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Forget Me Not
By Sparx

Part 5

"SssSeven" Neelix stuttered

"What?" B'Elanna growled, letting Neelix feel the cold steel of the sharp blade on his neck.

"Her name is Seven." Neelix said carefully.

"That's not a name, it's a number. I remember that much." B'Elanna growled at the trembling man. The sharp blade shifted against his skin causing a small shudder to pass through his body

"I..I..It's also her name." Neelix stuttered. "H..h..her n..name is Seven."

"And she's my friend too?" she asked skeptically.

"Yes!" Neelix stated with conviction. "We're all your friends. We want to help you to remember."

Something in that simple answer made B'Elanna believe him. Tossing the machete carelessly aside she said. "Ok friend Neelix. Tell me who you are and then tell me about the rest of my new friends, especially her." she finished with a nod to Seven who was now marching purposely across the remaining distance.

As soon as B'Elanna dropped the weapon, Seven moved forward. Behind her, she could hear Janeway barking out orders for the rest of the group to circle around and start gathering up any and all objects that the wild hybrid could possibly use as a weapon. Her sole intent was to get B'Elanna as far away from the machete as possible before the feral woman could change her mind and use it on the kind Talaxian after all.

It was only a matter of seconds before Seven reached the pair. Spinning B'Elanna to face her she pushed the hybrids arms behind her back and reached around to hold both hands in place with a Borg enhanced hand. The other hand wrapped around the feral Klingons waist to hold the suddenly struggling woman still. Neelix stood close to the pair. He was still a little shaky from the encounter with B'Elanna but wanted to stay close in case he could help in some way.

Standing chest to chest with Seven holding the smaller woman in a vice like grip, more closely resembled a lovers embrace but it had the desired effect. B'Elanna soon stopped all struggles as she realized that she could not get away from the taller womans grip. As before, she had been easily stopped by the blond. When the scent of the woman hit her she suddenly lost all desire to struggle as the beginnings of another desire made itself known. Growling softly, she stood still in the tight embrace.

"You will give me your word that you will not touch anything that can be used as a weapon." Seven said tersely into the close-by ear.

"No!" B'Elanna grated as she began to struggle anew. A slight squeeze of meshed fingers on her crossed wrists reminded her that her struggles would be in vain. "You said I had to come with you. You didn't say I had to make promises."

"You never asked me if I would require your word." Seven explained reasonably.

B'Elanna tilted her head back to give the taller woman a shrewd look. Sharp teeth flashed as Seven was treated to a fierce grin, "Your hand was crushing my throat. I couldn't have asked you even if I had though of it."

Seven answered with a small grin of her own. "You have a point."

Seven contemplated this turn. Without B'Elanna's cooperation and a guarantee of good behavior, it was likely that this would be only the first in a long series of altercations. She could feel the hybrids muscles slowly relaxing under her fingers so she simply held the smaller woman. Maybe once the feral woman had calmed down a little she could find a way to elicit some promise of good behavior from her. After a long while, Sevens hand on B'Elanna's waist became more soothing than restricting and the grip of metal encased fingers binding B'Elanna's wrists behind her back loosened a little as well.

B'Elanna knew she couldn't break free of the ex-Borg's grip. Standing face to face with her like this, she really didn't want to. Her body remembered what her mind could not and she found herself leaning against the long body in front of her. For the first time since her memories began, she felt safe. Letting her forehead drop forward to rest against a soft breast, she let herself relax.

Neelix, suddenly feeling out of place, quietly picked up the machete B'Elanna had dropped and went to help the others.

Janeway was busy directing the clean up of the clearing. At the moment her prime concern was to see that each and every item that could be used as a weapon was picked up. Seven was the only one capable of handling the hybrid physically. Until they could make the area as safe as possible for the rest of the crew, she would have to remain Seven's problem. In just a few minutes they had come across an amazing amount of possible weapons. Things like a simple tent peg could be lethal in the hands of an immensely strong, feral, Klingon hybrid. They were definitely going to have their hands full.

Tom grinned as he saw the way Seven and B'Elanna were standing in their odd embrace. They had been standing like that for several minutes now and B'Elanna was actually smiling. He could see that the two were talking and by the lack of growling it seemed that B'Elanna was quite calm

"Look at that. I told you she has residual memories." Tom said to Harry as they went through a pack. "She's eating out of Seven's hand."

"Not yet she isn't. Looks like it won't take long though" Harry observed with a grin. "As for residual memories? Who knows. Even severely brain damaged, anyone would react to Seven."

"You're right. Looks to attract the human side and strength to impress the Klingon side. How can she not be putty in Seven's hands?" Tom agreed.

The two were still standing in their odd pose. B'Elanna was completely calm so Seven decided she could safely let the smaller woman go. Stepping back slowly she was surprised to see B'Elanna's look of disappointment at the loss of contact.

With less than a foot separating them, they simply looked at each other.

"I will not have you harming members of this crew." Seven stated flatly. The tone was as neutral as Seven could make it. She did not want this to escalate into yet another potentially dangerous confrontation. Carefully watching the feral hybrids reaction, she waited for a response.

"I didn't hurt him." B'Elanna growled. With calm blue eyes boring steadily into hers, B'Elanna found herself staring at the ground. She could not bring herself to challenge, however indirectly, this woman who could so easily defeat her.

"You would have earlier if I had not stopped you." Seven reminded calmly.

"I would have." she agreed in the same tone.

"I want your word that you will make no further attempts to harm the crew." Seven demanded. Deep brown eyes snapped up to meet her own. Seven had no trouble reading the expression.

"I won't promise that, I don't know them." B'Elanna snarled. After a moment of staring into steady blue, B'Elanna decided to compromise. With a nod to Neelix, "I can promise I won't hurt him."

"And the rest of the crew?" Seven asked, as an implanted brow arched

"I'll tell you when I decide." B'Elanna responded with a sharp toothed grin.

Before Seven could react, B'Elanna quickly walked the few steps to where Neelix was sitting on the springy grass sorting through a bag of foodstuffs. She dropped down cross legged beside him. "Tell me about these people. Tell me about Seven." she demanded of the startled man as she casually grabbed a ration bar from a second bag and ripped the foil.

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