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Forget Me Not
By Sparx

Part 4

Seven had no problem overhearing the captain's assessment. With her Borg enhanced hearing she'd been able to hear every syllable. Listening to the smaller woman walking almost noiselessly behind her she began to wonder just what she'd gotten herself into.

The group reached the clearing they were camped in. Seven watched as B'Elanna sniffed the air cautiously before moving to check out the area. Widely circling around the tall obelisk in the center of the clearing, the wild engineer headed towards the groups packs and supplies. There were fourteen people in the away team. It was going to take careful steps to keep everyone safe from a Klingon with a hair trigger temper.

B'Elanna had no such concerns. As soon as they entered the small camp she immediately began to explore the clearing. Now that she was a part of this group she felt no need to hide her curiosity. She's been watching from a distance for days and many of the things here had caught her interest.

The rest of the group also kept a wary eye on B'Elanna as the feral woman tensely stalked about the area. As she moved slowly about the large glade, Janeway motioned everyone back to the clearings edge and brought them up to speed with her latest observations.

Everyone that is except Neelix who, having recovered his normally cheerful attitude after the almost attack, went over to a large bundle of packs and began to rummage around. Everyone was so intent on discussing the latest development of B'Elanna's immunity to the sedative, they didn't notice the furry mans absence. That is, until a coarse growl from across the clearing brought their attention back to the present.

Almost immediately, B'Elanna had found another of the machetes that the group had used to hack their way through the dense forest. Hearing the approaching footsteps, she wrapped her hand around the handle and waited.

"Are you hungry, B'Elanna?" Neelix asked from a point just behind her left shoulder.

The blade of the machete came to rest a scant inch from the Talaxian's throat.

Neelix swallowed nervously. This time Seven was meters away across the clearing. There would be no help from the tall ex-drone. B'Elanna held the blade poised and steady, all the while growling loudly. Neelix frantically considered his options.

"Are you hungry, B'Elanna?" he repeated lamely. When she didn't respond, he slowly raised his had to show her the ration bars he held. With the machete still pointed solidly at his jugular, he carefully opened one of the foil packs to show the feral woman the food inside. With shaking hands he held the compact food bar up for her to see.

"B'Elanna? What is that?" She demanded gruffly, ignoring the offered food.

"I..I..It's your n..name." Neelix stuttered as the sharp blade moved a little closer. When the dark eyes narrowed suspiciously, he hastily continued. "My name is Neelix. I'm your friend, we all are. We came her to help you."

"I don't know you." B'Elanna grated, as the blade moved a millimeter closer to the small man's exposed throat.

"You did. Before your memories were erased." Neelix answered carefully. "What's the first thing you remember?" he couldn't help asking.

A snarl and a glance at the obelisk in the center of the clearing was all the answer B'Elanna would give. There was no doubt as to what her first memories were.

In an abrupt change of subject B'Elanna gruffly asked. "Why are you here instead of over with the others? Your fear is stronger than before."

"I'm terrified actually." he admitted. "But I'm also your friend. I want to help you."

Sensing no deception, B'Elanna moved the blade back a fraction of an inch. After another long moment she reached carefully past the poised blade and took the ration bar from Neelix's still outstretched hand. A looked of distaste passed her features as she sniffed it.

"It's not very tasty I'm afraid. But it is quite nutritious." Neelix assured as she took an experimental bite. He relaxed a little as B'Elanna decided that the tasteless bar was indeed food and began to eat in earnest. The fact that the machete was still poised at his throat kept him from relaxing completely.

"Why didn't you run?" B'Elanna asked referring to her almost attack of earlier.

"I don't know really." Neelix answered honestly. "I've known you for a long time now. I guess it never really occurred to me to run from a friend."

"I don't remember you. I don't remember any of you. If she hadn't stopped me, I would have killed you." B'Elanna informed him matter of factly. "She can't stop me if decide to kill you now." she growled with a nod to the group slowly fanning out at the far end of the glade.

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