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Secrets in the Dark
By Anne

~You're in my heart
The only light that shines
there in the dark~

"Finished!" Shalimar called out triumphantly as she finished putting away the last case of bottled water.

Emma's head popped up from underneath the counter and she grinned. "I'm not." She ignored Shalimar's low, playful growl and continued putting away the bags of the supplies next to her.

"Emma…" Shalimar whined, moving over to stand next to the telempath. "You promised."

Emma raised her head again and reached out, patting Shalimar's thigh. "I know and we're almost done. Adam will be pissed if we don't finish this."

Shalimar rolled her eyes and hopped up on the counter. "It's not fair. It wasn't even our turn."

Emma sighed internally, shaking her head a bit. She had been putting up with this for the last three hours already and Shalimar was starting to drive her crazy. She looked up at the feral long enough to give her a small smile, giving off the impression that she was listening when she was in fact, trying her best to tune Shalimar out. She loved the blonde but she never wanted to strangle her more than at that very moment.

"I don't see why Jesse and Brennan couldn't do this. It was supposed to be their turn, not ours. Does Adam even care that he ruined our plans?" Shalimar continued her rant, adding a pout for good measure when she noticed that Emma wasn't being as sympathetic as she should have been.

Emma stilled her movements, rolling her eyes skyward before she stood up. "Shal, Adam didn't ruin our plans. We still have plenty of time. And you know the guys' had something important to do. They've covered for us countless times."

"Once." Shalimar argued.

"More than once and you know it." Emma reprimanded. "Besides, you like shopping so I don't see what the big deal is."

"Clothes shopping, shoe shopping, not grocery shopping." Shalimar retorted. "And especially not when it interferes with our plans."

"It hasn't interfered with our plans yet." Emma responded, a small smirk upturning the corners of her mouth. "And if I recall correctly, you didn't seem to mind it when you followed me into the ladies room at the deli."

Shalimar tried to hold her petulant face but it was hard when Emma was smiling at her the way she was, quietly reminding the blonde of their spontaneous make out session at the aforementioned deli. The feral finally gave up, smiling back at the redhead before sliding off the counter. "That was only because the deli line was so long." She defended, grinning.

"Right." Emma returned her smile with one of her own.

"Fine, I'm done whining now."

"Good." Emma responded, kissing her cheek gently. "Now help me get this stuff put away and we can leave."

Shalimar knelt down beside her and pulled a few of the bags over to her. They worked in companionable silence for awhile, before Emma stood and crumpled up her bags.


"Thank god!" Shalimar breathed out, shoving her last box onto the shelf and shutting the cupboard.

Shalimar quickly cleaned up their mess while Emma ran through the computer files, making sure Adam's database and communications center were still fire walled. Just as Emma was about to key in the security code for the door, the power went out.

Emma shrieked quietly, breathing in deeply before shaking off her fear.

Shalimar heard Emma and she quickly moved over to her. Wrapping her arms around Emma's waist from behind, she pulled her close and lowered her head, resting it on Emma's shoulder. "What was that you were saying about Adam not ruining our plans?" She asked teasingly.

Emma relaxed completely in Shalimar's hold, leaning back and trusting in the feral to hold her up. "They're not ruined quite yet."

"Shalimar? Emma?" Adam's voice came across the com-link, cutting off Shalimar before she could even respond to Emma.

"Yeah, Adam?" She responded to him instead.

"There's been a power outage in the city. Everything within the city is suffering a power loss. Something shorted out one of the power grids. I want you and Emma to stay put until they get it fixed. Also, check to make sure the backup generators kick in soon."

Emma tensed slightly at Adam's request and Shalimar pulled her closer, tightening her arms around the redhead. "All right, Adam."

"I'll keep you two updated. Let us know if something goes wrong." He requested, waiting for confirmation before cutting the link.

"Something already went wrong." Shalimar muttered before kissing Emma's neck and leading her over to the couch.

