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That's Gonna Leave a Mark
By Annette


I have no idea when it started… I have even less of an idea of how it will end. When I woke up this morning it was a day just like any other day – wake, workout, save the world, sleep – nothing special right? I think it may have been somewhere between wake and work-out that I noticed it, 'it' being a feeling that someone was watching me. Usually that would make me feel paranoid and skittish, but instead I felt strangely warm and comfortable. Go figure.

Since I wasn't particularly nervous, I'd often forget that it felt like there were eyes on me. I went about my day-to-day routine until I felt 'it' again – only much stronger. And so, this time, I reached out to it – tried to get a better sense of which of my cohorts was playing this game of hide and seek with me and what it was they wanted. I was pretty sure it was Brennan goofing around, or maybe even Jesse. It certainly wasn't Adam and I doubted very much it was Shalimar, the former not being one for games and the latter – well, I couldn't imagine her playing with me like this. I am the new kid on the block after all, so pranks are expected.

I was on my way to the team meeting when I ran into Shalimar. "Hey Shal, are the guys here yet?" I asked the blonde as she moved beside me.

"I think they finally put down the game controllers. Adam just popped his head in and cleared his throat, and they quickly decided the game was over." Shalimar chuckled at the memory of the two scrambling to get to the meeting room.

I could sense her humor as well as an underlying bit of stress. The last mission was especially hard on her and she spent quite a bit of the time in a feral state. It was a sight to behold, watching her transform from an amazing fighter to a raw and wild thing. It was almost frightening when she turned toward me at one point - I thought, for a moment there, that she was gonna come at me.

We walked into the room, said our hellos and Adam quickly got down to business. After a complete debriefing on the latest mission Adam asked that Shalimar and I remain behind. "Emma, you mentioned feeling as if Shalimar might come at you during the mission." He continued. "The possibility was real, and so we need to get you imprinted onto Shalimar."

"Imprinted? What does that mean exactly?" I wasn't sure I liked the sound of that.

"Don't worry. Adam and the guys have already gone through it and survived." The blonde assured me.

Her statement helped, but I still wasn't convinced. "All right, so what does this imprinting entail exactly?"

Adam stood quickly and made his way to his office. "I'll leave you two to sort things out."

I looked expectantly at the blonde and waited for her to explain.

"Well, being a feral, I retain a few of those instincts. What we have to do is spend the night together." The blonde laughed at what could only be an extremely disbelieving expression on my face.

"Excuse me?" I thought about what she said and had to ask. "So, you did this with the guys, and Adam?"

"You're all my pack-mates now, and you're the only one I haven't imprinted yet." She smiled as she rose to leave. "So, get into your jammies and meet me in my room, in, let's say, half an hour?"

"Uh, okay." I went to my room and took a quick shower, changed into shorts and a tank top, and made my way to Shalimar's room. I tried to think of it as a pajama party, but I never actually experienced one of those. It was a bizarre situation to say the least, but if it kept me from getting shredded - I guess I could deal.

As I opened the door and walked into Shalimar's room the blonde was just slipping a half shirt over her head. The woman certainly had an amazing body; I had to give her that.

"Hey, you want to watch a movie or something? I'm not very tired right now?" The blonde asked as she grabbed a remote and hopped up on the bed.

"Sure, I'm a little wired myself." I agreed as I stood there awkwardly.

Sensing my trepidation Shal gestured to the bed. "Hop up and get comfortable while I find something worth watching."

So, I did as she suggested. It felt a little odd but I decided to try to relax and go with the flow. I noticed that the blonde was growing frustrated trying to find something to watch and so I suggested some music instead.

"Great idea!"

Soon we were lounging on the bed listening to some soothing, new-age tunes. The music was doing its job and I was just about ready to drift off when I felt a body press against my side. I stiffened at the unexpected contact but didn't pull away. I figured this was her show, and like I said before, I was trying to go with the flow. Besides, she was like a little hot water bottle and I was feeling a bit chilly. Before long I'd relaxed enough to fall asleep.

I had no idea how long I'd been asleep. As a matter of fact, I wasn't completely certain that I wasn't dreaming. All I knew was that I was suddenly very turned on.. I'd also discovered the reason - Shalimar was spooned up behind me and one of her hands was currently pinching my nipple. She was also nipping and licking at the back of my neck - a particularly erogenous zone for me I might add. "Shal?" I called out trying to see if she was awake. I got a response, just not the one I was hoping for. There was a low, murmuring sound coming from the woman behind me. Was she purring?

Suddenly, I received a burst of arousal from the woman behind me and it ignited the already simmering arousal I was feeling. I started to press back against the blonde but it wasn't enough. I turned in her embrace, pushed her to her back and straddled her. The move woke the blonde and she struggled a bit against her current position.

"What's going on? What are you doing?" Sleepy golden eyes held my own as she waited for an answer.

"You tell me? I was sound asleep, but I suddenly woke up when I found myself being touched and licked." I smirked at her as she tried to process what I'd just said.

Shalimar blinked a few more times to clear the last vestiges of sleep. "I was..." her eyes widened. "I was dreaming!"

"Well, it must have been some dream because you shot me a huge burst of arousal. It was all I could do to not let you have your way with me." To make my point I shot her back a dose of my arousal. Big mistake! As soon as the message was received, I watched as her eyes changed, her irises narrowing into slits. I'd barely registered the change when I found myself flipped and covered by the deceptively strong feral. To say I was scared was an understatement, but it soon became apparent that Shal wasn't going to hurt me.

The blonde was a flurry of motion, touching me everywhere. I'm not clear on how it happened but somehow we were both completely naked. No sooner had I recognized our state of undress than I was grateful for it as I felt her mouth cover my nipple. It felt amazing! I mean it's not as if I've never had someone's mouth on my breast, but her tongue... it was slightly rough, like a cat's tongue, and the added friction was driving me wild. It was a frenzied coupling as we each did our share of scratching and biting... and cumming. God, the orgasms were intense!

It was early morning when I awoke from an exhausting night of amazing sex. I think we were well and truly imprinted on one another - the marks on each of our bodies a testament to that. I could hear the woman in my arms purring again, and I knew, if I were capable of it, I'd be purring right along with her.

The End

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