The Morning After PG Katherine/Robin The morning after is never easy, especially when you don't know how the day is going to begin. Complete

Old Habits Die Hard PG Katherine/Robin The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Complete


Some Things Are Easy PG Katherine/Robin Nothing, not one thing in her entire life, had been as easy as falling in love with Katherine Mayfair. It had happened between heartbeats, between casual words and slight, flickering smiles, the emotion sliding into place inside Robin's chest like all this time she had been a puzzle, and Katherine was her final piece. Complete


Being Who She Is PG Katherine/Robin No synopsis given. Complete

Label 18 Katherine/Robin Robin offers an alternative to Katherine's nap. Complete

Realisation PG Katherine/Robin Katherine's thoughts at the evening out with Robin. Complete

Liz Estrada

Deicing 15 Bree/Katherine Mutual admiration is a good place to start. Complete


Better Than Ice Cream series

Batter-y Torture 15 Bree/Lorelai Gilmore Girls crossover - Bree likes Lorelai. Lorelai likes cupcakes (and Bree). Bree is making cupcakes for the holiday. When Lorelai causes havoc with said cupcakes, what will happen between Bree and Lorelai. Complete

Seductive, Sweet, Savory, and Sexy New 15 Bree/Lorelai Gilmore Girls crossover - Bree pushes her way into Lorelai's home to make more cupcakes, but that certainly isn't the only reason she's there. An unexpected first snow and plenty of delicious treats bring Bree and Lorelai even closer than ever to those fourteen steps leading up to the beautiful Lorelai's bedroom. Complete

The Thickness of Cream, The Pureness of Love 15 Bree/Katherine A quartet of moments between Bree and Katherine showing how they turned from bitter rivals and into lifetime lovers. Complete

Nique Bartok

Lemon Cheese Cake 18 Bree/f Susan's cousin visits Wisteria Lane and ruffles a few feathers. Complete


The Road Less Traveled PG Katherine/Robin Katherine made her own decisions. Complete

Homecoming PG-13 Katherine/Robin Robin is glad to be home. Complete

Turnabout Is Fair Play PG Katherine/Robin Katherine has a plan. Complete

In The Light of Day PG Katherine/Robin The morning after is when things really start to set in. Complete

Rich Schultz

Rooftop series

Rooftop: prelude PG-13 Lynette Scavo has a loose aluminum awning over the baby's room, upstairs, in back. In her campaign to make herself welcome amongst the other ladies of Wisteria Lane, serial wife and mankiller Edie Brit has offered to fix it. Bribery works. Complete

Rooftop Evening PG-13 Lynette knows a secret: Edie Brit has had female lovers. However, tonight is a Saturday night and Edie has a coupon for half off on meals for five people (kids free with adults). It's informal, cheap and has good food, Edie swears. So our girls are leaving others to mind the home front while they eat out. It's the 'Pearl', and it's upstairs from a bar named 'The Wrinkle'. Complete

Rooftop Night 15 Bree Van De Kamp has convinced Edie Brit to join her in a search for some good dancing. Amongst other things. They're looking in 'The Wrinkle'. Where the girls are. Complete

Rooftop Morning 15 Bree/Miss Parker Bree is being admired - Pretender crossover. Complete