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SPOILERS: Season 6 Episode 16 "The Chase" and the sneak peek for Episode 17.
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By Rae


Robin was tired and more than a little nervous. She knew her time away at her cousin's wedding would give Katherine the much needed time to think about the change in their relationship, but she was afraid of what the beautiful red head would decide. Family events were always exhausting, especially when you were the token stripper. Dropping her bags at the door because her arms were too tired to carry them up the flight of stairs to her bedroom, Robin looked around the dark foyer. She surmised that her "roommate" must already be happily tucked away in bed for the night. What Robin would give to be that blanket, tightly wound around Katherine.

With a groan she carefully made her way into the kitchen, after working years at a strip club one got used to walking around in poorly lit areas. Glass of warm milk in hand, she climbed the stairs as quietly as she could. The thick liquid coated the back of her throat and the warmth started to loosen the tenseness in her muscles that the day had brought on. Stopping momentarily in the hallway, she contemplated going into Katherine's room and crawling into bed with her. Even if that's what Robin wanted, she knew it wouldn't be right till she had talked to the older woman about what she wanted.

Deciding her bedroom was best for the night, Robin put her milk down on the dresser and started to remove her clothes as soon as she opened the door not even bothering to pay attention to where they fell, that was tomorrow's problem.

"Hey." The sleepy sounding voice made Robin jump in the darkness of her room. As her eyes adjusted further she could barely make out a human shaped lump in her bed.

Suddenly thankful for the lack of light in the room because it hid her blush, Robin responded, "Hi."

The lump moved as if a person sitting up and said, "I hope you don't mind. I've been sleeping in here since you left. I missed you."

A profound sigh of relief escaped the blonde as climbed into bed. "No, I don't mind. I missed you too."

When their bodies touched Katherine squeaked out, "You're naked!"

With an unseen smirk Robin snaked her hand around her lover's neck and guided her head forward. Robin whispered against Katherine's lips, "And you're overdressed."

The blonde let Katherine lead the kiss not wanting to push her into anything she wasn't sure she completely wanted.

Katherine broke away and Robin felt her stomach clench in fear. A deep chuckle surprised her as she watched the older woman's hands slowly gather the material of her own nightgown. As Robin was treated to the unhurried uncovering of moonlit skin Katherine husked, "I suppose I am."

The End

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