She kept one arm wrapped around Emma's waist, their fingers entwined tightly as she used her other hand to run her fingers through Emma's red tresses soothingly. As long as Shalimar could keep Emma focused on her, she wouldn't focus on the darkness and than Emma wouldn't panic. The blonde knew that the telempath had serious issues when it came to darkness. She hated it with a passion. She always had. It was something that had just started during her childhood, stemming into a full grown fear as she grew older. It was as if someone had pulled the plug on her powers, leaving her empty and distorted. It was worse now that she was older and more in tune with her abilities.

The blackness surrounding her had always scared her so much that she could barely focus enough to even try to tap into her telempathy. Emma knew realistically that she didn't need light to use her mutant abilities but her subconscious argued with her, her fear too deeply embedded in her to change it now. She had tried explaining it to Shalimar once, not quite making sense but the blonde understood. It was the same as her fear of the fire. There was really no logical reason for it to terrify her the way it did but it didn't stop it from doing so.

"So what was that again about Adam not ruining our plans?" Shalimar asked, drawing Emma out of her thoughts.

Emma laughed softly, moving closer to Shalimar. "Hopefully the power will come back on soon?" She offered optimistically, silently praying that she was right.

Shalimar squeezed Emma's hand reassuringly before standing up. "I should go check on the generators. I'll be right back." She promised.

Emma's fingers tightened their hold on Shalimar's momentarily before she nodded and let go. She was a big girl now, she could handle this.

Shalimar ran her fingers through Emma's hair once more, kissing her forehead lightly. "I'll grab some candles on my way back." She promised.

Emma closed her eyes, trying to block out the darkness knowing it wouldn't help. Her eyes flickered opened and she tried to focus, the blackness surrounding her and blinding her. She hated this feeling, hated it more than anything. She shut her eyes again, pursed her lips and than began breathing in and out slowly. She tried to focus on her breathing, hoping a quick meditation routine would calm her down. She could hear Shalimar moving around in the safe house, drawers opening and closing and she silently wished for once, that she had Shalimar's powers instead of her own.

By the time Shalimar came back to the couch, Emma was sprawled out along the soft cushions. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep and even as she rested her head upon the armrest. Shalimar set down the two flashlights she had found, arranging them in a standing position as to give them some kind of light before she gently slid in behind Emma, being careful not to disturb the redhead.

"I'm not sleeping." Emma murmured, snuggling into the blonde once she had situated herself against the back of the couch.

"Than what are you doing?" Shalimar asked, wrapping an arm around Emma's waist and leaning her head down next to hers.

"Pretending it's light out." Emma responded simply.

Shalimar just nodded in understanding, content to hold the younger woman as she did her thing. Suddenly Emma winced, shuddering in Shalimar's hold before turning on her side and burying her face in Shalimar's neck.

"What the hell was that?" Shalimar asked alarmed, pulling Emma closer.

"Power overload." Emma breathed out with a gasp.

"Are you okay?"

Emma nodded slowly, her hair brushing against Shalimar's neck as she shifted. "Trying to hold the illusion and keep my barriers up was too much for me to focus on apparently."

Shalimar brushed back the hair falling over Emma's face and pressed a soft kiss to her temple. "What does it feel like?" She asked softly, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"Hell." Emma retorted before kissing the blonde's lips chastely and elaborating. "It's like I have a thousand pins and needles flowing through my body. I can feel everything, every emotion that has ever been invented. And as much as I try to separate the different strands of emotions, they are too interwoven to pick apart. They create a complex tapestry of exquisite pain. It feels heavy and smothering, sometimes suffocating but other times it's soothing and I like it, apart from the painful attributes."

Shalimar's gaze fell on Emma's lips and she kissed her lightly before framing her face with her hands and lifting her head slightly. "Why is it I can only see you when we're hidden in the dark?" She asked her voice barely above a whisper.

If Emma wasn't lying so close to her, she probably wouldn't have even heard it. But she understood the nature of the question. Most of their talks of the past, the future, their fears, and their dreams were always had when they were lying in the dark. Emma curled safely in Shalimar's protective embrace as the feral tried to calm the telempath.

Smiling, Emma moved closer even though there really wasn't anyplace left for her to go. "Probably the same reason I can only see you in the dark."

