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In The Light Of Day
By Rae


Katherine watched Robin's chest rise and fall as she slept. The woman was gorgeous and that body could move, as the previous night could attest to. Robin's beauty wasn't what had gotten to Katherine though; it was the look in Robin's eyes as she walked away from what she wanted. That look of understanding and acceptance had shaken Katherine to her core.

Katherine knew she was unstable. She felt undeserving of the love Robin was willing to give her when she couldn't promise the blonde any of the things she desperately wanted to promise her. She couldn't promise her stability, commitment, sexual prowess, or even sanity. She didn't know if she was attracted to women or if she was just attracted to Robin. The younger woman was captivating in or outside her clothes it didn't matter. The moment she'd glide into a room Katherine felt her breath leave her. Robin always knew how to make the horrible things in life seem small.

Tracing a finger down the blonde's arm Katherine felt her eyes start to water. She wanted so badly to be enough, to be able to hold Robin without fear of the world. She was so scared of it all, so scared she was willing to hide away in her big empty house alone. She just wanted to feel safe, to feel like she did when Robin smiled that special smile that Katherine was starting to suspect she saved just for her. The blonde was always reaching out to her, even after all she knew about her past.

The pleasant ache in the red head's body told her she was wanted. Robin had made sure to kiss every imperfection, every freckle, and every scar. Stretching Katherine stared at the crisp whiteness of the ceiling, letting her insecurities over take her mind. Fear crippled her, made her feel weak and breakable.

So consumed with her thoughts she didn't realize the bed had shifted slightly until she felt the arm on her stomach tighten around her. Bright eyes filled with untainted joy looked down at her as Robin moved to straddle her.

Once on top the blonde rasped, "Good morning sleepy head. Ready for round…what is it now? 32?" A carefree giggle and a devilish smile was all it took to bring Katherine to tears.

Robin lent down to kiss the older woman's lips, as she whipped away the wetness on her cheeks. "No tears. I know it's new, but I promise you I'll take care of you."

Sliding off the still tearful woman Robin drew her close and kissed the top of her head. Katherine felt the tension leave her body. Robin's scent and warmth filled her mind, so much so she didn't know where Robin stopped and she began. For the first time in the longest time she felt she could stay here without fear of what might happen. Robin made her feel the safest she'd ever felt. Cuddling further into her new lover Katherine let the light of the sun embrace them, leaving the shadows for another day.

The End

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