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Sheer Black Stockings
By ladybretagne


"I thought you said you weren't drunk!"

Gwen giggled helplessly as she grabbed for the lamp post to keep her on her feet, Tosh's hand on her arm pulling her back up right after a moment so they could keep walking down the block away from the karaoke bar.

"I'm not drunk. Honest. Ianto was drunk. Or else he must be or there was no excuse for that last chorus of "Like A Virgin". I'm just tired and, well, I did have a few drinks tonight obviously."

Tosh shook her head and linked her arm with Gwen's as they half-sached, half-stumbled down the street, their heights more even than usual thanks to Tosh's three-inch heeled black alligator pumps.

"Clearly you're not drunk. Neither am I. I just cannot walk in my own shoes tonight, apparently," Tosh said as she wobbled a bit on her heels. With an exasperated grin, she stopped for a moment and stepped out of the offending shoes, swinging them from one hand as she resumed walking, pulling Gwen along with her.

"You'll ruin your nice stockings," Gwen admonished as she glanced down at Tosh's shoe-less feet and up her sheer black stocking clad legs.

Tosh frowned a bit, her mouth almost turning into a pout as she stopped again, glaring almost accusingly down at her own feet.

"Bollocks, you're right. These are good stockings too." With a quick shrug, she glanced around the deserted street and wriggled her pinstripe pencil skirt up her legs to her thighs. "I swear I don't know how I manage to have any nice things with this lifestyle sometimes."

Before Gwen knew what was happening, Tosh was slipping her sheer black stockings down her legs, leaving pale skin exposed to the yellow glow of a crescent moon and a street lamp from down the block. God, she was beautiful. Rhys was waiting at home, but more and more that thought didn't stop her from staying for one last drink with Tosh, or checking in on an ongoing case one more time than maybe she needed to. She'd even stayed for a hand of poker with Owen and Ianto one night, simply because home didn't seem like home any more. And this... this thing going on with Tosh, the lunches together and the nights out, even without the guys, was getitng out of hand. And now the staring at her cruelly beautiful legs still exposed by her bunched up skirt and the staring earlier in the evening at the prim looking little oxford shirt with the demure little cap sleeves that Tosh insisted on wearing unbuttoned so low that Gwen knew far more about her friend's taste in lingerie than was good her rapidly slipping sanity. And she was still staring, and now Tosh had noticed.

Gwen cleared her throat quickly and shook her head a bit, forcing a disbelieving look onto her face. "I can't believe you just did that in the middle of the street."

Tosh smirked a bit and tilted her head, brushing her bangs out of her eyes and slipping her purse higher onto her shoulder. "Yes well, I can't believe you snogged Carys, so I guess now we're even?"

Gwen sputtered and started to say something. She started to protest, started to say that she had been under the influence of an alien and that didn't quite count the same as Tosh lifting up her skirt and stripping in the middle of the street, but the words died on her lips.

"I have snogged girls before, you know. I mean before Carys."

Tosh smirked again, reaching to pull Gwen closer and feeling her bravado slip just a bit as they leaned into one another. She wasn't nearly as drunk as she thought she was, and not as drunk as she was acting, and she was going to do this anyway.

Or at least she had been about to snog Gwen for all she was worth, just about a second and a half before Gwen pressed her back against the brick of the row house they stood in front of and beat her to it. Gwen's mouth closed on hers before she could say anything, the lips pressing softly, then more intimately as their tongues slid against each other's, hands sliding along backs and one of Gwen's hands managing to find the still exposed skin of Tosh's thigh before they broke apart, gasping slightly for breath.

"You really have snogged girls before, haven't you?" Tosh joked breathlessly, Gwen's hand still resting on her bare skin.

"I told you so!" Gwen giggled again, the tension in the air shifting into something more intimate.

"Alright, you win. And I'll make it up to you for not believing you if you walk me home."

They finally managed to get apart from each other long enough for Tosh to wriggle her skirt back down, and they headed off towards Tosh's flat, the pair of sheer black stockings that started it all dangling behind them from her hand as they walked.

The End

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