Shalimar laughed knowingly. "Probably."

They laid in silence for awhile, Emma's eyes still closed, her fear still very tangible. Shalimar was doing her best to keep her calm, her fingers never once stopping as they curled into Emma's hair while her other hand ran comforting circles over the smooth skin of Emma's back. Her lips began placing soft kisses along Emma's neck, a tongue sneaking to taste soft skin. Emma's soft moan of approval floated into Shalimar's ear and she grinned, nipping her way up to Emma's lips.

Emma turned her body, tilting her head so she could capture Shalimar's mouth with her own. Emma tangled her fingers in Shalimar's hair and tugged her closer. Shalimar ran her tongue over Emma's bottom lip lightly, before nibbling gently. Emma parted her lips and caught Shalimar's tongue between her teeth for a short moment before letting it go. Shalimar slid her tongue in between Emma's lips, exploring the other woman's mouth fully. Emma's moan was silenced by Shalimar's mouth, her tongue sliding against the soft velvet of Emma's before the redhead caught her tongue again teasingly before sucking on the tip of it gently. Their 'game' continued for long moments before Emma decided Shalimar was having all the fun. She slid her own tongue into Shalimar's mouth, giving it a gentle and thorough exploration. Their tongues battled for control as Emma twisted her body, pulling Shalimar on top of her. All of this was done without them once breaking contact between their mouths.

Shalimar shifted her weight so that she was lying between Emma's legs, her entire body pressing along the length of Emma's. Emma trailed her fingers through Shalimar's hair, resting her hand on the back on her neck, pulling Shalimar closer. Their lips met gently again and Emma tugged her closer once more, deepening the kiss. Shalimar moved her hands down to Emma's waist, her fingers burning a trail across Emma's stomach as Shalimar rested her hands on either side of Emma.

Emma released her hold on Shalimar slightly as she pulled back for a much needed air intake. Shalimar moved her mouth back down, trailing kisses along Emma's neck. Emma tilted her head back giving Shalimar better access as she let out a soft moan. Emma gasped softly as Shalimar bit down gently on her pulse point, before her tongue came out, licking the bite mark teasingly. Emma tugged Shalimar's mouth back up to hers, kissing her deeply before Shalimar pulled away again, placing little kisses along Emma's jaw line. After a moment, Shalimar gently pulled away completely. Emma had yet to open her eyes and even though Shalimar was more focused on keeping Emma distracted than anything else, she really wanted Emma to look at her.

As if her silent request had been heard and answered, Emma's eyes flickered open and she looked at the blonde laying above her.

Shalimar pushed herself into a sitting position and held Emma's gaze. "Are you okay?"

Emma grinned, winding her arms around Shalimar's neck and pulling her back down. "Nothing like a little make-out session to forget we're trapped in darkness."

"My thoughts exactly." Shalimar responded grinning before lowering her lips and her body back down to Emma's.

Their kiss was interrupted by the soft sounds of buzzing and the humming of the computer console coming back on. Shalimar glanced at Emma as the younger woman tensed slightly in her hold. The lights still hadn't come back on. Emma took a breath before closing her eyes and Shalimar watched the concentrated look on Emma's face. Emma's eyes flickered opened once more, locking on Shalimar's before Emma reached out, her hands connecting with Shalimar's head. Framing the other woman's face gently, she smiled.

"Close your eyes." She requested in a whisper.

Shalimar's eyes closed as requested as she leaned back into Emma's hold. She immediately felt a calming and peaceful feeling surround her, the effects so serene it warmed her from the inside out.

Opening her eyes, she found herself sprawled out on the beach, a soft blanket underneath her, the sun shining vibrantly above her, reflecting brightly off of the seemingly endless miles of ocean in front of her.

"Pretty isn't it?"

Shifting her gaze to the voice at her side, she wasn't surprised to find Emma stretched out beside her, her crossed arms propping up her head as she lounged leisurely next to Shalimar. She smiled widely as she watched the blonde take everything in with quiet appreciation.

