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Denial Isn't Just a River in Egypt
By Dearlylovedaimee

Kendall stormed into Fusion; her eyes were a glow of fury, her hands were clumped in tight fists, and her anger way past the boiling point. How the hell could Greenlee just do this to her, how? They share one night of passion and then she wakes up to nothing but denial and accusations. Who did Greenlee duPres think she was anyway? Kendall Hart had put up with this shit one too many times, and she wasn't about to take it any more.

She had thought things were going better for her these past few months. Juan Pablo had decided to stay and help buy stocks in Fusion to save them from their IRS problems and Jackson was trying to become the father she never had. The woman had everything she ever wanted, and she still wasn't satisfied.

It wasn't Kendall's fault Juan Pablo didn't want to wait around for Greenlee to come to her senses. God knows, the man had tried to get Greenlee in the sack, but enough is enough. I mean honestly, how long did she think she could play this hard-to-get routine with him and he would wait around? Please, can we say denial big time!

And to make matters worst, she just had to call Kendall for a shoulder to cry on. Kendall hated hearing about the man; no scratch that, hate was too civil of a word, try despised. She simply despised hearing about their little quote-on-quote "non-existent relationship problems." The two weren't even a couple, so why the hell did Greenlee treat him like he was a piece of her property? The girl seriously needed to get a life and now sooner then later.

Kendall couldn't take it any more; she simply collapsed in her chair and laid her throbbing head on her desk. Why did she have to go and sleep with Greenlee, why? She began to bang her head lightly against the table. It didn't make her headache go away, but it sure felt good to beat herself up. Why not, everyone else chose to tell her what an idiot she was, everyone else chose to tell her how undeserving she was of human affection, why not add Greenlee to this list. Obviously, she didn't care whether Kendall lived or died, which she so affectionately conveyed to her, this morning in her rather lengthy and formidable conversation as she was leaving her condo. How the hell can anyone just casually dismiss sex like that? No, how could anyone deny the fact that they enjoyed the sex and then casually dismiss it? Today was going to be a long day!

Kendall abruptly stopped banging her head on her desk and rubbed her forehead a few times, before fishing through her purse hoping to find the biggest Advil of her life just waiting for her. She swallowed the pill, and then decided that barring herself in her work at 8:30 in the morning was going to be the only way to get rid of queasy feeling she felt in the pit of her stomach.

She began to look through their latest client file, when she heard the elevator doors open, revealing a rather distraught Mia coming towards her clocking 100 mph. As soon as Mia approached Kendall's side of her desk, she violently threw her purse on the floor and began stomping on it several times, before she calmed down enough to the point she could actually see Kendall in normal rather than an angry red color.

The emotions were just too much for Mia. She wasn't good at holding her anger in like Kendall, and when she looked up, Kendall saw the mascara running down her face along with her tears. Kendall's eyes widened when she noticed Mia's water works, and she jumped to her feet and pulled her into a hug.

"Sshhh, it's okay, everything's going to be okay. Just tell me what's wrong."

It took Mia a while to regain her voice, but when she did, it came out muffled and barely audible.

"I… we… Simone and I, we… Kendall I can't believe we… I slept with her alright, I slept with her!"

Kendall was positive that for a minute she had stopped breathing. Where the hell did that come from? Simone and Mia, oh boy! The world was either getting too low on men, or they were all spending WAY too much time with each other. Lord help us all! If it wasn't one thing with this office, it was another.

"Mia, you WHAT?!"

"Kendall, please don't make me say it again, it was bad enough admitting it the first time."

Kendall tried like hell to tame the grin that was forming on her face. Now she and Greenlee, well, duh, but Simone and Mia…? Okay, ew, getting a mental picture here folks, a VERY unwanted mental picture. Kendall shook her head as if she was trying to clear the cobwebs and swiftly shifted her mental focus onto something else of a more pleasant nature.

Suddenly a naked image of Greenlee beneath her swarmed her mind and her eyes widened again. She slapped the side of her head and ordered her mind to expel the image immediately. Her strange behavior didn't go unnoticed to Mia, who was now staring at Kendall with one eyebrow raised in puzzlement.

"Kendall, is everything okay? You seem a little… distracted?"

Kendall sighed, admitting defeat. If she couldn't talk to Mia, then who the else could she talk to?

