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What To Do?
By Elf_Jet


When she came home she had no recollection of how she had gotten there. Why had she turned to get a last look at Miranda? Sure, the other woman had been a vision but really, she had only set herself up for punishment and had received it by the look in those ice blue eyes.

Maybe, she reasoned, she had turned to be absolutely certain that her feelings for the older woman hadn't faded or vanished. All hope of that ever happening had evaporated as soon as her eyes had caught and held that glacial stare across the room. The intensity behind the stare had contributed to her heartbreak and the following escape to her apartment.

And her she was, sitting on her couch crying her eyes out because her heart belonged to a woman who didn't want it and Andy had no idea how to handle that. She needed someone to talk to but even after a year her relationship with Lilly was still strained, and though things where better with Doug, she had a feeling that the topic of Miranda was still a sore one. The realization brought more tears to her eyes, she was falling apart and had no one to comfort her.

It went without saying that her parents were out, even they blamed Andy, and Miranda, for her breakup with Nate. They hadn't said anything, but the implications had been there when Andy made her weekly calls following Nate moving to Boston. And no one knew of her feelings for her former boss, that little titbit of insanity she had kept all to herself, luckily.

Andy had no idea how long she sat there, but she had work in the morning and should probably go to bed, though she had a feeling that sleep wouldn't come easy or be restful. As she got ready for bed she thought back to the moment of eye contact she and Miranda had shared.

The look on the older woman's face had been pure shock…well to anyone who didn't know Miranda as well as Andy wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary. But at one point Andy's livelihood had been to know and anticipate Miranda's wishes and moods from not only her tone of voice but also her facial expressions.

Well, not that Andy thought she could nail all of the editors expressions but she knew shock and Andy's presence at the event had defiantly shocked Miranda. As Andy had fled as quickly as possible, she could only speculate on what Miranda had thought when she had spotted Andy, but Andrea was convinced that they probably hadn't been happy thoughts. Maybe something along the lines of how Andy had the audacity to show her face anywhere near the older woman or anything associated with her.

Now in bed, Andy found herself tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. Why did she let Miranda get under her skin? Why couldn't she just forget about the woman and get on with her life? Unfortunately she knew the answer, she'd answered that earlier in the evening and it wasn't going away any time soon.

Andy just hoped that this god forsaken day would come to an end. But that hope seemed dwindling as every time she closed her eyes, ice blue ones stared right back at her. Oh god, this was just not working. First she couldn't eat for fear of what Miranda would do to her for leaving in Paris, then when nothing happened and she actually got hired because of that recommendation she really didn't know what to think anymore.

Now, after seeing Miranda and actually being in the same room as the older woman, the walls she had tried to build around her feelings for the editor trembled and fell as if they where dust.

As the sky outside her window began to lighten she decided that there were only two choices before her. Either, she would go on as she had been for the last year, although that, didn't seem like a viable option, or she could be proactive and try to get some form of closure with Miranda.

Mind set on a course of action she finally fell asleep but only for a couple of hours, after that she woke up to a brand new day. One in which she hopefully would get rid of the heavy feeling around her heart. This, she could feel, was a day of opportunities.

The End

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