Shalimar looked back at Emma, uncertainly and a hint of fear lacing her pretty features. "Won't this hurt you?" She asked worriedly.

Emma smiled, shaking her head a bit as she moved around trying to find a comfortable spot. "No, you're here." She answered as if that explained everything.

Shalimar's brow furrowed, creasing her forehead in confusion. "I thought your barriers were too weak to handle something like holding an illusion and blocking out everything else?"

Emma continued her moving around, shifting slightly before she rolled over onto her side, scooting her body closer to Shalimar's. She laid her head on Shalimar's chest before responding. "Normally it is a little hard. Too many emotions to block while trying to hold an illusion as difficult as this ruins my focus. But like I said, you're here so I only have to focus on holding the illusion."

Shalimar's hand came up to stroke Emma's hair as she leaned back, content to enjoy the gentle ride in Emma's world. "How come?" She asked, still not understanding.

"Because your love for me blocks out everything else." She lifted her head long enough to place a gentle kiss on Shalimar's mouth. "Your love is like my own personal wall." She explained simply.

Shalimar was silent for long moments afterwards, quietly taking in Emma's words. She had no doubt in her mind that she loved Emma, but she had no idea just how far in she was. It didn't surprise her or bother her in any way and she was actually glad that Emma could feel and understand her emotions the way she could. Shalimar doubted she would have been able to explain how she felt about Emma to Emma, even if she had all the time in the world. Emma adjusted herself in her arms again and she was slowly drawn out of her reverie.

Shalimar reached down, her fingers trailing through the sand before cupping a handful. "It's so real." She breathed out, watching the grains fall from her spread fingers.

Emma moved against Shalimar's chest, her fingers lazily tracing the smooth contours of Shalimar's stomach. "It seems so, but it's not." She didn't understand why the feral seemed so surprised. She had been witness to Emma's mind manipulations more than once.

Shalimar looked around her again, her sharp gaze taking in everything around them. The shining sun, the endless ocean, the grains of sand from the beach underneath them. She could feel the heat of the sun as the rays shone down on them, the sunlight was almost blinding to her. It was that bright. She didn't know much about Emma's type of powers but she knew that something this real had to take an immense amount of power. She had no idea that Emma had power like that.

Just as Shalimar was about to question the redhead about her powers, a familiar voice broke into their fantasy, pulling them away from Emma's light paradise.

"Emma, Shalimar?" Adam's voice was slightly worried as he called to them again.

Emma's hands fell away, the connection between the two women breaking sharply. It took Shalimar a few seconds to clear her head and get her focus back. She could still feel the sand in the palm of her hand and the sun on her skin. It was slightly terrifying.

While she was trying to recover, Emma lifted her hand out of habit and flicked her com-link instinctively. "Yeah, Adam?"

"How's it going over there?" They could hear him moving around, soft clinking sounds in the background. "Any problems?"

"Other than no power, nope no problems. The generators kicked on almost a half hour ago. I haven't had time to check out the computer console but everything is still secure so far."

"Good, good." The women could practically hear Adam's nod through the link before he paused. "Haven't had time? What have you two been doing?" He asked curiously.

Emma and Shalimar exchanged a glance before Shalimar finally responded, joining the conversation. "Nothing much actually. Just lying around."

"Right." Brennan's amused snort floated over the link blending in well with Jesse's laugh.

"The safe houses have cameras, guys. Did you forget that?" Jesse pointed out.

Shalimar and Emma exchanged another look before Emma smirked and shook her head. "No power, Jess. No power, no cameras." She winked at Shalimar surreptitiously. "We're safe." She whispered.

Jesse and Brennan both laughed again, harder this time. "You guys can't whisper to each other without us hearing it." Jesse informed them.

Before their argument could continue on, Adam cleared his throat pointedly. "The power grids are going to be out for the rest of the night. I'd really like you two to stay there for the night and just check to make sure everything is secure before you leave in the morning."

There was silence on all ends of the communications link, but it was Shalimar and Emma's end that worried Adam the most.

"Shalimar, Emma? What's wrong?" He questioned.

