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Forget Me Not
By Sparx

Part 6

For the next hour, B'Elanna sat with Neelix as told her about her past.

Aside from picking at yet another ration bar, she sat almost unmoving absorbing these facts about the stranger that was herself.

The clearing was rearranged to Janeway's satisfaction. Everyone sat at the far end of the small camp surreptitiously watching the odd interaction of the feral Klingon and the kind Talaxian. An hour ago she would have cheerfully and without an ounce of guilt, killed the furry faced man and now she didn't even react as he put a hand on her arm while making a point in his narrative. As the two talked it was almost possible to believe that this was the B'Elanna they all knew.

Seven stood in her usual Borg pose a few feet away, as she watched the pair. She was not about to resume her study of the strange object until she could be sure that the small woman was not a threat to the rest of the party. At the moment the wild Klingon seemed calm enough but her reaction to each and every small noise or movement made it clear, she was by no means 'tamed' as the other's liked to phrase it.

"How is she?" Janeway asked as she approached the tall blond.

"She has so far kept her word with regards to Mr. Neelix." Seven replied turning towards the Captain.

"Do you think we can trust her?" Janeway asked.

They both looked at the B'Elanna in time to see her snarl and glare at the other end of the clearing where Tom had just dropped a lantern making a loud echoing noise.

"We cannot." Seven stated bluntly. "She has promised not to harm Mr. Neelix. She has refused to extend that promise to the rest of the away team." At Janeway's questioning look she clarified. "Her reasoning is that she does not know them."

"Well then, let's fix that shall we." Janeway commented with a smile. Before Seven could stop her, she had walked over to where the Talaxian and Klingon were seated.

B'Elanna looked up suspiciously as Kathryn stood over her. Before the fierce hybrid had time to adjust to this new person, Janeway had dropped into a squat in front of her. B'Elanna immediately rolled up onto one knee with fists planted firmly on the ground as she glared at the intruder.

Neelix put a hand soothingly on B'Elanna's arm and received a growl as the woman yanked her arm away. With a glance to Seven, he quickly moved away from the two women. If this became a confrontation he would only be in the way.

Now face to face, Janeway said pleasantly. "I know you don't remember me B'Elanna, but my name is Kathryn."

In response, B'Elanna snarled at the older woman. She was just about to lunge at this intruder, when Seven suddenly moved into her line of sight. The blonds height was even more pronounced as she stood slightly to the side of the crouching pair. Knowing that she would be stopped by Seven if she tried anything, she warily returned her attention to Janeway.

"We're here to help you regain your memories." Janeway added with a smile.

"Are you another of my friends?" B'Elanna sneered.

"Yes I am." Kathryn answered smoothly.

Her dislike of this woman was immediate and intense. The sudden intrusion into her space was a challenge. A challenge the presence of Seven prevented her from answering. Her instinct was to attack. She shook with the effort of keeping herself in check.

Janeway didn't notice the slight trembling and took the lack of action as a good sign. She moved closer.

Abruptly, B'Elanna stood and moved over to Seven. Folding her arms across her chest she unconsciously began growling as she glared at the Captain. She knew she wouldn't be allowed to fight the other woman, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from showing her displeasure.

Seven watched B'Elanna carefully and was quietly thankful that the wild Klingon had moved closer rather than farther from her reach. She knew it was only her presence that was keeping the feral hybrid from attacking. Before she could relay that information to the Captain, B'Elanna spoke.

"You are no friend of mine." she declared.

Kathryn, having just stood, looked at B'Elanna kindly. With the guarantee of Seven's protection she was overconfident as she replied. "I am you friend, B'Elanna. We've worked together on Voyager for over three years now."

B'Elanna had spent days observing the group. She knew that if Seven were not present the older woman would not be so bold. As it was, she could sense the well concealed tension in the woman. "You are afraid of me." She asked as much as accused.

"No. I've known you too long to be afraid of you." Janeway answered with a charming smile. When B'Elanna suddenly jumped at her, she felt her pulse quicken as a jolt of pure fear course through her.

"You lie." the dark woman hissed, as Seven grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She didn't fight the restraining grip. She'd proven her point. The older woman would have never dared to approach so casually if she had not been sure of Sevens protection. B'Elanna had sensed the deception in Janeways actions. Her look was pure rage as she glared at the woman.

"I am the captain of this crew. You will show me the proper respect." Janeway grated. She knew a show of force was one of the few things that B'Elanna would understand at the moment. Crossing her arms over her chest she returned B'Elanna's glare with a look of her own.

A string of guttural Klingon was the response as B'Elanna unconsciously pulled against Seven's restraining grip.

Janeway and Seven shared a glance. "Her speech center has been unaffected by the device, otherwise she would not have been able to communicate with us in any language. Her retention of Klingonaise is to be expected." Seven supplied.

"That's all well and good." Janeway answered, "But what is she saying?" she asked, as the small woman continued to mutter darkly.

"I believe the correct expression is 'you do not want to know'." Seven answered calmly.

Part 7

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