Coming Undone PG-13 Shal/Lexa Lexa deals with the aftermath of her killing spree and Shal shows her it's okay to be human. Complete

Worth It 18 Emma/Shalimar In the end, a hundred lies, a hundred tears and a hundred secrets all for more than a hundred kisses was definitely worth it. Complete

Secrets in the Dark PG-13 Emma/Shalimar She hated it with a passion. She always had. It was something that had just started during her childhood, stemming into a full grown fear as she grew older. Complete

A Normal Life PG-13 Emma/Shalimar Have you ever wanted to be *just* normal? Complete

A Little Help PG-13 Emma/Shalimar The women get a little advice after an enlightening game of truth or dare. Complete

Inferno Redux PG-13 Emma/Shalimar Think of this as a continuation/alternate ending of 'Inferno'. Complete

Always... PG Emma/Shalimar She would always remember... Complete

Tempus Edax Rerums PG Emma/Shalimar Sometimes when you break a heart, you break the person holding that heart. Complete

Amor caecus est PG-13 Emma/Shalimar Love is Blind. Complete

Anne Ona Mouse

Gentle Reminder 18 Emma/Shalimar After feeling betrayed by the alien, Emma seeks some guidance from Shalimar. Complete

A Favor Returned 18 Emma/Shalimar Sequel to Gentle Reminder - Shalimar has a rough time and it's Emma's turn to help her feel better. Complete


That's Gonna Leave a Mark 15 Emma/Shalimar How do you keep a feral cat from attacking you? Complete


I Know You PG-13 Emma/Shalimar Emma knows her... Complete

Strawberries And Cream PG-13 Emma/Shalimar It's so tempting... Complete

Anniversary PG Emma/Shalimar A glimpse of a defining moment... Complete

Billy Rose

There's got to be a morning after... 1-9 10-18 19-25 15 Emma/Shalimar   Shalimar/OFC Takes place right after Season 3 ends - this is my interpretation of what may have happened to the team after that. Complete


Two Hearts 18 Emma/Shalimar Emma has a little secret she's been hiding from Shalimar! Complete

Windows On A Train PG Emma/Shalimar A goodbye. Complete

When the Heart Wants What It Can't Have PG Emma/Shalimar Emma and Shalimar's thoughts on one another. Complete

Erin Griffin

Purr-fect Partners 18 Shalimar/Helena Birds of Prey crossover - Someone is after people with the abilities Helena and Shalimar both possess. In the heat of battle, they meet and realize that in order to stop this murderer, they must work together. Complete


Hidden Truth PG Emma/Shalimar Set during "Lazarus Syndrome" [1x15], before the last scene in the bar. Shalimar has fears she has to overcome. Complete


It Started With a Blade PG-13 Alex/Shalimar Mutant X / Charlie's Angels (movies) crossover - My crack at challenge #4. Shalimar and Alex, the "new age" Angel, meet at 'Torino 2006'. Things, as they say – will never be the same again. Complete