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My New Situation
By ralst


The lady what sent me to my new situation said I was to be the third maid in a fortnight that she'd recommened to the lady of the house. The other two hadn't lasted past their interview, I heard, but no one would tell me why. When I entered the study and saw her, the madam, I knew right enough, what with her being what you might call odd looking.

I'd seen a reptile before, at London zoo, but never up close, like, and never one in the shape of a lady. She was beautiful, in her way, and I couldn't take my eyes off her. I suppose I should have been afraid. I suppose I should have left screaming like the two that had gone before. I suppose a lot of things, but it don't make them true, and after a stuttered introduction, on my part, I started work as her parlour maid.

The work was easy enough, what with guests being a rarity, but I found myself easily distracted by the madam. She was a talker, you see, not a gossip or anything like that, but she'd ask my opinion on all sorts of things, and actually listen to the answers. She taught me so much, in those first few months, that when my aunt told me she'd found me a position in a respectable establishment, I refused to listen. I guess you could say that I was fascinated with the madam, but that would only be half of it, because I was also fascinated by the woman I was becoming.

Sometimes, if she was sat reading by the fire, I would come up with some excuse to stay in the room, and watch as the flames reflected against her skin. In those moments I just wanted to reach out and touch her; feel the fire licking across the cool lines of her skin and bringing warmth to the amazing woman I knew lived beneath. Up until I took the position, I'd always thought my favourite colour was blue, but within weeks I knew I'd been mistaken, and that nothing could surpass the majesty of green.

But, I knew my place, and I knew she'd never look at me as anything more than a parlour maid.

The End

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