Cardboard Moose

Between The Silence And The Storm PG Suzie/Toshiko Soon, there will be the knife, and the glove. For now, there is Toshiko. Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Of Love and Weaponry PG Vastra/Jenny A little splooorp about that brilliant Silurian Detective and her funny, not at all dirty, mammal wife. Complete

Elementary Errors PG Vastra/Jenny My second little Vastra/Jenny splooorp, this time leading right into the "Vastra Investigates" minisode/prequel. Complete

An Evening Visit PG Vastra/Jenny The Doctor and River play an ill-timed visit. Complete

Casual Company PG Vastra/Jenny Mundane days were more or less nonexistent on Paternoster Row, although at least not all days tended towards the loud or violent. Complete


Loss PG Rose/Reinette What if Reinette wasn't the only one left behind. Complete

Day After Day PG Rose/Rose At Bad Wolf Bay, the Doctor isn't the only one to come calling. Complete

First Rule PG Ace/Mrs Moore The first rule of survival: Play to your strengths whatever they are. Complete

The Long Way Around 15 Sarah Jane/Sam Stargate crossover - Travelling through the Stargate doesn't prepare you for every encounter. Complete

Long Way to Go PG Various (hints) Stargate/Torchwood crossover - A meeting in London has Sam asking a lot of questions. Complete

Something Fragile and Afraid PG-13 Ace/Romana II No synopsis given. Complete

I bring life PG-13 Ace/Romana II (Fred)   TimeRose/Astrid   Jenny/Sally Sparrow No synopsis given. Complete

Continuity 18 Romana II/Nyssa No synopsis given. Complete

A Day and a Year 18 Johnson/Alice Carter A year and a day in the life of Alice Carter. Complete

Time Was 18 River Song/Liz X The queen had never expected to see again. Complete

Hardly Begun 18 River Song/Dana Scully X-Files crossover - She wasn't so much an X file as a whole drawer. Complete

Dark Wyldchilde

Risen 18 A new Doctor, old friends, new enemies. Complete


Poppet: A Delicate Strand of Vignettes New PG Clara/Missy No synopsis given. Complete


These Are The Days We Live Now 15 Donna Noble/Idris Idris stretches herself thin, across time, across space, threads of consciousness. Searching. A Donna Noble fix-it fic inspired by "The Doctor's Wife." Complete


Surprises 15 Rose/OFC For someone who has been alive for 900 years, the Doctor still found some things surprising. Complete


Sheer Black Stockings PG-13 Toshiko/Gwen Gwen and Tosh wander home after an Innuendo Squad karaoke night. Slight naughtiness ensues. Complete


In Every Universe 15 Donna/Rose She's everywhere in that other world, the one she says is all wrong, popping up when all the world is going off kilter. Complete


After Mary PG Toshiko/Mary Left alone to forget. Complete

Moments series

A Moment in a Crowd PG Martha/Toshiko Tosh seeks out 'the famous Martha Jones'. Complete

A Moment of Strength 15 Martha/Toshiko Sequel to 'A Moment in a Crowd'. Complete

Orders are Orders PG Toshiko/Gwen It's all Jack's fault. Complete

Getting Settled PG-13 Doctor/Martha What is a girl to wear? Complete

My New Situation PG Vastra/Jenny Jenny takes up her new situation. Complete


A Human Reaction PG Doctor/Rose A day at the beach requires the perfect outfit. Complete


What They Have in Common G Martha/Toshiko Tosh and Martha have at least one thing in common. Complete

Foothold PG Martha/Toshiko Sequel to 'What They Have in Common' - "It was like...the alien energy had wound him up like a watch. When it ran out he just...stopped." Complete