"Let's just say I know how you're feeling right now."

Mia shook her head in confusion, what the hell was Kendall was taking about?

"Why, did you sleep with Ryan?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Not an option, I told you my dirty secret, now you tell me yours!"

Kendall leaned back against the desk, contemplating whether or not to share her information. Her little late night rumble with Greenlee was something she didn't want to divulge to anyone at the moment, but if she could trust anyone, it could be Mia.

"I'm waiting!"

"Alright, alright, I'll tell you. Last night, Greenlee called me. Now, you're fully aware that Juan Pablo went out with that new girl from Lacey's, right? You know the one that's head of the marketing department? Well, Greenlee went to S.O.S. last night to meet Jackson and who should she happen to run into, but Romeo and his new Juliet.

Anyway, to make a long story short, she got mad, made a scene, came running straight to me, she got drunk, we hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing. But here's the best part, when we woke up this morning, she turned into to Miss Drama Queen and completely over reacted. She treated me like a bad one night stand and then she expects me to sit there and take it. I refused to listen to her insult me for the next three hours, so I decided to get ready and come to work. I just don't want to look at her right now; I don't think I could stand the embarrassment.

I know everyone is aware that I have a thing for her, but now it's real, and I don't want to deal with it."

Kendall felt the tears begin to swell up in the back of her eyes. She had promised herself in the car on the way to Fusion, she wouldn't shed one tear over Greenlee duPres, not one. She refused to let herself be hurt. It wasn't like she didn't already know that Greenlee loathed the thought of sleeping with her, but to actually say it to her face. Well, let's just say, the day was shaping up to be a real eye-opener.

Mia saw Kendall wipe her eyes before her tears threatened to spill out. She had a slight inkling of how Kendall was feeling right now. After she and Simone had lost the bet to Greenlee and Kendall, they had become inseparable. It was obvious their perfect man wasn't going to come knocking on their door steps any time soon, so they made a pact to be each other's company.

They spent every waking minute together for the past three months. They had even gotten so close; they even slept at one another's place. It wasn't a surprise to them, when everyone in the office had started questioning whether the two man-hungry girls, had started eating each other instead. It was purely speculation of course, merely cheap office talk to keep the Fusion's staff satisfied, but after last night that had all changed.

"Truth or dare."

Kendall turned her head so she was facing Mia.


"Truth or dare, we decided to play truth or dare. That's how it happened. Simone decided to ask me if I had ever kissed another woman before. When I told her no, she just wouldn't let it go. When my turn came again, I chose dare. It's a rule we have, you have to choose dare at least once; so I thought it would be a good idea to just get it out of the way. She had other plans. She dared me to kiss her. Of course I didn't want to, I am not a lesbian; but before I could protest, she laid one on me."


"And…I liked it, I like it a lot. She is my best friend Kendall and I love her. I am closer to her than anyone else in this office; hell I'm closer to her than anyone in this whole damn town, even my sister. I trust her and I wouldn't have let it continue if I didn't want it too."

"Mia, are you in love with her, you know… as more than just a friend? I mean, I know you said you're not a lesbian, but you don't have to be to have feeling for another woman. It's happened to me before. Don't ever tell Binks this, but I understand how women can become attracted to other women."

"Kendall that's just it, I wasn't until she kissed me. Suddenly, I saw her in a whole new light. Then I had to go and dare her to kiss me again…and one thing lead to another and we…well…we…God why am I having such a hard time saying it? It's not like I was ever really that in to it, but with her…somebody shoot me now!"

Kendall began to rub Mia's back in slow circles. She understood exactly what she was going through.

"You want to know the funny thing; afterwards, I didn't feel guilty or even like we had just made a huge mistake. I felt safe and loved. She was so attentive and caring. She met all my needs and that made it even better. I haven't felt like this since Jake and I started dating. Even then, there is no way he could have ever made me moan like that. I think I'm going to be sick."

"Been there already, trust me it goes away eventually."

"So what do we do now, do we just ignore them, deny it ever happened?" Kendall shrugged. She was just as lost as Mia was. They couldn't force Simone and Greenlee to love them; it had to be their choice.

