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Orders are Orders
By ralst


"You want us to WHAT!" Gwen stared open mouthed, her shock mirrored by the woman at her side. "Jack, this is ridiculous!"

"There is no way -" Tosh began before her words were cut off by a harried Jack Harkness.

"It's the only way." He pointed to the computer monitor that dominated the room. "The creature is sucking energy directly from the rift, and if we don't interrupt the flow, Cardiff is going to be nothing but a memory in less than twenty-four hours."

Tosh looked across the room to Owen, and then spared a glance at Gwen. "Why the two of us?"

"Believe me, I'd much rather stay here with one of you," said Jack, a twinkle in his eye. "But I'm the only one who can handle the creature, and Ianto is already in position." He looked at Owen. "That leaves the three of you."

"I'm game," said Owen.

Gwen snorted. "I'd rather go at it with one of the Weevils." She looked at Tosh. "No offence."

"None taken." Tosh spared Owen a look; she couldn't believe she'd once had feelings for the arrogant shit. "Aliens can be fun," she said, a nervous laugh escaping. "How do we do this?"

"I thought you were the expert on that," said Owen, his snide tone earning disgusted looks from the other occupants of the room. "What? She's the one who brought up boffing aliens."

"Owen, wait for me by the door," Jack ordered.

Gwen watched him leave, her thoughts unwittingly mirroring Tosh's from moments before as she marvelled at her former attraction to the unpleasant man. "How exactly are we meant to do this?"

Jack pointed towards the centre of the hub. "Get as close to the rift as possible," he instructed, "and keep ... going for as long as possible." Not one to normally shy away from this particular subject, Jack found himself oddly tongue-tied as he looked down at his two rather embarrassed friends. "If it helps, you can always imagine I'm here with you," he joked.

"I think we can manage, don't you, Tosh?"

Tosh's smile wasn't exactly filled with confidence, but Jack took it as his sign to depart. "If the lights come back on," he said, "it means we've been successful."

"And if they don't?"

He looked from Gwen to Tosh. "There are worse ways to go." He shot them a shit-eating grin before turning and hurrying after Owen. "Have fun!"

"When I was little," Gwen said. "I used to watch Star Trek with my dad, but I don't once remember them having to shag each other senseless to stop the alien of the week from destroying the galaxy." She looked at Tosh. "What is it about this place and sex addicted aliens?"

Tosh shrugged. "Should we...?" She pointed towards a clear area that was theoretically in line with the restrained path of the rift. "Not that I'm trying to rush you... I just thought... There are pillows," she trailed off as her finger changed direction to indicate the recreation area. "To save on bruises?"

"Okay." Gwen wasn't sure which of them was more nervous; Tosh had the experience, at least as far as sex with women was concerned, but Gwen had the take charge attitude that would get them through the ordeal. "We're saving the planet," she told herself. "It's not sex, it's work."

"Wouldn't that make us prostitutes?" Tosh asked as she began littering the floor with blankets and pillows. "Because, if it's all right with you, I'd rather not be a prostitute."

"Sorry, I was just trying to psych myself up."

"Before going into battle?" Tosh surmised, the implication somewhat unsettling.

"No, it's not... It's not what we're gonna do," Gwen tried to explain. "It's that we're following orders." She pulled off her T-shirt and flung it onto the nearest surface. "If we'd gone out and got bladdered, that would be one thing, but shagging one of your mates because your boss told you to, is definitely a little weird."

Tosh nodded in agreement. "My last girlfriend was a murdering alien who tried to slit my throat." She kicked off her shoes. "It's all relative."

Gwen smiled. "I'll make a deal with you," she said, her humour reasserting itself. "I'll keep away from the knives, if you..." she trailed off, uncertain what to ask in return, less she reveal too much of her own sordid past, "promise never to ridicule me for my weakness," she confessed.

"Owen?" Tosh guessed, her tone rich with sympathy. "He really isn't worth it."

"I know." Gwen's trousers joined the rest of her clothing, littering the floor. "Shall we get on with it?"

It wasn't the most romantic of propositions, but the businesslike approach calmed both their nerves and, with a minimum of nervous laughter, the two descended to the floor, their makeshift bedding soon becoming rumpled and disturbed by their athletics.

Gwen arched her back and muffled a cry of pleasure, embarrassed by her desire and fervour for Tosh's attention. They were simply following orders; doing what they had to do for Torchwood and the planet, even if it meant following Jack's insane orders. Enjoying themselves had most definitely not been part of the plan. And yet...

"Oh God," she tried to call back the words, but her breath was stolen by Tosh's insistent tongue. Their computer genius had certainly more than proved all those saying about the silent types, and if she wasn't careful, Gwen would soon forget why they were there and just let herself melt into the utter bliss that was Tosh's fingers buried deep inside.

Gwen's hands filled with lustrous black hair, and she urged Tosh closer; the crisp pain of teeth against her thigh a quick reminder of exactly who was in charge; and it wasn't Jack, for all his manipulated puppetry. The room disappeared until the only thing that remained was the feelings being wrought on Gwen's skin; her breathing became erratic as she fought to prolong every last sensation beyond the point of pain. It couldn't last. The heart-stopping climax thundered through her body and left her weak and desperate for its return.

"I -" She should say something. Remind them both of why they were there. Deny the way her body had reacted so strongly. "Tosh?" Colours danced before her eyes, and for all Gwen cared, the fate of the world could have been decided on the toss of a coin.

Tosh's voice was horse, the sound bringing a shiver to Gwen's skin even before she'd managed to unravel the words. "The lights are still out, we need to keep going."

"Yes." Gwen's body was in motion before her answer had affected its escape. "Keep going," she murmured, her words lost to the warmth of Tosh's skin. All thoughts of aliens and the rift were finally banished by the jagged heat of the other woman's response. Moments spent in breathless anticipation, only surpassed by the ultimate gratification of her name wrought in a strangled cry from Tosh's throat.

The lights flickered.

Gwen closed her eyes and welcomed Tosh's renewed attention. The sudden blaze of light spread a warmth of red across her eyelids as she turned into Tosh's body, her movements desperate and unwavering in their need.

Four hours later, a tired and thrice dead Jack Harkness made his dramatic, if a little world weary, entrance onto the hub. His two companions, one bitching and the other glowering in response, trailed in his flamboyant wake. "Gwen! Tosh!" Jack called out, announcing their arrival.

"Put your knickers on, we're back!" Owen added.

"I don't think they'll appreciate that kind of comment," Ianto chastised.

Owen ignored him. "You're a right pair of Energizer bunnies," he shouted into the stillness. "That alien was so hopped up on pheromones, it tried to hump the Severn Bridge."

There was no response.

"There's no need to be shy!" Owen drifted off towards the centre of the hub in the hope of catching a glimpse or two of a naked co-worker. "Where the hell are they?"

Jack picked up the note taped to the main computer monitor:


This was your worst plan yet.
Good thing for you, it had its benefits.
We're taking the rest of the week off.
In an emergency, you can find us both at Tosh's place.
Don't let there be any emergencies.

Gwen & Tosh

P.S. Please slap Owen.

Jack refolded the piece of paper. "Owen, come here, I've got something for you."

The End

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