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I Quit
By Sparx

Part 5

Both women fell silent once they were alone in the small quarters. Seven looked at her clasped hands and wondered at her sudden emotion now that she was alone with the smaller woman. She'd never felt nervous before and shifted uncomfortably as she dealt with the unwelcome feeling.

B'Elanna watched Seven quietly for a moment. "You're nervous." she stated gently.

Blue eyes bored into brown. "Yes I am." Seven replied tersely in a tone that dared B'Elanna to say anything about it.

B'Elanna's look was clear and steady. It was neither judging or condescending. She simply watched Seven with calm patience while the ex-Borg worked out her displeasure at an unwanted emotion. After a seeming eternity it was Seven who finally looked away. Seeing quiet acceptance in the normally hostile gaze was doing nothing for her nerves.

"Did you see the look on his face? I thought Chakotay was going to swallow his tongue." B'Elanna asked the still serious blond. She chuckled when she saw the look Seven gave her. 'So much for trying to help her relax a little.' she thought with a wry grin.

"I did not find it amusing." Seven replied deadpan.

"Oh trust me it was amusing." B'Elanna giggled again before sobering a little.

"I wish to ask..." Seven began seriously. Nervous or not, she was Borg and she would adapt.

"You wish to ask me out for a date." B'Elanna stated in her best imitation of a Borg tone.

"Yes I wish to ask you for a date. I believe dinner is suitable as a first date." She said with a raised brow.

B'Elanna slowly moved over to where she could perch on the corner of the low coffee table facing the chair that Seven was sitting on so gingerly. Now seated only inches in front of the ex-Borg, B'Elanna simply looked at her for a minute.

"You researched same-sex relationships?" She asked quietly.

"Yes." Seven replied. "I also researched Klingon mating practices and the documented practices of Klingon-Human hybrids. I then cross referenced that material with same-sex mating practices. We would be compatible." she said in the same tone normally reserved for delivering reports.

"And you decided that entering into a relationship with me would allow you to experience your humanity." B'Elanna added with a grin.

"That is correct." Seven agreed. For some reason her nervousness increased. She'd expected an answer not a discussion of her reasons for asking the dark haired woman out. "Will you accompany me to dinner this evening?" Seven asked.

B'Elanna looked at Seven with a hint of sadness. "No." she finally said with a smile.

"I do not understand. You admitted you are attracted to me. Why would you refuse my offer." Seven asked confused.

"This is why." And with only that as a warning, she leaned in and softly brushed her lips across Sevens.

The kiss started slowly. B'Elanna let her lips ghost softly across Seven's full lips. Seven did not pull back and after a moment, almost without her bodies permission, she began to hesitantly return the kiss. The kiss deepened slowly with B'Elanna laying gentle kisses from lips to cheek and back again. After a moment she brought her hand up and cupped Seven's cheek. She increased the pressure and intensity of the kisses while her hand smoothed over the contours of Seven's face. By the time she brought her other hand to tangle in blond tresses, she was alternating between gently nipping at full lips and tracing those lips with her tongue.

She growled softy as she felt Seven's response. The cool Borg mask didn't just crack... it shattered and Seven returned B'Elanna's kisses in earnest. When her tongue entered Seven's mouth, the ex-Drone moaned softly. As tongues dueled, Sevens hands rose to tangle in dark hair.

At the added contact, B'Elanna abruptly pulled back. Looking into eyes now gone an electric blue, B'Elanna smiled as she gently removed Seven's hands from her hair.

She didn't let go of Seven's hands as she gently said "When you look at me and all you can think of is the feel of my lips on yours. When you dream of my hands your skin. When you find yourself waking up disappointed because I'm not there beside you. Then you can ask me out. Not before."

Seven didn't know what to say. She'd never experienced anything like that before, ever. The fact that it was the volatile hybrid who had broken into her carefully guarded emotions so quickly and completely left her stunned. Confused and upset, she made to rise but the pull of strong fingers reminded her that her hands were still being held by the dark hybrid.

"I wish to leave." she said angrily.

Instead of letting go, B'Elanna tugged firmly at their linked hands, causing Seven to sit back down.

"Sit down." B'Elanna ordered gruffly. She could tell Seven was feeling the beginnings of arousal. She was also fully aware of the fact that the tall blond had just experienced more emotions in the last five minutes than she probably had since joining Voyager. She wasn't about to let the younger woman leave until she calmed down.

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