"Honestly, I hadn't gotten to that part yet. All I know is that I think despite the fact Greenlee treated me like yesterday's news, I think I still love her. I have always wanted her. Every since we met, there has always been this spark. I don't want to loose her because she can't face the fact she wants me just as much as I want her, but I am not about to beg. I think I need a Valium."

Mia smirked, Kendall was right. They couldn't just beg, but they couldn't let them walk out of their lives. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in her head.

"I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea."

"Yeah, I've heard that one before. Mia, I have no desire to end up in prison and I certainly have no intention of speaking to Greenlee for a very long time."

"That's okay, because after what I have planned, we'll have them practically nipping at our heels. Are you game?"

"Kendall rolled her eyes, but nevertheless she agreed. What would it hurt? Not like Greenlee was ever going to give her the time of day again, why not add pissing her off to that list of things to do.

"What the hell, I'm in. So…what do you have in mind?"

Before Mia could respond, Fusion's elevator doors opened and out came Greenlee and Simone. They both came to a screeching halt the minute they saw Kendall and Mia standing together.

If looks could kill, Greenlee duPres would be tried for murder one. She narrowed her glare towards Kendall, and from what Kendall could tell she wasn't going to back down anytime soon. If she hadn't known Greenlee as well as she did, she would have sworn she was jealous. But that's just not so; after all, she doesn't get jealous, especially over someone so little as Kendall. Kendall folded her arms across her chest, waiting for somebody, anybody to make the first move.

Mia's appearance didn't go unnoticed by Simone. She saw the smudged mascara and her first instinct was to go to her. She looked so innocent and easily lovable and it was driving her nuts. She wanted to touch her, she wanted to kiss her, she wanted to comfort her. She hated this, why couldn't she just quit acting like a fool?

She slowly moved closer to Mia and spoke.

"Your makeup, it's…"

Mia backed away and cleared her throat.

"It's…its fine. I can clean it up later, Kendall can help me."

As she said Kendall's name, she took her hand in hers and clasped it tightly. This got a reaction from Greenlee. How dare someone touch her Kendall? If Mia knew what was good for her, she would remove her hand before she lost it. Kendall was off the market and Mia better not be getting any ideas; besides, didn't Simone already show her the wonderful ways of woman?

Greenlee felt her heartbeat slowly start to pound in her head. She couldn't take all of this stress. She had a hangover from hell, she was tired, and worst of all, she had just walked into HER office, to find HER Kendall holding hands with another woman. Over HER dead body! She had to do something and fast.

"Kendall, can I speak with you for a moment over here please."

Mia instinctively moved in front of Kendall, trying to protect her.

"Greenlee anything you have to say to my girlfriend, you can say in front of me."

Kendall's, as well as Simone's and Greenlee's eyes widened in shock; this was getting way out of hand. Kendall wanted to get Greenlee to appreciate her, not loose her. At this point, Greenlee was a rather nice shade of red. How dare that little…

"Excuse me, your what?"

"You heard me Greenlee."

"Mia, so help me God I love you, but if you don't let go of her hand right this second, you're going to lose it. Am I making myself clear?"

Mia didn't even think about what she was doing, she just reacted. She twirled around on her feet, pulling Kendall close to her, and laying a rather sloppy and forceful kiss on her lips.

Simone just stood there with hurt overcoming her. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her Mia was kissing another woman. It was too much for her to bare. She diverted her eyes from the kissing couple, trying like hell to avoid the scene before her. It hurt too much to move or to speak.

Greenlee on the other hand, wasn't quite as swayed. She was totally sure by now that if her blood pressure were to get any higher, that she just might suffer from a stroke. The room began to spin and she had to lean herself against the wall for support. This couldn't be happening, not now. She couldn't be loosing Kendall to Mia, not now.

Simone looked over and saw the rather pale shade of green Greenlee was turning and she reached over and touched her on the arm.

"Hey Greenlee, you okay?"

Greenlee's response came out softer than Simone had expected. A simple yeah was all she could muster up at the moment. The ground was sinking and reality was crashing beneath her. Images of her and Kendall flashed in her mind.

First they were talking, then they were staring, then they were kissing, and then they were making love. Greenlee shook her head as flashbacks played out in her head. She saw Kendall taking her face in both hands, they were passionately kissing, and then they were fighting their way to the bedroom, each of them wanting to be in control. She could see herself climbing on top of Kendall and removing her shirt, revealing all she had to offer. She could sense the weight of Kendall's stare on her body, and she could feel her reaction to Kendall's warm touch.

