenly stood up and turned around "Look, isn't it cute!" the little brown pup wiggled in her grip, smearing mud and god knows what else on her hands.

Miranda recoiled from the dirty thing "Andrea put that thing down, it's covered in filth!"

Andrea hugged the dirty puppy to herself and wiggled her finger against its lips, it grabbed her finger and sucked on it vigorously before chewing on her sleeve with an intense look of concentration on its tiny face.

Miranda could grudgingly admit it was cute, but only under the threat of death or dismemberment…

Andrea looked around "I wonder where its mother is?"

Miranda too looked around, but in such a way that would make it look like she was merely glancing in random directions, boy was she sneaky when she wanted to be.

Suddenly another yip sounded from behind the crates, it was followed by several more. Both Miranda and Andrea peered around the crate and Andy gasped again, two more puppies!

Miranda rolled her eyes when Andy bent down on all fours and began petting them, it's like a puppy smorgasborg, but she didn't complain because from where she was standing she had a nice view of Andy's bum.

Out of nowhere a clap of thunder sounded and a few seconds later it was followed by rain. Andrea wrapped two of the puppies up in her coat and thrust one at Miranda. "Take it! Lets get them out of the rain."

Miranda floundered she followed Andy back under the awning in front of the building, holding the dirty puppy as far away from herself as possible. "Andrea take this thing before I drop it." She threatened menacingly.

Andy scowled and set the two pups she was carrying down on the bench before taking the other "It's not going to kill you to get your hands dirty." She snapped back.

Miranda glared and replied without raising her voice "Oh it just might," then under her breath she added "the things I have to put up with, huh! Puppies!"

"Stop mumbling." Andy said immediately, as she used the sleeves of her coat to clean the water droplets from all the shivering puppies.

There was another clap of thunder, Andy gulped 'Ok that was to well timed with the evil glare she just gave me…' she thought shakily, hopefully the woman she thought was a goddess wasn't really one or else she would soon find herself hit by a bolt of lightning.

The music on the radio speakers outside of the train station played a very up beat tune, some kind of techno or other, Miranda listened to it in silence while she once again sat down on the bench and waited for the stupid cab to arrive.

A loud clap of thunder caused the doors of the building to rattle and the rain began to pour down harder, Andy snuggled all three puppies into her coat and sat down next to Miranda. "Now Miranda I know you don't like them…"

'Oh god no.' Miranda thought with horror when she saw the puppy dog look on Andy's face 'She is about to ask me something and it will involve the word 'please' said in that innocent sounding voice she does! God help me!'

Andy continued in her cute little voice, "But do you think you could maybe let me keep the puppies in the hotel until I can figure out what to do with them… Please?"

Miranda calmly studied the three sleeping puppies in Andy's lap, she licked her lips then slowly she nodded.

Andy practically squealed with glee, and in an unexpected move she kissed a very stunned Miranda on the cheek. They both jumped when lighting struck the radio, it began sputtering out random strings of music, and rather loudly at that.

They both just stared at each other for a few minutes, while the broken radio played horrible music and the puppies snored softly, then they heard a honk from the curb where a bright yellow cab sat waiting.

Andy made eye contact with Miranda for a split second before bundling the puppies against her chest, lightly she asked, "So do you want to go out to dinner with me?"

Miranda let the slightest of smirks touch her lips. "Depends on what you have in mind."

Andy smiled back and ducked her head to enter the cab, Miranda followed behind her while the drive placed her bags in the trunk, just before Miranda closed her car door Andy replied, "Well I heard of this little Italian place just down the street from our hotel…"

The rest was lost as the cab pulled away, Andy had found her icebreaker, Miranda had gotten the girl of her dreams… and they both had a bonus of three puppies to boot!

The End

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