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By Logan Wolfe


Miranda Priestly could not concentrate. Never mind the fact that she had been seated at her desk, in the confines of her study, in a very quiet and very empty townhouse for the last two hours. Her rambunctious twin daughters were with Andrea on an all-day outing to the museum, the movies, and to lunch at some restaurant that the girls had been chattering about for weeks.

Usually, the silence allowed her the opportunity to plan and to be productive, to cultivate excellence. Today, however, she was preoccupied with thoughts that had her questioning her sanity and the newfound surge in her libido. There was no delicate way to state that Miranda Priestly was horny.

She blamed her lover for the fact that The Book sat untouched on her desk on a Saturday afternoon, after it had sat untouched on her foyer table all of Friday night. Yes, with deadlines looming, and with teams of employees trying to salvage a dreadful shoot for the next issue, Miranda had been doing her damnedest to fuck Andrea right through her mattress like she hadn't a care in the world.

Miranda squirmed in her seat as images of last night replayed in her mind. The girl had driven her wild with lust, and she obviously had not recovered, or gotten enough.

It had all started with a simple request from Miranda. Well, maybe not so simple, and not so much a request as it was an embarrassed and reluctant admission to jealousy and possessiveness. It couldn't be helped, however. Andrea was who she was, and Miranda was who she was as well.

It was no one's fault that Andrea was so sensual and sexually adventurous. It was no one's fault that Andrea's body turned Miranda's brain to mush and made her long for things that she wanted, but knew she did not deserve. Such was the case last night, when Andrea lay naked beneath her, making the most exquisite sounds; moans and breathy whimpers that made Miranda wish that she was the only one to ever elicit such a response in her lover.

Even with Andrea's long legs wrapped tightly around her hips, and with those striking honey-brown eyes looking at Miranda like she was the only person in the world, a brief surge of jealousy overcame her when she quickly flashed on the fact that Andrea had had at least one lover in her past. Of course Andrea instantly knew that Miranda was unhappy. Those eyes of hers, in addition to being able to hypnotize, could also detect the most minute changes in Miranda's demeanor. Well, that and Miranda may have growled, just a little bit, further alerting Andrea that something was amiss.

"What is it, Mira?" Andrea was breathless, as they had been kissing for quite some time while Miranda's deft fingers played with her nipples.

Miranda ducked her head, clearly avoiding eye contact before continuing her ministrations, hoping desperately to distract Andrea.

"Hey." Andrea fisted her hands in Miranda's hair and pulled her in for a kiss. "Tell me," she whispered against Miranda's mouth before flicking her hot tongue against her bottom lip. Miranda bucked and moaned in response before trying to turn her face away again. Andrea chuckled and tightened the grip on those silver locks before kissing her way across Miranda's jaw to her left ear. Allowing her voice to drop into that smoky, sex-soaked register that never failed to drive Miranda out of her mind, Andrea rasped, "If you don't tell me what's wrong," she tongued the rim of her ear, "I can't fix it, sweetheart." She gently tugged on Miranda's hair, pulling away from her ear until their eyes were locked.

Miranda was at a loss as to how to explain her desire. When her eyes flicked away in embarrassment, Andrea responded immediately. "Oh no you don't," she murmured while rolling her hips against Miranda, thrusting her slick, heated core against her lover. "Eyes on me," she commanded, emphasizing the order with another gentle tug on Miranda's hair.

When Andrea was certain that she had Miranda's attention once again, she made a show of bringing her own hand up to her mouth. Miranda watched, mesmerized, as Andrea sucked her thumb, index, and middle finger into her mouth. She slowly withdrew each glistening digit and then smirked at her lover as she reached between their bodies to capture Miranda's impossibly hard clitoris between her fingers. Miranda bucked against her once again. If she didn't have Miranda's attention before, she definitely had it now.

Andrea languidly tugged on the turgid flesh. "Now you will either tell me what the problem is." She increased the pressure of her stroke. "Or I'll stop." Miranda instantly felt the loss as Andrea released her grip. She whimpered in desperation.

It could not be helped that Andrea gave the best handjobs. It also could not be helped that Miranda would do just about anything to have her lover's masterful fingers stroking her heated sex.

"So," Andrea purred, resuming her stroke while rolling her thumb across the tip of her clit. "What's it gonna be?"

With a heavy heat settling low in her belly, Miranda cleared her throat. "It is difficult to—" She trailed off as Andrea's fingers rolled across a delightfully pleasurable spot. "To deal," she continued with labored breath, "with the fact that I'm not the first—" Miranda trailed off again, closing her eyes tightly, not wanting to continue or to see Andrea's response to her half-hearted confession. She was beyond thankful that those glorious fingers continued stroking without missing a beat.

"First?" She heard Andrea inquire quietly. "Oh." She heard the subtle catch in Andrea's voice as the meaning dawned on her.

Andrea knew precisely what Miranda wanted. She found herself immensely turned on just entertaining the idea. She continued to stroke and tug against Miranda's distended clitoris in just the way that would make her lover lose control.

Miranda kept her eyes shut, but began to tremble as her pleasure began to grow. Andrea knew that she was very close to her climax, and she knew just what to do to send her over the edge. She placed her free hand against the nape of Miranda's neck, pulled her close, and murmured hotly against her ear. "I want you to take me." She ran her tongue along the hot skin of Miranda's neck. "Make me yours, sweetheart." Still maintaining the delicious contact between Miranda's legs, she trailed her other hand along Miranda's arm until she grasped her hand.