All of last night was playing out so clearly in her mind. Greenlee felt immediate loss. It was like someone was pinching her heart with two fingers and she couldn't take it. Tears spilled from her brown eyes. She closed them tightly, not wanting anyone to know how truly hurt she was.

Finally, Mia broke the kiss and turned around. She had expected to get some type of satisfaction from hurting Simone the way she had done to her, but all that followed was regret. She couldn't believe that she had just kissed another woman in front of her. She didn't want Kendall; she didn't want anyone except for Simone. She took a few steps back and Simone looked up at her.

Simone knew exactly what Mia was going to do. She stepped forward and reached out in protest.

"Mia don't…"

Mia shook her head and took off running. She couldn't be there, not right now. She didn't want to explain, she didn't want to fight, and she didn't want to face the truth. She was in love and it was not going away anytime soon.

Kendall swallowed hard when she saw Greenlee crying against the wall. She had hoped that Greenlee had experienced just an ounce of the pain she felt this morning. Having to sit there and listen to someone tell you how unworthy you are was bad enough, but to hear if  from someone that you were painfully in love with, was like nails on a chalk board. You might as well have just ended her life right that minute, because Greenlee was the air she breathed and it felt like she was suffocating.

Kendall couldn't hold back her own tears any more. True she wanted Greenlee to suffer, but not like this, not in front of their friends and not at false hands. She collapsed in her chair for the second time that morning, laid her head in the palm of her hand and just sobbed.

Simone didn't need it in writing, it was time to leave, time to find Mia. She wasn't about to let the love of her life walk out over something as stupid as fear. As she turned towards the elevator, she paused directly beside Greenlee.

"Talk to her, she obviously loves you, not Mia. Greenlee don't let her get away."

She gave Greenlee's shoulder one quick squeeze and exited the building, leaving her there alone to confront her own demons and the woman she loved.

Cautiously, Greenlee approached Kendall. The sight before her was heartbreaking. Kendall's shoulders were bouncing up and down as she just cried and cried some more. Greenlee stretched her hand out to touch Kendall's shoulder. The minute she touched her, Kendall shrugged off the touch and stood up.

"Kendall, please…talk to me."

"Greenlee, what do you want, didn't you say enough this morning?"

"Don't be like that, please. I just want to talk, I don't want to fight."

"Oh, so you're the only one in this relationship that can speak her mind, is that how it is? Well, let me tell you something Ms. Too Good for Me, that's not how it works. I am a person, I am a human being; you can't just sleep with me and then treat me like I don't exist. I am not some bad case of meaningless sex you picked up at a club, Greenlee. I loved you, I loved you so much. I have wanted you every since Leo died. I have wanted to tell you how I felt, but I didn't, because I knew you hated me. I just didn't know how much until now. Was I that bad Greenlee, honestly, am I that undesirable? What did I do wrong, tell me, and I'll fix it, all you have to do it tell me what I did wrong. I don't want you to hate me, I want you love me, please love me."

Greenlee couldn't take it any more. She pulled Kendall out of her chair and into her arms. She hugged her so tightly, she was afraid she might pass out, but she would rather die than let her go. She wildly kissed the side of head, up and down, and whispered in her ear.

"You didn't do anything wrong baby, it was all me. I love you and I'm sorry I yelled at you like that, I was just upset with myself for taking advantage of you. I do love you, Kendall, you have to believe me. Please, tell me you believe me."

Kendall nodded her head up and down.

"Yes, I do believe you, but if you ever…"

"Sshhh, don't even say it."

Greenlee pulled Kendall's face to her and they kissed. This time, it was tamer than the last. It was full of love and passion. It was a promise that sealed their love.

Simone ran out of the elevator after Mia. She knew her companion couldn't be too far out of her reach. She searched the parking lot, and was rewarded with the sight of a frantic Mia trying to unlock her car door. Simone watched for a minute as Mia nervously fiddled with her keys. After dropping them for about the fifth time, she knew it was time to step in.

"Mia stop!"

Mia whipped her head around upon hearing Simone call out to her. She picked up her keys off the ground, working extra hard to get them in her car door lock. She failed miserably once again. She lost hold of her keys and as they fell, they managed to work themselves so they were now completely underneath the car.

