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Getting a Nibble
By Ann


"Hey, Logan! Mike Logan!"

Detectives Wheeler and Logan turned towards the voice, their handcuffed suspect being forced to turn with the pair. The man immediately opened his mouth to protest his rough treatment but quickly snapped his jaw closed and grinned. The sight of the beautiful blonde approaching the two detectives more than made up for his discomfort.

"Serena! How're you doing?" Logan released his hold on the prisoner and swept Serena into a bear hug.

Megan instinctively tightened her grip on the suspect's arm and looked on. She'd heard about the former ADA and her firing, but no one had bothered to mention how stunning Serena Southerlyn was. Megan smiled as she listened to the two friends chat.

"She's some looker, huh?" The prisoner leaned towards Megan, practically whispering in her ear, and the freckled-faced woman quickly jerked her head away from the disgusting man.

"Logan, I'll meet you in the car." Megan nodded at Serena before tugging the protesting suspect towards the street.

Megan sat in the corner booth of the deli and checked her watch for the third time. Logan had asked her to meet him at the restaurant after he attended to some business, but he was already a half an hour late. Shrugging, Megan sighed and motioned for the waitress. If she didn't order now, she wouldn't have enough time to eat before she had to return to the station.

Reaching into her pocket, Megan retrieved her cell to check on her partner when a pair of expensive-looking high heeled shoes caught her eye. To be more accurate, it was the gorgeous legs that just happened to be attached to the feet that were wearing the shoes that actually garnered the detective's attention. Mesmerized, Megan watched the legs make their way across the deli, oblivious to the fact that they were headed her way.

"Detective Wheeler, right?"

Megan's gaze reluctantly left the smooth, sexy legs and worked their way up past the short black dress, the matching jacket, and the silky shirt to latch onto a pair of blue-grey eyes. Serena smiled and gestured to the seat opposite the detective.

"May I join you? I ran into Logan at the courthouse, and he said to tell you he couldn't make it. He asked if I'd mind keeping you company."

"Huh? Oh, sure; please, have a seat."

Megan fought to keep control of the one thought that she'd managed to keep under wraps ever since she'd finally met the woman behind the stories. Rumor had it that Serena had come out to Branch, but after seeing the blonde with her own eyes, Megan had her doubts.

"Courthouse? Were you trying a case?"

Serena slowly unbuttoned her jacket. "No, I had to file some papers. I ran into Mike as I was leaving."

Megan tried to keep her focus off the long tapered fingers. "Oh? What type of law are you practicing?"

"Currently, I'm doing some pro bono work for a friend. I'm not sure where I want to focus." Serena reached for the glass of water the waitress had just placed on the table. Slowly, she brought it to her lips and took a few sips.

Megan's eyes fastened on the soft lips, immediately jealous of the glass' rim. The detective bit down on her own lip as she watched the path of the water slowly slide down the attorney's throat. Serena smiled against the glass; it seemed Logan might be right about his partner.

Throughout the meal, Serena continued her fishing expedition. She'd removed her jacket, flipped her hair during conversation, and even went so far as to slip her hand in the opening of her shirt in the guise of rubbing her supposedly sore shoulder. Megan had managed to keep up her end of the conversation, but, judging from the way she kept fidgeting in her seat, she was obviously one big pack of nerves.

The defining moment came when Serena excused herself to visit the ladies room. She made a point of straightening her skirt both when she stood and when she returned. Megan's focus had immediately moved to Serena's hands, and more pointedly, the blonde's hips and ass. Serena had her answer. Megan Wheeler was most definitely a lesbian.

On the other side of the booth, Megan had made a discovery of her own; she was in hell. She'd planned to try to steer the conversation to topics which would give her more insight into Serena, figuring the blonde's answers, coupled with her body language, would be a fairly good indicator of her sexual orientation. Problem was Serena was running the show, and Megan was no closer to determining which end of the pool Serena fished in than she was when she first met the attorney.

Serena's words slowly navigated their way through the fog clouding the detective's mind. "So, what about Friday night?"

Megan sat up and stared at the other woman. She'd been so engrossed in her thoughts that she'd missed the latter part of the conversation, and judging from Serena's question, it was a very important part.

"I'm sorry. What?" Megan attempted to move back to the land of the conscious beings.

"Friday night. Would you like to have dinner Friday night?"

The detective was now certain of the question, but the actual relevance of the question still eluded her. Was Serena asking her to have dinner as a friend or as a date? Megan figured there was only one way to find out.

"Yes, I'd love to."

Serena smiled brightly, having no idea that Megan was in the dark as to her intentions. As far as Serena was concerned, she'd set the hook beautifully. All that was left was to reel the lovely detective in.

The End

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