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All I Want For Christmas
By Wyrdmaege


"This is not Christmas music," the older woman groused. Andy chuckled softly when she heard the old lady's cane thump against the hardwood floor.

"It's Trans-Siberian Orchestra. You know they're Miranda's favorite and she should be home any minute Hilary." Andy tapped her toes in time to Christmas Eve and smiled charmingly. Well, she hoped it was charming. Miranda's mother had arrived unannounced on Christmas Eve.

"Andrea you know that's no longer true," Miranda responded as she walked into the study. She walked over to her mother and gave her the required kiss on the cheek. Andy smirked as she watched Hilary tilt her head, proffering her cheek in the same expectant manner Miranda used when she was working late at night on the book.

"How are the girls Miranda?"

"Mother. I'm sure you know by now. Andrea texted me you were here half an hour ago." Hilary sniffed with dignified disdain. Miranda gave Andy her own kiss and then sat down next to her lover. She truly had no idea what her mother was doing in the city.

"Well, it's been five years and the two of you are continuing to live in sin."

"Mother!" Andy snorted laughter while Miranda slapped her thigh. "Stop laughing! Mother what is your purpose here?" Really, sometimes Miranda didn't understand her parent at all.

"Hilary, regardless of Miranda's efforts, the state of New York still doesn't recognize same sex marriages." Andy continued chuckling as she spoke. Truly, she loved Miranda's mother. The woman had been far more supportive than her daughter had expected. Still, she had very definite ideas about Miranda's life and Andy foresaw one of them about to be expressed.

"As you say, regardless of that detail. The two of you should be married by now. You are setting a bad example for my granddaughters and it's high time that was corrected. Also. I am not getting any younger. Miranda you owe it to me, as your mother, to grant this small indulgence. Immediately." Andy had progressed from laughter to amazement and now was wincing as she looked at Miranda's pinched features.

"Hilary I-"

"Well." Miranda's voice was deadly low. "Thank you very much mother." Miranda stood in the following quiet and walked over to the sideboard which doubled as a liquor cabinet. "You must realize that after three marriages, I hardly consider the institution to be an 'indulgence' as you so flippantly put it. As for the girls, I believe they completely understand the seriousness of the situation as well." During this speech, Miranda had been pulling glasses down from the top shelf and carefully arranging them on the lower shelves. Now, she carefully lifted herself on her tiptoes and reached into the depths. Andy frowned as she watched her lover rearranging the glassware. She rose uncertainly as Miranda turned around holding something small in her hands. "I believe the only person who does not fully grasp the seriousness of my feelings is you Andrea."

Andy blinked as she dazedly stepped forward. "Me?"

"Mmm. Though, that may not entirely be your fault."


"No. You know me quite well. Lately, especially lately, I've realized just how well. The girls and I have never had a warmer, more enjoyable, more fulfilling holiday season. In fact, they told me on the drive home tonight, that if I did not go forward with my plans, they would be quite disappointed in me."

"They did?" Andy whispered.

"We did," Caroline and Cassidy confirmed from the doorway. The twins shared a happy glance with their grandmother and held their breath for the rest of their mother's speech.

"Yes, they did Andrea. So, in my mother's words, will you indulge me, my love?" Miranda opened the small black box to reveal an exquisite diamond ring which Andy ignored completely. Instead, the young reporter was laughing and weeping joyfully. She threw her arms around Miranda, forcing the editor to do the same in self-preservation. "Yes?" Miranda confirmed in a strangled whisper.

Andy laughed again, "Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Of course yes! Oh my god Miranda! I love you so much it could never be any other answer!" Miranda pressed her forehead into Andy's neck and mumbled soft thank you's. Andy held onto her tighter.

Two days later – Coney Island Pier:

"They are completely nuts!" Cassidy hissed to Caroline.

"Whatever. Just start the music so that we can go home already."

"Girls. Behave. Quickly." Hilary murmurred. It was a ridiculously cold location for the thankfully short exchange of vows. As the song "I Just Called to Say I Love You" strained the iPod's speakers, the couple a few feet away kissed slowly and swayed in each other's arms. "I will say, your mother's taste in music gets queerer with each year."

The End

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