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SERIES: Second in the Holotherapy series, following Holo-Therapy
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On the Couch
By Texbkwrm

Seven of Nine strode quickly down the corridor her face impassive until she entered the holodeck. As she saw the smaller woman sitting behind the desk, her tears began to fall and sobs began to shake her. Quickly leading the distraught Seven to the couch. She took her into her arms and began to rock her. Soothingly the therapist whispered into her hair. "It will be okay."

As Seven regained her composure the hologram asked. "What's the matter Annika?"

"I could not follow your directives. I am malfunctioning." The blonde was visibly upset at her failure.

"The last time we spoke you were going to talk to B'Elanna about your feelings." B'Elanna's holographic double asked. "Did it go badly?"

"I was unable too!" the former borg replied in irritation. At the therapists prodding Seven continued. "I attempted to speak with her as we discussed. I even approached her but then I started to experience erratic malfunctions. My cardiovascular system sped up to an inefficient level. My throat constricted. I began to perspire and my stomach felt like I had consumed Neelix's leelah root stew. When she asked me the nature of my concern my cortical node failed and I was unable to find the words to answer. When she became inpatient and demanded answers I could not respond. So I left. I returned here because I did not know what else to do." Seven rested her head against the holograms chest and waited for enlightenment.

"Annika all of those malfunctions are natural. Your nervous. That's very normal." The smaller woman assured her.

"I am not operating within normal parameters." Seven turned so that she was looking her companion in the eye.

"For this situation it is." Warm brown eyes looked up at her with assurance. "You can do it. I am not going to tell you she returns these feelings because I don't know If she does but you can't just hang in this limbo forever. Once you know one way or another then you can move on."

"I am afraid." Seven whispered.

"It's okay." pulling her down on top of her she offered the comfort Seven needed.

Tenderly caressing her face she began to kiss her tear stained cheeks. Bringing there lips together kissing her lightly until the lips beneath hers parted. After achingly tender lovemaking the hologram held Seven as she cried out her confusion.

The End

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