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SPOILER: Set just after the Third Season Episode: "Scratch N Sniff"

Inappropriate Behaviour
By Celievamp

Jool had never ever done anything even remotely like this before. For a moment she wondered if she was still suffering from the after-effects of the freslin. If she were feeling charitable she could wonder the same about Chiana, but then Chiana was acting pretty much as she always did. She sat stiffly on the edge of her bed as Chiana moved around her room, singing softly to herself, running her fingers over the objects that Jool had collected over the months she had been on Moya.

Chiana. Jool had never met anyone like Chiana. Rude, brash, venal, obnoxious, impetuous, sexy…

Sexy. Jool blinked. That was the crux of this… inappropriate behaviour. She, Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis, was about to indulge in inappropriate behaviour.

Her hair was already changing colour, getting lighter, brighter. On Interia it would be clear to anyone who saw her what was on her mind about now. Oh Goddess it was so…


Jool's family were traditionalists. The maxims were displayed in every room of their home. Jool had taught herself to read from them when she was just a janka.

Inappropriate behaviour. Maxims three seven and fifteen dealt specifically with inappropriate behaviour. Jool had been sevek, an acoloyte of Zaflar himself before she had figured out what the hazmada Maxim Fifteen meant.

Jool blinked and realised that Chiana's face was only inches away from her own, her dark eyes wide with curiousity.

"You okay, princess? I thought for a microt I bust you."

"I'm fine Chiana. I just… I've never… you know?"

"Hey, it's okay. If it makes you feel better, I've never… with an Interion at any rate." She reached up to touch Jool's hair. "It's changed colour again. It's yellow, like sunlight. I've never seen that before. What does that mean?"

"It means," Jool swallowed. "It means I'm attracted to you, Chiana."

Maxim Three. You did not perform mating rituals outside of the tevah bed. Well she'd broken that one a couple of times already, before she even left Interia. Maxim Seven. You did not perform mating rituals with anyone who was not Interion. Mmm. That one had got kinda bent a couple of times as well on her travels. Well either that or it was break Maxim Fifteen subclause 3. Not with close family members. But what she was contemplating now was Maxim Fifteen subclause 1. Not with the same gender grouping.

As evidenced by the changed colour of her hair, Jool's body wanted this, needed this. It was just that her mind was taking its own sweet time to catch up.

Chiana was smiling. "You're attracted to me. Really?" She moved even closer to Jool, her hands stroking up and down Jool's bare arms as she leaned in, her eyes drifting closed. "Mmm. I guess you are. You smell so sweet, Jool. So sweet."

And Chiana smelt… No wonder Fe'tor had been so eager to get his hands on her. Chiana smelt like sex. Hot, spicy, mysterious. Libidinous. Definitely libidinous. Jool delicately licked her suddenly parched lips. She was suddenly so thirsty. Chiana's hands were resting on her waist now, her fingers seeking to undo the catch that would release her clothing. Jool's own hands were moving of their own accord, pushing Chiana's top down off her shoulders to reveal more of her breasts. She bowed her head, licked tentatively at the grey girl's skin. It looked like it should taste almost chalky but it did not. It was sweet and sour at the same time. She wanted more.

She realised that she was unclothed, that she was lying flat on her back on her bed with Chiana straddling her body. Chiana was also naked. She could feel the heat of Chiana's centre over her abdomen. Chiana grinned and rubbed herself against Jool's stomach a little harder. The warm wet friction was doing wonderful things to Jool's senses.

"So what do you like?" Chiana asked.

"I don't know," Jool said truthfully.

"Wow, the princess admits that she doesn't know something," Chiana said, only half joking.

Jool flushed and closed her eyes. She did not like to be reminded of how obnoxious she had been when she had first come aboard Moya.

"Hey, I'm teasing. No way are you that bad anymore," Chiana said. "You should have seen me when I first came here. Moya has been good for both of us." She let her fingers travel over the strong muscles of Jool's abdomen feeling the different bone structure beneath the skin. "I was a complete tralk back then. I didn't care about anyone or anything except myself."

"And now?"

"It's like Crichton says. We're family. We look out for each other."

Jool nodded. She arched her back as heat and need spiralled through her. Chiana bent her head and they kissed, tongues entwining, Chiana's fingers now fastened in Jool's curls. Jool's fingers slid down Chiana's thighs and then back up the inside surface as Chiana hummed deep in her throat. She let Chiana's warmth enfold around her fingers, the scent of the Nebari's musk thick and heavy in her nostrils, doing wonderful things to her brain chemistry. Frell the Maxims, frell inappropriate behaviour. This was wonderful and Chiana hadn't really touched her yet. Chiana arched above her and her lips enclosed around one long grey nipple feeling the flesh swell beneath her teeth as Chiana's arousal grew stronger.

Chiana stiffened, becoming utterly still for a long moment her mouth open in a soundless wail. She started to shake and then fell forward over Jool's body. Jool just held her until Chiana's breathing evened out again.

"Wow. And you've never…"

"Never," Jool said solemnly.

"Well princess, when you figure out what you're doing, you're probably going to kill me." She parted Jool's thighs, grinned. "Just one thing – you're not a screamer are you?"

The End

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