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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a fic based on fanon created girl_doctor comm. It originally started with loneraven and has turned into a community, one that explores what it would be like if the Eleventh Doctor were a) a woman and b) had a strong resemblance Rachel Weisz.
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A Human Reaction
By trancer


"Doctor?" Rose called out, voice echoing off the interiors. While the TARDIS was always bigger on the inside, it had seemed to change with the newest incarnation of its occupant. Walls were where they weren't before, with doors and rooms. The changing room had been affected the most, where before it was rather large, now, it seemed cavernous.

She followed the sounds of muffled shuffling, and the odd exclamation, finally arriving at a rack with a larger number of feminine clothes. Fueled by a bit of nostalgia that made her unable to dispose of the clothing of her former incarnations. Clothing that neither fit nor looked anywhere near appealing on her, the Doctor merely added to the collection rather than dumping the whole lot and starting anew.

"Doctor?" Rose called out again.

"There you are," the Doctor popped up from behind the rack, speaking in a tone as if she'd been the one scurrying about the TARDIS searching for her companion. "Where've you been?" The Doctor stated before disappearing again behind the rack.

"Looking for you," she managed before being attacked by a flying trench.

The Doctor popped up again, giving Rose a discouraging look. "Why aren't you dressed?"

"What's wrong with this?" Rose gave a look down at her jeans and t-shirt.

"Nothing," she lifted an eyebrow. "A bit over dressed." She parted the rack, stepped out into the open space before Rose.

Rose was unable to stop her eyes from widening, or her jaw from hanging by its hinges. "And you're a bit underdressed."

"What? You don't like it?"

"I wouldn't say that."


"I wouldn't say that either."

"Well then," the Doctor stepped towards the full-length mirror. "What is the word I should be searching for?"

Rose stepped behind her. Her eyes scanning hungrily up the back of the Doctor's frame, over smooth skin and gentle curves before peering over the Doctor's shoulder to make eye contact with the Doctor's mirror image. "You know how you're always saying humans are either thinking with their stomachs or their libidos?"

"I never said that. Did I?"

"Yes, and I can tell you, this human's libido is doing an awful lot of talking."

The Doctor placed her hands on her hips, tilting her head as she examined her reflection. "Too much?"

"Too little is more like it. I've seen dental floss that covered more. Are you sure you want to go out in public like that? With your girly bits just hangin' out for the world to see?"

"They're just breasts, Rose," she returned her attentions towards the mirror. Cupped her breasts with both hands, held them steady as she twisted her torso left then right, then back again. "They took a bit getting used to. Now, I'm rather fond them. They're so round, and perky, and bouncy."

She began experimenting with her hold, moving her breasts up and down her chest, high, then low, left, then right. Began hopping on the heels of her feet to accentuate her newfound bosomy buoyancy.

"Stop that," Rose muttered.


"That! That thing you're doing with your hands. It's like watching you molest yourself."

"Now don't tell me you're getting embarrassed."

"Just look at you, half-naked, holdin' your tits with your arse hanging out. Jesus," she pressed a hand to her forehead. "I sound just like my mother. No, Doctor! Embarrassed is no where close to what I'm feeling at the moment. I've gotten used to sharing you with the universe. Just not with that much of you on display," she stepped closer, wrapping her arms around the Doctor's waist. Gently kissed a bare shoulder. "As you're so fond of saying - I'm only human."

"My poor Rose," she reached back, rested a hand on Rose's cheek. "You're like a walking hormone. What am I going to do with you?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of what I was going to do with you."

"I thought you wanted to go to the beach?" She pouted slightly, turning inside Rose's embrace to face the younger woman.

"As you're always telling me, you're a Time Lady, Doctor. We can go to the beach, whenever and wherever. And right now?" Rose drew a hand up the Doctor's back, finding the end of a string and pulling the knot loose. "The beach isn't where I want to be."

A bemused sigh escaped the Doctor's lips as Rose found a particularly sensitive spot on her neck. "Well, you are only human."

"Always thinking with our libidos."

"And your stomachs."

"Hungry," Rose purred, running her lips along the line of the Doctor's neck. "Yes, definitely hungry."

The End

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