Shalimar glanced at Emma curled in her embrace and hugged the psionic a little tighter. "Adam, I don't think that's a good idea, really."


Emma shook her head. "Its fine, Adam. We'll stay."

"Are you sure?" He asked, concerned tones lacing his voice. "I can send the guys out in the helix to get you. They can stay."

"What?!" Two voices protested.

"Its fine, Adam." Emma assured him.

Shalimar noticed the falter in Emma's voice and she just watched her, her eyes questioning but her voice stayed silent.

"Alright, we'll see you two in the morning." Adam cut the link, leaving the two women in silence.

Emma closed her eyes again, her lips parting slightly as she slipped into her breathing routine. Satisfied that she was centered and focused enough, she opened her eyes and lifted her hands to Shalimar's face once again. Shalimar shook her head, turning it away from Emma's touch.

The hurt that flickered through Emma's clear blues orbs was brief, barely there but nevertheless it was still there and Shalimar caught it. Shaking her head again, Shalimar tucked her hair behind her ear before taking Emma's hands and pulling her up into a sitting position. She readjusted herself as well, both of them now sitting cross legged, side by side on the couch.

Shalimar raised her left hand, taking Emma's chin between her thumb and forefinger and gently raised her head up to meet her eyes. Her other hand held Emma's tightly, their fingers interlaced and her thumb stoking the top of Emma's hand.

"Let's try this without the manipulation this time, okay?" Shalimar asked softly, her soft brown eyes begging Emma to trust her this time.

"But-but…" Emma paused, her eyes narrowing as she looked at the blonde beside her. Shalimar's feelings were open, the worry, and the fear but there was something else. Something that Emma couldn't quite define. "What aren't you telling me?" She asked suspiciously.

Shalimar looked away, the idea of lying to Emma making her sick to her stomach. She chose silence instead, avoiding Emma's gaze.

"Shal?" Emma questioned softly. The feral's attitude was actually starting to worry her. "What is it? You can tell me."

"Remember when you were tapped inside the burning building?" Emma nodded and she continued. "I was terrified, Emma. But I couldn't run away and neither can you. It's just darkness. I'll protect you, I promise."

Emma smiled briefly before shaking her head. "That's not it. There's something else, something you're not telling me." She sighed softly, meeting the feral's gaze. "You're starting to scare me, Shal."

Shalimar turned away, shrugging slightly. "Your power scares me, Em."

"What?" Emma sounded more surprised than actually hurt but that didn't stop Shalimar from flinching, regret creeping over her face momentarily.

"I had no idea you had as much power as you do, Em. It's kind of scary to tell the truth."

That's when Emma realized what Shalimar's indefinable feeling was. It was uncertainty. She really was terrified of Emma's powers but she couldn't exactly pinpoint why they scared her.

"Remember when Adam told me I had an enormous reservoir of untapped power? I don't think he had any idea just how enormous it was." Emma's voice was low, terrified as she finally opened up fully about her powers.

Shalimar's silence was unnerving and Emma could practically see the wheels turning in her head. Shalimar was confused, it was plain as day on her soft features. She just didn't know what to say to that revelation. It wasn't hard to believe that Emma was a powerful woman, you could tell it just by looking at her. You had to look close, but it was there. Shalimar was just having a little trouble wrapping her mind around just how powerful Emma was. She could probably take over the world, simply by wishing it to be true. Adam always said that kind of power corrupts. Her worry must have shown because Emma was rubbing the palm of her hand with her thumb, ducking her head to see into Shalimar's eyes.

"I'd never hurt you." Emma whispered reassuringly, as if she could hear Shalimar's thoughts.

"I know, that thought never crossed my mind." Shalimar leaned over, kissing her gently. "But it's still slightly scary, Em."

"You think its evil." Emma stated slowly. "You think something dark is taking over my powers." It was more of a statement than anything and Emma was slightly offended by her own observation.

"No!" Shalimar shook her head quickly, squeezing Emma's hand. "You're not evil or dark, Emma. There is nothing inside of you that I think is evil. It's just… I think you're afraid of the dark because you may learn to like it." She observed carefully.