"Please," Andrea begged while positioning the tips of Miranda's fingers at her opening. "Be my first." She gently undulated her hips, rocking her core against Miranda's hand.

A white-hot bolt of desire shot through Miranda and she instantly exploded into a thousand pieces. Andrea clung to her while she panted and moaned. Waves of pleasure coursed through her frame as she murmured, incoherently, against the side of Andrea's neck.

Once Miranda had recovered, Andrea smiled eagerly up at her. She blinked a few times to focus her glazed blue eyes on her young lover. "Darling—"

"Shh." Andrea silenced her with a hot kiss. "I'm ready," she said, suddenly sounding shy. Her breath caught as Miranda wiggled her fingers at her entrance. "I've waited long enough. I want to give myself to you." She spread her legs wider in invitation. "Please don't make me wait any longer."

Miranda nodded in understanding. Andrea, always up for a sexual adventure, was willing to give her lover what she wanted. Miranda was beyond delighted that Andrea enjoyed mixing a bit of role-play with their intimate relations.

"You are exquisite." Miranda leaned in to kiss Andrea while sliding her fingers up and over her clitoris. A tremor coursed through her upon finding Andrea so wet and hot. She pulled her fingers away, causing Andrea to whimper as she watched Miranda bring glistening fingers to her mouth. "You taste divine." She kissed her way down Andrea's body, settling between her wide-open legs. "I'm going to devour you, darling." She smiled up at her lover before sliding her tongue through Andrea's slick sex.

Andrea practically vibrated beneath her. "Oh god, Mira." Her voice was hoarse. "I'm so glad that I waited."

"Hmm," Miranda moaned before placing a gentle kiss at her opening. "I'm glad also, angel." She ran her nimble tongue through moist folds. "After tonight, you belong to me body and soul." Another soft flicker of her tongue.

"I'm yours," Andrea cried out, while rolling her hips in an attempt to impale herself on Miranda's tongue.

Miranda rewarded her attempt by inserting the very tip of her tongue, wiggling it a bit, before pulling away to attack her clit in earnest.

Andrea trembled as she rocked against her lover. She began to chant her pleas almost sub vocally as she neared her shattering point. Pale thighs beginning to squeeze against Miranda's head as the trembling grew in intensity.

Miranda looked up over her lover's torso and Andrea looked down between her own legs. As their eyes met, Andrea froze, captivated by the fierce look that blazed toward her. "Mine," Miranda growled against her intimate flesh as she reached up to resume playing with Andrea's sensitive nipples.

"Yours," Andrea affirmed, head lolling back at the first tug. "Yours," she continued to moan as Miranda's fingers and tongue sent fire coursing throughout her body. "Yours," she wailed as her body and soul came undone.

Hands threaded through Miranda's hair once again, pulling at her frantically until their lips crashed together. "Now, please," Andrea breathed against her lover's mouth. "I need you."

"Yes, darling." Miranda poised her fingers just outside of Andrea's tight opening.

"Please be gentle," she implored, while clutching at Miranda's shoulders. She squeezed her inner muscles as firmly as she could while her lover slowly pressed forward.

Miranda moaned at the snug resistance that met her fingers.

Andrea flinched and whimpered, her blunt nails digging into the skin of Miranda's back.

"Shh, angel. Relax a bit." Miranda slowly rubbed the pad of her thumb across Andrea's clit until she began to moan and rock against those invading fingers. "Yes, just like that." She placed wet kisses against Andrea's neck, working her way down and over her collarbone. She continued to work against her clit as she sucked a firm nipple into her mouth.

Andrea began to shake once again. She slammed her eyes shut. Bright lights and colors flashed against the insides of her eyelids. A sudden thrust of Miranda's fingers. Andrea cried out and stilled as she was suddenly, wonderfully filled.

"My angel." Miranda murmured against Andrea's chest. Her own chest swelled with pride at the feeling of being buried deep inside her lover. While she continued to press her thumb against Andrea's clit, she made sure to still her thrusting fingers.

When Andrea began to feel her clit throbbing once again, she began to move her hips against Miranda's hand. Miranda joined her by gently stroking her fingers along Andrea's clenching inner walls.

"Yes, Mira." Andrea began to drive herself against those fingers in earnest. She panted and moaned as the heat in her body began overtake her.

Miranda felt her fingers being grasped more firmly than before and knew that it was only a matter of time before Andrea climaxed again. She began to coordinate the gentle sucking at Andrea's breast with the strokes against her clit.

Andrea froze for a brief moment before her body began to heave wildly beneath Miranda. "Fuck!" she ground out, followed by a run-on string of expletives as she soaked Miranda's hand.

Through it all, Miranda held her and whispered reassurances in her ear.

"Watcha thinking about?" An amused voice inquired from behind her.

Miranda was so wrapped up in her daydream that she hadn't noticed that she was no longer alone in her study. Andrea leaned down to wrap long arms around her shoulders.

"Hello, darling. Did you and the girls have a good afternoon?"

"Mmhm." Andrea kissed her cheek. "I thought you were supposed to be working." She gestured toward the unopened Book.

Miranda nodded and flipped open the cover. "Yes. I was distracted."

"I'll bet." Andrea snorted. "Hurry up and finish, and I'll model my new Halloween costume for you after dinner."

"Costume?" Miranda turned, intrigued as Andrea stepped away.

"Yes." Andrea walked over to the door where she retrieved several shopping bags. "The girls convinced me that I'd make an excellent Catwoman." She winked at Miranda before exiting the room.

Instantly snatching up her pen and stack of sticky notes, Miranda Priestly found that she could concentrate after all. She just needed the right motivation.

The End

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