"Damn it!"

She bent down on the parking lot floor and began to feel her way around for her escape. Simone walked calmly to where her love was crouched down. She pulled a nervous Mia unwillingly to her feet, brushed her aside, and proceeded to bend down and retrieve her keys.

She soon appeared triumphantly from her mission, her face adorning a rather large smug grin.

"Thank you, now may I please have my keys back?"

"You wouldn't be talking about these keys, now would you?"

Just to make the situation even worse, Simone dangled the keys in question, right in front of Mia's face and just quirked an eyebrow. She wasn't about to give them back, not until they talked, and Mia knew it.

"Yes, now would you mind giving them to me, please? I have somewhere very important to be this morning and I have no time for games."

To show she was serious, Mia held out her hand and made a give me gesture. Of course, this only egged Simone on even more.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind going for a little ride if you don't mind."

Simultaneously, her smirk grew even wider and she added a twitch of the eyebrows to show that she was winning. If Mia thought she was getting away from her that easily, she was sadly mistake.

Mia's temper only grew, and she did the only thing she could think of at the moment, she leaped at Simone. Simone dodged the attack with little effort and added an additional dangle of the keys just to antagonize even further.  Mia made another quick pass and again she was unsuccessful.

"Simone, honestly you're like a small child. Now give me back my goddamn keys, before I have to hurt you."

"Oh, feisty! How many times have I told you need to learn anger management? I guess, if you want these keys back, your going to have to talk to me; unless, you feel like walking home?"

"Why you little…give me those fucking keys now, do you hear me, right this instant!"

This time, Mia didn't hold back. Instead of trying to snatch the keys away from Simone, she decided to let her whole body in on the effort. Simone's eyes bugged out of her sockets as the figure of a very pissed off and rather violent Mia charged towards her. Unfortunately, she didn't have time to get out of the way, and before she knew what hit her, she was falling to the parking lot ground, taking Mia with her.

Mia only paused for a moment, and then resumed her assault. Simone wasn't going to make this easy for her. Every time she thought she almost had the keys, she would simply pass them off between each hand. Mia used the only weapon she could think of at the moment, she began to tickle her. Simone immediately squirmed the second she felt Mia's finger poke her in her side. This was dirty pool, Mia damn well knew she was ticklish and she couldn't resist it any more.

"Mia…stop…oh, ha, ha, ha…I said stop damn you…okay, I give…I give you can have your keys…ha, ha, ha back. Mia, I said stop!"

"No, I want you to suffer!"

Simone thrashed underneath her, frantically trying to escape the wrath of her friend, and the minute she felt Mia slow down, she saw it as her chance. She waited for Mia's mouth to float close to hers, and the second it did, she reacted. She raised her head and captured her lips in a heated kiss.

That sure as hell got Mia's attention, and all she could do was take in the feeling of Simone's lips upon hers. She would have simple loved to stay like this forever, but at that very second, they heard the sound of two certain somebodys clearing their throats.

"You two just couldn't wait until you got home, could you?" Greenlee raised an eyebrow and smirked while waiting for a witty comeback. Kendall just stood beside her girlfriend, looking totally amused.

"Oh wipe that goddamn grin off your fucking face Greenlee. I was just trying to get my keys away from Denis the Menace over here!"

"Sure you were; so I take it, you two will be requesting the day off?"

Mia helped Simone up off the ground and snatched her keys in the process.

"You assumed correctly."

"Well then, get out of here."

The pair smiled at one another as they watched Greenlee and Kendall head towards their cars. Just then, Greenlee stopped dead in her tracks and turned back around, calling out to Mia.

"Oh, and Mia…"


"If your lips ever come anywhere near Kendall's again, I'll rip them off. Are we clear?"

Simone and Kendall giggled at Greenlee who was nothing less then dead serious.


"Good, now go hump her brains out!"

Greenlee winked at Mia and gently pulled her girlfriend to her side, placing a chase kiss on her lips. She pulled back with a smile.

"I love you, you know that right?"

"Always have."

"How could you, I just figured it out last night."

"Greenlee, get real. I've known like forever that you've wanted me."

"You know Kendall, modesty is such a good look on you."

"And you know what they say about denial don't you? It isn't just a river in Egypt!"

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