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By Ohyjo

Seven's confinement to the cargo bay had ended three hours ago. Although she had spent a lot of that time snickering over the jokes she had played on her collective, she felt guilty about depriving the captain of her coffee.

Neither the Captain nor the crew had deserved that. So she had spent a good portion of her available time trying to come up with a way to apologise.

Finally she had decided to create the perfect recipe for coffee. Perfect for Janeway at least. Once again, accessing the replicator's database, she looked which brand of coffee Janeway usually drank.

After this she accumulated as much information as she could find about the materials one used to make a cup of coffee. Everything from the best coffee plants to the most efficient ways of making coffee.

When she was satisfied she had all the knowledge she required she used her large amount of holodeck rations to reserve the holodeck for a day.

There she spent the better part of the day trying to perfect her creation. Finally she decided the result was satisfactory.

Because of the complexity of the device she had made she needed to use the replicators in engineering. It was fortunate that, partly due her own recent behaviour, the engineer had started to come around to her. The Klingon's behaviour of the past few days was indeed something to encourage. A small smile graced Seven's mouth as she contemplated thoughts that had previously been unthinkable.

Tapping her comm. Badge she hailed lieutenant Torres.

"Torres, here."

"Lieutenant, I require the use of the replicators in engineering for a personal project. Would this be permissible?"

The Chief-Engineer replied, "I'm afraid you have to wait a couple of hours Seven. We're busy replicating spare parts for the Delta Flyer at the moment." In an amused tone she continued. "This would have been done three days ago but because someone messed around with the replicators our schedule was interrupted. We'll be done in three hours, why don't you come around then?"

"Satisfactory, thank you Lieutenant." And she closed the link.

Two hours later Seven was in engineering. Even though she knew B'Elanna's shift had ended long since the engineer was still present. She was discussing something with a few of her staff but when she heard the door to engineering woosh open she looked in that direction. Seeing Seven enter she just nodded for the woman to use the replicators and continued with her conversation.

As Seven entered the specifications into the replicator the Chief joined her.

"I'm not helping you with your next joke, am I?" she queried with a laugh on her face.

Smiling in return Seven answered. "Indeed not lt. I assured the Captain I would not endeavour to do so again."

`A petty,' B'Elanna thought, `I would not mind if you played one on Paris again.'

Curiously the Klingon Human hybrid looked at the specifications Seven was entering. Confused she looked at Seven again. "You are using the replicator to replicate a replicator?"

"That is correct lt." And she explained her idea to the Chief.

Early next morning a slightly nervous Seven requested entry into the Captain's ready room. She had not seen the Captain in nearly four days, this had not happened since she had first come on board. Of course this did not include the various away missions they both undertook.

Entering the ready room the Captain greeted the former drone with a friendly smile. This informed Seven she had been forgiven.

"Seven what can I do for you?"

"Captain, it has been pointed out to me by several people that depriving you of your coffee was too harsh. After contemplation I can only conclude they are correct. I wish to apologise with this gift."

"That isn't necessary Seven. I know you did not mean any harm" Still the Captain eyed the item her Astrometrics officer held in her arms curiously.

Ignoring the Captain's last remark she put the replicator on the desk.

"After some research in the making of coffee as well as your personal preference I think I have come up with the perfect cup of coffee for your taste. Would you care to try?"

"Well, well, I don't know what to say. Thank you Seven I'm certain it will be great. It's not another joke is it?"

Seven suppressed a sigh. She suspected that for the time being she would be hearing that last sentence quite a lot. However since she had brought it onto herself she had no right to complain.

"No Captain I assure you this is not a joke." Touching a button on the replicator a cup filled with Janeway's coffee materialised.

Even the aroma it spread was enough to make Janeway's mouth water.

"The replicator has it's own power supply so you will no longer require to use your personal replicator rations to drink coffee." Seven explained as she handed the Captain the cup.

Taking a careful taste despite the tantalising aroma Janeway figured she had finally gotten a taste of heaven when she swallowed her first sip of Seven's creation.

After quickly taking a few more sips Janeway said. "Seven this is wonderful." Taking more sips she continued. "A pitty I cannot drink this all night. I would not drink anything else if I did not need my sleep. Even I have a limit on the amount off caffeine I can take."

"That is not a problem Captain." Seven stated while pointing at a switch on the replicator. "With this switch you can regulate the amount of caffeine you want. And no matter how much caffeine you use the coffee will still taste exactly the same."

Stunned the Captain said, "Thank you Seven."

After a few more minutes Seven left a happy Captain in her ready room to resume her duties in Astrometrics. Pleased her gift had indeed been well received Seven thought she could inform B'Elanna of this fact later that evening. After telling the Klingon her plan the other woman had said she would love to hear about Janeway's reaction. She had suggested diner for that. Seven looked forward to it. It would be the second meal the two of them would share together in four days.

That night the rumour mill on Voyager had some interesting facts to spread around. Janeway had been heard singing in her ready room, which she had not left for the entire day. Also Seven of Nine and B'Elanna Torres had diner together at Sandrine's, and after diner Seven had been overheard to ask the Klingon engineer if she would like to accompany her on one off Ensigns Kim's holo programme's. Supposedly the Ktarian moonrise was very romantic.

The End

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