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By Texbkwrm

Seven approached the sleeping form on the bed silently admiring the naked back and shoulder where the sheet had slid down. Slowly she shed her robe letting it slide down her arms and onto the floor. As she sat on the side of the bed, her companion awoke. Seven of Nine looked down into the smiling brown eyes of her lover and felt strong arms embrace her. Skin to skin chest to chest they kissed deeply. The smaller woman growled as Seven pinned her hands above her head. Her growls turned to moans as Seven nipped and kissed her neck and throat. Soothing the small bites with her tongue as she lavished attention on each breast. As she sucked a nipple roughly into her mouth it caused her lover to arch violently into her. Smiling she treated its mate in a similar fashion as the form beneath her moaned and writhed, straining against the hands that held her. Seven brought one of her hands down trusting her borg enhanced hand to secure her captive. Her hand slipped stealthy into the slick folds of her hostage causing her to gasp in surprise. Entering her with two fingers she found the rhythm of her partners thrusts. Stroking the clit with her thumb soon sent her lover over the edge. The two lovers took turns passionately satisfying the others needs until they finally collapsed.

As the smaller woman regained her breath and knowing that their time was almost up she asked. "Who is she?"

"Who is who?" Seven asked in slight confusion.

"Who have you programmed me to resemble?" The holo therapist asked.

Seven frowned. She had known that programming changes into the exterior form of the holo character could invoke another set of subroutines. Still she had been unable to make any head way with the anonymous sexual surrogate that she had originally activated. Now she had to deal with the consequences. "I do not wish to discuss that." Seven turned her head breaking eye contact. Pulling Seven down into her embrace, the surrogate settled her onto her chest, kissing her gently on the top of the head and then lightly rubbing her back. "Annika, I can't help you if you won't talk to me."

As Seven lay there, she wondered about how different it would be if this were real and not a holodeck fantasy. With a real lover she would hear a heartbeat and feel her lovers breath whisper along the back of her neck as they lay like this. Her companions skin had lacked taste and heat as their lovemaking grew intense. Also there was an indefinable something missing about the encounters that left her feeling hollow. As if she were more alone when she left the holodeck than when she entered. "Her name is B'Elanna Torres."

The End

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