Emma arched an eyebrow, watching Shalimar carefully. She didn't say anything in response because subconsciously, she agreed with Shalimar. That probably was the reason she was still so afraid of the dark. When her powers first mutated into something stronger, she had been excited but they keep growing, growing into something she didn't understand. She found herself doing things that she wouldn't normally do, erasing Jesse's memory was a big one. Going broadband on fear was another one of those. She had always tried to be careful with her powers, knowing that whatever illusion she projected into someone else's head would have lasting effects. Sure, they were illusions but whatever that person was feeling before, during and after the illusion was part of them and that made it very real. As of lately, she had been using them carelessly. Never once considering how they were affecting herself or the others around her.

"Emma?" Shalimar's fingers tracing her cheek tenderly pulled her out of her thoughts. "Are you mad at me?"

"No." She answered, shaking her head and leaning into the blonde.

In response, Shalimar wrapped her arms around Emma and held her close. "What are you thinking?" She inquired softly.

"That you're probably right." Emma's voice was somewhat muffled as she buried her face in Shalimar's shirt, her fingers curling around the feral's waist as if she were afraid that Shalimar might let her go. "When I use my powers to the full extent, I really like it. It's seductive and alluring, even though I know it's dark. It shouldn't be that appealing because it's evil but that's precisely why it's so attractive."

Shalimar ran her fingers through Emma's hair in a soothing gesture. "No, Emma honey, you are not evil. That's not what I meant at all."

"I know," Emma murmured quietly. "But that's exactly what it ends up being translated too, really. Something that powerful has to be evil, right?"

"No." Shalimar's tone was firm, laced with a tender authority as she lifted Emma's head so she could look into her eyes. "Emma, nothing about you is evil. Nothing." She emphasized. "It just means you have to be a little stronger than most people."

Emma just quirked an eyebrow, a small smile gracing her lips. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Do you believe in fate?" Shalimar asked suddenly, out the blue.

Emma gave her a funny look, pausing to consider her answer carefully. Did she believe in fate? She never did before. Before she had met Adam, Jesse and Shalimar. Before she had joined Mutant X…but now, she wasn't quite so sure.

"I don't know." She finally answered, wondering where Shalimar was going with the topic.

"Emma, your powers are yours for a reason. Not because your DNA was messed around with, although that is part of it." She quirked a smile at Emma's indulgent glance. "Your powers are yours because they belong to you. You are not evil, and because your powers are a part of you, they are not evil."

She couldn't argue with her lover when she sounded so sure and Emma smiled wider. Shalimar's faith in her, her love for her surrounded her utterly and entirely and she completely forgot about the blackout and the darkness, despite their current conversation that seemed to focus directly on that very thing.

"Shouldn't we check the computer security?" She asked with a grin. "Or else we'll need a very creative story for Adam in the morning when he realizes that none of the tests were ran or the updates were installed."

Shalimar gave her a half smile; hugging her close and kissing the top of her head before letting her go. "Yeah, I suppose we should." She stood up, stretching her kinked muscles before offering a hand to Emma. "Are you okay?" She asked sincerely.

Emma nodded, taking her hand and rising to her feet. "As long as I focus on the darkness, all I'll see is the darkness; the most important thing I can do for myself when I'm all curled up, surrounded by the thing I fear the most is realize that if I just look up and open my eyes, I'll see the light. As proverbial as it may be. I'll face my fear, deal with it and move on."

"Easier said than done, but I'm with you all the way." Shalimar responded, kissing Emma's cheek.

Emma smiled, tugging Shalimar's face back towards her. Kissing her lips soundly, Emma pulled back and licked her own lips. "You're my light." She told the feral honestly, not caring how mushy it sounded. "I'll be fine."

If it was at all possible, Shalimar's smile grew and Emma thought that the blonde had never looked more beautiful than that very moment. "I love you." She replied, sliding her arms around to Emma's back and pulling her against her body. Her head lifted just enough for her to press her lips against Emma's, the chaste kissing quickly turning passionate.

Shalimar's tongue flicked over her bottom lip and Emma pulled away, laughing. "Security tests, computer console." She pointed out, gesturing towards the corner.

Shalimar laughed too, loosening her hold on the redhead. "Fine." She pouted. "Ruin my fun; you're getting as bad as Adam."

Emma stuck her tongue out before pulling out of Shalimar's arms completely. "Go!" She shooed her away, grabbing one of the flashlights off of the table and heading up the stairs.

Emma quickly set the security pad, locking down the safe house before going back down the stairs. The darkness really wasn't all that bad. She doubted she would have felt that way if Shalimar wasn't with her but it was a start. Her first step in confronting and getting over what she now considered a childish fear.

Shalimar was busy sitting at the computer console, rhythmically tapping away at the keys as she ran Adam's tests and made sure all of his files were secure. She was so engrossed in her task that she didn't notice Emma setting down the flashlight and sneaking up behind her. She nearly jumped ten feet out of her chair when she felt Emma's hands on her shoulders.

"Jesus, don't do that!" Shalimar gasped, twisting her head around to give Emma a stern look.

Giving Shalimar's shoulders a light squeeze, she laughed bending down to kiss her cheek before resting her chin on Shalimar's shoulder. "I thought ferals could tell when someone was behind them."

"I was distracted." Shalimar answered, turning her attention back to the computer.

"By Adam's programs?" She asked, confused.

"Not exactly." Shalimar responded, a sly grin upturning her lips.

"By what than?" Emma looked over shoulder, watching the screen trying to figure out just how much more Shalimar had left to do.

Shalimar smirked before tilting her head back and brushing her lips teasingly over Emma's. "What do you think?" She asked, giving Emma her best seductive glance.

Emma shook her head, amusedly rolling her eyes. "You're terrible."

"You certainly weren't complaining about it earlier in the ladies room, or in the car or in the park or on the couch or--"

"Okay, okay." Emma moved her hand up to cover Shalimar's mouth, laughing loudly. "I get it."

Shalimar's teeth nipped at Emma's palm, a tongue snaking out to taste as she finished up on the computer. Setting the last of it up, she clicked the computer off and removed herself from Emma's half grasp on her as she stood.

Shalimar turned quickly, catching Emma off guard and scooping the redhead up into her arms. Kissing Emma deeply, she grinned mischievously before crossing the short distance between the computer and the couch, and she let Emma slip, dropping her on the cushions with a soft plop. Ignoring Emma's playful growl, she pounced on top on her straddling her stomach as she danced her fingers up Emma's sides.

Emma squirmed around a bit, her hands moving up to thread through Shalimar's long hair as she pulled her down into a probing kiss. Shalimar lowered her torso, settling herself comfortably on top of Emma as she parted her lips for the other woman. Her fingers slid around from Emma's side, tugging her shirt up just the slightest bit as she slipped her hands under. She began a slow journey upwards before Adam's voice interrupted them.

"Shalimar, did you remember to check the computer? Emma, how's the security?" His voice was heavy, ladled with worry once again and the two women broke apart regretfully.

"Fine, Adam." They responded in unison.

"Just checking. I forgot to remind you earlier." He answered distractedly. "Are you two okay?"

"Fine." They answered again.

"Do you need something to do?" He asked, turning his full attention back to them. "I have a list of new mutants here that really needs updating. It'll keep you busy until morning."

Shalimar and Emma exchanged an amused glance.

"We're fine, Adam. I'm sure we can find something to keep ourselves occupied with." Emma let out a short laugh before gasping softly as Shalimar's mouth began moving down her neck and over her shoulder. "See you in the morning." She cut the link quickly, effectively ending the conversation.

"What was that you were saying about Adam not ruining our plans?" Shalimar teased, lifting her head long enough to give Emma a sly grin before resuming her previous task.

"They're not ruined." Emma responded, quickly reversing their positions so she was on top.

Emma spent the rest of the night convincing Shalimar that Adam was not out to ruin their plans and in return, Shalimar showed Emma just how satisfying the darkness could be.

The End

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